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  1. I don’t go to web sites run by Alex Jones. Not many people that have an IQ higher than their age do. But I certainly don’t see how someone can be sued for publicly stating their theories; no matter how stupid they are. If I’m mistaken and we can sue people for saying ignorant stuff that never would or never could happen; are there any lawyers on the forum that want to file a case against AOC?? Her non-sense is every bit as outlandish and ignorant as anything Jones has come up with.
  2. Yes, you can put your ammo in the checked gun case. You might want to read this... https://www.tsa.gov/travel/transporting-firearms-and-ammunition
  3. Sounds like he either misjudged his abilities or he wasn’t expecting the armed guards on the other side of the door he thought he was going to enter. The first good guys with guns didn’t have to get there; they were already there. Too bad more attacks don’t end like that.
  4. You!! Buy it and put it on Chickamauga Lake. It has a well deck area that you could fill with ice and beer for your friends. It doesn’t need a dock; just run it aground when you make another beer run for us.
  5. Last week I went to E. Tennessee and got to check-out Smokey Mountain Knife Works and Buds Guns. SMKW was much larger than I expected. There had to be over 100 people working there! It was huge. I had always wanted an Old School NAVY KA-BAR so I decided to pick one up while I was there. I also found that they have a “Big Brother” to the traditional KA-BAR; so I got it also.
  6. No, because we are too busy worrying about tornados. And tornados don’t give two about building codes.
  7. Funny to hear Tennessee drivers talk about another state having aggressive drivers.
  8. Absolutely. During the ammo shortage so many were upset that the ammo manufacturers didn’t add equipment. Had they done that they would be in a jam now. There is no shortage of ammo. The prices are down on new firearms and I would expect sales are near non-drama levels of the past. But that’s low by Obama era standards. My opinion is that gun distributors add no value to the end user; just cost. I suspect at some point most of the gun manufacturers will bring distribution in-house. That will be a win for us all. I’ve not slowed down on buying guns. I’m just buying more of them new than before; because the price of used has yet to drop.
  9. Realtors are a dime a dozen and many don’t want to mess with anything very involved; that’s why they don’t make the cut. When I moved to Tennessee I had some specific issues to address. I blasted out an email of very specific requirements and waited for responses. I had a whole bunch of “Come on down; I’m sure we have something” like you would get from a car dealer, a few that said they couldn’t do what I wanted, and one that addressed my specific needs and said “Give me a call, and let’s make that happen”. What I got was one of the top realtors in Murfreesboro that did a great job. My point? I would expect my realtor to be able to provide me with the names of contractors in the area. I would expect that to be part of the job of a good realtor. Maybe someone can give you the name of a good realtor in the area also?
  10. Why? Other than the inventory impacted in this case; how could this impact or cause “dark times” ahead?
  11. Whaaaaatt?? Gun manufacturers taking a hit by a distributor going under? That’s not possible is it?
  12. Good. Maybe we can get one of those pro-gun democrats elected. And maybe they will change the minds of a bunch of democrats in congress. Maybe we can get that gun-hating Trump out and replace him with a gun loving President that will get 2nd amendment rights recognized for all.

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