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  1. AND why not all public schools

    JC we can always count on you to start quoting percentages; most of them made up by you on the spot. However, the percentage of being in a school shooting is extremely low. The chances of being in a plane crash are extremely low; but I doubt that mattered to the survivors in the plane that fireballed down the runway at Sioux City as it was happening. And I’m sure a lot of parents put themselves in the place of those parents in Florida just as they did during Sandy Hook, parents that never thought it would happen to them....until it did You have made it clear on many occasions that you don’t like or trust cops and they should be volunteers from the community; that’s fine. But cops that work the street have an advantage. You can train all day long for weeks on end and never know what it’s like to be in a real shooting. Sure, most cops haven’t been in a shooting either, but cops deal with high stress situations day in and day out; that helps them deal with the situations that may arise. I smile when I see people talking about “shot placement”. There is more to a shooting than hitting the target, especially when the target has a gun also. Am I justified in what I am about do? Have I exhausted all other possibilities? Can I fire without hitting innocent bystanders? Two Officers should be able to cover most any school. And I say two in case one gets called away or has to go deal with a problem. This is 2018 for a few thousand (or less) bucks you can have high resolution cameras and monitors all over the place that the Cops/office personnel/Teachers’ lounge can all see.
  2. AND why not all public schools

    Because there is no need to use untrained people unless you are saying your schools can’t afford trained people. If you can’t get any help from your local PD, the state or the Feds; then yes, HCP holders might be better than nothing. Sorry, but I would pull my kid out of school if they said the best they could afford was someone with an HCP. I have been to an HCP class; you can’t even pretend that’s a training class; that’s an information class.
  3. Another shooting

    Since there were students leaving for the day at that time, and he shot two people as he entered, I assumed either he went through an unsecured door or pointed his rifle at someone and made them open it.
  4. Another shooting

    Did this kid work? Not that it matters but I just wonder where he got the money to buy at least 7 guns?
  5. M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm First Impressions

    I’ll add to this. I’ve owned several M&Ps since they came out, and own 4 now. I never understood the complaints about the trigger; all of mine were good. A little over a year ago I bought a C.O.R.E Pro that was supposedly a Performance Center model. The trigger was absolutely terrible. It went back to S&W twice. I was assured they would take care of it. Long story short…they did nothing, and said nothing was wrong with it. I had to replace it with an Apex before I even used it. So all triggers are not created equal…even on the same model.
  6. [GUN SALES] I don’t email…

    Good idea...Thanks
  7. Minimum Age to purchase a handgun in TN

    I brought that up before. The issues is that’s not (g). I think a cop or a Prosecutor could roll with it, that’s why I said it would probably depend on how the gun became an issue.
  8. AND why not all public schools

    And that’s another reason the school District may not like having their teachers train with the Police; the School District may lose a lot of the teachers to the Police Department and the Police Department may have a lot of new Officers with teaching degrees.
  9. AND why not all public schools

    My ex-wife retired a school teacher. My daughter was a school teacher, but she got tired of not being able to do anything about the problem; so she became a Probation Officer.
  10. AND why not all public schools

    I don’t think I’ll be accused of being a liberal so; what pro-gun legislation are they blocking. If we are being truthful and stating facts the facts show that gun laws are getting less restrictive not more restrictive. Of course it’s an emotional response for the left; it is for the right also. What pro-gun legislation do we need that has to do with schools and won’t be blocked by the students or the parents of the students?
  11. Attempted gun theft at Walmart

    Huh? That store is open 24 hours. The cops showed up on a silent alarm and no one in the store was acting on someone smashing up the gun case and loading guns?
  12. AND why not all public schools

    What do private schools in the state do? Are they using armed Security Guards, paying Cops, or doing nothing?
  13. wanted Smith & Wesson Model 39

    Maybe later. My FFL requires a copy of the other FFL prior to shipment. I’ll need to find someone that will accept it with it in the box. I’m just trying to buy locally right now. They aren’t rare and aren’t high dollar; so it’s just a waiting game.
  14. AND why not all public schools

    That’s true, but the root of the problem has nothing to do with guns. No matter how much either side wants that to be true. There isn’t going to be gun confiscation any more than there is going to be untrained private citizens carry guns in schools. If you want to have some kind of showdown with the liberals in the school system; you will lose. If you think you are going to tell parents untrained civilians are going to be carry guns in schools to protect their kids; you will lose.

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