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  1. The Beretta 92FS/M9 .22lr is also "Made in Germany by Umarex". So far, absolutely stellar firearm. - OS Zamak, to be pedantic and all.
  2. ?? October edition? Mine has article by Wayne in same place as usual, still listed as Executive Vice President. - OS
  3. Vandy has beaten the Voles 5 out of the the last 7 years, and now three years in a row. It has become a true rivalry again. Unlike our more Big Time rivals, like Bama and Florida, who don't really much see us as such anymore. How can they with Tide winnng 13 out of last 14 meets with now 12 in a row and Gators 14 out of last 15? - OS
  4. You never know who might be next. What if UPS and FedEx decided they wouldn't ship guns or ammo anymore? THAT would be a game changer for sure. Could enough popular and political pressure be exerted to make that happen the next time the Dems get the triumvirate? There's already a taste of that, in that neither will knowingly ship firearms between non-licensed folks. Indeed, for some time now, there is actually no legal way to ship a handgun between unlicensed individual people period, even though doing such intrastate is legal federally. - OS
  5. Knoxville, like all other TN cities, cannot enact any gun laws beyond discharge of firearms, location/existence of shooting ranges, and carry by employees/contractors. (edit: all three are already prohibited) - OS
  6. I've started sending all the beg letters back to them with "not another dime until LaPierre is gone" written on them. One today is another of the "notice of shutdown - critical update" ploys. - OS
  7. So, that means they'll still kick you out if you open carry? - OS
  8. It's already legal, no need for an additional local law. Just requires no local ordinance or official policy against it. - OS
  9. More than their entire starting lineup (13) got drafted into the Bigs too, wow. Several pitchers I guess. - OS
  10. He was "placed on administrative leave" 7 days ago. By Le Pew, the Board, or what? Scuttlebutt seems that he was also trying to out Le Pew behind the scenes. He might turn out to be the good guy in all this mess, who knows. - OS
  11. And along with that, adios to Dana Loesch, their only pulchritudinous spokesperson/lobbyist. - OS
  12. No "doubling". If further out than renewal window, duplicate license charge applies (8 clams for D/M, 12 for CDL). Logically, it would affect about the same number of folks no matter when it were initiated. - OS
  13. Btw, no requirement to ever destroy them, only that they are kept for 20 years. Since it's extra work to cull them, have read that few dealers ever zap any. And only requirement to ever send in any 4473s a dealer has is if they go out of biz. - OS
  14. Probably. Having to strip down in locker rooms is one reason I adopted pocket carry pretty early on. - OS
  15. Yep, any full service DMV. https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/safety/driver-services/locations/dllocationserv.html - OS

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