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  1. I only shoot and reload 45acp and 9mm , but at that price I'd be happy to start reloading 357sig or throw a 9mm conversion barrel in it.. Great deal !
  2. I think you are exactly correct ! I did a load of searching last night online looking at holsters and then went out to several paces today to check out holsters. I think I have settled on the DeSantis Superfly. I thought I wanted leather like I carried my Beretta Tomcat in but I think the leather is too fat and heavy.
  3. Got me a Ruger LCP II and it came with a Ruger pocket holster. The pocket holster is good but I cant seem to draw the gun without the holster coming out with the gun. I am wanting a good functional pocket holster for my front pocket. Leather would be nice. Back several years ago I had a Beretta Tomcat and I bought a leather pocket holster for it. I cant think of who made it. I believe it was a Tennessee guy. Any recommendations on pocket holsters ? Leather or nylon , any information is welcome. Here's my LCP II below .
  4. Still available plus I'll be further south today so that will make my travel distance a little better and flexible to meet any buyer.
  5. He had a lot going on and the trouble he had in changing the mag was understandable. Been there done that .
  6. Anyone here have a Security 9 with a high round count and usage ? I am just seeing how they are doing. Any problems ? How is function ? Any premature rust on them ? I was about to get one back the first of this year but held off in case there were any teething problems.
  7. tercel89

    A reliable semi-auto Taurus other than the PT92 ?

    Thanks guys. I didn't know that Taurus had anything reliable other than the PT92. Good to know now. I am not in the mood for buying one yet but I may go handle and dry fire one. The second strike capability sounds pretty neat. Thanks for the information guys .
  8. Earlier this evening I was riding around with my wife and little girl listening to Guns And Leather Radio Hour. My little girl got to talking loud and I only caught a little of they said , but they were saying that a certain Taurus semi-auto in 9mm would go bang every time you pulled the trigger. I don't think it was the larger Taurus shaped like the Beretta 92 , I think it was a smaller 9mm. They were talking to a caller who asked how the smaller 9mm guns were selling and the Taurus was mentioned. Anyone know which one they were talking about ?
  9. tercel89

    Springfield XD 5” 9mm for 379

    Hey , what are the lines at the end of the slide on the 5 inch ones ? They look like cast mold seams , but I know the slides are forged. I have always wondered about this .
  10. tercel89

    Glock chop (17 to 19)

    Look above at the picture of my old Glock 22 .I did that several years ago. It was the RTF abrasive grip so I also smoothed it out with sandpaper. I liked it. I also had a Lonewolf conversion barrel to shoot 9m with so it was pretty cool all the way around. I made it to the grip of a G26/G27. So it was a little smaller than what you are wanting but with time and a little effort you can do it yourself .
  11. tercel89

    Glock chop (17 to 19)

  12. tercel89

    Delton AR15 kit

    Thanks man . 30,000 rds is a long time so I guess it wont matter LOL .

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