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  1. I don't see how that statement can be true.
  2. So how did it work out?
  3. Either the Fireman or the Cops made some really bad decisions. I bet that video would answer that question. It should be released, if for nothing else; training.
  4. Well if that’s true, I wonder why after having my gun twice and being told by the Senior Vice President of the Firearms Division to fix the problem; they didn’t put that trigger in my gun?
  5. I hope so. It’s refreshing so have someone that at least attempts to do what they say. But I think between the Cartels, the Muslim extremists and our own home grown criminals he will be the most targeted President in history. Oh, and BTW… I didn’t sleep though anything. I also wasn’t blinded by hate and the fact I fell in line with all the pollsters that were asleep at the wheel.
  6. Now that is Customer Support! Not only did he know what to do; but it remained calm enough to explain it.
  7. If you look on Gun Broker at auctions that have ended; the ones that sold went from around $300 to $800. There were plenty listed at $1000-$1200 but none of them had any bids.
  8. At 600 yards any modern .308 bolt should run circles around any of the surplus rifles mentioned here regardless of caliber. I’ve never owned a Vanguard is there something wrong with it? What scope are you using on it?
  9. I would want to know both the law and see the written Department Policy on this. Department policy isn’t the law and can’t protect you from criminal charges. (Although I doubt written Department policy for TDOC violates the law)
  10. http://www.military.com/join-armed-forces/boot-camp-checklist.html
  11. Is there something in place to contest these tickets? I remember that we had a judge that said radar is merely an aid to what an Officer sees. If an Officer didn’t testify that he visually observed the vehicle and based on his experience it was speeding; the ticket was dismissed. The radar unit certifications had to be presented (if asked for) and the Officer could be questioned about his training and procedure for calibrating the unit. Is this not done for cameras?
  12. The people who claim that these tickets can be enforced are apparently alluding to civil suits to get the money; even though they aren’t clearly saying that. Has this happened to a single person in this state? http://www.local8now.com/content/news/Do-red-light-camera-tickets-have-to-be-paid-385944371.html http://archive.knoxnews.com/news/politics/legislator-burn-your-red-light-camera-tickets-33c26513-bdd3-126b-e053-0100007faa35-381036031.html For the stories I have read, I get the impression that these traffic light/speed camera companies have the cities tied up in contracts that pay the companies an obscene percentage of the money collected and may even have minimums. How do you think cities allowed that to happen?
  13. David, I have given the information to everyone from the first customer support contact to the CEO of Smith and Wesson. I have sent them pictures of the gun and the label on the end of the box. They have had the gun in their hands….TWICE. We have been going back and forth since December. They assure me it is a Performance Center model even though it says that nowhere on the gun; it clearly has it on the Website. I thought I was buying a PC model; that’s what the web site says. Clearly it is not. This is nothing more than a stock M&P C.O.R.E. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/performance-center-mp-9l-pro-series-core
  14. I just (December) bought a PERFORMANCE CENTER M&P9L PRO SERIES C.O.R.E. SKU: 178058. I never I thought I would say this about and Smith & Wesson gun; but what a disappointment. I don’t believe this gun ever saw the inside of the Performance Center unless it was on a cart passing through. I have owned several M&P’s and right now have a full Size 40, Compact 40, Shield 40, and two M&P rifles besides this 9 I just got. My full size and compact are off the shelf LEO guns from 2009 and have far better triggers than this disappointment I just bought. Those of you here that know me know I am a S&W fan boy to the max; so this is hard to say. I wanted this gun to be a competition range gun with an optic. This gun has been back to S&W twice without me attempting to fire a shot, and it still has not been fired. I told Customer support it had a terrible trigger, had no Performance Center marking and was not in a Performance Center box. I told them there must be a mistake; this is no PC gun. I truly believed they had sent me the wrong gun. They had me send it in and returned it with paperwork that said “No repairs required”. I was pissed. This trigger feels like its rolling across a gravel parking lot. I emailed back asking for a supervisor to call me. Five days later I got a call. After informing him of the issue he suggested I send the gun in for the Performance Center to evaluate. I explained that I just got the gun back from having been there. I didn’t see what good sending it in again would do. He agreed and said he would look into it. I told him that if I couldn’t get a Performance Center gun; I would like a refund if possible. He said he didn’t have the authority to authorize that. He said he would talk to the Performance Center manager and get back with me the next day. 7 days later I emailed them that he had not called. Their response was: “I am sure he will be getting back to you. Probably this week.” 11 days later I knew I wasn’t going to hear anything and I sat down and wrote a letter documenting everything and mailed it to the CEO and the Firearms Director of Smith & Wesson. The day the letters arrived there I got a call from a Supervisor. He said he just came from a meeting with the Firearms Director after he got my letter. He said he would take care of my issues. He ask me to send the gun in again. He said they don’t mark “Performance Center” on these guns, they don’t come in performance center cases; but it is a Performance Center gun and should have a good trigger. He said I didn’t need to explain anything with the gun; it was coming directly to him and he would take it to the Performance Center. He also said my gun was missing the C.O.R.E. marking. He said he would get the gun fixed and send a Performance center case, and give me a range bag for my troubles. 22 days later they shipped the gun back. The work order said “won’t fire” (That was never the issue). It also said Evaluate/Repair Passed Range Testing. Same bad trigger; nothing was done to it. A couple of days later I got a S&W aluminum case and range bag. (NOT a Performance Center case.) I have heard a lot of people lately saying that S&W Customer Support had really gone bad. Having to spend a hundred or two on an Apex trigger for a new Smith & Wesson is ridiculous. If the Firearms Director at Smith & Wesson doesn’t have enough horsepower to get his guys to fix a problem; my chances are slim to none. I’m disappointed and disgusted. … and stuck with a gun I don’t want.

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