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  1. I do believe I've had to every time. - OS
  2. Nope me either. Link is, wow: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/7BQjgCe-d1cSr9ddSt7ttGw8S08LZJHCm4ZJlm5oXNnavUpd5BBsIqE9d-nDYOTYzTfiusfauVJ7guA4ZfICrqev1oTc1aKvwlKrhZSBnmm4rqU17ez8mgaC3lhk16XXRsO5z2nk8As4UEOHudL8k_hxSGLajrfxXhQuOeLhbHUbr4ECGveEyn0pLakxA4H34Guap_QRuYIm4B6Z5lD8XaW-BDE7mGh8Cz2Fo443VnRnzzKEtBARNfD8wvQq6G0ai9gMnU9q0Q95t7QHjvPVVvIlqZ95167Vdij8roFwA435soRXrCdQAAxZhNq823hAquWxQ__3I-v97YMCpS3FvH8ezWhe2K_TW3-o6kYDedOMBw5PrSc6ObCyoqfh53fcSl0A2iEofWw3Qv51h0zevgmYljU9SnI60Uo-B7Tx39TGozV67W8K4RoKTAvMsP4VD9svKysmgScBGKP07P6sP7F8W92tIAQ26q4M3Ixi2YJe-zTngjGSrlxNa_Lx-6OWfPj3gc0j6pg3RWZlPu3HnZCawVsjp8zCpWqOB69ShLTLxe3SBEVXRBcE58z9hKg-D08qaV7kJI0zxwINwRtmPi0n7pUU1UoEzEw_Z-C8qXtrZ9uvqXkRxaca=w1400-h787-no which of course doesn't work, even pasted in address bar. - OS
  3. Looking where? http://www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/tncode/ You want 39-17-13xx section. 39-17-1307 specifically for your question. Note however that 39-17-1309, 39-17-1313, and 39-17-1359 also apply -- the exception in -1307 is for the offense in that statute only and doing same on school, posted, or employer property requires permit. - OS
  4. Note the first condition that must be met, in addition to merely showing the weapon: " Intentionally or knowingly commits an assault as defined in § 39-13-101 and "... - OS
  5. A bit more detailed as to the "who" from USIS: "Nonimmigrant An alien who seeks temporary entry to the United States for a specific purpose. The alien must have a permanent residence abroad (for most classes of admission) and qualify for the nonimmigrant classification sought. The nonimmigrant classifications include: foreign government officials, visitors for business and for pleasure, aliens in transit through the United States, treaty traders and investors, students, international representatives, temporary workers and trainees, representatives of foreign information media, exchange visitors, fiance(e)s of U.S. citizens, intracompany transferees, NATO officials, religious workers, and some others. Most nonimmigrants can be accompanied or joined by spouses and unmarried minor (or dependent) children." - OS
  6. From ATF site: "Who is a nonimmigrant alien? A nonimmigrant alien is an alien in the United States in a nonimmigrant classification as defined by section 101(a)(15) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(15). Generally, "nonimmigrant aliens" are tourists, students, business travelers, and temporary workers who enter the U.S. for fixed periods of time; they are lawfully admitted aliens who are not lawful permanent residents. [27 CFR 478.11]" - OS
  7. Senator Morris Sheppard, left, Chairman of the Senate Military Affairs Committee, Maj. Gen. George A. Lynch, U.S. Chief of Infantry, and Senator A.B. Chandler of Kentucky, inspect the M1941 semi-automatic rifle which competed to replace the M1 gas-operated rifle as the Army's standard shoulder weapon.
  8. Federal Auto Match is .058/round in hand today at my nearest Wally in the 325 packs, had maybe 20 of them, apparently no limit now either. Buncha 50 round CCI for 3 something, didn't note exact price or type. - OS
  9. Unless the pistol is 26" or more in overall length, then it's okay, if not concealed on the person. All the nitpicking rules are simply ATF attempting to interpret the definitions within the two major firearms laws passed in 1934 and 1968. Got necessarily weirder in the last few decades as firearm tech evolved and clashed with the antique laws. - OS
  10. I'd be more worried about buying a used AR pistol just because you have nothing beyond the seller's word that it didn't use a lower that was originally a rifle. Even if it were, and though of course it's duck soup for ATF to check if it were originally configured that way for retail sale, extremely long odds on being brought to bear for that. Ultimately, as with any charge, burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused, and except for that one brouhaha in middle TN years ago with the gang type feller with a Draco I think it was, this sort of thing just doesn't seem to happen here as TN agencies seem to accede to federal standards for firearm classification. (except for that under 12" barrel for a handgun definition thang here, which has apparently never been tested in court, and most everyone seems to make their AR pistols 11.5" or shorter anyway). And actually the brace/SBR thing doesn't seem to have been a prob in any state that allows "assault pistols" in the first place. - OS
  11. Maybe. I've gotten the impression that most won't even do it unless you bring the gun in personally, as they of course want to take it if it is indeed hot. - OS
  12. Myth. She had a California permit only for a while back in the 90's, after a bomb was planted at her home and her windows shot out. - OS
  13. Popular option Adco charges $140 for non-AR barrels. Plus the shipping. - OS
  14. What is this? - OS

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