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  1. G26 Gen 5 Glock

    Pros : very few parts , no finger grooves , Glock reliability , rust resistance , it uses its bigger brothers higher capacity mags ( 17,18, 19, and 34) Cons : just a little wider than other brands, and this is the first year of it having coil springs on the slide STOP and slide LOCK ( they have always used leaf style springs that were very reliable)
  2. Ruger Secuirty 9 and LCP II question

    Yep . I wont let the safety keep me from getting it. On my older Shield it had the manual safety. I only used it once just to see if it worked , then I never used it again.
  3. Ruger Secuirty 9 and LCP II question

    Oh I agree , I just don't see why people are not saying anything about the LCP II .
  4. Hello members , sorry to ramble on here as of lately , I have been making quite a few topics since I'm stuck home with my little one that is sick with the flu. Thank God she is getting better. Anyways , I hear a lot of people moaning over the Security 9's manual safety . I don't like it either since I am a long time Glock owner and I like things as simple as they can be. My question is this : Why do people complain about the Security 9 having a manual safety but they seem to be fine with the LCP II even though it does not have a manual safety ? I think they are almost the same and are both hammer fired . Again , I like guns with no manual safety but I never hear people complain about the LCP II not having one. Am I missing something ?
  5. Beretta retail shop in Gallatin ?

    It really is !!!!
  6. Beretta retail shop in Gallatin ?

    Well I just got a great deal on 3 brand new Beretta APX mags from TGO member TerminalLcpl88 . Great member . I didn't look into the gear classifieds here because there doesn't seem like too many people shoot the Beretta APX , but I searched last night and found his ad from a few months ago selling 3 mags. Worked out great
  7. for-sale Gear Bin Clean out

    Sent you a message
  8. for-sale Gear Bin Clean out

    Will you sell the APX mags separately , I mean sell just one instead of all 3 ?
  9. RIA 1911's now days ?

    I had the GI model in 45 and it ran great except one time the sear spring messed up and it would fire double taps with one push of the trigger. Scared the heck outta me the first time. I put in a new set of standard springs by Wolf and it ran great afterwards. So I was kinda wanting one again. Something not too expensive to mess with as I have decided to hold off on the Ruger Security 9 for a little and see what, if any, bugs crop up on them.
  10. Beretta retail shop in Gallatin ?

    Ok thanks. I always heard that you can do stuff like that with Glock at their place in Georgia so I was hoping it would be similar.
  11. Does anyone here know if Beretta in Gallatin Tennessee has an onsite retail shop ? I'm trying to buy some APX magazines and they are $33 and with the presidents day promo code it knocks them down to $24 but they want $9 for shipping. Just tying to save the extra $9 . My wife and I are always driving to the Nashville and surrounding areas every other week so if they do I could walk right in to save shipping. Anyone know ?
  12. for-sale Glock 19 Gen 2

    Good deal . That's when Glock had the tough Tenifer treatment that would not rust no matter what wear and tear you put on it.
  13. RIA 1911's now days ?

    Good to hear . Thanks guys . What brand magazines are you RIA owners using in 45 ?
  14. RIA 1911's now days ?

    I had a Rock Island Armory 1911 GI model a few years ago . It ran good. How are the newer ones running ? Still good or what ? I am specifically asking about the full size GI model in 45acp . I would ask over at 1911 forum but they get a little picky if a gun cost less than $1,000 LOL . Thanks for any information.
  15. Another shooting

    I say fry him and "don't wet the sponge"

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