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  1. If I’m not mistaken the gun in that thread was made in Italy, not MD or TN. They all will have ACKK.MD stamped on them because that is the importer, but I don’t think the ones made in MD are marked “Made in Italy”. You should never paint a gun…ever, no matter who you are. But I think they may be getting the high number of returns by the military mixed up with the 1911’s. https://rifleshooter.com/2017/04/cerakotes-big-fail-usmc-returns-cerakote-m45a1s-to-colt/ If Beretta had a quality issue here I’m sure they would fix it; not move production back to Italy. But I could be wrong. The military is replacing the M9, correct? Wouldn’t that probably be the cause for any change in production?
  2. Combat Accuracy vs Target Shooting

    I have been in shootings and have shot in competition. I keep the two separate. I use point instinct (no sights) for practicing defensive shooting. Sights are for competition shooting. You really can’t prepare yourself for what will probably be the biggest adrenaline rush of your life when a gunman is trying to kill you; but you can make sure your training kicks in. If you train getting a sight picture; that is what you will do. If you fire point instinct; that is what you will do. It may be in the dark with a man raising his gun at you. Getting a sight picture could cost you your life. It appears to me the shooter in that video is using his sights for everything and just speeding up and slowing down his rate of fire.
  3. House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    The other thing that muddies the waters even more is that all gun murders are homicides. So they go in that category. A clean shoot won’t be ruled “justified” if charges are never filed. If the shooting goes to court a ruling on it could take months or even years.
  4. How to add photos to classifieds

    This is a 3.5MB file that was 3072X1728 I uploaded to TGO directly from my PC and then put it in this post. I didn’t have to resize anything; the forum software did it.
  5. IMG_1702.jpg

  6. House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    That’s what I’m saying; there can’t be accurate statistics. If you kill an armed robber, active shooter, or burglar in your home; the fact of whether or not you have a carry permit is really irrelevant and not tracked. Good/Bad shooting by cops is easily tracked. Justified shootings can easily be tracked; but that doesn’t mean the shooter was a permit holder.
  7. House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    Well, that’s what I mean about using the statistics to make whatever point fits your agenda. Of course the chances of being shot by a cop are greater than an HCP holder. Is that because HCP holders are somehow safer or better shots than cops? No, that is ridiculous. It’s because the cops are being sent to and moving towards the problems while HCP holders are not. Of course if criminals quit carrying “gun crimes” would go down; that’s a given. My point is that legal carry will impact “gun crimes” very little. Also in most states if you are a permit holder committing a crime; you permit is meaningless and in addition to the crime you are committing you will usually be charged with whatever gun possession charges that would apply to someone without a permit. So as soon as you commit a crime you move out of the “legal carry” stats and into the “illegal carry” stats. I also doubt there is any realistic way to even create stats for carry holders vs. cops or even criminals. If you commit an armed robbery, bank robbery or murder, I really doubt the fact that you are a permit holder is documented to make the stats available. Most of what I have read, and I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, say that most of the murders in Memphis and Chicago are criminals killing each other. Does that mean innocents aren’t caught in the cross fire, or murdered while crimes are being committed against them? Of course not. You are absolutely correct about what should happen to criminals. Especially violent criminals that use deadly weapons in the commission of their crimes. And I think we are about to see a move back to law and order and away from criminal coddling.
  8. House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    Yes, what Garufa said is what I was saying. But first let me say that you can usually make statistics show whatever you like. Prior to Illinois getting handgun carry; one city had people legally carrying guns and in one city handgun carry was illegal. You can argue all day long about which city has the highest crime rates; but the fact is they both have very high crime rates. Illinois now has handgun carry and little has changed. The anti-gun people would like everyone to believe the current murder rate is because of handgun carry; that is ridiculous. It’s just as ridiculous to claim carry reduces the crime rates. Carry has little impact on crime one way or the other. Both of those cities have high crime rates because of the gangs and the criminals. It’s as simple as that. I’m sure West Memphis, AR crime stats are not included in Memphis, TN crime stats, just as East Chicago, IN and Gary IN are not included in Chicago, IL stats.
  9. House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    If you are implying that gun laws directly impact crime compare the crime statistics of Chicago and Memphis; adjust for population.
  10. House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    I don’t see this playing out anytime soon. The SCOTUS has split the 2nd into two parts.. Keep and Bear. They have ruled all Americans have the right to KEEP arms, but they have not yet ruled that all Americans can strap on a gun and walk down the street; I doubt they will. They have indicated that States Rights allow reasonable restrictions; although I don’t think they have ruled that. They have refused to hear challenges to states banning open carry and states banning AR’s as assault weapons. So those bans stand for now. The only way I see Federal carry going forward is a Federal Carry Permit. Good luck getting the states to agree on the background check, the training and on what you can carry.
  11. Thinking back about milsurps

    Well, there are possibly 86,000 Garand’s coming from the Philippines. But that’s been rumored for a couple of years. CMP just posted up rules for buying 1911 when/if they get them. They estimate 5 months to inspect and determine pricing after they get them. Limit of 1 per year, no C&R, no store sales/ online only. I guess the investment issue depends on how they price them.
  12. National Reciprocity?

    With some Federal Judges chomping at the bit to stop anything passed by this administration, I see this being challenged if it is passed. The SCOTUS had indicated it will allow the states “reasonable restrictions” on carry. I assume at some point they will have to decide on what those reasonable restrictions are. For example, even if I wanted to pay the $500 fee (which I don’t) for an out of state carry permit in Illinois, I can’t get one because something about Tennessee not checking something to do with mental health records (if I remember correctly). I can have a gun in my car in Illinois now; but I can’t carry outside of it. There are a bunch of those types of conditions in various states I suspect will be challenged on the grounds those are “reasonable restrictions”.
  13. National Reciprocity?

    https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/38/actions?q={"search"%3A["concealed+carry+reciprocity+act"]} This one shows a vote yesterday 231 to 198.
  14. Ordering from Grab a Gun?

    For those of you that have ordered guns from them, do they email you a tracking number when they ship?
  15. wanted Bolt Action, Walnut, Blue

    Ordered a new Winchester Model 70 Super Grade in .243.

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