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  1. Can’t this guy sue the county or whoever is reasonable for maintaining the database they are using? He had to have legal costs.
  2. Wow… it took a lot of explosive force to do that. It’s amazing they both lived through it.
  3. How he did it wasn’t smart; but it was legal. The state of Tennessee does not believe that you have a right to bear arms. The Officer can disarm you if he so chooses.
  4. Sig P320 Drop Test

    Why does it not surprise me that the military’s exhaustive testing failed to find a flaw that could easily occur in a real world scenario? The government should pull the contract.
  5. Welding in Murfreesboro?

    One of the wheel brackets was bent on my mower deck. In straightening it out it broke through the thin mower deck sidewall. Any recommendations on anyone I can take this to in the Murfreesboro area that can weld it up?
  6. Speeding tickets in Tennessee?

    Most cops I know don't have a problem talking about them. We had quotas. They called them "acceptable standards". They were 100 tickets a month for a traffic Officer and 10 a month for a District Officer. Most Traffic Officers wrote far more than that, District Officers was a toss up, some wrote more some wrote hardly any.
  7. Speeding tickets in Tennessee?

    As someone who has worked traffic, I can say traffic enforcement is not simply for revenue generation. If you live in an area where “real” criminals kill and injure more people than traffic offenders; you should think about moving. Having said that, certainly traffic fines generate revenue. (Although I doubt it generates more than enforcement costs). What do you guys suggest to fill the void when you do away with traffic ticket fines, increase property taxes? I also think from what I hear that these camera contracts cost more than cops and squad cars. Maybe traffic enforcement should be left to highly visible Police Officers. I don’t feel strongly about the fines one way or another but I think I’m okay with letting the violators pay. My wife donated last month.
  8. Canadian self defense situation

    Murder, Reckless, and trafficking? We aren’t getting the whole story here.
  9. No one is behind a desk in the Justine Ruszczyk shooting. No one is trying to justify what he did (other than his lawyer). I suspect he will be in prison. The problem I see is that there is no way the investigation should take “months” as they are saying. If a citizen invoked their right to remain silent they would have been arrested; he should have been arrested as soon as he did that. I haven’t been a cop for many years and I don’t take it personally (unless of course it’s a personal attack on me). Anyone that reads my posts knows that I am on the side of the cops when they are right and I’m not when they are wrong. I wouldn’t want to be a cop now; but those willing to do the job have earned my respect until they do something to lose it. I have the same respect for law enforcement officers that I have for the military. I have served in both and I am proud of my service in both.
  10. Metallurgy, just like Physics; messes up the fun.
  11. I don’t support the death penalty for lot of reasons. The first and foremost reason is my religious beliefs. You don’t get to kill someone who is not an immediate threat; that applies to the state as well as an individual. I also think they should suffer for the crime of murder. I would rather have the death penalty than spend life in prison. When Illinois did away with the death penalty they were faced a stack of cases where it had been proven the incarcerated didn’t commit the murder. How many mistakes are okay? The costs are ridiculous. Someone fighting for their life deserves the best attorneys available; not a Public defender. Those attorneys aren’t cheap. Now back to the topic at hand… Cops do condemn this. I am shocked that the Sheriff is saying these guys were following establish procedures; I doubt that. Like us, there aren’t many cops living at the foot of the cross. They make mistakes. Some big, some not so big. Hurting or killing someone that is trying to hurt them is as acceptable for cops as it is for us. Period. But that is not we what are seeing here. Relations between the cops and the public are not that bad. Sure, plenty of people hate cops and are going to whine about everything they do. But just like bad cops; those guys don’t represent the majority. You have to look at each individual case, as every one is different. Oh and I couldn’t care less about property seizures from drug dealers. They are the reason your houses get burglarized and your cars stolen. It’s just common sense to me that there would be a requirement that it be approved by a Judge and if there isn’t a conviction within a reasonable amount of time the property is returned.
  12. Are those cops in jail? If not how did the DA justify not charging them? EDIT: I just read the stories on NEWS 5 and the Tennessean. All I can say is “Wow”, how did it take 9 months for this to become public. Our current Federal Justice Department and the President are very pro law and order. I think the Feds will make an example out of these Deputies/jailers behavior. I don’t usually jump to conclusions without seeing the evidence. But I see it here. I don’t care if he was high, drunk, and just shot a Deputy; he was restrained and under control. He was being tased by a sadistic Deputy/jailer that I assume will go to prison and all the Deputies and Jail personal that stood around doing nothing should be fired (at a minimum). Read the reports of the Sherriff saying the jail personnel acted within guidelines. Guidelines for where; Abu Ghraib? He has suspended three jailers and turned the investigation over to TBI. After the lawsuit was filed…like he had any choice in the matter.
  13. I looked into it but decided to pass. The cost of the rifles isn’t bad, but the cost of air tanks and pumps is ridiculous. For this to take off someone needs to market an air tanks that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars (even used).
  14. Speeding tickets in Tennessee?

    Texting is an enormous problem and I agree it’s more dangerous than a few MPH over the limit. Many are claiming it takes more lives than DUI; I have no way of knowing that, but it’s what I’ve read. Enforcement is tough. Unless they see you there is no way (right now) to enforce it. I suspect technology will change that in the coming years. I suspect the other part of the problem with enforcement is that many people who make (and enforce) the laws text while driving.
  15. Garand Question

    Depends on who is looking at it. A collector won’t want a refurb, a shooter will. Right now CMP has refurbs (“special grade”) at $830 and $1030.

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