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  1. I think Tennessee has as good a highway system as anyone. But they don’t know how to get an accident off the roadway. Matter of fact, they are probably the slowest in the entire nation. But far be from me to complain without having a fix. So, if THP would like me to teach a class on how to clear a wreck off the roadway and get traffic moving again; I would be more than happy to share that knowledge.
  2. I assumed it was either over lack of PPE, hours, or some nurses thinking they may be threatened with working or losing their license. I don’t really see where unionizing helps any of those things. I doubt anyone will threaten them with losing their license if they don’t work. That would be crazy, and I doubt it would be enforceable. Knowing what I know about nurses, I suspect most are all working all the hours they can. As you say hospitals don’t have control over PPE; other than to request what they need. That’s the big problem I see right now. The food processing industry and other essentials industries can’t keep going without that same protection. They are sending out emails daily notifying employees at my wife’s work of how many tested positive. They have told employees to stay home if they have a temperature. They don’t have proper masks, they just have nuisance masks, so they told them if they want to make their own, they will allow them to wear them on the floor. They are sharing on FaceBook how to fold bandannas into masks.
  3. Truck Drivers and Road Construction Workers are kinda like Cops and Lawyers; they suck until you need them.
  4. What do they think joining a union will do for them? That’s not an argument or disagreement it’s a question.
  5. Amazon workers walked off the job because they don’t have PPE. (They fired the guy that started it) They are trying to get others to do the same. They better be cranking up some factories to get this gear out.
  6. People that make product needed by us all can’t do it from home. People that can work from home aren’t the answer for manufacturing. I can work from home and did so before this happened, but I’m a CNC programmer. People must be on the shop floor to make product, or food. They are the ones that will be in harms way while we all sit around and watch. They are also going to need protective gear, the same protective gear they are saying is in short supply for Medical workers.
  7. I don’t own a boat. I did own a boat once. But I discovered a boat is a hole in the water where you throw money. I don’t fish either. I don’t have the patience. No need to leave. You can stay here with us no boating, no fishing, no out running all over the place guys.
  8. I heard that the reason those ships hadn’t had many patients was that they had to go to the hospital first; and then be sent there. That doesn’t make sense, so they are supposed to be changing that.
  9. Why all the animosity? I asked you a question. I wasn't calling you a liar like you just did me, I’ve watched a lot of the briefings and have never heard anyone say that people that were asymptomatic couldn’t spread the virus, just the opposite. But of course, I could have missed it.
  10. Whose claims? Did someone claim that people that were asymptomatic couldn’t spread the virus?
  11. If you watch the video, 3M says they are not making the decisions. They are claiming they don’t sell masks, that it’s their distributors and they have no control over that. They told Florida their orders were being “pushed back” because foreign buyers are showing up with cash. I submit that is price gouging and during this emergency is probably a crime. I say “probably” because I don’t really care if it’s a crime or not and don’t want to debate that; it’s wrong.
  12. I might have to weigh that against the possibility of the French cutting off our antibiotic supply. But that's not what you asked.
  13. Absolutely. They made a commitment when they built a factory here. I couldn’t possibly care any less about the lives of the French if my choices put American lives at risk. The French would feel the same about their people. Now for clarity… I’m not saying I don’t care about human lives. I’m saying I would pick Americans over supplies going to other countries. That may not be a popular opinion for some; but it’s what I suspect Trump would do; or most any other person charged with keeping the American people safe.

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