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  1. Endowment, but I don't think I'm going any higher. I give NRA-ILA a little dab every time they do a sweepstakes, but aside from maybe a bit in the ole will, that's about it. I've come to be sort of 60/40 on NRA in general, still see it as necessary, but am not enamored with either the issues they duck or the tone of the PR on the ones they don't. - OS
  2. Oh Shoot

    Signage requirements

    "all entrances primarily used..." is not the same as "all entrances" period. "All people who have two legs" does not equal "all people". Words and logic and like that sort of thang. - OS
  3. Oh Shoot

    Signage requirements

    Not exactly. "...in prominent locations, including all entrances primarily used by persons entering the property, building, or portion of the property or building where weapon possession is prohibited or restricted. " - OS
  4. Oh Shoot

    Shipping a handgun within the state?

    It's lack of a law. However, as Dave said, there's no way to actually legally do it. UPS and FedEx will no longer ship any firearm between unlicensed parties, and if you violate their TOS by not informing, you have also violated federal law too. - OS
  5. Oh Shoot

    Disturbing Info about our Vaunted Leader

    <pedantry> Kahr, the word you want is "vaunted" not "vaulted". </pedantry> - OS
  6. Oh Shoot

    TN Senate Preference

    Yeah if you can peel off 50-400 grand for operations without a care, this works fine. - OS
  7. Oh Shoot

    TN Senate Preference

    Yep, perfect example here. When I lost my UTK gig in 97, I had to seek my own policy for 18 years, which was in short an expensive nightmare. Just before I became an Official Geezer, was paying about 7 K a year for what amounted to essentially a "catastrophic policy". About all it did was get me the "insurance price" on services as opposed to "street price". Total out of pocket NOT including premiums was around 10K. That means that most anything of any significance would cost me 10 thousand bux, and I'd better get it all done in the same calendar year or it could be that much more again if treatment spanned to the next. So my example, had a bum left elbow. Broke and dislocated it when I was a kid, did same again in my late 40's (and just before I lost the primo insurance). Then when 63 or 64, really bad dislocation while on an urban trek after a pratfall on a muddy sidewalk. So it just bugged the hell out of me through those years, would pop out of joint doing the oddest things, etc. Worse, had to compensate for it in golf, so basically became a bogey golfer instead of single digit handicap. Heck, through all the years even a MIR would have cost me well over a grand, with operation in the 25 grand range or more. (needed the Tommy Johns surgery) So finally on Medicare, had MRI done, 75 whole bucks! And the operation would have been around 300 bux! But ya know what, the surgeon talked me out of it. Said would be happy to do it and could tighten it up good as new, but the odds were that it would cause chronic pain, as arthritis had set in to the point that things would rub and stay somewhat inflamed and whatever. Fact that it was "loose" was reason that even though unstable, it didn't hurt. Said basically I had waited too long to have it fixed. I know there are a ton of examples like this, where folks forgo quality of life on non life threatening issues just due to high cost of the insurance, high deductible, and high out of pocket. And ducking some potentially life saving tests, like colonoscopies and whatnot. - OS
  8. Oh Shoot

    TN Senate Preference

    All a bit misleading there. With the most basic of "add on", like my Blue Cross Advantage plan (which is free btw), hospital stuff is essentially 100% paid for, and most of the rest of actual direct health services is either that or with a very reasonable co-pay. My mom rang up close to mil with a string of treatments over about 2.5 years, her total cost maybe 2 grand. My heart stuff cost over 300K, about 1600 clams my end. Heck, 12 weeks of optional rehab cost me almost that. Now, if you have to constantly see primary doc and specialists, (like 20 bucks and 40 bucks respectively) or get regular imaging type tests (75 bucks) and the like, and IF you must take a non-generic high dollar drug or two, and hit the "doughnut hole" each year, that can all add up to a significant financial burden, but again this is based on my otherwise FREE Advantage Plan -- but you can indeed pick up a paid add on policy that still brings it down to a fairly reasonable cost, and less than you're paying for your group plan now. Yeah, that's a whole area of health care that's never been really addressed. If you have no other assets, you will get thrown into some not very pleasant place which will take the fall back MedicAid. So far at least, they won't let you waste away and die on the steps outside. But Garufa is right on, except for employee group plans (and no all of those are all that anymore), getting your own private individual or family insurance is simply affordable for much of the rank and file these days, and certainly nothing so far even hinted at by the GOP is going to change that. But nevertheless, at one time I had the best health insurance a guy could get (Blue Cross group insurance at UTK), and my Medicare Advantage (also Blue Cross btw) rivals that with bennies, and with no monthly payment other than the standard federal deduction from SS (112/month). - OS
  9. Oh Shoot

    TN Senate Preference

    Medicare has been as good or better than years ago when I had the best insurance there was under Blue Cross/Shield. Period. Has saved both my and my Mom's life several times over between us. At quite minimal cost to either of us. So I've certainly changed my view on "gummit health care". Of course, this doesn't mean that a universal system could function as well, but I wonder. It's probably ultimately the only realistic way to go, as no country in the world has ever been able to accomplish purely private insurance for healthcare with any degree of success. - OS
  10. Oh Shoot

    TN Senate Preference

    Carter. Back before Dems and GOP became polar opposites of dementia. Good man, meh result of course, though I was willing to give him the extended chance. Then Reagan for his second term, and George the First the only Bush worth his salt cept for Babs. Then it became a 24 year sucking sound leading to the ultimate cesspool of the present. - OS
  11. Not really a valid blanket statement methinks. Gray at best. A receiver under federal law is just that, neither a long gun or handgun, but simply "other firearm", regardless of its history or legality of future configuration. - OS
  12. Oh, I dunno. The GOP is pretty much equally hypocritical. Under Trump, it has achieved the pinnacle of that by abandoning many long standing tenets of its platform altogether. - OS
  13. Oh Shoot

    A Charter Boat story.......

    Pretty tall tale, and I'd assert only that. Almost assuredly related to Tangier Island. Along with the quaint speech patterns there, disappearances perhaps inspired and conflated with the long ago mystery of the Roanoke Colony (and Roanoke Island, named for it not too far away down NC waters). - OS
  14. The Dems had already done their nuke option under Reid to include all judges but SCOTUS, as they couldn't get BHO's appointments confirmed. Then Mitch did same for SCOTUS to get Gorsuch through. The tax cut was done in Senate by avoiding the 60% cloture on debate with some gray flimflam called the "Byrd Rule" that applied to fiscal legislation only. In short, the "rules" are whatever the party in power says they are. - OS

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