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  1. This is my Beretta PX4 in .40 Compact with the rotating barrel . IT is the size of a Glock 19 and has 2 12rd magazines. It has had 200 rds through it and is like new. It also has Beretta's "stealth levers" which makes it a "decock-only" and the levers are very thin and don't get in the way. $380. I am in Clarksville but can travel to meet a well established TGO member up to 30 miles from my location. Thanks for looking.
  2. That's a great deal ! Thinner , better and more reliable than the Glock 36 . It's what the Glock 36 should have been.
  3. Happy Father's Day to all Daddy's , Grandaddy's, and Great Granddady's ! I've been a daddy for 27 years. My first born is now a History teacher and I'm proud of him ! He stayed out of trouble , went to college , and became what he wanted. Thanks to my awesome wife too for getting me something that I love but others may see it as childish . She said this will do until she can get me the "big one" , but this one has 921 pieces LOL. I'm a 51 year old nerd.
  4. I'm a PX4 shooter and carrier. Just look for a stock PX4 and remove the decoker/safety and the little "detent". Throw the "detent" away and put it back together and BOOM you have a decoker PX4 !
  5. All messages answered and still available.
  6. I am in Clarksville but can travel up to 30 miles in any direction.
  7. Void that question I asked above , I found it. I also sent you a message .
  8. The lead singer and founder of the band A Perfect Circle made the song "judith" about his mom. That song is awesome !
  9. I am 50 years old , grew up on 70's , 80s rock and now I listen to anything except RAP. I swear I don't like the new country , but I do like the older 50,60 ,70 and 80s country BUT I heard this song the other day. It's by Megan Maroney called I'm Not Pretty. Listen to it if you are my age. I will put this youtube link below. I'm not a musician but it sounds like older country music with a steel guitar in the section of 1:27 and at 2:16. Either a steel guitar or that table top thingy that was used on the Ralph Emory Show in the 80s that was played. When I heard those parts it made me like the song. It's a new "teeny bopper" country song but the music is like stuff from the 80's country. I kinda like it. here's the link


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