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Found 509 results

  1. NOTICE: This isn't really a For Sale ad, but rather a notice of an upcoming sale. I will try to answer questions as best I can, but these items won't be sold until the gun show. Thank you. On July 15 & 16, 2017 at the RK Gun Show in Jackson, TN, we will be liquidating a large private collection of firearms, ammuntion and accessories. Aproximately 70 firearms, Thousands of rounds of ammuntion, some of it very hard to find, will be sold at amazingly low prices. Hundreds of accessory items such as magazines, ammo pouches, holsters, military cleaning kits and much more. While there are some modern firearms, the gentleman who owned all this was primarily a collector of antique and Mil-surp firearms. This just a partial list of the firearms for sale: 8 - SKS rifles 3 - Mosin Nagant rifles 4- T-33 Tokarev pistols 3- Type 14 Nambu pistols 2- Type 94 Nambu pistols Japanese Type 26 revolver 2- Savage 1907 pistols Savage 1917 pistol 2- Egyptian Hakim rifles Eygptian Rasheed rifle 2- VZ 52 rifles 2- MAS 49/56 rifles Swiss K-31 Carcano M91/38 Mauser 1910 pistol Mauser 1910/14 pistol M1 Garand Cetme C308 Universal M1 Carbine Glock 32 pistol .357 Sig Glock 20 pistol 10mm Colt AR-15 Match Target Lightweight cal. 7.62X39 DPMS AR-15 Pre-ban 5.56 And much, much more! All at prices you won't believe! WE NEED TO SELL THIS STUFF! NOTE: we are not a gun dealer, auction house, etc. Just the family and friends of the late owner. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS SALE (EVERY LAST CENT) GOES DIRECTLY TO HIS WIFE. Note: I have been asked for pictures several times. Please understand that the guns are in the safes at the wife's house. She works and my access is limited. Also, there are so many of them that its a bit of a PITA to dig out a certain firearm just for a picture that may not lead to a sale. I don't want to be rude, but we just ain't got time for that as we're still trying to sort out everything else. Sorry, but you'll just have to wait for the gun show and see the items for yourself. Sorry, but we can not hold a specific item for a certain buyer.
  2. Caliber 7.62X39 Colt AR-15 Match Target Lightweight rifle. Built in 1995 this very scarce and collectible Colt is in excellent condition. Comes with original owner's manual, bi-pod, 4X21 scope and 12 extra magazines including a 75 round drum. $1000 obo.
  3. for-sale

    Great shape Glock 31, it has a very small ding on the back corner of the slide. It comes with original box and 3 magazines. I got this from a TGO member a year ago and I've never shot it. $450.
  4. Over the years I've built/assembled a LOT of AK's. This one was to be my ultimate end all/be all, but family comes first. My loss your gain. $1100 no trades. Draco Pistol with 2 - 30 (rnd) mags. No optic - SLR AK 9.0" mid Keymod front end - Ace AR hinged stock adapter - KAK Pistol buffer tube w/ Shockwave Stabilizer - MD Arm Molot grip - TWS Gen3 Dogleg Top cover/rail - ALG AKT trigger with JP custom power springs. - SLR style brake (first Pic)
  5. Been to the range once and sighted in. No trades, Nashville only. $1100http://s3.amazonaws.com/tngunowners/arn%3Aaws%3As3%3A%3A%3Atngunowners/%2A/monthly_2017_06/20170129_172632.jpg.b930e011e79bb1950c1741d556996c03.thumb.jpg.a7e5b7c48062e757499076d7b83ce660.jpg' alt='20170129_172632.jpg.b930e011e79bb1950c1741d556996c03.thumb.jpg.a7e5b7c48062e757499076d7b83ce660.jpg'>
  6. Item 1: PSA 9mm Glock matte billet complete lower w/USGI furniture. PSA built and unfired/unmounted. $225 firm. Item 2: PSA 9mm Glock rifle PSA hybrid 9mm BCG, 16" barrel, M-Lok handguard, grey Magpul stock, grey Magpul M-Lok foregrip, black Magpul front/rear sights. PSA built and unfired. Will add in a Glock OEM 33 rd magazine. $750 firm. As always, HCP preferred though not required.
  7. LNIB Glock 43 w/TruGlo tritium night sights Comes with new, never used Crossbreed Supertuck, DeSantis pocket holster and 6 total magazines - 1 w/ flat floor plate and 5 w/ OEM pinkie extension. Magazines have been number marked with a paint marker. Have personally shot 75-100 rounds, previous owner put 50 rounds through. I love the pistol and how it shoots, but I just never carry it or shoot it, so it's time to let it go. Asking $700 for the complete package.
  8. Roll your own AR... this is a great value for the money. -PSA Rifle Kit as seen here w/ 16" FN CHF carbine-length barrel, USGI furniture and USGI LPK -Anderson Manufacturing stripped lower Two kits available. $575 firm each. No trades, sorry. Pictures will be posted if needed, but I think we all know what a lower looks like.
  9. 1,000 round cases of Freedom Munitions 115 gr 9mm FMJ NEW production only, born in July 2014, brass cased. Never intended to sell, but things change Asking $210/1,000 rounds with the ammo can, or if you just want it in a gallon bag, $200/1,000 rounds loose. Pictures below.
  10. I got this gun yesterday. Went straight to the range, shot it, and decided it wasnt the gun for me. Asking $550 Picture
  11. Reduced 10%! Good day all!!! It's been a while since I've had a blade for sale here. We have been blessed with busy! I have for your consideration today a knife I just finished. 4" blade, 1/8" thick CPM-154 steel professionally hardened to 60. 9 1/4" overall with Natural Linen Micarta with Copper 1/4" tube and 1/8" copper pins! The Micarta has a Steel Wool finish, so it has a semi-gloss and not bright polished finish. The scales are shaped in my "two finger" design (I don't care how much blood or whatever you have on your hands, this knife will stay put in your hands)! I am offering this knife with a Lifetime "Common Sense Warranty" for $120.00. It does not have a sheath but I can refer you to a sheath maker. Shipping for $5.00. PayPal accepted. Email in profile. Updated price $108.00 I WOULD LOVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEND YOU MORE PICTURES!! 10% Discount for LEO and Military!! Thanks TGO family! DBK
  12. 2014 Grizzly all welded boat. with front and rear deck with seat holes. Trailer and minnkota foot control included. All bought new in 2014. Used about twenty times. 2500.00 Thanks
  13. NOTICE: I have this stuff also listed on other internet sites. If you want it, send an e-mail so I won't miss you. 7.62x39 122gr HP, sealed package of 500. $90 per package. 3 packages to sell. Cal .30 M2 Ball (.30-06) in 8 rd en-bloc clips for M1 Garrand. 416 rds packed in a 50cal ammo can. Korean made 1972. may or may not have corrosive primers. $200 Cal .30 M2 Ball (.30-06) Sealed spam can, 192 rounds in 8 rd en-bloc clips in bandoliers. $150 7.62X54R Sealed spam can 340 rounds. Albainian $85 That's $.25 per round. The can is a little rough looking, but has NOT been compromised. 8mm Mauser Yugoslavian 435 rounds/ 15 rd boxes/ packed in a ammo can $140 that's $.32 per round. First "I'll take it" followed by an e-mail gets the item.
  14. Brand new unopened Sig Sauer P250 compact pistol with 2 mags and all factory accessories including locking hard case, padlock with keys, manuals, and factory lubricant pack.This is the excellent modular P250 platform which can be converted to other calibers including .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG just by swapping out the slide assembly and magazine. It can also be converted to subcompact, compact, or full size grip frames just by swapping the grip module out (the most popular compact frame is included). The .22 LR barrel makes this perfect to use for cheap defensive shooting practice and then you can switch over in 2 minutes to carry the same exact gun in a more powerful caliber for personal defense. Also ideal for plinking or target shooting, and great to train new shooters. Stainless anodized slide is easy to takedown for cleaning without tools, and the polymer frame and magazines make it lightweight to carry without the fear of rust or corrosion from rain, sweat, snow, etc.Specifications:- Action: Semi-Automatic Smooth DAO (6.5lbs)- Finish: Stainless Frame Insert/Anodized Alloy Slide- Barrel: 3.9" Match Grade w/ Recessed Crown- Sights: adjustable front and rear- Magazines: 2-10 Round- Grips: Modular Polymer- Weight: 21.2 oz.- Overall Length: 7.2"This is one of my favorite guns, however I have to pay some bills so I am just selling this one which has never been opened, handled, or fired.Cash price is $320 firm, which is an excellent price because they retailed for $415 after tax and transfer, and these are harder to find now. Buyer to meet in Lebanon or surrounding areas, show TN state ID and sign bill of sale.Call or text 615|939_2541 for fastest response, first person to meet with the cash will get the gun.
  15. Brand new unopened Kahr CW9 compact 9mm defense gun. Perfect for carry, target shooting, or vehicle and home defense. Thin and lightweight, yet holds up to 9 rounds with an extended mag. Stainless steel slide, trigger, and magazine combined with polymer frame make this weatherproof and rustproof under normal use, also makes it easier to clean.Specifications:- Caliber: 9mm- Capacity: 7 plus 1 (extended 8 round mags available)- Operation: trigger cocking DAO with locking breech and Browning type recoil lug, passive striker block, no magazine disconnect- Barrel: 3.565" with conventional rifling has 1-10 right-hand twist- Dimensions: 5.9" long, 4.5" high, 0.90" wide- Weight: pistol 15.8 ounces, magazine 1.9 ounces- Grips: textured polymer- Sights: drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight, pinned in polymer front sight- Finish: black polymer frame, matte stainless steel slide- Magazine: 1 - 7 round stainlessThis is one of my favorite guns, however I have to pay some bills so I am just selling this one which has never been opened, handled, or fired.Cash price is $320 firm, buyer to meet in Lebanon or surrounding areas, show TN state ID and sign bill of sale.Call or text 615|939_2541 for fastest response, first person to meet with the cash will get the gun.
  16. View Advert AR15 .223 with 120 rounds, 18 magazines I am selling a 2 month old AR15 .223 with a case and several magazines. 4 of the magazines are full and the rest pictured are new and never opened. Included are 120 rounds and a total of 18 magazines, several of which have never been opened. Not looking for trades at this time Advertiser rosullivan04 Date 05/03/2017 Price $600.00 Category Firearms Classifieds Caliber 223 Manufacturer Tennessee Arms Type of Item 8
  17. First and foremost: I don't 'do' aftermarket stuff. This furniture and sight are take offs from a recent purchase. I know nothing about optics, but this does work and has a new battery installed by me. I can't say if it holds zero or not. I know nothing about these. The railed forearm and gas tube cover are tapco and should fit any AK. It came off a wasr. The forearm has a heat sheild. The "dust cover" has is railed and has the sight mounted. Looking to get $75 OBO picked up in Huntingdon/Parkers Crossroads. Will ship to you for an additional $10.
  18. Glock Gen 2 22 for sale. Has Trijican NS with some life left in them. Comes with one 15 round mag. Live in Murfreesboro, work in Brentwood. Price: $399
  19. Ruger LCR 9mm. This gun has seen somewhere between 150-200 rounds through it. Price: $440 Comes with box but not the cheap Ruger case. -9 moon clips. 6 have never been used -Crossbreed appendix carry holster -sticky holster -1 little carrier piece for the moon clip -Ruger boot grip and stock grip Live in Wilson county and work in Gallatin.
  20. I am selling some Lancer L5AWM 30rd Magazines .... IMO these are the best magazines available .... I am already sitting on about 60 or 70 of these so I am parting some off https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2695117827/lancer-systems-l5-awm-advanced-warfighter-magazine-ar-15-223-remington-556x45mm-polymer All magazines are sealed in factory packaging I have 15 10 in FDE and 15 in "Smoke (Translucent)" for a total of 10 remaining Smoke = $13.50 per Magazine FDE = $12.00 per Magazine Minimum purchase of 5 10 or more and you get free shipping Shipping: I can ship on your dime for a flat rate of $7.50 Payment: Cash FTF or PayPal as a "gift" or add fees if I am shipping
  21. I am Currently Selling a large piece of my collection to fund other projects. Please Call or Text for pictures I am Happy to show or send pictures of the collection if your seriously interested. All weapons are in Mint Condition I have attached links for information on each weapon. 2015 Wilson Combat Super Grade for Sale --4200.00 Price I Paid --5400.00 https://www.wilsoncombat.com/tactical-supergrade-compact/ 2017 Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Carry Pistol --3200.00 Price I Paid --4200.00 https://www.wilsoncombat.com/bill-wilson-carry-pistol/ 2015 Nighthawk Custom Shadow Hawk with RMR --4200.00 Price I Paid --5500.00 http://www.nighthawkcustom.com/pistols/1911s-government/shadow-hawk-government-rmr 2015 Noveske Competition Rifle --2200.00 Price I Paid --3300.00 https://www.noveske.com/collections/rifles/products/noveske-shooting-team-rifle 2015 Browning 12GA Citori 725 Sportig w/Adjustable Comb --2600.00 Price I Paid --3900.00 http://www.browning.com/products/firearms/shotguns/citori-725-shotgun/current-production/citori-725-sporting-with-adjustable-comb.html I live in the Franklin area and I can travel a bit if necessary. Phone- Six Zero Two Seven Nine Nine Three Six Seven Five The reason I am selling is to get back into a motorcycle, I sold my bike in 2015 and would like to start riding again. If anyone wants to do a multiple gun trade for a bike I would be open to it.
  22. Caliber .223/5.56 Built in the early 1990s before the infamous "assault weapons ban". Low 4 digit serial number. 18" barrel, adjustable stock & 4X22 scope. This rifle is in excellent condition. $750obo
  23. Marlin 39 Carbine 22 caliber for sale. After doing much research myself and much help from other members also doing research I feel it is time to sell it. This is a true Marlin 39 Carbine. It was made between 1963 & 1967. There is or was only about 12,000 of these guns made and put in circulation. It also has the JM mark on the barrel which seems to be an important part of this guns value along with the fact it is a true 39. It is not a gun in great condition and it does have it's faults. The stock has been cracked and repaired. Other than that the gun is in average condition for it's age. The pictures will tell you more about the gun. I have not tried to hide any thing about the guns condition. It does function well and has a very good smooth working action. Asking price is $1,000.00 If interested or have any questions please PM me NO LONGER FOR SALE
  24. I am offering up for sale my Smith and Wesson M&P 45 Mid-Size (Model # 109307) and carry gear as a whole kit. The M&P 45 mid-size has Ameriglo Pro i-Dot front sight with green Tritium surrounded by high visibility orange outline. The rear sight is a Warren Tactical M&P sight with single diminished yellow Tritium dot. This combination is supremely fast to sight and allows for rapid sight/target acquisition while still affording excellent accuracy. The M&P 45 has been equipped with the Apex Industries DCAEK carry trigger kit which cleans up the trigger and reset considerably and provides a 5LB pull. My Lyman digital trigger gauge measures it at around 4.8LBS, actually. This kit will also include: Original S&W plastic pistol box with all palm-swells Two factory 10RD magazines One factory 15RD extended magazine with sleeve Raven Concealment kydex OWB holster, Right Hand, 1.5-inch belt loops Comp-Tac Model #10 kydex OWB mag carrier, Left Hand, 1.5-inch belt loops A TGO sticker Total invested in this kit comes in at $805.00 Will sell for $550.00 Smith & Wesson specs on the M&P 45 Mid-Size are as follows: SKU: 109307 Model: M&P®45 Black No Thumb Safety Caliber: .45 AUTO Capacity: 10+1 Safety: No Thumb Safety Barrel Length: 4" / 10.2 cm Overall Length: 7.6" Front Sight: White Dot Dovetail Rear Sight: Steel Low Profile Carry Action: Striker Fire Grip: 3 Interchangeable Palmswell Grip Sizes Weight: 28.0 oz / 793.8g Barrel Material: Stainless Steel Slide Material: Stainless Steel Frame Material: Polymer Slide Finish: Armornite® Frame Finish: Black
  25. Kimber Compact Stainless II in very good shape and well maintained. I have replaced springs in past. I have owned this pistol for many years. I bought it from the original owner. It is very accurate and shoots extremely smoothly. No issues ever with this gun. Comes with 2 mags and the original black rubber grips and the grip shown in the picture. Have 2 Kimbers and an Ed Brown, so I am clearing out some space in safe. Added photos. $650 obo. FTF in middle TN area. TN state ID required, prefer HCP. Sign bill of sale.

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