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  1. church shooting near Nashville

    Seems at this point than an UNARMED usher confronted the shooter, they tussled, the perp was somehow shot in chest with his own gun, maybe even self inflicted. THEN, the hero went to his car and got his gun, in case there was more trouble. Reporting subject to change of course. - OS
  2. Freedom Munitions...squib

    Just for clarity: What you picture is bullet setback. Not good of course as it raises pressure of the round considerably. A squib is an underpowered load causing the bullet to remain in the barrel after firing. - OS
  3. Home Defense Gun

    5 +1 for the Mossberg, I believe the Remmie is one less? Either way, lotta hurt in a small package. Nice heater for sure. Here's some Shockwave vids, technique applies to both though. - OS
  4. Anyone else hear about this

    Happened 4 months ago, I read about it here and there when it happened, dunno about here. Defender used an AR, btw. https://www.google.com/search?q=houston+homeowner+shoots+driveby&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 - OS
  5. For the love of God, what's your chigger remedy???

    There's nothing in there to suffocate. Contrary to common belief, the chiggers don't burrow into you, nor do they lay eggs in you either. - OS
  6. Need help with a question

    I keep TV Guide it in a tab on browser at all times. http://www.tvguide.com/listings/ Enter your location and carrier, it'll remember it. - OS
  7. Need help with a question

    Depending on your remote, just push On Demand button, Xfinity button to get to menu, then On Demand. Several ways to find stuff on there, including a search function. Probably easiest for newbie, is just go the TV Shows/By Network / FOX, then down to The Orville (listed alphebetically as "O" in this case. Oh, and controlled by the Rew/Play/Pause/FF part of your remote once you've fired it up. Note that sometimes on new shows for a while the FF is disabled, so you have to watch the commercials. Ton of stuff on there, all depends on your subscription as to what is free and what isn't, or what you can see at all depending on channels you have or don't. You should have Movies/Free Movies, maybe StreamPix too (more free movies), dunno if that's included with Starter or not. - OS
  8. Need help with a question

    Your sub include On Demand for the channels you get? The Orville first episode is already there. edit: looked it up, Digital Starter package, which you say you have, includes On Demand, so you could watch pretty much all the popular TV shows on channels in that package any time. - OS
  9. Cost of permit?

    Where did you "hear" that? Everybody gets the same background check, but no extra charge. - OS
  10. KNOX TN Valley Fair (nothing really changed)

    Well, didn't NRA/TFA and city both settle to drop it, agreeing case was now moot with the 1359 (metal detectors and whatnot), so I guess that's perhaps precedent that could derail any further suits? Or is the TFA one they filed alone still pending? Seems somebody could challenge the relevancy of the newest 39-17-1359 as relates to the parks statute (can't remember number off top of head). They actually do seem to be in conflict seems to me, but that angle hasn't been pursued? - OS
  11. The Vietnam War

    It's 10 parts, 18 hours total. I guess it'll be on Comcast On Demand, probably other subscriber networks to watch when you want? Won't help if you're getting PBS directly over the airwaves though, have to watch it live or record. - OS
  12. Prob is if you're a Vermonter and need to travel though, very limited options. - OS
  13. Actually, it doesn't really "recognize" any permits at all per se. It's just that anyone not forbidden from ownership can carry, as you say, simple as that. Perhaps a "distinction without a difference", but that's why TN lists VT in the "non recognizing" column. - OS
  14. RIP Jerry Lewis

    Just noticed, it's on Turner Classic Movies at 10pm eastern. - OS
  15. RIP Jerry Lewis

    Catch "The King of Comedy" sometime. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085794/ - OS

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