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  1. My core is pretty stiff but other than that I'm ok. I'm kind of a gym rat so that helped for sure.
  2. I'd never seen anyone try to demonstrate using a firearm for self defense against a dog so I thought about what it would take. Luckily, I got in touch with a group that trains working dogs for military/police and they let me come out to get attacked. This was all new to me and I wanted the stress inoculation of experiencing what it was like for a dog to be latched on to my arm and to try and deploy a firearm. Anyway, I hope someone learns something. YouTube video here.
  3. We are in constant contact with the TN handgun department so that our site stays up to date with reciprocity. Currently, SC recognizes the Concealed Carry permit. https://www.tennessee-carry.com/reciprocity-with-other-states
  4. We offer the course online for free at Tennessee-Carry. We thought anyone who wanted to should be able to see the course but we offer the chance to purchase the certificate at the end if the user chooses.
  5. I was wondering if there are any resources or classes available on how to protect others while shooting. I have no issue protecting myself, moving and shooting, using cover, etc. I have not had any training on what to do with another person that I will not leave on their own like my 6 year old daughter. I'd like to figure out how to shield her while shooting and be able to move her in the direction I want while being able to keep my eyes on the threat.
  6. If you haven’t seen it, GunTalk Media puts on show called First Person Defender. It’s where people are put into everyday situations with role players and simunitions in a force on force scenario. If nothing else, I would encourage you to check it out just to see how some people react to different things while armed. You can take away some pretty unique perspectives when Earlier this year, they put out a request for participants in the next season so I submitted a video. Much to my surprise, I was accepted. So in early August I drove down to Baton Rouge and filmed two shows; one where I
  7. I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Chris Cerino for dinner a few nights ago and we, of course, discussed firearms and training. He was expressing that a lot of people that called his school were asking for advanced training. He claimed that there is no advanced training, just advanced applications of the basics. Once I thought about that, it made a lot of sense. Whether you agree with him or not, what would you consider "The Basics" of gun fighting?
  8. In case anyone was wondering, here's the price breakdown. Keep in mind, AR500 now has an 11 week lead time on all armor. D3CR $180.00 Haley Strategic Flat Pack $135.00 EOC $151.00 Rigit Kit $49.00 AR500 Front Curved 8x10 $80.00 AR500 Back Flat 8x10 $60.00 Total $655.00
  9. Amazing as always. That was my 4th class with him as I try to get down there at least once a year. I've taken all of his handgun classes and this was my first carbine class with him. It was actually a handgun/carbine combo class so working with both was a lot of fun.
  10. Well, that's complicated. I mentioned that I have a D3CR so I was looking for something that was going to be compatible. I finally decided on a Mission Spec EOC. Combine that with the Rigit Kit and I was able to merge the two very nicely. For armor I went with AR500 front and back. It's only about 20 pounds total with all my mags and trauma kit so I was happy with that. I wore it for most of a carbine class with Tiger McKee until the heat forced me to go without it for the rest of the day. Overall, I'm happy with what I ended up with. It's a relatively small rig but contains enough of what I w
  11. In case anyone was curious. I did some research and discovered that the striker assembly doesn't like too much lube (or any at all). So I took it apart, cleaned it and dried it out really well. Back at the range it didn't have any issues at all. 3 magazines rapid fire and no issues.
  12. I have a S&W M&P pro 9mm and I've started having some issues with it. It's got a pretty high round count (6000-8000) and I've recently changed the recoil spring. Here's the issue; when rapid firing, it will occasionally not fire. By that I mean it fires a shot(s), ejects the spent brass, chambers the next round but the firing pin won't strike when I pull the trigger. I do a tap-rack and I'm back in business but it happens almost all the time now. Tried different magazines, very careful of my grip, one handed firing but still the same result. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. I've been giving a lot of thought to wearing armor in a worst-case scenario. I usually have an AR in the vehicle with me and I recently picked up a Haley Strategic D3CR chest rig for a class that I'll be taking in June so decided that the chest rig should accompany the AR in my vehicle. I'm guessing if I have time to get a rifle out of my car, I could take an extra few seconds to put on a chest rig, right? So that brings me to to armor. If my rig has armor, why wouldn't I want that? When it comes down to it, any fight is a competition and a gunfight is no different. Why wouldn't I give myself
  14. I was wondering how many of you trainers talk to a student about using/not using a firearm. 99% of the time, a firearm is fine for a beginner class on the basics of shooting but every once in a while I'll see a gun that is almost dangerous. For example, I agreed to teach a co-worker and her husband the basics of handguns as she is taking her carry class on Sunday. After talking with her for a while, I discovered that her husband purchased a Raven 25 for her to take the qualification test with. I've shot a Raven before and thought it was, in my opinion, one of the worst firearms ever created. I


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