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  1. DaveTN

    Rural King

    You can't fix whats causing the delay?
  2. DaveTN

    What Revolver Scope do you use?

    I’m kicking around the idea of scoping a revolver. Curious to see what set-ups others have used. I was going to do it with one of my center fire revolvers, but they are not drilled and tapped for it. My 617 is, so I may do it first. I’m looking at a conventional scope. I already have a Vortex Venom Red Dot on a pistol. I’d be interested in what scope and mount you chose. Pictures would be great.
  3. DaveTN

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    Were shoe laces and belt loops designed to make a semi-auto rifle into a full auto rate of fire? Nope. It’s that whole apples and oranges thing again. All anyone will do by fighting this is hose us on aftermarket triggers. That crazy azz mental case knocked out that window and unloaded at near machine gun rate of fire. The intent of the law was to make any device that allowed that to happen to be illegal. Is a DA and Judge bound by some clown in an ATF office writing a letter? That’s not an argument that’s a question….for anyone that knows the answer.
  4. DaveTN

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    Is a revolver a way to skirt the law? Of course not… apples and oranges. A bump stock violates the law….. you want that changed? Change the law to include being able to own automatic weapons. It’s not that I don’t care because I don’t own one. I just see it as some azzhat occupying a desk at the ATF that didn’t catch it when it was submitted. I don’t support background checks at all because they do nothing. But yes, if requiring background checks on private sales were put on the ballot it would pass by a landslide....even in this state.
  5. DaveTN

    I don't understand this???

    We will never understand or be able to pick out those that will commit homicide or suicide. Like Tacops, I have been the detail Officer on several suicides. Attempts are a cry for help, but many are obviously just trying end their life; and get the job done. Some want to take others with them, sometimes the people they perceive as causing their problems; sometimes innocent bystanders. Whether you are a first responder or a family member immediate action is required if you are to help. As I read this thread, the “Red Flag” threads and the active shooter threads it appears that some seem to think first responders should not act and family members be held accountable if they are wrong. Of course if the professionals are brought in and deem the person not to be a threat, and then they kill someone; they want to blame them for not doing more. Most responsible law enforcement Officers, Medical personnel, Mental Health personnel and family members will do everything they can do within the law when a problem is brought to their attention. Sometimes unfortunately their hands are tied and innocent people die. If I seriously thought a friend or family member was going to commit suicide or homicide; I would act. And being concerned for them losing their gun rights would not even be a blip on my radar. As a friend or family member you may be the only person that can help. That doesn’t necessarily mean calling the cops. There are many other options; but it means doing something.
  6. DaveTN

    Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target

    I don’t know anything about any of the Rugers, but there are two RPR’s in 6.5 & 6mm Creedmoore in Nashville for $850 & $950. I don’t know anything about either of them or the sellers; just saw the ads.
  7. DaveTN

    Appeal of denial

    Usually 2-4 working days. But they don’t keep the info. You need to find out what’s wrong and fix it or it will happen again.
  8. I’m not addressing his HCP; the responding Officer will have little concern about that. My point is that if you ever discharge a firearm or have to threaten someone with a firearm; stay and talk to the Police. They have discretion. If you are not there they have one side of the story. If I were the detail Officer on that call I would simply have Officers go to your house, arrest you, and book you, or go get an arrest warrant; whatever the law requires.
  9. No need to prove he was impaired for criminal charges. He discharged a firearm in a restaurant putting everyone in danger and damaging property. He then left.
  10. I have no problem with that. But as Chuck says the devil is in the details. We don’t know what the details are yet. The Senates website does not show any bills sponsored by Senator Dickerson. Too many people cry out, act out or threaten violence with guns. They aren’t protected by the 2nd amendment and the majority of Americans do not want them to have guns. I believe a court hearing should be required; the person should be notified and allowed to attend. Just keep in mind this will be done in hours; not days. Yes, weapons can be seized by Officers at the scene (if cops are called), but if cause is not upheld they are returned immediately; no matter what the PD or DA’s weapon policies are. Of course the potential for abuse is great. But failure to act can be deadly. I’ve asked this question before and never got a good answer... can’t Tennessee law enforcement already do this without due process? If so, would this legislation help the person get Due Process?
  11. Pretty good chance since he didn’t stay and report it; he will be arrested.
  12. I couldn’t care less what the ATF has to say about this, or how many "white papers" they write. These are the same idiots that decided a bump stock didn’t violate the ban on full auto rifles. Arguing over the term “Assault Weapons” is silly. And to think the gun grabbers will call them “Modern Sporting Rifles” is just as ridiculous. Both sides know what those terms mean. As far as the public that doesn’t understand gun terminology, they see 50 people killed and 53 were injured in the pulse nightclub, 59 dead and 422 injured in Vegas; they don’t care what name you put on those weapons. You can bet that those that write legislation will be very specific in their descriptions unless they try to ban things like “all semi-auto firearms”. It appears the SCOTUS will be leaving these decisions up to the states. These bans can’t get through the U.S. Senate we have now. If they ever do; the SCOTUS will need to hear the case. I doubt that will happen, but you never know. If the 2nd amendment allows for the people to protect themselves from an out of control government; then we have a right to have fully automatic weapons. I don’t expect to see a Federal ban or that case heard at the Federal level in my lifetime, but some of you longer folks may. So far no Federal Court has upheld the right to have what they call “Assault Rifles”. I believe in States Rights, I believe that states and local government have the responsibility of law enforcement; not the Feds. So far the courts have allowed “reasonable restrictions” on the 2nd as they do on the 1st. I don’t think the SCOTUS will hear every case and decide if it’s reasonable. That’s good if you are in Tennessee; its sucks if you are in Maryland.
  13. He was being stopped as a suspect in a double homicide. He failed to comply until he exited and pointed the pipe like a gun. I would have shot him. Until I read in the story that he had a pipe I assumed he was pulling a gun. He had ample opportunity to stay alive and he decided not to. There are a lot of bad or questionable shootings, but that wasn’t one. In the video Erik felt the need to post; the Trooper was charged, pled guilty and was sent to prison.
  14. DaveTN

    Fleeing Illinois

    Welcome. I do most of my shooting anymore in Illiopolis.
  15. How many of you are going to get nuked? I wonder if they have developed little tiny baby nukes or if they are going to take out entire cities??

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