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  1. FOR SALE: Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0 9mm 17rd with Extras! See below! Here's the deal: This is my full-size M&P M2.0 complete with a few extras. I have decided to "be the man with one gun" and am migrating back to the Glock platform. It is not out of preference, per se, but because it logically makes the most sense to me. I have carried and shot a Glock 19 for more than 20 years now. I am ridiculously proficient with them. Unconsciously competent, as the saying goes. I don't have to think about lining up the sights on my Glock 19; it just happens. I can call my shots with it and know where they are going to hit before the trigger breaks. I freaking HATE that. Because it is impossible for me to discount 20 years of familiarity with the Glock 19 and because that level of competency is what we should all be after, I am slowly moving entirely back to it with maybe one or two hold-outs in my safe. That means this M&P M2.0 needs to go to someone who will shoot it and who is either already as proficient with it, or is striving to be. What's Included? Full-size M&P M2.0 9mm with two 17rd magazines. Two additional 17rd magazines. (Total of four!) Ameriglo Pro i-Dot sights. Orange outlined Tritium front blade, single subdued Tritium rear dot under a U-shaped notch. FAST sights to use! Apex Tactical polymer trigger and forward set sear carry / duty kit, installed. $130 value. At your discretion I will return the stock trigger to the firearm and remove the Apex parts. I wouldn't recommend it as these parts make an excellent pistol even better, but it's your call. If you don't want those parts, you can probably sell them and offset some of the cost of the gun. Retail on this firearm without the two extra mags and without the Apex trigger is going to be right at $530 if you buy out of state and transfer it in. Add about 10% to that for tax and normal dealer pricing around Nashville if you were to buy it locally. I will sell to you for $500 face to face, hard American cash. I would consider trading evenly for: Gen 5 Glock 19 Gen 4 Glock 19 Summer Special (with Front Serrations) Gen 4 or 5 Glock 17 perhaps Trade must be in similarly excellent condition. No other trades interest me at this time.
  2. Hard to find CZ 550 Mannlicher. No longer made in this caliber. Safe queen, nice wood, round count ... maybe 40 shots. Still have a couple boxes ammo to go with it. Includes set of CZ rings, which you had to buy separate for this model. Free hard case included. $700 no haggle price FTF Mt Juliet
  3. CZ 75D Compact 9MM has has 2 magazines fired through it. Comes with 2 magazines and original Box. Price was $550.00. Now $500.00 FTF TN.HCP Gun is is pristine condition If interested PM me here. Price is not edged in stone!!!!!
  4. Had this in my old F150 a dozen+ years ago. Probably why I need hearing aids now. This has a built-in amp so it will work off of any car stereo. I also have the owners instruction manual with it. $30, Mt Juliet FTF
  5. These are made from an old, antique 28" sawmill blade. They have been treated and tempered to a RC of 58-60. It's made from 1/8" thick material....best guess is L6 but it's anyone's guess. This series is a "no frills edition" in that the handles will be made from domestic (many times local) wood and will have SS or brass pins/lanyard hole as described on each blade. They come with the combo leather/kydex sheath pictured. They should provide years of service without concern to scratching/discoloring as they still have some pitting on the surfaces. No frills mean good prices as follows.... This full tang blade has a 3 1/2" blade length and OAL of about 8". It has SS pins/lanyard tube with Sycamore handles. This one is $75 shipped. This full tang knife is the first blades big brother. It has a 4 1/2" blade and OAL of about 9 1/2". It has SS pins/lanyard tube with Persimmon handles. This one is $85 shipped. This one has a 5 1/2" blade and OAL of 10 3/4". The guard was made from a rusty leaf spring in keeping with the recycled theme. It has SS pins/lanyard tube and some dang hard Tennessee Pecan for handles. This has a hidden tang and is $120 shipped.
  6. I am selling a set of Used CZ 75 Diamond Backs Black Gray G10 Full Size Grips. I am asking $45.00 FTF sales or $48.00 shipped. For payment I prefer Cash, Cashiers Check, or Money Order only please. "No Paypal" Thanks for looking.
  7. Winchester Super X 41 Magnum Factory Ammo This is older stuff I had socked back for a rainy day 500 rounds and for now I only want to sell as a lot $500 Remington 10mm Factory Ammo 500 rounds and for now I only want to sell as a lot $200 I also have hundreds of rounds of 40 s&w PD ammo for sale. ( SEE PICS) pm me for more information on that. FTF in east tn preferred but I travel often so other arrangements can be made. I will be heading to Nashville from the Knoxville area on Wednesday June 20th for a turn & burn trip for anyone interested in getting together. I head down early that morning and often leave the south Nashville area after 1 or so Nashville time. This goes for any of my ads of guns, acc, etc that I have listed.
  8. NEW Glock 17L 9mm. Includes everything you get from the factory. Reduced to $600 -1/27/18 FTF in the east tn area preferred but I travel so other arrangements can be made. Trades aren't out of the question as I like S&W's,Ruger's,Colt's, Marlin,Winchester,Savage combo guns,Dan Wesson's,AK's,etc.
  9. I have a used Browning Sweet Sixteen up for sale. Shotgun is in good shape and is Belgium made. This a post war Belgium made in 1951. It has the modified choke barrel. Doesn't get shot so it needs a new home for someone who will use and appreciate it. $1000 FTF in South Nashville or Franklin. NOW $950
  10. Edit: if we can meet near Morristown, I’ll take $500 on the rifle Up for sale here is my Remington 700 AAC-SD in 300 Blackout. Low round count through this one, I shoot my Ruger American Ranch 300 much more and that’s the only reason this one is for sale. It comes with a Weaver Tactical scope rail already installed. $600
  11. For sale is a HK VP9 with FDE slide black frame, gun, holster, 2 mags, lock, box, grip panels and back straps. Excellent condition. $525 Mark on frame center in photo is a fingerprint in oil. Oops
  12. S&W Model 61-3 Escort 22 Chambered in 22 Finished in blue Original Grips Original box 1 original magazine Overall in great condition but does have a little scuff on the plastic grips. $425 S&W Model 61-2 Escort 22 Chambered in 22 Finished in Nickel Original Grips Original Zipper Case 1 original magazine Overall in great condition $450 FTF in east tn preferred but I do travel so other arrangements can be made. Not really looking for trades at this time
  13. Ahitchc4

    for-sale Magpul ACS STOCK

    The ACS stock is brand new. I put it on a rifle for 10 minutes and it’s been in the closet ever since. $55 in Franklin/Green Hills This fits a MILSPEC buffer tube.
  14. Cleaning out some unused stuff. All prices aew OBO and Shipped. PP f&f or add for fees g&s. Gshock GD400-9 has a 2 piece nylon Zulu type strap as well as the original. In really good shape. $65 Practically new Citizen Eco drive Promaster dive watch, has Nato strap and all original kit including the dive bottle case. $235
  15. Allen deluxe 2 bike rack fits receiver hitch. Lightly used, $40 $30. Mt Juliet. https://allensportsusa.com/products/hitch-carriers/deluxe-2-bike-fekfglglvzm1
  16. Marlin model 444S (336) lever action in 444. This was mfg in 1981 according to the SN so its a pre cross bolt safety model as well as JM stamped 22" barrel hooded front sight Overall a very nice rifle given it's age. It has been hunted with by the previous owner and has a couple marks from that and safe sitting. Price is $800 ( REDUCED ON 5-16-18 )
  17. Case Tiny Trapper with Mammoth ivory still in wrapper and boxed. Never carried, sharpened, etc. Pretty neat blade when you consider the handles are a minimum of 12,000 years old (when the last Woolly Mammoths went extinct.) Some state governments have already banned Mammoth ivory for sale, and more are exploring that. I'm sure Tn. would be the last hold out on that, but ya never know with these crazy politics. LOL $200 $180 FTF Mt Juliet
  18. Peavey model TNT115 - 150 watt bass amp. 15" Black Widow equipped. I got this several years ago used when my daughter played bass guitar. This thing weighs 82 lbs so I added wheels and grab handles on each side. It's best carried by two people due to the 28" T x 26" W x 13" D size. This thing is a beast for sure. Price is $190 $175 OBO
  19. I am selling my Patriot Ordnance Factory Renegade Plus Upper for .223/5.56. I am asking $800.00 FTF sales or $825.00 shipped. I have around 398 rounds through the barrel. If shipped prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order. No trades please. Thanks for looking. Link to Upper website: https://pof-usa.com/product/renegade-plus-upper/ Barrel Length 16.5 Handguard Length14.5
  20. 6.5credmorefan

    for-sale 6.5x55 Howa

    ..Howa 1500 6.5x55 with Bushnell 6-18x cf 500 ballistic reticle, harris bipod 6-9" and several boxes of ammo.340$.I can text you pictures 6153059336. Have 40 rounds of Lapua 139 Match ammo and 60 rounds of Sellier and Bellot 6513059336
  21. Howa 1500 with Bushnell 6-18x cf 500 ballistic reticle, harris bipod 6-9" and several boxes of ammo.320$.I can text you pictures 6153059336.
  22. I have 3 MEC 600Jr. loaders for sale - 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 410 gauge (2 1/2 inch I believe). Includes powder and shot bottles, charge bars (some adjustable) and whatever hulls I have on hand. $80 each, pickup only (McMInn County). I have quite a few 12 gauge hulls, mostly AA. I also have some primers. Also have a 16 gauge die set that I have used previously on the 12 gauge press and can probably be used on all 3 presses, asking $40, pickup only. Pictures on request, but I imagine you all know what a MEC loader looks like. Message me if interested.
  23. I've got to get rid of this stuff before a reality tv crew shows up! Need to sell a 19 inch corded electric bag/mulch/discharge mower, a Craftsman 3.5 hp, 15 gallon air compressor, a trailer dolly, a kerosene heater, a set of arched ramps for a mower, a fireplace screen and a Cyclone Rake. PM me for details if interested.
  24. Like new very few rounds through it. Has 5 17rd mags, one 22rd mag, 9mm Carry X-Change kit with night sights. Two holsters, one for a gun with a light on it. 2 mag holsters. It's like getting 2 guns. Take the FCU out of P320RX and put it in the P320 carry. Both are 9mm. Asking $1000 obo 615-542-3513
  25. I am selling my Sig Sauer P220 SAO Legion 45 ACP. I am asking $900.00 or $975.00 shipped for the gun. This is my bedside gun and I have only 235 rounds through the gun. The gun is in the same condition as purchased. No Trades Please. Thanks for looking. "The gun must be purchased by a resident of the State of Tennessee, Must have a TN HCP, Must fillout and sign Bill of Sale"

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