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  1. I’m not big on putting actors or singers on a pedestal because of their politics. But like many of the members here; Charlie “gets it”. But like those here that have tried you can’t have an intelligent, common sense, discussion with those that are hurt and blinded by hate.
  2. With alcohol and colleges students present adding a gun to the mix could be tragic. She would be faced with the same issues parents with small children are; how do you have a gun available if you need it, but not available to others. It can be done, but requires planning based on the situation. A handgun would be easier to deal with than a shotgun... IMO.
  3. I need a pair of Bluetooth Headphones. They will be used for Music and TV; I’m not a gamer if that matters. I don’t want anything that inserts into my ear, so I want full headphones, not earbuds. Of course I want the best audio quality I can get while staying within my budget. When I was looking for wired headphones, this was pretty easy to do and I ended up with the Status Audio CB-1. But they don’t make any Bluetooth. https://thestatusaudio.com/products/cb1 Finding Bluetooth is harder; there doesn’t seem to be many in agreement. My budget is about $150 I am using this number because I see Sennheiser has a pair with good reviews that is $150. Most of what I’ve been looking at is $100 or under. I can’t justify the $400 price range of top of the line Sennheiser or Bose. I would like them to have an integrated mic, but that’s not a deal breaker. Beats have several in that price range, but in reading the reviews the audio quality is not that good. Here are the four I’m looking at right now, if you have these please give some feedback, or list something else you have found you are happy with. Sennheiser HD 4.50 @ $150 https://en-us.sennheiser.com/wireless-headphones-bluetooth-noise-cancelling-hd-4-50-btnc Plantronics Backbeat 500 @ $80 http://www.plantronics.com/us/product/backbeat-500/?skuId=sku29550094 Sony MDRXB650BT/B @ $70 http://www.sony.com/electronics/headband-headphones/mdr-xb650bt/reviews-ratings Skullcandy @ $50 http://www.skullcandy.com/headphones/wireless-headphones/UPROARBT.html?cgid=wireless-headphones&color=Black&skdy_mic=Universal#ScTX5203OTHmUi2W.97
  4. Something is wrong with that story. You don’t set-up a meet with someone that is probably armed so you can take their car. You take it from some poor sap on the street.
  5. Some believe it is illegal for that the President to release classified information. I do not pretend to know what the law on that is (and don’t really care in this case), but all the lawyers I have heard on TV (FOX) have said he is immune from those laws and can use whatever information he feels is necessary. The other issue is that some feel Trump violated the law (Obstruction of Justice) in his talks with Comey about the investigation of Flynn. Since Comey answered to him I don’t see how that’s possible even if Trump ask him to back off. No one so far is forthcoming with any evidence including notes Comey supposedly submitted. Those would have been available within minutes.
  6. I think the jury is still out as far as we are all concerned; at least until we see what he does, and how fast he does it. But it’s not right to lay out an “ethics problem” without giving some background or sources.
  7. If that is true this investigation will be over in a couple of weeks. He won’t need 60 days to put a budget together. If it isn't I question Robert Muellers motives for even taking the job. Let’s not forget that Comey was living at the foot of the cross….. Until he wasn’t. Mueller has a better chance of walking on water than he does of impeaching a President.
  8. Absolutely. Although it won’t matter want we think. If he is guilty of attempting to fix the election or obstruction of justice; he will be impeached. I would ask if you will lay off the silliness when there isn’t enough evidence to take any action. But I know better.
  9. 60 days to put together a budget. This truly is laughable.
  10. He shared classified Israeli information with the Russians about how to protect private airliners against terrorist attacks. America is good with it, Israel is good with it and the Russians are good with it. The only people that aren’t good with it is ISIS and those that don’t understand the President is legally allowed to share any classified information he feels is necessary to share. You can clearly see (or should be able to if you aren’t filled with blinding hate) that most of us here that support him aren’t blindly supporting everything he does. But the stuff you keep dragging out is meaningless. He is our President. And while you may not like him anymore than we liked Obama; you are stuck with him. Pence is a nice guy, but he is just another politician. Putting him in now would just be a return to politics as usual. Those of us that elected the President do not want that.
  11. Good grief, it really is hard to take some of these comments seriously. I guess hate blocks everything else out.
  12. I consider myself pretty computer literate and they don’t seem to make sense to me. It appears when you post you create two separate threads. I’m usually all for change and new stuff, but I don’t like any part of the new forum software. The last version before it went to the bar with all the “read status” and “ownership” was the best. Activity in the classifieds seems to me to have really dropped off, but maybe not. I just figure it will eventually move to the next version and this will be in the past.
  13. I was a little kid (about 6) but it stuck in my mind. We had a swarm on a bush in our yard. The neighbor across the street walked over in a t-shirt and flip flops, reached in the swarm, grabbed the queen, put her in a hive, they all went in and he walked back across the street. Pretty cool stuff for a 6 year old.
  14. Absolutely. There are no definitive numbers on the Inaugural crowd. So besides no one really caring; I don’t care who made what statements about the size of the crowd. It’s meaningless. I would bet a month’s pay that at some point the Obama administration tapped or somehow eavesdropped on Trumps conversations. Did Obama know it, or order it? We will never know. The FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President. The president owns no one an explanation of why Comey was fired. It isn’t going to set well with the liberals no matter what the reason, even though they wanted him gone because they believe he caused Hillary’s defeat; so drop it, it’s a non-issue. The Russians? Let Congress and the FBI do whatever investigations they want; there is no evidence or probable cause there is anything there. We have plenty of resources; no need wasting tax dollars on any kind of “special” investigation or “special” investigators.
  15. A death sentence would be the easy way out. They are protected from the other inmates up to the time they are humanely executed. If it were my family I would want them to do their time and suffer.

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