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  1. Hell, NYC alone has bigger pop than all of TN. Few if any places will likely see the death numbers that occurred there. It's all just a matter of scale, and what numbers the different states decide is horrendous enough to take whatever actions. Lee has just extended TN state of emergency rules/suggestions to end of August, for example. Pretty toothless enforcement though. https://www.tn.gov/governor/news/2020/6/29/gov--lee-extends-state-of-emergency-to-aug--29--2020.html - OS
  2. Statewide, average 8.0 deaths per day in June. 5.3 per day in May - OS
  3. Note that file is updated daily. Also on the main page (https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/health/cedep/ncov/data.html) Under Downloadable Datasets you can get other stuff, including by the day updated tests/cases/hospitalizations/deaths/etc since the gitgo in Excel file. Opens fine in free Open Office, prolly Libre Office also btw. - OS
  4. Not a chart but all demographic data there. https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/health/cedep/ncov/data.html (click on the PDF popup) Older you are, the more likely you die. Is that the thing you want to know that matters? - OS
  5. Not just anyone, no. - OS You really think anyone is "in control"? As far as getting back to the mask issue itself, science/medicine evolves, generally in a positive way. It took several hundred years to quit using leeches, sometimes only a few weeks to find that a certain virus can be spread by the non-symptomatic, and to realize through experiments/data the effectiveness of its contagion, the duration/distance/concentrations at which it is viable, and the like. Also, certainly there was almost certainly some early dissuasion from the general public using masks due to immediate shortages for health personnel and perhaps also with a mind to keep panic buying as a part of general panic to a minimum. Etc. There seems little scientific debate on the subject now though -- masks can remarkably reduce infections. Same with influenza strains though, so what else is new. Only that this one seems determined to get to the ~70% saturation herd immunity PDQ without intervention. Which of course would solve the problem, at the cost of x million of us of course. But we still don't really know all that much about this damn thing. We may well find that all these folks who get through it, even with little or even no symptoms at all, could have some sort compromised health factor long term, just like some other viruses. - OS
  6. Besides various other factors with USA vis a vis other countries, this may well simply speak to how well our hospital systems have functioned overall, even considering our 130K dead. But of course, the game's still well afoot. - OS
  7. Yeah, but we're Mericuns! Which includes a general individual disregard for most all other Mericuns. Hence the worst overall Covid stats in the world! We're number one! - OS
  8. Even if we are in a public place where we both have a right to be, you don't have the right to take an unjustified swing at me. The quip was to question whether currently there's a difference between your fist and your mist. - OS
  9. How about "your rights end where my nose begins"? - OS
  10. In my lifetime this area has been relatively quite the haven against most of the ills that nature throws at us. - OS edit: new IHME projection has lowered TN fatalities to under 2K by Oct 1 while USA overall raised to over 200K.
  11. Oh, I doubt they're "out of the woods". Still lots of restrictions in place. Most populous city and all packed into a relatively small area, international hub, things just all hit the fan fast, and by the time it was full blown there wasn't anything to do but react till social isolation effect kicked in. TN had 27 deaths Friday, the most since the whole shebang started here. - OS
  12. IHME shows big jump for us. 3,652 COVID-19 deaths projected by October 1, 2020 This of course according to current unchecked trends and social behavior. Nationwide, has jumped to: 169,890 COVID-19 deaths projected by October 1, 2020 And of course that's just in time for the winter surge, which the southern hemisphere is now starting to experience. The market certainly took it all to heart today, eh? - OS
  13. Maybe we'll taking an annual combined shot for Covid, Zika, flu and gawd knows whatever else. Much like the various combo vaccines for kids. I walked the Knox waterfront from Ned McWherter to the Rowing Clubhouse and back. Calhoun's and Ruth's Chris both packed. Looking at outside folks at Calhoun's, biz as normal, no masks, 6-10 folks at tables, normally spaced. All the text pickup parking spaces empty. Etc. I imagine we'll be back up against it sooner than later, hence the IHME estimates. I suppose that until a city's hospitals are completely overrun, we'll just not worry about it. - OS
  14. IHME projections for TN way up now, 1224 deaths predicted by 8/4. - OS
  15. A lower is a receiver. A receiver is always to be listed as "other firearm" on a 4473. All receivers, whether new or used. Stripped or complete. Whether there is a butt stock or brace attached or not. Whether it is lawful for a pistol build or not. That said, what an FFL correctly or incorrectly marks on a 4473 does not ultimately determine the legal classification of a firearm, nor the legality of any given future configuration of it. A firearm first configured as a rifle stays a rifle. First configured as a handgun, it may go back and forth between handgun and rifle. - OS

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