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  1. You really want to see us old coots croak in a hurry, eh? - OS
  2. Not for that reason but because of an internal state political deal, but yeah they did indeed rescind policy purt quick: Current status of TN HCP:
  3. Sure does, Mr. Medicare. Should we zap that too? - OS
  4. Unless you want to spend big on fancy expanding "self defense" rounds, hard to beat just any ole .223 softpoint for all around. Somewhat less chance of passing all the way through at close range, plenty devastating (less dependent on optimum yawing/fragmentation on contact than FMJ), and you can even legally hunt with it. - OS
  5. AFAIK, LEOSA has never been tested in court system, so might well be found to be so. - OS
  6. Like just end it overnight, and let the insurance companies start over and just gouge whatever the traffic will bear, or what? - OS
  7. Well, as bad as the initial GOP health bill was, and of course not that he really understood the details of what was in it, Trump lost ass today. From cajoling to threats, he expended all the political capital he had, but failed at the Art of the Deal - OS
  8. Oh, I came much closer to actual abject hatred regarding BHO. While I can apply a whole array of adjectives for The Donald, like disgusting, appalling, ignorant, boorish, infantile, and the like, the worst and scariest is "deranged". And the scariest part is that America elected someone who truly is just that, and possibly worsening quickly. They may be forced to cut him loose at some point, just for individual and collective survival. While a clearly criminal connection with the Russian mess would work, they don't necessarily need it. All they need is the interpretation of lying under oath about any of it, which of course becomes the crime. There are other options for justification, like the Emoluments Clause. Even possibility of removal under the 25th Amendment. Inconceivable? Well, the events over first 62 days have been relatively inconceivable too. Most telling is that we've never had a president totally at odds with every facet of his own intelligence community before. Takes a lot of guts (read IMHO "stupidity") to intentionally make it your enemy. Yeah, I've opined that as possibility too -- "who needs this crap, fake news, unfair, everybody corrupt here but me, yadda yadda yadda..." - OS
  9. I got one years ago for running a red light. I generally don't even cut them close, so I instantly got my hackles up. There was a link in there to a vid... and duh, I hadn't even come close to a full stop while turning right on red at a big intersection. Not knowing any of this possible dirt and legal gray area at the time, I paid it -- didn't hurt so bad since I was clearly guilty. - OS
  10. Anyone who doesn't see any number of possible "why nots" has slept through the first act of the play. - OS
  11. Sort of half watched that good while ago, don't remember it very well, will put it on the list. - OS
  12. The lesson as always -- few good deeds go unpunished. - OS
  13. As always being magnanimous enough to separate the art from the artist, he was good in The Greatest Game Ever Played, Disturbia, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Fury. Probably some others, but those are the ones I've seen with him in a prominent role. - OS
  14. I mean, like just wow. I'm so glad as contemporary historian I've been blessed to live though this so far. Though it's a double edged sword being an actual caring American also. Anyway, Trump indeed put me out of the political prognostication business by being elected in the first place, so just curious about the group consensus. Just for a bit of spice to start off, particularly interested in those who might actually be subjected to anything beyond FOX, Breitbart, InfoWars, only like-minded cronies, just this site, etc. - OS
  15. Sounds just like Trump himself justifying something he says as fact. - OS

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