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  1. Henry Fonda, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, James Cagney, Spencer Tracy, Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck, too many more to mention. Matter of fact, seems most of the male top stars of the 30s-60's went by their birth names. - OS
  2. Dunno how long he'd had the multiple myeloma, but it's basically a 6ish year death sentence, with plenty of misery on the journey -- and yes both the disease and the treatment make you uber vulnerable to all types of infections that most folks even of the same age would just shrug off. (My dad died of it, and actually lasted about 8 years from diagnosis). - OS
  3. Looks like we may have peaked on this wave last month. Small consolation to those and the loved ones of those who are still croaking daily, eh? Weekly TN Covid deaths: Sept 1-7 286 Sept 8-14 421 Sept 15-21 453 Sept 22-28 423 Sept 29-30 107 Oct 1-7 353 Oct 8-14 247 - OS
  4. Which was originally exposed by Oliver North and Chris Cox (among other board members serving at that time), after they gave Wayne a chance to resign before revealing; of course I give North and Cox beacoup more credence than Wayne baby. But Wayne was able to pull together enough of a coalition among other board members who can be summed up, as LBJ once stated, "I never trust a man unless I've got his pecker in my pocket." - OS
  5. I've been doing much the same for a couple of years, including to all ILA stuff which used to get the brunt of my bucks. Endowment member, btw. - OS
  6. How long will it take for most everyone in the state to have survived Covid, gotten the vax, or died from it? TN average daily Covid deaths: (2020) March 0.7 (first death 3/21/20 but averaged over entire month) April 5.8 May 5.3 June 8.0 July 14.7 Aug 22.5 Sept 23.2 Oct 29.0 Nov 41.9 Dec 74.3 (2021) Jan 88.4 Feb 62.8 Mar 15.9 Apr 9.7 May 8.1 June 3.8 July 5.9 Aug 25.0 Sept 56.3 total TN deaths thru 10/3/21: 15,323 - OS
  7. I got both the Pfizer booster and the Super Duper Geezer Flu shots today. All good so far cept noticed after I got home that the young lass at Kroger put the wrong label on my CDC card, sigh. - OS
  8. Well hell, one could even contract covid itself and get the vax before symptoms show. It takes a while for the vax to kick in, and I don't think there's valid research to show whether it actually can help cure a current case or not. - OS
  9. That's miles off the bell curve -- y'all confirmed something else isn't going on coincidentally to getting the vax? - OS
  10. Seems that usually suggests a handgun and/or lesser caliber. But ya never know from early reporting. - OS
  11. Currently the official policy recommendation and getting coverage on national gnus. Just one coverage out of many for anyone who didn't already know: https://tennesseelookout.com/2021/09/21/state-saving-monoclonal-antibodies-for-the-unvaccinated/ - OS
  12. Recently switched to the Hellcat after carrying a Kahr PM9 for about ten years, in Alabama pocket holster. - OS
  13. TN deaths for each week attributed to Covid by the TN Dept of Health. Not a running total (1160 so far this month). Besides the average daily death rate I post for each month, I've kept the weekly totals since last Dec also -- both are stats not found elsewhere at a glance that I was originally curious about. - OS
  14. TN death count still rising: Sept 1-7 286 Sept 8-14 421 Sept 15-21 453 - OS


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