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  1. We didn’t mess with the Military Police because we knew we wouldn’t be answering to them; we would be answering to our XO or Captain. That usually doesn’t end well.
  2. We could swap stories here forever of citizens and cops that have been shot. As I posted in another thread I think it may turn out the GA corrections officers were executed because they hesitated. Cops are trained. Unfortunately that level of training varies greatly. Most people don’t need to be trained to know not to try to pull a gun during a traffic stop. Do you want them to be trained to wait until they see the end of the barrel? It’s too late then. This is no different than the snowflakes arguing that we (armed citizens) aren’t properly trained and shouldn’t be allowed to carry. I don’t know what happened on that traffic stop; obviously some here do. But after seeing all the evidence and hearing all the testimony a jury decided the Officer was not guilty of a crime. You are a young man with military experience and a college degree. Why don’t you go on a few ride a longs or become an Auxiliary Officer and see what it’s like first hand?
  3. The Feds should allow citizens to do a gun check for stolen. Just think how many stolen guns would turn up if we had access to that info. I believe Florida does this (with all kinds of stolen property) but of course it only lists stuff stolen within the state. It will happen eventually. Knowing a cop or going to the PD is the best way right now. Of course if it comes back stolen you will have to turn it over or say where you got the information. Which is only right.
  4. Some things have happened in the last week we need to learn from. Two corrections Officers were murdered on a prisoner transport bus in Georgia. There is video of the murders, but I have not seen it. This is all mere speculation on my part. Because the two murderers had to come through a locked gate to get to the Officers, I assume they forced their way through or somehow unlocked the gate. I’m not sure how that could happen without the Officers having time to get their guns out. So it makes me wonder...Were they thinking they weren’t justified in shooting these guys because they were unarmed. If that is the case it cost them their lives. They were justified in shooting them as obviously they were in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm. The results support that. I just read in another post that we have a legal system not a justice system. Absolutely, I have said that several times here. Being a former Police Officer I am absolutely sure of that. I am also absolutely sure that will not change. Justice? If you come through the incident alive you will get as much justice as you can afford. A poor person with a Public defender will likely not get the same outcome as a rich person or a high profile case where the “Big Names” are involved. Otto Warmbier died this week as the result of a murder. My guess is that he was beaten as soon as he got to prison and had a traumatic brain injury. I suspect the North Koreans waited a year so as not show any evidence. But that just a WAG. The Officer that shot Philando Castile was acquitted in court. What do these three incidents have in common? Situational awareness, common sense, and legalities. You are responsible for teaching your kids how to stay alive. One of the guys at work today asked “What do you think made Otto rip down that poster?” I said I can only guess that he forgot where he was and mistakenly thought he had some rights. He certainly didn’t deserve to die over it; but he did. Was Philando Castile going for a gun? I don’t pretend to know I didn’t hear the evidence. But I’ve been in shootings and had a gun pulled on me more than once. There is no time; you act or die. In this case a jury believed that they would have believed they were in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm. People need to know that whether it’s a cop, citizen, or armed robber, if some pulls a gun on them they have two choices, listen to exactly what the person is telling you to do and don’t make any wrong moves, or fight. There is no middle of the road; there is no time to think. Justice? We will never really know but the Officer stood trial and a jury acquitted him. I think the two corrections Officers may have taken that one or two very valuable seconds of hesitation and it cost them their lives. What would have happened had they gunned down the two unarmed convicts as they came through the gate? Well.. there would be plenty of people callings for their heads. Stay alive…. And teach your kids how to stay alive. If they are having an interaction with a cop and it goes wrong; there will be a time and a place to deal with it. Trying to deal with it right then on the street will likely end badly for them. I wish I could help kids understand traffic stops and the ramifications of DUI. They get so much bad information. Some of it coming from their parents and teachers, and a mountain of it coming from lawyers.
  5. When someone threatens you and then shows up at your door with a rifle the requirements for the use of deadly force have been met. She believed she was in danger of death or great bodily harm. More importantly; I’m sure a jury would also. http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/man-armed-with-assault-rifle-fatally-shot-by-ex-girlfriend-in-zephyrhills/2327672
  6. Well Mo, we are targets also. Just because they don’t have our names on a piece of paper in their pocket we don’t get the same right to defend ourselves and our families? Don’t forget us.
  7. It would be almost impossible. There are rumors that the other ship was running dark with its AIS systems turned off. We will see. Prayers to the crew and their families.
  8. The problem I have believing it was anything other than divine intervention is that they are going to die anyway. Sure, they were probably caught, but they murdered two people to get away. Then throwing your hands up and surrendering doesn’t make sense. I doubt fear of being roughed up had anything to do with it; prison guards are going to beat their azz on a regular basis. But it is what it is. I’m just glad no one else was killed.
  9. Thanks, but I get an error from TGO that says " "Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1"
  10. I’d like to hear comments from users of these two systems. I need two HD Outdoor cameras (for now) with the ability to add others. It appears both systems can do that. I want motion detection, the ability to talk/hear, and the ability to monitor on my android phone remotely. It appears the Nest can do all that, but for two cameras the subscription would cost $150 a year for 10 days of storage. That seems awful high to me. The Arlo Pro appears to be able to do (some of) that free for 7 days. It’s not clear to me if the Arlo Pro does video recording, live video on demand or the ability to talk/hear? The night video of the Nest appears to be hands down the best, but I couldn’t find a lot of samples of the Arlo Pro. The Nest appears to be able to be hard wired to AC power, while it appears the Arlo Pro is only available with rechargeable batteries? Right now I’m leaning towards the Nest (lower cost for cameras) but the wife doesn’t like that $150 a year plus $50 more a year for each camera I add. Here are the two I'm looking at: https://nest.com/camera/meet-nest-cam-outdoor/ http://arlo.com/en-us/products/arlo-pro/default.aspx?cid=us-arlo-srch
  11. Gun shows are dead; the internet killed them. There is no room for another layer of cost on guns. I would like to see (and I think it will eventually happen) Distributors done away with and manufacturers sell directly to local dealers.
  12. They are just getting started. Eventually it will be: INKANDARMSBEERMOTORCYCLESANDCARS.COM
  13. There is the possibility the homeowner mentioned. There may have been powers greater than guns or cops in play.
  14. Yea, I just watched that news conference. He said he was armed, but never had to pull his weapon because they laid down and surrendered. He thinks they did it because they thought he was an Officer. He did not mention a neighbor either.
  15. The homeowner and his neighbor weren’t unarmed. But they were; they left their guns at the crash site.

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