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  1. Oh Shoot

    Appeal of denial

    This area is for forum issues only. Ask your question in handgun or general chat forum - OS edit: well, I see Dave found it anyway.
  2. Seems stupid to submit bills toward the end of a Congress. I guess they do it just to have it on their record. - OS
  3. Oh Shoot

    Jesus is dead ...

    According to the drift on Talking Dead, he's really gone. First causality of the new enemy, the Whisperers. - OS
  4. Oh Shoot

    How Bout Dem 'Dores

    Yeah, it's an ongoing mystery to me why UTK is generally rated as having the second largest fan base in college football. - OS
  5. Oh Shoot

    How Bout Dem 'Dores

    Even though I'm an alum, you'd have mixed emotions too if you had my work history with them. - OS
  6. Oh Shoot

    How Bout Dem 'Dores

    Wow, chance to beat Da Voles 5 out of last seven meets and 3 years in a row for first time since 1926! 17-zip at halftime. - OS edit: my post must have inspired TN, 75 yard TD run on first play of second half.
  7. Oh Shoot

    Cas Walker

  8. Oh Shoot

    Cas Walker

    Only time I met him personally, it was regarding a coon dog my wife found lost up near Chilhowee Mtn. I wound up taking it by Cas' kennels which were on Middlebrook Pike at the time, and damn if Cas himself didn't walk out and damn if he didn't know the dog personally, belonged to one of his store managers or something. - OS
  9. Oh Shoot

    Self defense while intoxicated?

    DUI would nuke your permit for a while because it's a Class A Misdemeanor. However, neither a DUI nor losing your permit due to public intoxication would affect your right to own firearms, so neither would prevent you from continuing to carry in your vehicle. It's perhaps noteworthy to mention that an alcohol related conviction will make you flunk the background check in TN for a year if purchasing a new gun. - OS
  10. Oh Shoot

    Zoo Knoxville

    You are technically, probably right. However, after two lawsuits, the upshot was this: https://www.guns.com/news/2017/01/31/knoxville-nra-settle-suit-against-gun-ban-in-chilhowee-park Note that the Zoo itself was not mentioned in the settlement. First of all, they don't seem to claim that the Zoo is part of Chilhoweee Park if you go to official website for it. They probably claim that it is contracted out to private biz or somesuch, so doesn't fall under actual city government or something, dunno. Call the city attorney, see what he claims or something? - OS
  11. Oh Shoot

    So Maggie went AWOL ...

    https://comicbook.com/thewalkingdead/2018/11/15/the-walking-dead-rick-michonne-baby-rj-rick-junior-real/ R.J. Grimes (Antony Azor), the child of Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), is very much real. The official Twitter handle for Skybound’s The Walking Dead noted the child, born during the six-year time jump that followed Rick’s disappearance and assumed death, is authentic and not a figment of a grieving Michonne’s imagination. Rick junior was introduced in episode 906, “Who Are You Now?,” when wary and prowling newcomer Magna (Nadia Hilkes) witnessed a tender moment between Michonne and her son. Despite evidence to the contrary, a subset of fans speculated the child was imaginary and a manifestation of Michonne’s mourning as she has since taken to talking to herself following the “death” of lover Rick. Both Gurira and showrunner Angela Kang previously confirmed R.J. is the tangible younger brother of Michonne’s adopted daughter, Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming).
  12. Oh Shoot

    Give Gun To Grandson

    Correct, but in the unlikely event the law wanted to get persnickety, the preponderance of evidence would need to be that the loan is only "for temporary use for sporting purposes". So get some witnesses that you pop some tin cans with it or something. And what's reasonable for "temporary"? I dunno. - OS
  13. Oh Shoot

    DOJ rules that bump stocks ARE machineguns

    So our firearm freedoms are based on "practicality"? Hell, even when a law is passed, ie the NFA of 1934, it means nothing if ATF is allowed to simply change it via a completely bogus "interpretation". - OS
  14. Oh Shoot

    DOJ rules that bump stocks ARE machineguns

    "It" is a whimsical ruling, not a law. But to be enforced as if it were an actual passed law, even though it is plain that it does not conform to the actual passed federal law we already have. Now Florida did actually pass a no-bump-stock law, promoted by that staunch 2A governor, Rick Scott. Who will now be a staunch 2A supporting Senator, where as such he can do a lot more damage in the future. - OS
  15. Oh Shoot

    DOJ rules that bump stocks ARE machineguns

    There is no new law regarding bump stocks. Just ATF knuckling under to a DJT whim. - OS

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