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  1. They get some cut or other, but it comes from the company they sign you with, not from your end per se. Same way as a dedicated agent for just one company would. Like Dave, I had State Farm for like 55 years or something, for cars, homes, apartment. But got into a hopeless flap with them over a secondary policy about 4 years ago, over a separate policy on guns as a matter of fact, pissed me off so bad I walked out and went over to a biggie independent agency here in Knoxville, called TIS (started many years ago as Tennessee Insurance Co, now just the initials are the name). Gal suggested best deal was SAFECO, because they are gun friendly, meaning your firearms are part of the overall coverage on your homeowners or rental policy, so don't need a separate valuable items policy. I got significantly more auto coverage for less price, and renter's was bout same, but actually a much better deal what with the guns being covered as part of it. You'd almost certainly get a lot more for your money if you do both autos and home policies. They cover folks in 47 of the 50 states, can likely take you on from just with phone/email, call em if interested: http://www.tisins.com/ - OS
  2. Well, duh, ya know what? I had always just used "quote" not "multiquote" for the last post I wanted to include, which works if all on same page, closes out the quoting and all the ones appear. And I wasn't using the little box that appears at bottom of page. Going across pages, if you hit "quote" for the last one, only the last one shows, but if you "multiquote" for all posts including the last one, then they are all there if you click on the little box at bottom of page. So, I guess this is another Emily Litella moment for moi. Simply use "multiquote" for all of them, and then click on the little box, and spanning pages is not an issue. Thanks for spurring me to look further. - OS
  3. FireFox, always latest version, now 66. Regarding that quote above, I probably did it the long way I mentioned.
  4. You can't do it -- something never improved with any of the updates. You can't multiquote posts if the posts are on different pages. You have to open the new page in new tab, quote, copy, then go back to first page where your post with first quote is and paste in. - OS
  5. Bump stock possession becomes illegal at midnight. Gotta destroy or turn 'em into ATF field office. (Well, better not turn them in now, you'd be in possession of something illegal when you do it!) - OS
  6. Well, among the states who have it, so far only Vermont doesn't also offer permits. - OS
  7. I for one didn't immediately grok what a "RPR" was! - OS
  8. Garufa covered it in his posts. I'd posit the "container securely affixed to such motor vehicle" primarily had motorcycles in mind. - OS
  9. Who knows? What does "generally" exempt mean? It's a fix to a problem that to my knowledge hasn't arisen though. Not once. Existing law makes us "generally exempt" already IMNSHO. - OS
  10. Next time the Dems hit the triple in DC, it's coming everywhere. - OS
  11. One thing about Lindsay, you compare what comes out of his mouth over time and you'll hear opposite stances on most issues. - OS
  12. The last time the legislature tweaked the permit process a couple of years ago, we lost reciprocity in two states, MN and WA. Hence, I'm always leery of anything regarding the process anymore. - OS
  13. Same way as now. Case by case, not many convictions, but some. Occasional sting operations, like always. Put it this way -- ever sell a gun to someone you didn't know at a show or wherever? Most of us that have a buncha guns have. Suddenly, even all the existing laws regarding selling to ineligible buyer go out the window, no sales period without FFL. You gonna risk it? Not moi. Also, unlike not so much now, suddenly the buyer will be under the same scrutiny as the seller, too. - OS

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