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  1. I run a dual monitor set-up on my desktop and use a LG 32 (32MP58HQ-P) inch monitor when programming on my laptop. I use CNC programming software with 3D CAD models, its graphic intense. I don’t use 4K. I’ve seen it and couldn’t tell much difference on a 32 Inch monitor. I don’t think you can do a good 4K PC and a 4K monitor for a grand. But I don’t think you need to if all you are doing is financial stuff on the web. If you had graphics problems with a 4K monitor, assuming the PC you had it hooked to could do 4K, I would suspect you had something else going on. As far as a Desktop/L
  2. I appreciate the sites that have the “show only in-stock items” option. When you check that the whole page is empty and you don’t have to dig around to try to find anything.
  3. 63mm is a big objective. All AR’s are not he same. It depends on the type handguards you have. To be certain, you need to know the distance from the top of the handguard where that 63mm objective would be, to the top of the picatinny rail.
  4. Loss of sense of smell and taste is common with a cold or the flu. Of course anyone experiencing that right now will assume COVID-19. Nothing wrong with that, the quicker they seek treatment, the better, no matter what the cause. As far as COVID-19 being here in 2019, we have no way of knowing that, other than the number of cases that would have been reported by hospitals. I don’t think that happened or we would have heard about it by now. China tried to circulate false information via social media to blame the United States. That didn’t work, so they have now switched to blaming Ind
  5. I looked at last month 2019/2020. I compared deaths, deaths from COVID-19 to the population and then compared those to cancer and heart disease. Here is that data from what you linked.
  6. There’s an ad on GOC trying to trade a “brand new” 10/22 Takedown for an M&P 15-22. I don’t know them or anything about the gun, or if they are interested in selling; but remembered seeing this here and thought I’d give you a heads up.
  7. Can you measure the distance from the top of the Picatinny rail to the barrel Outside Diameter in the area where the 44MM objective would be?
  8. I don’t know if you are looking for new, But Academy in Mt. Juliet shows “in stock, available for in store pick-up” for $379.99
  9. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t walk across the street to get an Apple product for free, if I had to keep it. But then, I didn’t offer that little tidbit of information at the time, because that isn’t what you were asking. Toying with my emotions on the 39 and 10mm ammo is just wrong. I thought we were better friends than that.
  10. The BATF told me to contact the County Clerks office, get a certified copy of the court document showing the disposition. I did and they were good with that. My daughter works in the County Building and did that for me. The lady there told her it happens all the time. She gave her two certified copies, because she said it happened to her husband, and would probably again. She said the dismissal had been sent to the FBI, but she would submit it again. It’s been years, and I’ve not had the problem again.
  11. I was arrested in Illinois 35 years ago for having a gun in my car. It was a misdemeanor and the charges were dismissed. I bought guns through FFL’s in Illinois and Florida for over 20 years after that without it ever being an issue. When I moved to Tennessee I was refused. The TBI lady said she wasn’t allowed to tell me what it was; so I told her. I also told her it was dismissed, and even if it wasn’t; it was a misdemeanor. She told me it could be a felony in Tennessee. A family member was dating an Illinois State Trooper at the time that worked in the division that handled backgro
  12. That bothers me; that’s obscene. No gun rights group should be spending money on a building like that. If they have money like that, they need to be investing it in local elections and local laws.
  13. That’s why I started this thread, I was thinking maybe its time to take another look at it. But what we are seeing is that your reloading buddies are just fine with bending you over on the price of reloading components as our shooting buddies are with trying to rip our heads off on ammo pricing. We can buy ammo, and you can buy components. Both on going to be very costly. Production will eventually catch up and we will both be able to buy what we need. So to me, cost and availability still is not the issue. You either want to do it or you want don’t; and cost and availability is not
  14. I don’t want to go to a Doctors Office, let alone a hospital. That’s where the carriers are. I can’t imagine, or understand a nurse not wanting to get a flu shot or the Covid vaccine when it is available. I’m sure they have done their research and have their reasons. But if that were me, I’d think maybe I’m in the wrong line of work?


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