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  1. This is a complete slide assembly from a Ruger P89 in 9mm. It comes with the stainless steel slide , the barrel , recoil spring , and guide rod. It is all stainless steel and in like new shape. This is a "de-cock only" slide which allows you to de-cock the gun and let the hammer down and the de-cock lever will spring back up to be ready to shoot again. I'm getting rid of parts that I don't use or need. $95 . I am in Clarksville . I can ship it for $10 more. I don't use electronic money so I ask for a US Postal Money Order. Thanks for looking.
  2. No not it but I really appreciate you guys help. Keep em coming
  3. That's not it but that ladies voice sounds near the voice of the one I'm thinking of
  4. I am not google savvy but my wife is . She and I have googled random lyrics to a song I heard in 1995 over the speakers at store I worked at. It could have been an 80's or 90's song but not any older than 1995 because I heard it on the radio in 1995. My range of music is pretty much everything except rap music. This song was sung by a female , and the music seemed like it was "pop" or "pop rock" . It was almost like ABBA style music and even sounded a bit like them. But this was back in 1995 and so I'm sure my brain has distorted the sound and words by now. The lyrics were possibly "I see you in the sunlight" and another sentence went like "but this is just a dream". It was on the level and sound of music like the Bangles and ABBA. Back then we didnt have Internet or regular devices to "google" lyrics. Is there a website or internet tool that helps you look up random lyrics and such to find a song ? I have pulled up lots of songs over the years but can't find this particular one. Again , I have a huge range of music that I like and this may seem like a "girly" song but it was catchy and the girls voice was nice. Thanks in advance and sorry for a random goose chase.
  5. I'm reading this because I just had to call into work to use a sick day. I have a Gout flare up and can barely put any weight on my foot. I'm 51 years old and have worked hard and played hard. Like one of the members above said , it's the mileage and not the age for my situation. This flare up is my fault cause the last few weeks I've eaten and drank terribly. My knees and back are still usable but kinda worn from cutting and hauling wood half my life from us heating with a wood stove. Running and jogging has did a number on my joints too. I'm going to try to stay as healthy as I can while God allows me here on Earth. I guess the least I can do is to try to take care of the body he gave me. My downfall is food. I love cooking and eating so much. It sucks being "high mileage".


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