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  1. tercel89


    Do any of you guys know a place that sells these Snagmags instead of having to buy them online ? Somewhere around middle tn ? Looks like a great idea but I'd like to try one out in person before I buy. Thanks for any information.
  2. tercel89

    Sig Sauer 2019 Catalog

    Holy Moses , I just looked at the catalog and their website, The prices are unreal !
  3. tercel89

    Sig Sauer 2019 Catalog

    Amen on the P6 / 225 and the old ford trucks especially with the old straight 6 .
  4. tercel89

    The New Glock 48 - Single Stack 10rd Glock 19-ish

    I may have said this in another topic but I'll say it again : After living through the "Clinton Assault weapon ban" in 1991-2004 , I may have one gun that only holds 10 rounds , but just one. If I can help it , most of my 9mm's will be the type that can accept larger mags like the G26 that can accept a Glock 33rd magazine. I don't wear a "tin Foil hat" but it sure seems like a lot of companies are going to slim single stack 10 rounds or less and not doing anything with the glock 26 types. I know people want thin and small but after being limited to only 10 rounds at the most from 1994 to 2004 , I'm gonna stick with my double stacks even if they are a bit thick. I still have my itty bitty small guns like my Ruger LCPII and such but my bread and butter are my G26 , G30 , and XD9SC . They are small but can accept it's full size brother's magazines.
  5. tercel89

    ZEV made a new kind of Glock

    LOL I didn't mean it towards you , just towards the company setting it so high. I like Glock and anything simple like them with very few parts but that dude is tooooo expensive ! . yeah I was just messing with ya !
  6. tercel89

    ZEV made a new kind of Glock

    I'd like to see the sub assembly taken apart to see how all the parts work together.
  7. EXACTLY ! Very well said and true . My son will be 21 in March and I gave him a Glock 17 for his 18th birthday but this could be his first purchase all on his own with his own money with him doing the paperwork if he is smart. He reads this forum so I wont say what I am getting him for his 21st birthday , LOL .
  8. At $299 this is the best and most reliable "trunk" or "truck" gun you can buy brand new. People talking about the Security 9 and the Taurus G2 but fitting the trunk gun category but I think the XD is more reliable than those others.
  9. Looks like S.A. is "reintroducing" the old Gen 1 XD series by selling them for $339 MSRP by deleting the extras and just having one magazine. They call it the Defender series. This may give the Ruger Security 9 folks some competition. Palmetto State Armory has them for sale for $299 now . Pretty neat I think. The XD platform is well tested and proven. I'd buy an XD any day over a brand new design like the Security 9 or any other new design that hasn't been proven yet.
  10. tercel89

    for-sale Tite Group pistol powder : 2 pounds $25

    Price lowered to $25 for BOTH bottles together. That's 2 lbs for $25 , seals never been broken nor opened.
  11. I have 2 1-pound bottles of Tite Group pistol powder. Made for reloading 9mm , 38 special , 357 mag , 40 S&W , 45acp , and 45 Colt. I never opened them and they are still sealed. I am selling both bottles together for $25 , I am in between the Clarksville and Ashland City area. Thanks for looking.
  12. tercel89

    Mossberg Announces the New MC1sc Subcompact 9mm Pistol

    I just some dude disassemble one on a video. Taking the striker assembly out just to field strip is a big negative in my opinion.
  13. tercel89

    Mossberg Announces the New MC1sc Subcompact 9mm Pistol

    I was just about to type that same thing. I'm afraid that this may be another RP9 flop. Look how bad the review was on Military Arms Channel . He had to send it back and get another one it was so bad.

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