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  1. I was just thinking about doing an 80% frame but wasn’t sure it would work. If I remember correctly a 19 frame doesn’t normally work right with a 17 upper. Is there a good gen 4 compatible diy frame that will fit a 17 upper?
  2. I wouldn’t want to go that short even though I normally carry a 26. The 19 is the perfect grip size to me for carry. I might not notice a huge difference but at least I’ll know and the gun will still be usable.
  3. This is a temp situation and I’ll be loaning the G26 to my wife which leaves me with the 17. I have a couple 19s and 26s already and a 17 and 34 but they aren’t readily available for a while so. I don’t need more Glocks and want to see how I like the 19 grip on a 17 and this is the perfect opportunity to try it out. The chopped 17 will go back into my truck bag as a backup after that. I’m not setup to do mods right now or I might try it. Prefer to have a pro do it though to avoid ruining a perfectly good gun.
  4. I find myself in a temporary situation where I’ll only have a G17 to carry for a few months. Considering having the grip cut to 19 length to help with the size. I’m good with resale issues as this gun has a permanent place in my home. 2 questions. Any reason to not have this done by a reputable Glock surgeon? Is there someone in the Nashville area that would be a good pick for this job?
  5. I have one (Vickers RTF), never fired. Not sure that I want to sell it but shoot me a PM with your offer, maybe I can be swayed;-)
  6. This is a pretty much brand new gun that I got in a trade. I wiped off, loaded up the mag and locked it up. Never fired it. I'm just too invested in Glocks to add a different gun into the mix. Would be $2200 new, I'm asking $2000. https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2016/4/26/sti-marauder-pistol/Only trades would be 9mm Glocks or AR in 5.56, 300 BLK or AKs.
  7. Tim Calhoun, does great work and the wait isn't bad.
  8. Hey Reid! I was wondering if you would ever find this place. Great group of people here, I think you'll fit right in. Good to see you here. I took Pistolcraft and Rifleman, great training for anyone of any skill/experience level. -John
  9. Sorry, been out of town. Pm me if you still need the mag, I found it.
  10. I think I have a G21 that is cracked but the base is fine. I'll see if I can find it.
  11. I have a DD 5.56 upper with ALG handguard if you're interested. PM me if you want more details.
  12.   I posted the AAR on getoffthex.com in the course reviews.   I wanted to take a class at both before deciding so I'll be taking the pistol course at Valor Ridge next month so we'll see.     At first I wasn't sure what I would think about Tactical Response but it was a really good experience.  Tim Morris can be a crusty Army NCO but he turned out to be a really good guy and instructor.  I learned a lot and really pushed myself and my gear so now I am confident in both like never before.   I'll probably end up taking classes at both schools in the future, it'll be good to get different perspectives and VR is a couple hours closer to me.  I am already making plans to go back for Alumni Weekend 2016.     For the Micro Rig.  It was really good to be able to swap cards on my shotgun quickly when I had time and feed from the rig when I couldn't do the swap.  When scanning I would reload from my side saddle then swap out a fresh one to be ready, then finish topping off from the rig.  This way I always had a full card on my shotgun and a full mag between drills.      Port loading from the side saddle is much faster.  The guy with the Cop Rig ended up detaching his cards from the rig so he could slap them on the side of his shotgun as needed.  It's good to have options rather than just having to feed from the vest all the time.     I do wish that I got a color that stood out from the dirt though, it was sometimes difficult to see the coyote colored cards on the ground when picking them up.  Also, mark your cards very visibly since there are a lot of other people with the same cards and it's easy to mix them up.
  13. I used the setup from my video at TR Fighting Shotgun this past week. It worked great, there was even a guy with a Cop Rig admiring my rig. I'll post a AAR later.
  14.   Here's a quick and dirty video.   Link to the velcro, http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IJMW5EA?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00   https://youtu.be/ppbPX-_v6uc
  15. It might be totally legal and I support the right to do so but its just not a good idea. I was just going off of the two reports posted which are starting to look misinformed, not a big surprise there. If he had brought ammo then I would put him in one of two categories, open carry activist or active shooter. Sounds like he just made a bad decision with good intentions.

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