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  1. Oh Shoot

    Clint Walker has died

    Yeah, I grew up with Cheyenne. Alternated with Bronco and Sugarfoot. - OS
  2. Oh Shoot

    T&T Gunleather

    Tim's a class act:
  3. Ooo, that's too bad, wonder what's up. I had no idea, last dealing I had with them was last Sept, all normal then. - OS
  4. Saw thread on ARFCOM that they were moving and so FFL wasn't updated for new location, so a gun to be transferred was stuck in limbo. But that was couple weeks ago, no mention on their site of a move, looks like biz per usual, so dunno what's up. Definitely should call them before a transfer I'd say. - OS
  5. Yep, without violating carrier terms of service (which would also violate federal law by not informing), there is now no way to ship a handgun intrastate to another individual or yourself or interstate to yourself -- even though both actions are legal under federal law. - OS
  6. Oh Shoot

    Poke sallet....it's what's fer dinner

    I ate it for years as a kid (grandmother), and off and on through the years since. Last time was about 3 years ago, picked a mess along the greenway here in middle of Knox. I kind of doubt there's very much nutritional value in it though, since you need to boil the crap out of it at least 3 different times to get most of poisonous alkaloids out of it. - OS
  7. Oh Shoot

    On 'Loop-holes' and Personal Responsibility

    Yeah, I never really heard any more about that ruling. It basically says that any FFL can sell a handgun directly to out of state residents, but as I understand it, only within that district. I've wondered if it actually affected any FFL behavior within that area or not, and I've never seen an ATF response to it. - OS
  8. Oh Shoot

    On 'Loop-holes' and Personal Responsibility

    As far as the residence part, yes, and I think you'll find that is ATF policy based on case law. And another point is that only the seller can commit a crime at this point, as the buyer has not violated federal law until he brings the firearm back into his home state (or causes it to be delivered there). The age factor is a bit more iffy since simply "looking young" I suppose could be "reasonable cause to believe" the buyer is a minor. I don't know enforcement policy based on case law regarding that. All that said, unlike some, I find it quite reasonable to simply ask for ID during a private sale. - OS
  9. Oh Shoot

    On 'Loop-holes' and Personal Responsibility

    Simply quoting you the federal statute Dave. The "know or have reasonable cause to believe" condition is there for each type of illegal personal sale. That's why stings are always pretty specific: "um, I don't live in this state but....", or "um, I'm not 18 yet, but...", or "um, I can't buy a gun from a dealer, but..." - OS
  10. Oh Shoot

    On 'Loop-holes' and Personal Responsibility

    Federally, the burden of proof is that you "know or have reasonable cause to believe" the sale is such. - OS
  11. Cities/counties can enact no gun legislation in this state except actual discharge of firearms, location of firing ranges, and carry by employees/contractors. - OS
  12. NRA Carry Guard Insurance has already been announced as being dropped entirely has it not?
  13. You've wasted your time on this one, researching outdated Tennessee code from somewhere or other. That whole option was deleted from 39-17-1311 back in 2015. All current TCA at: http://www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/tncode/ (updated usually by early Oct. after the legislative session). In short, cities and counties may not prohibit carry by permit holders in their parks/recreational properties. Of course, they have tried to blur the definition of "park" and "recreational property" ever since it was enacted. We now have case law in Knoxville where a property named a park is partly a park and partly not. Sometimes. - OS
  14. Oh Shoot

    Can't Attach Pictures or Files

    Yes of course. It is the host. https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/210076663-Upload-Images - OS
  15. Oh Shoot

    pic test

    You can right click/picture info to get data. Top one is about 105K for example, 800 pixels wide, forum sizes then down to 744 . Right click, view image to see full size. I posted in your other thread. Your size limitations must be on total stash (you only get 2MB), not per picture, so perhaps you need to delete some you've uploaded? - OS

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