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  1. Can you get to it if the power dies? - OS
  2. I've been a "minimal" survivalist for a good while now. As a townie, in an apartment. Just me. Assuming the water supply hangs in there, I can shut the door and not open it for at least 9 months. (only have 2-3 months water stored). Idea is that if the big balloon ever goes up, I can at least hang out for a while to see if life's still worth living in the aftermath of whatever would cause that. Assuming I don't get overrun by bad bipeds. This isn't that, but it will do till that comes. My last "close" contact with people was at Kroger on the 24th. I don't expect to do any more of that till May. Maybe longer, we'll see. Ain't skeered, just don't see a lot of reason for "mostly" social distancing since I can easily do it totally for a good while. - OS
  3. I'm a minimalist survivalist, but I can shut the door and not open it for at about 9 months or so if necessary, assuming the water supply remains okay. And that's from an apartment! - OS
  4. Hmmm...interesting, stats revised now. All less dire. Peak predicted earlier. Peak of infections: Apr 19 Hospital Bed Shortage: 7,133 ICU Bed Shortage: 1,672 Total COVID-19 deaths projected to August 4, 2020 in Tennessee: 3,259 - OS
  5. Agree totally, but I do give IHME and Fauci more than a modicum of respect. And up till recently, Birx, but her recent Trump Toady now casts some doubt. Hopefully, she was just stroking him in the useful idiot type way that many world leaders have. - OS
  6. I'm reminded of No Country for Old Men: Just how dangerous is he?" "Compared to what? The bubonic plague?" - OS
  7. Grim prediction stats indeed: IHME (same modeling source White House team is relying on, charts shown during update today), projects for TENNESSEE: Peak of infections: Apr 26 Hospital Bed Shortage: 11,000+ ICU Bed Shortage: 2,200+ Total COVID-19 deaths projected to August 4, 2020 in Tennessee: 4,985 https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections (see drop down menu by state on top of page - the way site is coded, I can't seem to do specific TN link) - OS
  8. Erick, ya gave me a ha ha, but I was actually serious. - OS
  9. Cut off the booze and there would be riots. - OS
  10. I know. But seems we have at least a year more to go to see if this 100K estimate is accurate. - OS
  11. Why are you thinking in terms of three weeks? - OS
  12. Nope, not a death "rate", just total compared to whole population, just a simple actuarial, same as number of gun owners, women, whatever. Totally unhelpful in assessing risk or mediation in any given smaller geographical sample, including countries of different sizes where x millions are confined to smaller land areas, etc. but just another finger on the pulse so to speak. Anyway you look at it, if the 100K estimate is anywhere in the ballpark, overall we're look about about 50x more dead folks than now. Interesting comparisons here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries - OS
  13. Yah, I caught that, misplaced digits, edited while you were posting I guess.
  14. Maybe you mean of corona positive tested people or something? We'll never know the true fatality rate of infected people overall, unless every person in the US is specific antibody tested AFTER this strain is eradicated. Failing that, it's going to be a constant statistical best guess based on whatever model you like best, just like the yearly influenza "stats" but with even much less real data. The only thing pretty certain right now is the actual death rate per the entire US population period, which right now is about 8 per million. Newest "best practices we're likely to achieve" scenario opined by Fauci and echoed by Frump today is 100,000 (or more) dead in US. Which would be more like 300 per million. - OS
  15. Yeah, Fauci should know better than to tell the truth. Trump's litany of ignorant opining, misleading disinformation, political and press attacks, and outright lies over the last two weeks (too many to mention) have reached a new low, as they now directly affect the odds of mass death in my country. But of course I understand it's still mostly Obama's fault. - OS

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