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  1. Okay, second week this month continues overall down trend after the little blip toward first of the month: (2021) Jan 1-7 585 Jan 8-14 740 jan 15-21 452 jan 22-28 733 Jan 29-31 233 total: 2,743 88.4 deaths per day (2021) Feb 1-7 819 117.0 Feb 8-14 464 66.2 Feb 15-21 200 28.5 Feb 22-28 278 39.7 Total: 1,761 62.8 deaths per day (2021) Mar 1-7 136 Mar 8-14 80 Mar 15-21 86 Mar 22-28 139 Mar 29-31 52 Total: 493 15.9 deaths per day (2021) Apr 1-7 72 Apr 8-14 56 Running
  2. For enough of the world to be vaccinated to bring Covid to bay, the J&J seems to provide the best hope due to the minimal refrigeration need, one dose admin, efficacy, and price. The AstraZeneca is similar, but the two dose regimen is a significant drawback. - OS
  3. Reporting now that according to TBI, cops called re a kid with a gun, found in restroom. He wouldn't come out, cops went in, kid shot at cops, hitting one, they killed him. https://www.wate.com/news/top-stories/multiple-people-shot-including-kpd-officer-at-austin-east-magnet-high-school/ - OS
  4. Pfizer is 21 days, Moderna is 28 days. Those are the minimums, a week or two or even longer doesn't seem to make a diff in studies so far. - OS
  5. Knoxville Dept of Health did, at least through the one I wound up at, ET Children's Hospital. - OS
  6. So glad some of youse guys are getting it, especially some I know personally. Once I was two weeks past the second Pfizer dose, I felt fairly confident that my personal risk became near zero for serious illness/hospitalization/death. But even though the science seems to be showing that vaxed folks have very high probability of not being infectious period, I still would be reluctant to be closely associated with any one not vaxxed, as I just couldn't abide the thought that I caused someones illness or death, however slight that might be. Including some of you "younger" folks, as
  7. Well, March overall is "good" news, lowest average Covid death per day rate since last August. Bad news is that there was an upswing in last 10 days of month, which seems a bit odd what with the vax program underway for a while now. We'll see. (2021) Mar 1-7 136 Mar 8-14 80 Mar 15-21 86 Mar 22-28 139 Mar 29-31 52 Total: 493= 15.9 deaths per day TN average daily Covid deaths: (2020) March 0.7 (first death 3/21/20) April 5.8 May 5.3 June 8.0 July 14.7 Aug 22.5 Sept 23.2 Oct 29.0 Nov 41.9
  8. That's like reasoning that a fat guy who got run over by a bus was killed by obesity because he couldn't get out of the way fast enough. - OS
  9. I hope we (and the US in general) aren't settling in on some kind of plateau. TN Covid deaths per week Feb 1-7 819 Feb 8-14 464 Feb 15-21 200 Feb 22-28 278 Mar 1-7 136 Mar 8-14 80 Mar 15-21 86 - OS
  10. Millions of people with heart issues, lung issues, diabetes were living relatively normal lives with their respective health treatments. Then they caught Covid and croaked. Strange how their existing maladies all flared up at once enough to kill them, eh? Not to mention all the folks who had NO significant health issues and died after contracting it. - OS
  11. I got second dose of the Pfizer a week ago. One more week for it to reach full moxie, and I'll rejoin the world to a greater extent. Lots of things to catch up on needing personal contact, couple doctors, dentist, Comcast, and perhaps most of all - A HAIRCUT! Assuming my old barber who was taking no precautions at all last time I was there long ago is still kicking. I don't care how cool man buns are, I'm over it. I must say, I might continue the curb side pickup thing with Kroger though, even when/if Covid is no longer a factor if they are still offering it. Done that twice,
  12. A "great week" re TN deaths: Feb 1-7 819 Feb 8-14 464 Feb 15-21 200 Feb 22-28 278 Mar 1-7 136 Mar 8-14 80 - OS
  13. In a nutshell, as I understand it, there just isn't enough data/research to definitively say. It seems that the vaccine may or may not prevent "catching" the disease at all. Much like influenza, seems to depend on a variety of factors, the most variable of which might be the individual himself. In the case of flu, the yearly vaccine almost certainly will mitigate the effects of an infection. The big difference in the Covid vaccine is that it seems to be mitigated significantly more effectively than with the flu vaccine. Certainly, if a vaccinated person catches Covid it seem likely
  14. This was lowest TN weekly death total since I started keeping that in Dec: Dec 1-7 407 Dec 8-14 532 Dec 15-21 595 Dec 22-28 452 Dec 29-31 319 Jan 1-7 585 Jan 8-14 740 Jan 15-21 452 Jan 22-28 733 Jan 29-31 233 Feb 1-7 819 Feb 8-14 464 Feb 15-21 200 Feb 22-28 278 Mar 1-7 136 - OS
  15. TN average daily Covid deaths: (2020) March 0.7 (first death 3/21/20) April 5.8 May 5.3 June 8.0 July 14.7 Aug 22.5 Sept 23.2 Oct 29.0 Nov 41.9 Dec 74.3 (2021) Jan 88.4 Feb 62.8 total TN deaths thru 2/28/21: 11,411 - OS


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