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  1. What kind of minnows do they distribute these days? Been a long time since I've fished with them, but bought like a million over all the years I night fished for crappie and stripe. Best fishing was always dark of the moon in late May through early July when the annual shad crop drawn to the lanterns were still too small to use. "Shiners" were always touchy, hard to keep alive over time, while "Baltimores" (look sorta like baby carp) were very hardy. Whatever those species really are ichthyology-wise. edit: oh yeah, there were also "Tuffies", which were long like "Shiners", but rounder in body shape, and generally ran a good bit smaller. They stayed alive pretty well too. Seems like these were sold more in the winter than summer best I remember - used to use them below Watts Bar dam a lot fishing for sauger (and everything else too). - OS
  2. There's that cultural gulf too. Witness all the hoopla just over NSA databases. 'Mericuns aren't gonna like an Israeli type soup to nuts security approach on all aspects of life. Well, you're always gonna have just the random WASP crazies too, like Adam Lanza, Dylan Root, whoever. - OS
  3. Everything's a matter of scale and practicality, though. Just looked and found that "in 2016, a total of 66,960,943 U.S. citizens traveled outside the country, compared to the 61,783,913 who did the previous year. " About half those were to Canada/Mexico, so say 30 million elsewhere. Even if you narrow this down to those going to say 10 of the "worst" countries, that's going to be a huge number to try and vet all the time. There's little doubt that our economy has to be suffering significantly since 9/11 just from the burden of overhead from our enormous LE sector, which remember unlike normal "business" costs money without providing any revenue to suppor it. - OS
  4. Real problem is that the majority of the attacks in developed countries, "the terrorists" are not some outside force that needs to be prevented from entering the country, but resident nationals/citizens. Our worst mass shooting by a single person was the same, a native born citizen. (Pulse nightclub massacre). The "We're All Gonna Die Muslim Travel Ban" kind of pales in importance when the real war seems more about ideology, and you have millions of possible citizen perps. - OS
  5. Note is has been over 24 hours since we heard from Murg... - OS
  6. Though of course firearm specific related topics are the primary reason for its being, the great thing about TGO was also in being a "one stop" to discuss most aspects of life for us Tennesseans, and in a quite civil fashion compared to many other venues. Obviously state/federal politics beyond mere gun law affects all our lives directly, so that was cool too, and that forum kept the majority of that topical matter in one place, so quite easy to avoid if you weren't interested. But que sera sera and all that. - OS
  7. Gave me sudden state of Satori. - OS
  8. I've got a pile of guns, just dunno that there's much new to say about them unless one blows up or something. - OS
  9. Btw, where is this big scoop, can't find a peep? - OS
  10. Thanks. With folks here starting to even dis even FOX more than usual, figgered that leaves pretty much Brietbart and InfoWars. And I'm sure Andrew started turning in his grave long ago over the former. - OS
  11. I thought InfoWars was one of the few accepted news sources here, being neither libtard nor RINO. - OS
  12. Alex Jones said days ago it is McMaster. - OS
  13. It's been interesting to see who claims that not drinking Trump's Krazy Kool-Aid makes one a leftie, too. - OS
  14. Sigh. Marshall Ramsey, ran May 16, 2017, Clarion Ledger, Jackson, MS. http://www.clarionledger.com/story/opinion/cartoons/2017/05/16/marshall-ramsey-may/101757530/
  15. Toon dated 2017. - OS

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