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  1. Well, Oxford is a very genteel burg. - OS
  2. Oh Shoot

    Fed. Income taxes

    up to 2.4% online these days. Better than loaning it to the gummit for nothing. Much better. - OS
  3. Oh Shoot

    Angled foregrip opinions

    Yeah, heck, AR pistols may well account for the majority of angled grips sold. - OS
  4. Permit no longer relevant to firearms in the vehicle in TN, ya know. You maybe assuming one projects a better image doing that or whatever? - OS
  5. Oh Shoot

    Cold Enough for Ya?

    Not bad in daytime today. Just walked over to bank/Kroger on errands. No wind makes huge diff. - OS
  6. Oh Shoot

    Culver's 9113 Kingston Pike Knoxville.

    That didn't work so well at Ft. Hood in '09. - OS
  7. Oh Shoot

    Clueless teens, 17, baffled by a rotary phone

    I guess I'm missing something? My mom's house has one of the standard 3 phone touch tone wireless systems with base unit that plugs into standard phone socket. But also an old Bell Princess rotary in one room and a Bell rotary wall model in garage, All work fine from any plug. Now I do believe the 2 dial phones have a "touch/rotary" switch on them at the bottom (I forget the exact designation). So is this the diff, that they are "modern" rotary phones compared to what some of you are talking about? -OS
  8. Nah, no AWB yet. Might be the vehicle for Universal Background checks though, just like 5 years ago, likely with a better chance of getting through the Senate this time if Mitch is told to hear it. Although I believe a separate UBC bill has already come out of the House (or just been announced, I forget which). - OS
  9. Attrition, mi amigo, attrition -- major legal changes take effect as much over time as immediately. Few of our progeny will remain criminals by stashing banned firearms they can't even shoot without risk of the hoosegow, - OS
  10. My point was merely for historical perspective to those who likely don't know this. And yes, of course, it's always a concern. Especially in the next Congress, where there seems a decent likelihood of a Dem sweep of all three branches. Importantly, ever since 2004, there have always been enough purple state Dems in DC to join the Republicans in staving off another AWB. But it's clear that the constituencies have changed for both many Dems AND some Republicans in various states, to the point that a "common sense gun safety" stance isn't necessarily the ballot killer it has been in the past. - OS
  11. AFAIK, she has introduced that every term since the first one expired. The Manchin-Toomey "universal" background check for example was an amendment to her AWB bill of that session, where it would have simply replaced all the other verbiage in the bill. After it failed, then they of course voted to nix her original bill also. - OS
  12. Oh Shoot

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    I'll be amazed if we have a Republican prez again for at least 8 years after this fiasco. And maybe not a Republican Triumvirate again for .. ever? The GOP will have to defend a lot more in the Senate in '20 than they did in '18, too, so we may well see the Dem Triple Play for the first time since Obama's first two years. Then again, I remind myself I didn't give DJT a chance in hell to win, eh? - OS
  13. Oh Shoot

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    I don't know the real percentage, but it also does seem to be accurate that even among NRA members, the majority agrees with universal BG checks. - OS
  14. Oh Shoot

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    Actually, the last bill that almost got there (Manchin-Toomey amendment), made transfer among relatives easier! Including interstate transfer. - OS
  15. Oh Shoot

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    Top of my head, Farook and chick in the San Bernardino slayings. - OS

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