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  1. 6-16 you have to be supervised by a non-hunting adult. BP Pistol must be .36 caliber or larger. (In addition to all licensees, safety class, etc.) It's all here... https://www.tn.gov/twra/
  2. DaveTN

    Trust & Long Distance Gun Sale Transactions

    I’ve bought and sold guns across state lines on forums like Smith & Wesson. Just like this forum you can get an idea of who is credible and who is not. No way would I do a private sale with a stranger. If you use PayPal and there is an issue; you are screwed when a gun is involved, it’s a violation of their rules. If you pay with a Postal money order you may have a shot because the Postal Investigators are Federal Agents. I’m looking for a gun now that I’m not having any luck finding locally. I’ll go through GunBroker or, I don’t have a problem dealing with an FFL as long as I can verify their information and make contact. Our legal system has not kept up with technology. People think stealing with a computer is somehow okay. Things like jurisdictional issues make it nearly impossible to prosecute without a Federal agency involved. Some day that will change. I also think that unless you are dealing with some hard to find collectable, with FFL’s being involved on both ends and shipping; it’s probably no longer a good deal.
  3. DaveTN

    divorce woes

    I have no idea why that bank has that policy. But yes, if your bank will accept the check, do that and give him the money. (After you know it cleared)
  4. DaveTN

    Dude Had a Few Guns.........

    I think they are going to start giving them to the homeless so the rich thugs can’t come along and throw their stuff in the water.
  5. DaveTN

    Dude Had a Few Guns.........

    The majority of those appear to be old surplus rifles and bolt action hunting rifles. Being a convicted felon; he trusted the wrong person. Besides losing all those guns I would guess he's headed back to prison. The reporters must have been so focused on those evil guns they forgot to find out what the guy was convicted of.
  6. It always pizzed me off that the North Koreans took the Pueblo and killed a sailor doing it; we did nothing. Now that they are sending back remains and releasing prisoners, I wonder if Trump will ask his friend for the Pueblo back.
  7. http://h2oyacht.co/maritime-laws-and-the-possession-of-firearms-on-boats/
  8. DaveTN

    wanted Smith & Wesson Model 39

    No, my waist is too fat for a double stack. I’d look like I was shoplifting all the time.
  9. DaveTN

    wanted Smith & Wesson Model 39

    Thanks, but I’m specifically looking for a blue Model 39.
  10. I'm really confused now. So they are saying the sales violated state or Federal laws? https://www.foxbusiness.com/features/credit-service-intuit-addresses-refusal-to-process-gun-purchases
  11. That fair. I figured he would be charged. The FBI is taking longer than most Police Departments would to terminate him with the evidence they have; but that’s what they do.
  12. I’m not up on civil law at all and don’t pretend to be, I also am not sure how they are doing what they are doing. (Are they refunding payment after the order is accepted, or are they refusing the order when it’s placed?) But it seems to me if an order was accepted and payment made, and then they refunded the payment to the buyer; they would have some liability if there were any problems. But thats just a WAG.
  13. So… businesses that use Intuit software (Quickbooks) had payments from customers kicked back to the customer’s credit card company after a sale had been made?
  14. DaveTN

    Youtube dropped Brownell's videos

    This is what happens when you have a monopoly. Let’s be honest; there is no viable alternative to Google or YouTube. There may be someday; but there isn’t today. Some Google employees want Google to pull out of the Drone program. I doubt that will happen, but if it does I wonder how much money they government has already paid them. I’m surprised they could get 5K signatures that want to turn their backs on the security of our troops. But I don’t guess that should surprise me; some low lifes don’t care about anyone but themselves. These liberal snowflakes don’t seem to be paying attention to what is going on around them. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/google-halt-controversial-project-aiding-pentagon-drones-n879471
  15. DaveTN

    wanted Smith & Wesson Model 39

    Yep. And this brought $582 after being listed several times. I would have liked to had it. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/771178736

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