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  1. jerky made the old way

    Just trying to do it more natural than my old dehydrator. But it'll do
  2. jerky made the old way

    Alton Brown is one of my wife's and me favorite food chefs. I'll watch that thread. I was just trying to make it a different way or the old way . I know that out west it's really dry and hot which would be great but in Tennessee we only have humid weather.
  3. jerky made the old way

    I got a bunch of deer meat and beef left in my freezer from last year. I have been real carefull not to eat it all up and now I have a huge supply and can enjoy it since hunting season is here. I always make jerky out of the shoulders and other tough cut of meat since I like it tough and chewy . I use a dehydrator but I was wondering if any of you guys cure it and dry it the old fashioned way by hanging it outdoors ? I make my own cure with salt and spices but I just would like to see if anyone dries it outdoors here in Tennessee . Would the regular salt and spiced be enough to fend off the bugs and flies while it dries ?
  4. Who still squirrel hunts?

    When I get around 3 or 4 I boil them in hot water with salt and seasoning. I then take them out and pick the meat off. Then I take a can of campbells cream of chicken soup. Mix it with some potatoes , and celery and carrots and lima beans and mix the meat up in this mix. Then put it all into a pie crust. The take another pit crust and put it over the mix of what you got and pinch it togather on the ends. and bake for around 30 minutes on 350 degrees. Then you got an awesome squirrel pot pit !
  5. Who still squirrel hunts?

    WOW that is neat !
  6. By way of introduction.....

    WOw that's crazy ! So did people get their pistols by going across state lines or by friends from other states ?
  7. By way of introduction.....

    WOW I didn't know that . When or what year were dealers allowed to sell handguns in Tennessee ?
  8. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    I don't watch balls games but this is pretty un-American of these players. When I heard of this yesterday, an old song by Merle Haggard came to mind. Like when he says " when you're running down our country , man , you're walking on the fighting side of me"
  9. Glock 46

    I liked the rotating barrels on my Beretta Cougars. The recoil seemed a bit softer than the 92. I used grease instead of oil on the barrel "lug" and the locking block. Worked great for me. The barrel staying horizontal , like the Beretta 92 , is very nice and aids in feeding ammo better than having to use a ramp. I'd like to see a complete detail strip down of this . It's got my interest for sure.
  10. Which gun manufacturers do you prefer?

    joined 2 hours ago and 1 post which is this .
  11. Yeah , I cant help it . It's just a quirk I have and I'm OCD. I love the old Ruger P-Series but they have the same thing to where you have to remove the rear sight for a complete slide disassembly. I used to have the same thing with roll pins but I am slowly getting over that , ha ha. I just like to have a gun that I can completely disassemble with no tools other than a nail , punch or something simple just like the Glock. Its just a quirk of mine and so far Glock fills that need. I still like these M&P's though.
  12. Man , these M&P's are a love/hate thing with me. I love the way they feel but I just hate the fact that you have to remove the rear sight to detail strip the slide. Glock has spoiled me I guess. But the M&P feels sssooooo nice. I know that function is always more important than fashion but the M&P's look great. Looking at the new Glock gen 5 and what has been done to it and this M&P , I'm gonna swallow my pride and say I'd rather buy the M&P .
  13. 16 years ago

    I was on night shift back then on patrol. I remember after Bush ordered no flights , I was on patrol out where there were no street lights. I got out of my car and looked up and it was so weird to not see any aircraft lights at all in the night sky. Also it was cool to see an Apache and a Kiowa both taking turns hovering over the gates of Ft. Campbell . I was eating at Arbys right near gate 4 and was watching them go back and forth. Those next days I brought extra ammo and extra guns to what I already carried. I thought for sure that Ft. Campbell would get hit but thank God it didn't. Our city is right there with Ft. Campbell.
  14. S&W SD 9mm VE, any one have one?

    Who in our area has them in their LEO priced line up ?
  15. Glock Gen5.

    I don't like this guy because he is annoying and his video of the Beretta APX disassembly was jus stupid and he made a big deal over nothing. But ,,,,,, I agree with him on this video of the Gen 5 Glock.

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