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  1. Its perfectly normal for a Glock to do that. At my job we had Gen 2, 3, and 4 glock 22. They all did it. Now we have Glock 17s Gen 5 and they do it too. Just depends on how hard you slam the magazine into it. Perfectly fine and nothing to worry about. If your supervisor or range guy isn't pushing you hard then just ease it into the gun until it locks in place. But most times we are being timed so I slam mine in place all the time and it goes forward automatically about 80% of the time.
  2. Make sure you rent a pistol with a red dot sight so you can try them out first. I personally don't like them. But if I were to get one I'd go with a pistol milled out from the factory. I'd stay away from aftermarket milling places. Stick with Factory and you cant go wrong.
  3. The Ruger LCR revolvers are nice but they are way over priced. I had 2 and my brother had some. For what I see how they are made , I think they should be priced very lower than they are priced. They work great but the frame is plastic and the other parts are steel. To me it's still too high in price for what you get.
  4. Is there anyone here that has an IWI Jericho in polymer ? I have been on the fence about getting one for a year . I am familiar with IWI as I have a steel Jercho and a few CZ's in steel and polymer. The one thing that has held me back from buying one has been that every Jericho in polymer that I have handled did not accept a magazine and lock it in place without being slammed up hard. All my CZ's and my steel Jericho can accept a magazine with ease and doesn't require a "slam" . Like I said , 3 different ones that I have handled required a firm and forceful slam up into the magwell. Not ju
  5. I tried Taurus one time,. Their simple no frills model 85. After one box it got out of time where the cylinder wasn't lining up with the barrel. The best revolver I ever had was the Ruger SP101. Always carried it hunting in case of 2 and 4 legged angry critters approached me.
  6. Now that is true and I forgot about the extra machining verses the polymer .
  7. I don't understand why revolver prices are as high if not higher than semi-autos . I am getting older and almost 50 but when I was younger revolvers were a lot cheaper than semi-autos. Just like diesel was to gasoline. From what I am seeing , the average price for a 38/357 snub nose is around $600. I don't know about you guys but that seems rather high. I'm talking regular , garden variety Ruger , S&W , and so on. Used prices are just as high. Am I missing something or is this normal ? A Ruger SP101 snub nose new is around $650 at a good well known shop I know. I just don't understand how
  8. Heres the rod in the extractor that acts as a LCI.
  9. Does the p09 have the regular style extractor or the one with the little rod in it that's used as a loaded chamber indicator?
  10. Pretty neat. Jeff lived 25 minutes from me and was an awesome dude. he always made neat reviews and videos on guns. If they were crap guns , he'd let you know. The serial numbers will have his initials and the grips will have his face in it with his famous beard. I thought I'd share this article. Enjoy. https://www.ammoland.com/2021/02/ruger-introduces-the-exclusive-jeff-quinn-memorial-gp100-revolver/#axzz6mkvDRup1
  11. Check this out : from left to right is Glock 17 Gen 5 , Beretta 92FS , CZ75 , and Ruger P89. See how beefier the others are compared to Glock ? I'm just a nerd with OCD but I think it's very interesting and wonder why Glock doesn't reinforce that area .
  12. The Beretta/Stoeger Cougar is just as thin as Glocks. I like the Cougar VERY much, but the ring at the end is very thin too. It's weird to me these slides are very thick and sturdy yet the one part that needs to be beefed up , that is responsible for the whole assembly to recoil forwards and backwards , is so thin and frail. Now like I said , I am one of he biggest Glock fans there is , I am just stating my opinion and some facts.
  13. I have always thought that the small extension of the slide that captures the guide rod and spring was Glock's weak spot. It's thin and fragile. I have seen them break and bend from accidental drops onto concrete floors and such. I was watching Hickok45 the other day and he was shooting a G18 and it's slide broke in the same location . Now they are strong but they are very thin compared to my CZ , S&W M&P , Beretta 92FS , S.A. XD9 and a few other are way more beefier and have more steel there in that area. Now the Glock 34,35,17L ,24 , and 48 are beefier in that spot , but the major


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