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  1. AND why not all public schools

    He was just mentioning existing law, employees can carry on public college property if they jump through certain hoops, the college can't ban it. Can also carry on private college property IF the school allows and implements a policy. They can also carry on private K-12 schools IF the school allows and implements a policy. But same for public K-12 schools not allowed under any circumstance. - OS
  2. I hope this happens

    There is no voter ID required in about a third of the US (17 states). - OS
  3. Another shooting

    That was really my main point. But so many deny it. As far as the school situation, I can't think of a one (except the almost 100 year old bombing I mentioned) that would have happened if the perps couldn't get their hands on existing legally obtained firearms. Your other points regarding authoritarian state I echoed myself. Well, I was, it being the actual subject of thread and all. - OS
  4. Another shooting

    A hackneyed talking point, but in all history of America, only know of one successful mass murder in a school that wasn't from firearms and that was a bombing back in the 20's in Michigan, which didn't even match most yearly totals these days. Takes learned skill and nerve to do bombs. Anybody can create mayhem against unarmed kids with an AR. - OS
  5. Another shooting

    Well, at least that would require expertise and dedication, not just a wacko who's gone to the range a time or two with his AR, if even that. - OS
  6. Another shooting

    Well, there was that 10 year Assault Weapon Ban thang, ya know. The "inconvenient truth" is that of course the number of mass shooting casualties would fall if all semi-auto weapons were banned from ownership with no grandfathering. If the average person can't get one, well, duh... It would of course take a while, indeed a whole generation or more to ferret all of them out, but by some point, nobody would be running into a school with an AR or AK. Because you couldn't take Daddy's from the safe, or go out and buy one a week or month or year before you used it (many if not most of the mass shootings from the younger crowd, the gun was acquired relatively close in time to it's use). Because nobody would be making or selling them, and yes, a whole lotta gun manufacturers would go out of biz. Now, don't shoot the messenger, but all you have to do is look at other countries where semi-auto is banned and/or very tightly controlled. Once heavily armed Australia remains a relatively violent country, but it's one on one crime, no longer mass mayhem. Mass murder by firearm no longer really exists in the UK or much of western Europe. (except by the terrorists let into the country, but that's a different issue). Etc etc. Do, I advocate that? Of course not, as I feel the long term last hope for a free country rests on the populace being adequately armed. But the price is high, and I don't kid myself that any of the proposed half-measures will have much affect, even over time. Hell, investigating "suspected loons" has its own inherent risks to freedom overall too and can set some dangerous precedents. Of course, you can still use revolvers, shotguns, bolt/lever action rifles, knives, axes, bombs, arson, whatever, but none of those methods are nearly as safe or convenient to the perp as wading through a captive audience with an AK or AR, or even a 10/22 for that matter, with hundreds of rounds. And that could effectively be removed from the society eventually, speaking in practical and logical terms only. - OS (not expecting this to be a popular response )
  7. The Commerce Clause has been a moving target over the years. Has also been ruled as merely affecting the overall commerce, regardless of a product being introduced beyond a state line. - OS
  8. It could come to that type of decision I suppose, as 6-10 states would file suit immediately if it were actually passed. - OS
  9. Bought a new shotgun friday

    Academy is showing $190 for same gun in black in Nashville stores. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/savage-stevens-320-12-gauge-pump-action-shotgun - OS - OS
  10. I've always thought if tested in court, a conventional firearm is not covered by the statute, since it is only prohibiting: "(1) An explosive or an explosive weapon; (2) A device principally designed, made or adapted for delivering or shooting an explosive weapon; (3) A machine gun; (4) A short-barrel rifle or shotgun; (5) [Deleted by 2017 amendment.] (6) Hoax device; (7) Knuckles; or (8) Any other implement for infliction of serious bodily injury or death that has no common lawful purpose" - OS
  11. Knoxville FFL recommendation?

    10 clams, best in town. Worth the drive out there from town to me. - OS
  12. FightLite SCR “AR” Pistol

    Ah, I see. Makes sense. One thing misstated though, a receiver with a buttstock attached is still "other firearm", not a "rifle lower". Of course you couldn't put a short barrel on it of course without a stamp, so that's still a valid point. - OS
  13. FightLite SCR “AR” Pistol

    ?? - OS
  14. FightLite SCR “AR” Pistol

    I can see the rifle version before the pistol. A brace on a AR pistol does more for ya than the birds eye grip on the pistol. Hell, an AR pistol with just a bare buffer tube laid alongside cheek is more precise by far. - OS
  15. FightLite SCR “AR” Pistol

    65 clams cheaper at Brownells, and choice of two styles even: https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/receivers/lower-receivers/scr-lower-receiver-assembly-w-bolt-carrier-prod86792.aspx

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