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  1. DaveTN

    What in the world is this?

    That’s your neighbor’s dog. Yell at him and tell him to get his azz home; they are looking for him.
  2. Well if the liberals ever get to be in charge; we will be paying for their auto insurance as well as their health insurance.
  3. Years ago in Illinois they wouldn’t suspended your license as long as you kept making your court dates. If you couldn’t pay, they would give you another court date, usually every 30 days. Most of those would usually get paid or turn into a failure to appear. I wonder if this will apply to drivers whose license is suspended because they don’t have insurance and can’t pay for an accident. I also wonder if they will apply this to those who have their license suspended because they can’t pay child support. Take no responsibility for anything; that’s where we are headed… and it won’t be good for the law abiding and those that take responsibility for their actions.
  4. There have been plenty of courtroom shootings and attempts. When a Judge overrules the department charged with courtroom Security (Usually the Sheriff’s Department); they are then responsible for that security. Weapons can get in from the outside. There should be an armed Deputy or Officer in the Courtroom that is not in close proximity to the accused or the security handling the accused. An armed Officer should not have been sitting at the counsel table. Waiting for armed Officers to come from the outside won’t work; it’s too late. This ain’t rocket science.
  5. DaveTN

    Heading to Chicago Next Week

    No, You can have a loaded magazine in the case with a handgun, as long as the firearm is not loaded, and is inaccessible. No, Illinois has state preemption of firearm laws for handguns. No capacity limit for a handgun. Long guns are a different matter on local laws.
  6. DaveTN

    Heading to Chicago Next Week

    As long as you have documentation (in your possession) that you are allowed to carry a gun in public in your state; you are okay. Illinois is not recognizing your permit for carry; only for possession in your vehicle. FOID laws do not apply to out of state residents. Without a carry permit from your state, you can legally transport and possess a firearm, you just have to have it unloaded, cased, and inaccessible to the passenger compartment. Also keep in mind that while you are not required to notify an Officer; you are required to answer truthfully if asked. Failure to do so is a violation. If a firearm is found in a vehicle, unless it’s found on a person; it’s in possession of everyone in the vehicle.
  7. DaveTN

    Heading to Chicago Next Week

    You can’t carry, but you can have a loaded gun in your car (With a valid Tennessee HCP on your person) What I remember about Knives is sketchy, because Chicago (and some of the other cities up in that area) has their own knife laws. I think you can have a pocket knife with a blade under 2.5”. (2.5 For City of Chicago, 3” for the state). You can’t have an auto knife. They passed legislation awhile back that allows it for those with a FOID card, but I don’t think there is anything allowing out of state folks to carry one.
  8. DaveTN

    AR Pistols?

    Then don’t do it. Everything is application driven, firearm type, caliber, sight system, etc. If a pistol caliber AR meets your application needs; go for it. It won’t meet the need for why I want a rifle. Mine is not readily accessible in the passenger compartment. But if the reason I am carrying it presents itself, I will have time to deploy it. I’ve even kicked around the idea of using a scoped AR10. If all you want is a long barreled pistol I think there are several carbines in pistol caliber that are pretty cheap. Grab a Gun has the Ruger PC Carbine with a 10 & 33 round mag for $479
  9. DaveTN

    AR Pistols?

    I bought an AR pistol not too long ago because I wanted a rifle caliber in a small package I could throw in the car. I really don’t see how an AR in a pistol caliber would be any real advantage over a carry pistol. I’m not putting a brace on mine. I suspect some poor soul is going to get hosed on that. I could be wrong; I’m just not going to be a test dummy.
  10. DaveTN

    Law of Self Defense

    We know. He was here during the Zimmerman trial.
  11. DaveTN

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    Shoot…. You couldn’t beat a Challenger Hellcat Redeye if it was pulling Greg’s boat.
  12. DaveTN

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    They aren’t the Hemi’s I grew up with either. They will spank the Hemi’s we grew up with and leave them sitting at the starting line…. embarrassed.
  13. DaveTN

    Need some advice

    My WAG is a worn or improperly adjusted sear spring. I’d try replacing or adjusting it before replacing the hammer.
  14. DaveTN

    Police Officers shot!!!!

    Then why did they have Foster children? Foster children that apparently they now think were sexually assaulted. I hear all the time about how hard it is for people here to adopt; so they go out of our country. So it will be interesting to hear how Foster Children were placed somewhere with a history of Police calls.

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