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  1. I have a SW 65-2 in good shape with 4" barrel. IIRC, it was a police trade in years ago. Great shooter, a couple of grips, pistol rug, speedloader pouch, 8 speedloaders and a strongside/crossdraw leather belt holster. $650 cash or trade for compact or subcompact semiautomatics in 40SW. Franklin/Thompson's Station area preferred.
  2. Cool. Anybody have any direct experience with Stoeger Condor Supremes?
  3. 20ga 3" chamber E.R. Amantino and Condor Supreme on one side Gaucha-IGA Made in Brazil on the other Imported by Stoeger-NJ So, I'm guessing this isn't a Stoeger gun, just an import by them? They seem to go for a little bit more than their Stoeger counterparts that I can find on GB. Any experience from the forum?
  4. Both. 5'8" and 165lbs. My Sig P250 Compact disappears under an untucked polo in an MTAC. Many on this board have similar experiences, I think.
  5. Have you tried an MTAC as well as a belly band?
  6. This has been said many times on this forum, but the cheapest way to improve the accuracy and reliability of a 1911 is to.............wait for it........... trade it in for a Sig P220.
  7. I had some FTFs and FTEs during maybe the first 200rds from my 250c 9mm. Just a break in period, as far as I can tell. Since then, I've had 400+ rounds with no FTFs or FTEs.
  8. This show and Burn Notice are the only television shows I've been excited about for several years.
  9. mdlave

    Ruger SR9

    Another +1. It isn't the mechanical accuracy that makes this gun so great. The gun points extremely easily and is one of the easiest I've used to rapidly reacquire a sight picture. The slimness also makes it great for CC.
  10. I'm an avid Dave listener myself. Congrats!
  11. Hmm. I'm of the school of thought that if the officer wants to know, they'll ask, and I'm then happy to comply. I've gotten pulled twice over the past two weeks, armed both times. 1st time: I wasn't aware that a brake light had gone out. I handed my DL when asked. He ran it, told me to get the light taken care of and have a nice day. He didn't request my HCP, registration or insurance..... 2nd time: The officer pulled me over and gruffly suggested I'd just made an unsafe right hand turn. I told him I didn't understand, as I stopped completely, and made sure it was clear before turning. It was a very busy intersection, but nothing unsafe occured. He ran my DL, and told me to be more careful next time, but no request for HCP, registration, or insurance.... In the first case, I think the officer was just being helpful. In the second, I think the officer was just fishing. However, neither asked for an HCP or gave any citation.
  12. I compared the MK9 and K9 (basically its big brother), and eventually went with the K9. The MK9 is a tad too hefty for pocket carry (The PM9 is a great weight, but Kahr has a better rep regarding their all metal offerings). For IWB or belt carry, I'd highly suggest considering the K9 (a bit easier to shoot well-longer sight radius, and an increase in capacity). It is still not a light gun, but it disappears in an MTAC. **I don't know if Kahr has made strides in the reliability of their polymer line. Maybe they have. If so, definitely worth considering.
  13. Do I think the government has some responsibility for policy that encourages keeping jobs on US soil? Sure. I'm pretty sure that most of the workers at the Nissan plant in Smyrna are American. We aren't flying folks in to do those jobs quite yet. If Tennessee was a union state, I doubt that plant would be in existence. In the current debacle we're discussing, trade unions are a much bigger contributor than outsourcing to other countries.
  14. If it is a job that someone with no formal education and English as a second language can do successfully from thousands of miles away, I'm not sure that the "high pay" was justified. As for doctors, I'm not familiar with any risk of outsourcing there. I'd imagine the costs of transport to India for head surgery would cut into any possible savings in labor. That is one of those "outsourcing proof" jobs. It basically comes down to the value of certain skills in the marketplace. However, I'm also a big fan of tariffs, reducing the incentive to bring in goods from foreign countries (a solution to the foreign car "problem"), and a similar effect can be had on labor through legislation.


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