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  1. Ok! need some technical help

    At one time you had to be a paid member to maintain original quality of photos on Google Drive. Has that changed?
  2. Ok! need some technical help

    Doug if all you want to do is backup some pictures as cheap as possible; I would bet a 64GB USB drive would do the trick. Office Depot or Walmart… here are a couple around $20. https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/562566/Lexar-JumpDrive-S75-USB-30-Flash/ https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/211809/PNY-USB-20-Flash-Drive-64GB/ If you want to spend $110 you can image your entire computer. Then if you have a hard drive crash, you simply replace the hard drive and restore from the image. No reloading of Windows and all your programs; it’s more expensive but it’s a total backup and a pretty simple restore in the case of a disaster. $50 for Acronis software, $60 for a 1TB external hard drive. It can be set-up to backup daily, weekly; whatever you want. There is free backup software; but its reliability is questionable. Acronis is a proven performer. https://www.acronis.com/en-us/personal/buy-backup/ https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/754055/WD-My-Passport-Portable-External-Hard/ Just remember backup is also about redundancy. Hard drives fail; all types all price ranges. Everyone learns about backups. Some after a disaster they can’t recover from, some before.
  3. Did I mention this is a near mint blue Model 18? I have a like condition Model 15 if someone needs a set.
  4. Bump-Fire Stock Ban

    Keeping emotion out of this I don’t foresee the courts, both state and Federal, having any problem finding that putting a bump stock on meets the definition of a machine gun. The problem with the ATF regulating them (As in Class 3) is that they don’t have anything to authorize them to okay a machine gun made after 1968 for private ownership. What we heard in the video, as a few here stated, was an automatic weapon. You can make all the arguments that you want about whether or not we should be able to have automatic weapons, but the argument that that those weapons weren’t automatic won’t stand. Thats just my opinion on the law. The ATF can say anything they like, but the courts can overrule them. I don’t believe the higher courts will support them on this. Now, as far as whether or not you should be able to own a machine gun; the intent of the 2nd amendment is not so that you can hunt, target shoot, or even protect yourself and your family. It’s to keep the people from being disarmed and not have the ability to stand against a tyrannical government. That is it’s only purpose. Common sense tells me that we would need fully automatic weapons to make that stand.
  5. Barrel change question

    Buying a new barrel; or even a new gun.
  6. Las Vegas Shooting

    I think it’s weird that he is even talking to the MSM.
  7. You would need a lot of money that you would probably lose. You would need a SCOTUS ruling that everyone can strap on a gun (permit or not) and the state can’t do anything. Although not a ruling yet, the SCOTUS has indicated they believe states have the right to have reasonable restrictions on "Carry" in place. The SCOTUS just refuses to hear the cases. At that point you have to abide by whatever Federal District ruling is in place where you are. Buying a privilege from a state should never give a person any kind of Constitutional protection that all other citizens don't have.
  8. lol @ Kaepernick

    Freedom of speech is alive and well. So are the consequences of that speech. A lesson many need to learn.
  9. Stupid carries on

    How did you explain the difference in the end result between a bump fire and a full auto?
  10. Good to know. The wife got involved (Coupons, codes, points, you know the drill) and I ended up ordering these: https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1177015/ja-henckels-international-forged-premio-17-pc-cutlery-set.jsp?prdPV=1
  11. Las Vegas Shooting

    The card may well have been a ballistics chart. But that doesn’t mean anything. He didn’t need it and it would have meant little using a bump fire stock, or spray and pray. 400 yards might be tough if you are trying to shoot a bullseye at the range, but it is nothing when your target is a massive crowd of people. He didn’t even really need sights or optics; point and shoot (which is what I think he was doing) would do fine. I don’t understand why anyone thinks this clown had to have training. I also don’t understand why anyone thinks he had to have help. The thing that bothers me the most about this (besides the obvious senseless loss of life) is the reporters focusing on “why did he have so many guns and rounds of ammunition?” Many people have more than he had. I am lucky enough to have a lot. I don’t have a lot of the same gun, but my collection is application driven. I try to have a gun for each application. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with those that collect one particular type of gun. I don’t try to hide it, I don’t care if there are records of my purchases, and I register most new guns with the manufacturers for warranty purposes. I know that bothers many people; and that’s fine for them. If I thought anyone would ever been coming for my guns; I wouldn’t do that. But I don’t believe that will ever happen.
  12. Las Vegas Shooting

    I’m just glad someone is going to check with me to see if I think bumpstocks are okay.
  13. Galco and Bianchi both have them I haven’t used a shoulder holster in many years, but I have never been disappointed in leather from either of them.
  14. Some states will flat out refuse. I don’t think it will pass muster with the SCOTUS unless they are ready to rule anyone has a 2nd amendment right to carry a gun without a permit. Otherwise it’s going to remove carry laws from the states and hand them to the Feds.

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