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  1. I hope we don’t have to find out, but I don’t think he would lose enough votes to matter if it was voted in by Congress and he signed it. But if Congress voted in a bill on background checks and he shot it down; stick a fork in him he done. But I don’t think there is going to be a Federal Universal Background check bill. I don’t think it would pass muster with the SCOTUS. I think there will be a push for each state to implement it. (Apply what they already have to all sales) But that’s just my WAG; who knows. The last election was won on the economy & Jobs, if Trump wins again it will be because of the economy & Jobs. If he loses it will be over immigration. Guns will have zero impact on this election.
  2. Agreed. We can’t do a background check, buy why couldn’t we enter the information and get a simple “Yes” or “No”. But as you say the goal isn’t to do background checks and keep bad people from getting guns. I believe, the goal is for Republicans to be able to say they are doing everything they can, and for Democrats to do everything they can to stop any gun sale.
  3. Of course you keep your gun; its yours. There is no transfer. The dealer charges Joe Bob the fee up front. (Unless you agreed to pay it) So its already paid and Joe Bob (or you) is out of luck. If Joe Bob is stupid enough to make a scene and the cops are called; he gets cuffed and stuffed. Both you and the gun store owner have guns. If Joe Bob pulls a knife; I hope you have your ear plugs in, there may be hearing damage. Universal Background Checks are BS. Unless of course they just kept Joe Bob from buying a gun from you. I know its not a popular opinion to some here, but as responsible gun owners we have a moral and ethical obligation to do what we can to keep firearms out of the hands of people that would hurt innocent victims. I’m not saying Universal Background checks will do that; I’m saying we have a responsibility to do what we can.
  4. If they can order something and give me an estimated time for delivery; that would be cool. Every LGS here will tell me they can order; but have no idea when it will come; if ever. So I use GAG or BUDS.
  5. I’m sure he would if it came to that.
  6. FOX is reporting President Trump called Wayne LaPierre today and told him universal background checks are off the table. Of course, that has little impact on what the Legislature decides to do.
  7. Then they aren't the low hanging fruit. But yes, if sales are documented and they are running a business; they could have a problem. I agree. And I don't think background checks will stop any shootings. But I think we are about to find out that most Americans do not agree with us.
  8. Private sales aren’t private; they are advertised on the internet. If they are truly private and not put online; there wouldn’t be any danger of that happening.
  9. That could be a problem. But if the ATF wanted to do that pickings would be pretty easy right now. They obviously aren’t going after people doing that. I don’t think a Federal background check will pass SCOTUS muster. So the question will be, what are the feds going to give the states to get this passed? I don’t think we have any worries unless the Tennessee Legislature is willing to require background checks on private sales.
  10. Looks like Sportsman's Warehouse has opened a new store in Murfreesboro. They are having a Grand Opening August 22-24. I’ve seen some of there online ads, but never bought anything from them. Any comments on them?? https://stores.sportsmans.com/sportsmans-warehouse/us/tn/murfreesboro/468-north-thompson-lane Is Sportsman's Warehouse owned by Remington?
  11. I could be wrong but I think everyone over 65 on Medicare has part A. I have it because I was required to sign-up even though I have health care. I don’t pay anything for it.
  12. Looks to me like it would have been really easy to Engineer that into a recoil reducing stock at the time they designed that; without much more cost. It would be interesting to see how hard it would be to modify it.
  13. This^^ Plus I’ve seen him on FOX a few times and he appears to be a nut case. They try to talk to him when something’s going on, but he’s usually clueless and just taking up time until they have someone else they can move to.

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