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  1. I have a LNIB Kahr MK40 I'd trade for that. But if interested, it would have to be in Murfreesboro. Thanks
  2. I’m actually less than a mile from it, but I’m too lazy to go look. I might go tomorrow.
  3. Has anyone been? Is it packed? Is there parking in their lot? Last time I went there was a huge line out the door, nutz to butts inside, and you had to park out in the surrounding neighborhoods.
  4. Well… I’m kinda leaning towards Black Hills leather. But not really decided yet.
  5. Thanks for that link. I haven’t left, I’m still here. Just had to slow my roll.
  6. You guys in East Tennessee have all the good gun stuff. But hey, we have guitars and whiskey!
  7. Thanks Leroy. I’ve looked at his rigs before. I want a low ride like a “Drop Loop” or I guess sometimes called a Buscadero? It appears he doesn’t do those since he has a link on his website to someone that does, and appears to be in Corinth MS, actually closer to me than he is.
  8. Thanks, Do you think the Black Hills is better quality than the Triple K? The Triple K #40 & 41 I'm looking at is $533 at Americasgunstore.com, (if they have it) and over $660 on the Triple K website. https://www.americasgunstore.com/products-page/single-rig/triple-k-40-41-texan-lined-holster-and-buscadero-lined-drop-belt-for-gun-group-15-guns-colt-saa-ruger-vaquero-etc-5-5/?nb=1 The only drop belt holster combination I see at Black Hills is The Hunter. Its $400. https://www.blackhillsleather.com/shop/western-rigs-leather/western-rigs/bh73-the-hunter/ (Black, Basketweave Tooling, New Model Blackhawk Convertible 0463, 5.5” .45 Colt, Size 44” on both options)
  9. Thanks guys, it looks like El Paso Saddlery and Triple K are the only options that have reasonable pricing and delivery times for what I want. (El Paso could take 4 months. I’m spoiled with same day or 2 day shipping most everywhere. But I understand they don’t make a lot of these anymore ) Seeing holster quality on the internet is impossible. I’m still hoping to find someone local that makes holsters. But no luck yet.
  10. I’m looking for a Western holster rig. It’s tough to tell the quality from internet pictures. If you have one you are happy with, or know of any Tennessee holsters makers that make those kind of rigs, please let me know. Thanks
  11. TICS is broke. As you have apparently seen on here; this happens a lot. Short of a class action lawsuit I don’t see it being fixed. But of course with a lawsuit, if they can show ANYTHING, correct or not; they probably wouldn’t be held liable for anything. I have never heard of a “Do not sell list” with FFL’s?? That is disturbing. If someone had that happen in my area I would appreciate them naming the business so I could make sure not to use them.
  12. I was being funny. Hence the upside down smiley. I apologize.
  13. Revolvers are having, or needing, a resurgence?? I didn’t get the notification. Altamont Grips is going strong. But we have lost the original S&W factory grips, and Ahrends Grips. I don’t know how any self respecting gun owner could even consider Kydex for a holster; but it certainly is an option. There are plenty of leather options available from cheap junk to quality holsters. But of course leather holsters cost more than plastic ones. Since CRB, I’ve only added one gun. It’s a S&W model 610. I don’t foresee adding anything else soon as the prices are crazy. Almost all my carry guns are Semi-autos. But I certainly love my revolvers, and a revolver holds the #1 place in my home defense.
  14. I thought the same thing. But with yesterdays events; no need to wait. So much for gun prices possibly dropping back to reality or ammo being available. I would speculate that with current events, manufacturers may be able to justify the capital expenditures they couldn’t justify before. Americans on both sides and from all walks of life will be arming themselves.


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