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Found 9 results

  1. Folks, I am now a Black class Benchmade dealer so if you want one let me know, my two favorites are the AFO2 and the Automatic Adamas if you are considering any of these knives the only short coming I see with them is their factory edges, which I will correct and make scary sharp if you buy one through me my prices are MAP minimum advertised prices that include a $35 sharpening if you would like it for all non serrated blades and just in case any of you did not know, as of 2014 automatic knives are perfectly legal to carry in our great state
  2. I just became a dealer for what I consider one of the best Flashlight companies in the world, Olight, PM me if you want a certain model, I will give you my best prices
  3. Coming Soon I will be offering for sale Custom Gun Slings hand made from Paracord by a fellow offshore worker these are some of the absolute best slings I have ever handled and completely Hand Made here in the USA Coming Soon!
  4. Guys, I will be sending in a order in a couple of days if any of you want a light let me know, they have a great new WarriorX Turbo model with 1k Lumens with 1000 meter throw I may get one for myself
  5. Alright I'm back! I've finished the process of becoming a vendor and here I am! //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// Pricing: My pricing per order is 10$ for processing and set-up, and 2.75$ per print hour. shipping is flat rate which you can find the rates here: https://www.ups.com/assets/resources/media/en_US/retail_rates.pdf#page=74 example: a 10 hour print would be 10 + (2.75 * 10) + <your choice of shipping> = total cost //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// Materials: Expected resolution is 0.2mm x 0.4mm x 0.4mm voxel size. voxel is volumetric pixel. Imagine that your part is made up of legos 0.2mm x 0.4mm x 0.4mm in size. That's the dimensional accuracy that you could acheive typically. Post-processing methods can be used to make up for this inaccuracy by over-drilling holes and sanding surfaces. I can print ABS, PLA, PETG, and TPU the current colors I have in my stock for various materials are as such: ABS: red, blue, green, black, white PETG: black, red PLA: black, red, green, blue, sky blue, yellow, white if you don't see a color or material you want listed let me know and I can get it, it may add up to two weeks to your order as I have to order that material and wait for it to arrive. //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// Disclaimers some disclaimers that I believe I need to cover based on previous interactions: I have been asked in the past both on, and off, this forum to print certain items that would be "questionable" from a legal stand-point, so here is my take on that 1) I am a printing service, I am selling you time on my printer, I am not selling you a printed item I am printing an item that you are providing me with the instructions (or language) to print. People ask about printing things off of thingiverse as they are licensed under a "no commercial" public license. This means that you cannot use their design for your own profit, but this does not mean you can't pay someone to print one for you personally. It means that you cannot have me print of a number of models of a design for you that you then market as an item or a product. 2) I will not print anything that is a"regulated" or "restricted" item. For example: receivers such as AR-15 lower receivers, or glock lower receivers ...... etc. I'm not making a political statement, if it were up to me you could buy your choice of arm from a vending machine at the air port that accepts bitcoin. This is just the law of the land and it carries very real penalties for violating it. I'm not gonna risk the site's integrity or my freedom to print something that could get me 10 years in prison. 3) I wont print a part if I reasonably believe it will be used to commit a crime. I typically don't care what people ask that I print, i get requests for obscure parts with no context as to what the parts do or go to, but if you ask me to print a full-auto sear the answer is gonna be no. again, this isn't anything to do with my political stance I simply don't want to draw any unwanted attention to this website or to myself by being involved with someone else's commission of a crime. 4) All of the proceeds for prints are going to fuel my UNENDING BID FOR WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!!!! - I'm thinking my next big project will be a freeze ray or a spray that turns any normal pair of comfortable pants into skinny jeans so tight you'll get inducted into a crappy alt-pop band for style alone. If you ever hear on the news of a large message carved in the moon "mseals22 rocks!"then you'll you know that unlike your tax dollars, your money from your print went to good use!
  6. If you have any knives you want sharpened text me 4233148751
  7. Schrack Public Auction Antiques/Collectables & Guns 10am Saturday Feb. 29th 2020 Champaign Co. Fairgrounds 384 Park Ave. Urbana, OH 4078 Guns & Ammo: CoBray Mac-11 pistol 9mm; Walther PPK .380 pistol; Rossi M-51 22LR revolver; Trurus TCP .380 pink pistol, NIB; North American Arms WASP 22mag. pistol, NIB w/locking case; Ruger LCP .380 pistol, NIB; Bersa Thunder .380 w/lazer & case, NIB; Chiappa M4-22 pistol, NIB; Diamon Back .380 pistol, NIB; ATA-GSG 22ga. rifle w/presentation box, NIB; Glock 35 GEN4 .40 pistol NIB; New Haven 495B 12ga. shotgun; Stevens FM585 12ga. single shot; JC Higgins 410 shot gun; Russian M44 762x54 rifle; Knight LK-93 50cal. black powder rifle w/scope; Ruger mini 14 .223 rifle, NIB; Westen Field M550AD 12ga. shotgun; Kel-Tec P3AT .380 pistol w/custom holster, NIB; Walther P22 pistol .22, NIB; EEA Str-Arms K2 9mm pistol, NIB; Taurus PT 745 semi-auto 45 pistol; EAA P-40 pistol .40, NIB; Ruger LCPS 9mm pistol, NIB; Glock 35 GEN4 .40 pistol, NIB; SAR Arms K2 9mm pistol, NIB; Ruger LCP Custom 9mm pistol, NIB; FNS-40 pistol .40, NIB; EAA SAR-B6 9mm pistol, NIB; SAR Arms K2 9mm pistol, NIB; Marlin 1895 45/70 rifle, NIB; Keystone Davey Crickett Youth .22 w/pink bag & scope, NIB; Keystone 300 .22 rifle, NIB; Kel-Tec KSG 12ga. shotgun, NIB; Arms Corp. 30 12ga. shotgun; Remington 1100 20ga. shotgun Black; Spesco 151 12ga. single shot; Remington 870 Express Magnum 12ga. shotgun; Remington 7400 rifle .270; Stevens 38B 410 shotgun; H&R 088 single shot 12ga. shotgun; Henry Eagle Scout 22 rifle, VERY NICE, NIB; Henry Scout 22 Magnum rifle w/octagon barrel, NIB; H&R SB2-708 7mm rifle, New; Mossberg 464 rifle 22LR, NIB; Taurus Curve .380 auto, Black Oxide pistol, New; American Tatical 410 shotgun w/wood engraved, NIB; Henry Golden Boy H004V 17HMR, New; Volunteer Commando Mark III 45 rifle; Henry lever action 30-30 rifle, Steel All-Weather, NIB; Daisy lever 650 BB gun pink; Daisy 880 BB bun; Rossi Rio-Grande 30-30 rifle, NIB; Cobra Derringer 9mm pistol, new; Cobra Derringer 22mag pistol, new; Mossberg 500 pump 20ga., NIB; (2)Heritage Rough Rider 22ga. revolver, NIB; Kel-Tec P-11 auto 9mm, NIB; Daisy Grizzly Camo BB gun, New; Daisy lever carbine pink BB gun; (4)Daisy & Crossman BB gun various ages; AMMO to Include: 762x39-160 rounds; 7mm Remington-20 rounds; 223 & BT-60 rounds; 40 cal.-300 rounds; 22LR target-375 rounds; 762x54-20 rounds; 350 mag-50 rounds; 45 auto-50 rounds & more. Guns & Ammo will sell at 1pm, FFL paperwork will be required of guns purchased. Heated & restroom indoor facility. As always NO buyers premium, absentee bids accepted. Cash, Check & Credit Card w/convenience fee. Food by Farmers Daughter. 937-246-4282 call for more information Auctioneers: Harley & Hal Jackson, Craig Thomas
  8. Gunsmithing Services View Advert Hey guys, many of you know me here but I've had a lot of folks inquire about services or see something and not know that I offered that. My biz name is a little misleading I apologize for that. I'm a full service gunsmithing shop that does 99% labor type work. I moved my shop to Oliver Springs a little over a year ago. Things are running great so I wanted to throw this out there in case you need anything I can provide. First and foremost I will work on almost anything. I have been working on guns for 35 years now. Started off at my grandfather's pawn shop back in the early 80s. I moved to Oak Ridge in 2008 and opened Law Enforcement Sales early 2010 and have been steady smithing since. Since inception I have had a 07/02 manufacturing license for both title 1 and title 2 firearms. Began heavily on the LE side but my customer base has grown more than I could have ever imagined and I now do way more work for the general public. Little about me, I have been a commissioned law enforcement officer since 2001, worked 7 years as a SC State Constable working all over the state. I am currently serving as a Sergeant with the Anderson County Sheriff's Department which I joined in 2008 and have been an active Reserve Deputy with them since. I am also a VP at Wells Fargo bank working in their securities/loss area as a Software Engineer. I've compile a list of things I usually work on but again, the sky is the limit. I will 100% be upfront if there is a job I am not comfortable with. I have not done everything but I have found I tend to get the more difficult jobs around the area none of the other smiths want to deal with. I feel my prices are very competitive and I always charge what a job is worth not what my time invested is. Services Sales Affiliated with most the industries distributors. I don't do much retail because of TN's sales tax it's currently impossible to compete with the internet. I want you guys to get the best price you can but I do have those customers who want to buy from me and I don't mind helping search something down and getting it. I am a East TN SilencerCo SPEQ dealer. They offer great prices to LE, Military, First Responders (EMS, etc.). Call for special pricing. They offer a couple times per year this discount to Veterans too. Transfers Title 1 transfers - $20 INCLUDEDs TBI background. I WILL accept transfer in from private parties and it doesn't matter if I can get the item or even have the item in stock - no games! Title 2/NFA transfers - $35 - I'll happily help/review your paperwork. Been in NFA for 30 years. Barrel Work Shortening Threading - most done on CNC Lathe Crowning Pinning (compensators) - installing and removing Contouring Head spacing Install AR Extensions / replace broken alignment pins, etc. I do some chambering.. full barrel blanks (7.62/308/9mm/7.62x39,22, etc.) .. and existing re-chambering ...40 to 10mm, etc - will be offering additional calibers as they come. Receiver/Bolt Work Engraving - NFA, Images, etc. Extractor installs / Sako M16 extractors, etc. Bolt knob threading/installs - Badger, etc. Changing bolt face calibers (where feasible) Receiver / Bolt face truing Various repairs Parts Kit Builds/Repair HK Style - Can roll/weld flats, demil parts kits, build 922 compliant semi autos. AK Style - Can roll flats, weld rails, Rivet trunnions, trigger guards, stock trunnions, etc. (NoDak is so cheap it's probably moot now but can do it either way) RPDs PKMs - Designed a new semi trigger pack that utilizes 99% AR internals. Custom machine a new hammer and recoil assembly. My conversions do not use that ugly recoil rod that most do that has to protrude through the middle of the rear stock. Everything is internal. MACs UZIs VK59s List could go on and on .... ALL of the above can also be machined to post sample select fire status for LE agencies Refinishing Parkerizing Cerakote Duracoat At the moment I do not do cammo patterns. Sorry I have a couple of master refinishers I can refer you to for those services. Handguns RMR/Reddot milling -not just flat, proper radiused front WITH all 4 indexing posts (RMR) Slide serrations, windows, etc. Sight removal/install Dovetail milling Recoil/Hammer Stud replacement (revolvers) Cylinder Reaming/Honing Picatinny/Weaver rail drill/tapping, etc. General repair / parts replacement If I can't find a replacement part I can often machine something. I do a lot of fixing stuff.. machine guns, rifles, heir looms, etc... Custom Machining Above is just a sample of services I can do. I have 2 production class HAAS CNC machines, both a Lathe and a 4th Axis VMC. I also have a 54" Monarch lathe that I haven't ran out of room with and an old Bridgeport milling machine. Old 1940s vintage good stuff! I do odd work on non guns stuff too - Motorcycle parts, RV car parts, you name it. I co host a 3-4 machinegun shoots across the states and neighboring areas per year. If you'll follow my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LawEnforcementSalesTN/ or our hosting page https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=beltfed brothers we'll post our event information. It's a nice opportunity to get some real seat time behind a lot of the equipment we don't normally get to shoot. We have a M134 Minigun (4K rd/min), Several M60s, M240, couple of M249s, M16s, Mp5s, slew of other fun stuff. Don't be Knob Creek and watch come shoot for yourself!! I also post smithing jobs I'm working on as time permits. Feel free to IM or email me for any service questions. Thank you ALL for your continued support! Stay Safe! Michael Dresner Law Enforcement Sales Advertiser LawEnforcementSalesTN Date 03/09/2017 Price $1.00 Category Vendor Sale Postings Caliber Manufacturer Law Enforcement Sales Type of Item 4,5,7,8,9,10
  9. View Advert New Model GUN SAFE- Champion Triumph Champion's new Triumph series safes feature a unique arched door and anti-pry beveled door edge. These safes are made with 10 gauge steel bodies and plate steel doors. They have a 1650 degree 90 minute fire rating, door organizer, motion activated interior lighting, and a lifetime transferable warranty. The door is 1/4" plate with additional layers of steel around the door edge to beef up the area against pry attacks. The door perimeter on the safe is 1/4" steel. This steel and 4-way active 1 1/2" locking bolts make these safes quite different than the safes found at the big box stores. If you're in the market for a quality U.S. BUILT safe, consider the Champion Triumph series. Call Parker's Safes and Vaults or visit our website at www.parkerssafesandvaults.com *Prices for these safes start at $1999 for a 25 cubic foot safe. The safe pictured is a 40 cubic foot. It runs $2699. We have many other safes to choose from as well and offer professional delivery and installation as well as safe, lock, and vault servicing and safe cracking. Advertiser PARKERS SAFES Date 03/15/2017 Price $1,999.00 Category Vendor Sale Postings Caliber Manufacturer Champion Type of Item 10


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