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  1. Oh Shoot


    What zactly is the prob there? Wound, diabetes, phlebitis ... ? - OS
  2. It started a long time a couple of different hosting softwares ago. Best I remember, it originally was a small perk for benefactor status, then later it became possible for anyone past a certain post count. Definitely not there now.
  3. Dunno what to tell you there, as 110-20100 is shown as the lowest starting number. Like you, I would assume that anything starting with the 110 would have to be in those two years, but that's odd. I would recommend staying with Ruger BX 25 or BX 15 mags. - OS
  4. TN average daily Covid deaths: (2020) March 0.7 (first death 3/21/20) April 5.8 May 5.3 June 8.0 July 14.7 Aug 22.5 Sept 23.2 Oct 29.0 Nov 41.9 Dec 74.3 (2021) Jan 94.6 (thru 14th) total TN deaths: 8,232 IHME projection based on current projection scenario by April 1, 2021: 13,936 - OS
  5. On the shipping end, I've seen a lot of "Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending". That might last for several days. Then that notice will go away when the scan indicates "received, sent to distribution center" in whichever nearest city of size. Obviously, it's just been sitting at the local, not yet sent, or at that larger center, not yet scanned. Similar, on my end, I get a lot of "Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility KNOXVILLE TN DISTRIBUTION CENTER". Where it might sit for x number of days before finally getting a received notice at my local PO. This indicates to me th
  6. The flu vaccine has been around for almost 75 years, and is no more effective than around 60-70% at best, usually less, sometimes far less. AIDS virus was first identified 37 years ago, and there is still no vaccine at all. Not mention the common cold. So I'd opine that the Covid vaccine is quite the success. - OS
  7. There's just so much we don't know about Covid 19, and will take a lot of data gathering and mining over time to tell. Hell, there may still be some huge other shoe to drop about its effects down the road, who knows -- not to mention the possibility of it mutating into something worse. It of course has apparently already made a more contagious offshoot of itself. I was at a conference way back in the 80's where a med scientist was talking about the eclectic ways virii pick up a trait here and there. His fear was that something common would pick up an effective immunosuppressive component
  8. Of course, but the real stats will be if folks who had it or took a vaccine come down with it again. And if so, in what frequency. Etc. That's what I meant re "won't know for a good while". - OS
  9. Once a year is doable, 3 or 4 times a year is a problem, if that were to be what it takes to keep it under control nationwide. - OS
  10. Ya know, it hasn't disappeared for me. I know that Comcast DNS servers update pert durn quick (from having created new websites), like usually within 4 hours, maybe even more often. So, what's the real story here? Latest tweet from them: - OS
  11. I get more stuff than usual by mail since Covid hit. Within days of Dejoy taking over, everything USPS that had to cross state lines started taking a day or two longer than usual. And that was long before USPS put up their "sorry, but Covid" notice onsite, so that has only made it worse. Near as I can figure from some of the bizarre tracking routings, they have used trucks as "onroad storage" because local POs were too full to even store more packages. - OS
  12. That may be one of the other shoes to drop, ie, that both having Covid and some or all of the vaccines to date doesn't confer but a few months effectiveness. We just won't know for a good while. - OS
  13. That's the only part I got. The "six" I couldn't pin down other than "watch your six". - OS
  14. ?? It's rare something you say leaves me totally clueless, but you've just managed to do it. - OS


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