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  1. Many games are played with where a gun is actually manufactured. So unless the manufacturer or the sellers tell you; it tough sometimes to find out. Federal law requires the name and city of the importer be on the gun. So if Walther USA in Fort Smith is the importer; I don’t know how it could not say that. With Walther I would be more interested in who made them than where they were made. They could have been made by a BB gun manufacturer.
  2. Interesting story, but I think it’s crazy that all the headlines are fake news just like on everything else. I guess they think having a headline that Ruger is suing Smith & Wesson will get more clicks…and I'm sure it does; even though it isn't true. https://www.unionleader.com/news/business/sturm-ruger-takes-smith-wesson-to-court-over-its-iconic/article_8158e5ce-38f4-5167-aeb0-e85979a2c895.html https://www.captainsjournal.com/2019/12/05/ruger-takes-sw-to-court-over-10-22/
  3. The Royal Range that's about a 2 hour round trip?
  4. That’s an impressive video, thanks for posting that. I’ve ordered a couple of guns from them but had no idea how big or how diverse they are. 100% Customer Satisfaction, 100% of the time is a very ambitious goal. They would be the first gun company in a long time to obtain that. Add a 100% lifetime warranty, and that’s a heck of a deal. It’s interesting to see that instead of throwing a product out at any exorbitant cost like some companies do; they know where the price point is for the big customer base they want. But they should have gagged that AK guy and stuck him in the corner somewhere; he wasted too much video time.
  5. Probably. Because even the Russians would know that no one buys anything at the Smith & Wesson Online store. All that stuff is offered at a lower price on S&W vendors websites. Call me paranoid, but that’s why I won’t text pictures, or give out a phone number on gun deals until we are near a deal. Too many people are going after anyone that has anything to do with guns. They are trying to put names with phone numbers and email addresses. When someone wants me to text pictures of “the item” to them; somethings up.
  6. Maybe old ladies won’t be able to operate it, and they will be stuck with a .380.
  7. Maybe it’ll have enough pressure to operate properly.
  8. A lot of folks are having problems with the 380 EZ. Of course the 9mm may be the fix for it.
  9. I know what you mean. They are Walthers or they ain't. S&W took a lot of heat making guns for them; I bet they don't do that again.
  10. https://www.targetsportsusa.com has Federal HST in both 9MM & 40S&W for $20 for a box of 50. You have to put it in your cart to see the discounted price. Sale ends 2PM on the 7th.
  11. That was a dark time for the country and for this forum. I don’t want to go there again, it will serve no purpose, so…peace out.
  12. Half the country agrees with you. Illinois hits the weed lottery next month. I doubt Tennessee will be far behind.
  13. https://www.theroot.com/perennial-piece-of-####-george-zimmerman-files-100-mil-1840200390 The jury got it wrong. A murder victims parents should not have to go through something like this, in this country. This is sick.
  14. Sure I can. I could post the stories that show crime rates increase, and for every one I post you can post one that shows they don’t. If you don’t smoke weed and you are for legalization because you think outlawing it is a government overreach, you won’t really care if crime increases; will you?
  15. Average Cost: One Ounce of Medium Quality Marijuana $266 Average Cost: One “Joint” of Medium Quality Marijuana $6.18 According to this site… https://www.oxfordtreatment.com/substance-abuse/marijuana/average-cost-of-marijuana/ 2 packs of cigarettes = about an once of tobacco. Call it $10? This isn’t about cost though. The entitled are willing to pay the price if it means they won’t be arrested. They couldn’t care less if crime increases; or if you are impacted by it.

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