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  1. If my math is correct 9.7% of the Tennessee population has a carry permit. 4.8% for Texas.
  2. If you work for a city, they probably have a firearms policy. My guess would be they have a policy against it, especially for those that interface with the public. But that’s just a WAG, you would need to ask your boss.
  3. Target Sports USA doesn’t have any 9mm range ammo in stock, they have 9MM quality SD ammo in stock at the regular price of $40 for a box of 50. They have range ammo in .40S&W for $17-18 a box and quality SD ammo for $40 per 50. Freedom Munitions doesn’t have anything in stock for either caliber.
  4. It appears to me Vortex claims to have an excellent warranty. I have no information on their customer support other that they have responded quickly when I have emailed them with a question. So it appears you shouldn’t have to pay to replace it. The pricing right now is crazy.
  5. I posted this last September. Target Sports USA used to run Federal HST in 50 round boxes on sale at half price every few months. But due to the drama, I would guess it will be awhile before they do that again. I keep my eye out and try to post when it happens.
  6. Check this out from the Vortex website....
  7. Sorry, I thought you were saying you were a C&R holder also. FFL to FFL is about the only way you can go, its expensive. It will only get worse. If I'm selling something, or want to buy something thats not in production anymore; I'm pretty much limited to local sales FTF.
  8. I’d hate to see Remington go under. They make the best affordable rifles and shotguns in the world. I also wondered if the Indians have some special privileges that would make it easier for them to manufacture. The Remington 700 BS is a good example of how lawyers can put a company out of business. It will happen to others.
  9. If you have a C&R, you are a licensed collector. There are other requirements for handguns on shipping and packaging, like having to go by air. They are listed here for UPS… https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/packaging-and-supplies/special-care-shipments/firearms.page
  10. With race not being a consideration with me, both Sethi and Hagerty are saying all the right things. The problem is I have no way of knowing if either of them will keep their promises once they go to Washington. One has no track record, and the other doesn’t have any record on the issues. The only differences I see so far that would sway me would be that Hagerty stands with the Police and the rule of law. He has it on his web site, so he isn’t worried about the votes of those supporting the lies. Sethi does not mention it on his web site. I feel if I have to ask, I probably won’t get a straightforward answer. But Sethi is a trauma surgeon, and Hagerty was an investment banker. So points go to Sethi for that. But it’s a long way to November yet; I’m trying to pay close attention to what’s going on.
  11. How is this not blatant racism? They are concerned about interaction with Police, or fines involving the homeless and on the black and brown communities, but not the poor white communities, or even the communities that aren’t poor? Talk about assumptions based on race; good grief.
  12. Sounds like an extractor problem, but the chances are slim both guns would have that problem at the same time. Is it steel case ammo, or have you been using steel cases ammo in both guns?
  13. I use a Comcast email. I get emails from TGO daily, its never been an issue.
  14. You might want to check out IMGUR.COM. It's free and it won't matter what size the pictures are.

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