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  1. Still confused. So it's not an SBR? (posting in NFA forum and you said "remove" buttstock). Is it indeed then just still a GCA ("title 1") pistol? If so, anyway you can get a brace on it is fine, though it might be iffy to use part of the buttstock to do it, if that's part of the plan. - OS
  2. I for one don't understand what you are trying to achieve? It's an SBR, right? You just want a brace instead of a stock for whatever reason? If so, why destroy the buttstock? and what's the "thrifty" part? - OS
  3. Buck 110 Auto

    Replacement came today, took about a month. Pretty much rock solid vertical lock up, horizontal okay, that does vary some from knife to knife on the 110s. Also, a bit zippier opening, but no danger of it jumping out of your hand or anything like some higher end ones. And of course, the same classy and gorgeous 110 design. So all in all, pretty happy with it, glad to have one. I really like Buck and like buying Mericun when I can, but must say I've sent back at least 4 knives in the last 10 years or so for fixing/replacing, so that sucks. I might well have still been carrying a 110 all these years if I hadn't gotten hooked on having a clip version. Speaking of which (in addition to a Buck Cadet in front pocket), I've been carrying a Buck Vantage "hybrid" for some time now (discontinued black aluminum scales from a Force with an Sanvik blade from an Avid). Besides being an overall fine choice for EDC, the Vantage pocket clip is really aces, rides as low as possible). - OS
  4. Military multitool?

    Dang, that sight tool instead of the Phillips on the regular model adds 30 clams to price! - OS
  5. Church security

    No law against permit holders carrying in churches here either. Matter of fact, I guess a church would have to post to legally prevent it. This issue is as much about liability of the church itself if it organizes a security plan vs that of the individual who might take action only on his own volition, as it is about an effective plan itself. - OS
  6. Long and Short Of It

    20 gauge Shockwave 360 clams free shipping from PSA: http://palmettostatearmory.com/mossberg-590-shockwave-20ga-shotgun-50657.html - OS
  7. Good brace for a Draco AK pistol?

    Originally as per ATF letters, it was legal to shoulder. Then as per an "open letter", it was not. Now, as per a letter to one manufacturer, it's pretty much legal again as long as you didn't have the evil notion in your heart to built an SBR without paying the tax in the first place. Or something. Whatever. It's plain by now that ATF has no intention of prosecuting anyone for it regardless of the ruling de jour, or they would have long ago. - OS
  8. Good brace for a Draco AK pistol?

    Not a Draco, but same diff. I like a bit more padding if I "incidentally" misuse a brace, especially with 7.62x39 as opposed to .223. SIG SBX brace. - OS
  9. Can local gov ban carry in parks?

    Neither original statute (39-17-1311) that allowed permit holders to carry in county/city parks/recreational areas, nor the latest revision to 39-17-1359 mandated that existing signage be changed. So now you have signs on city/county rec property that may be: - invalid because it's legal for permit holder to carry there - valid because the scanner/police conditions are met - invalid or valid because the local gummit claims that the area does not actually fit in the definition of park/recreational area, and hasn't been tested through courts - OS
  10. Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Buttstock Cracking

    Hey, they can still make good on the warranty as long as you're alive, eh? - OS
  11. Common Sense Gun Laws

    After about 9 years still only 14K entries. - OS
  12. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    Press briefing confirmed that a local citizen engaged the perp outside church with a rifle, perp dropped his own rifle (Ruger AR) fled in vehicle, and local chased him with his own vehicle. Perp went off road where they found him dead. Unclear whether perp killed self or if local got him. They won't name perp on briefing, but FOX is claiming Devon (or Devin) Kelly as per AUEagle's post above. - OS
  13. That It for Butch?

    Yep, we certainly put it to the Hattiesburg Remedial School for Ole Miss and MSU Rejects. They kind of gave it to us with their 20 penalties or whatever it was. The "leaping" one was really bizarre I thought, then they sting the coach with an additional 15 yards too. - OS
  14. Buying a rifle in another state

    ??? An FFL can only sell from his licensed location in his state, with exceptions for gun shows in his state. So obviously a KY FFL couldn't sell outright in TN, unless he had a separate license for this state. So this is not the same as you going to KY to buy it from him at his shop or a show in KY. But why didn't he simply transfer it through the TN FFL at the show, which would have been legal as an FFL or even as a private citizen from any state? There's no diff in mailing it or just handing it to a TN FFL for the transfer to you. - OS
  15. Buying a rifle in another state

    Was it from an adjoining state? Original GCA of 1968 allowed rifle/shotgun purchase from FFL in contiguous states to one's own. AFAIK, this was in force until FOPA in 1968, which allowed same in all states. That of course doesn't mean some FFLs wouldn't do it, same as today. Also, some states put same verbiage into their own state laws, and there are indeed several states that still mandate it -- NM, for somewhat of a surprising example, only did away with the conditon recently. - OS

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