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  1. Is it possible to reload .40S&W to where it's very lightly loaded and have it function in a Glock 22 ? The reason I ask is because I can take my Lonewolf conversion barrel that converts .40 to 9mm and put it in my Glock 22 (.40) and shoot 9mm. It functions just fine with ONLY putting the conversion barrel in. Even with the original recoil springs , extractors and all. So this makes me think that if I reload some .40S&W rounds to where they are lightly loaded like plinking rounds , that they would cycle the gun and run correctly. I hear and read about how the .40S&W cartridge is very high pressure and that they don't have much "wiggle room" . Well why wouldn't they cycle and function correctly in a Glock 22 if the same Glock 22 runs light loaded 9mm's with only adding a conversion barrel ? What are you guys thoughts ? I have only been reloading around 2 years or so , so I am still learning at this point. What you guys think ?
  2. outside pet electric blanket

    Thanks for the help guys. I found what I was looking for . Rural King had a hard plastic heating pad with heating elements built into the plastic platform. It fits right on the floor of his dog house and stays as warm . It has a cover that goes on it and I put additional bath towels on it too. The first 4 feet of the cord has a coil of metal around it to protect it from chewing dogs.
  3. outside pet electric blanket

    I have an inside dog and an outside dog. My outside dog is getting up there in age and I am trying to get opinions and ideas on an electric blanket or heat lamp. I think a blanket would be better cause I'd hate the light to fall down or break and set his house or straw on fire. Do you guys have a pet electric blanket and if so which one do you recommend ? In my town we have a Petco , PetSmart , Co-OP , Rural King , and a Tractor supply company TSC . I am sure those stores have one or the other but I am just trying to get good opinions and ideas.
  4. Beretta Cougar 8040?

    I had the Beretta Cougar in 9mm. I loved it . I did the decock only modification. No parts needed , you just take out a spring and plunger. Best mod I ever did . I just don't like the .40S&W cartridge.
  5. Is $399 a good deal for a new XD .45?

    Good gun , but the weird thing about them are that the grip safety must be engaged to retract the slide back. I noticed this when I had my XD9 . I was cleaning it and went to take it apart and had to grip the gun to take the slide off. It would not slide rearward without having the grip safety pushed inwards. I guess I'm spoiled by Glocks. The darn grip safety gets in my way of shooting it AND disassembling it. IF that thing was gone , I'd get another.
  6. APX now has "no finger grove" option

    I love the way mine is , the finger groves aren't very pronounced at all. The only thing I like and don't like are the same thing : Its the texture on the sides of the grip inserts. They keep your grip firm and have great traction for shooting but it kinda rubs me when I carry my APX under my shirt without a another shirt under it to provide a cushion. I may take some sandpaper and smooth it out. I have the Gray colored frame on mine and sill have the black colored frame. I may practice sanding the black frame. It may turn out great.
  7. Just saw that the Beretta APX now has a no finger grove option in their different colored frames. $50 just like the regular colored frames with the finger groves. I have the gray frame with the finger groves but it's nice to know that Beretta is offering this. I'll try to post a link. http://www.berettausa.com/en-us/beretta-grip-no-fingers-with-3-backstraps-for-apx/e02048/
  8. LE Duty Handguns in the State of TN

    Clarksville police switching from Glock 22 to the Gen 5 Glock 17 this month or the next . Was supposed to be in November but it got backed up.
  9. Is $399 a good deal for a new XD .45?

    Sounds good to me. Good guns but I couldn't always get the web of my hand to engage that grip safety.
  10. good cheap scope for squirrels ?

    Dime size groups at around 50 feet or so is what I'd like to get it at. I figure that's good enough to harvest some and teach my little girl too.
  11. good cheap scope for squirrels ?

    It is drilled and tapped and has the holes ready for a scope .
  12. I have my sons older Marlin 915Y single shot .22lr and I want to put a scope on it for squirrels. I want a reliable scope but nothing to break my bank account. The open sights just aren't getting me anywhere. My daughter is 10 now and I'm trying to teach her hunting and we are trying to shoot some tree rats. She and I love to eat them. Any help is appreciated.

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