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  1. ** Sale pending ** Springfield Armory Range Officer Operator 9mm 1911 #P19130L. This is a sweet soft shooting pistol. I haven't had this thing out in so long it would be better off getting some love and attention from someone else. Comes with all the goodies and 4 mags as pictured. Buyer must be able to legally purchase a handgun in the state of tennessee. I will need to see some quick proof that you are a Tennessee resident. HCP preferred. $800 Spring Hill 37174 Not interested in trades.
  2. Brand new ODG SBA3 brace. These are somewhat hard to find. Doesn’t include the buffer tube. $90 shipped or pickup in Chattanooga. Brand new BCM Gunfighter MOD4B. This was put in an upper but never fired, there’s one or two pin sized scuffs. $35 shipped or pickup in Chattanooga. FDE Hogue picatinny rail covers. I’ll throw these in for $8 if you buy one of the other items.
  3. SOLD ... pending ... Shot very little, Hogue G-10 grip panels with integral magwell and mainspring housing, ambidextrous thumb safety, Wilson trigger, original parts and box, 3 7 round magazines, first $600 CASH Adding a photo of the box with the original parts that were replaced; guide rod, recoil spring, trigger, grip safety, slide catch, thumb safety, magazine release, magazine well and grip panels. It was setup for IDPA Concealed Carry division. But then WuFlu came along and I didn't shoot IDPA last year. Now my back has stopped me from shooting "run and gun" sports so I'm selling those guns off to buy benchrest rifles and all the paraphernalia that goes with them. Trigger has been reset to 4.5 lbs for carry so will need the three leaf spring retuned if you want to shoot it in competition. Good little carry gun. Doesn't kick as hard as I expected it too. It's all steel so it's not light. But a nice size for an inside the belt holster.
  4. In cleaning out the ammo bin I discovered these boxes of shells for a 16-ga. double I sold almost 10 years ago. So I guess I don't need them any more. I have 11 boxes of Remington and Winchester game loads as seen here in the photo. I want $110 for the whole lot, which looks to me to be far below what they're going for now. But if this is too high, let me know -- I'm not trying to gouge; just get these into the hands of someone who will use them. FTF deal in the Nashville area. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  5. Picture says it all. $45.00 plus the ride if no FTF. Unopened bag. Knoxville
  6. Trade Pending - Trade for factory .38 special ammo 200 rounds total. Remington UMC 158gr semi-wadcutter x 100 Monarch 158gr semi-jacketed hollow point x 50 Federal American Eagle 158gr High Velocity jacketed soft point x 50 I would prefer to trade but would sell for $200. Using Ammoseek, the cheapest I see available is over $1.50 per round! FTF meet between Hermitage and Lebanon
  7. Selling a pristine CZ Shadow 2 9mm in urban gray. Comes w 2x17 round mags and nylon case. $1100 Cross Plains /Springfield area. HCP flash required. Trade for Benelli tactical 12g
  8. Sold. 1. Browning 1919A4 MG in 7.62mm. Israel bring back. Built by Ramo. Fully transferable. Accessories: Tripod Thousands of links. NOS spare barrel $15,000 ALL NFA RULES APPLY 2. 1928 Colt water cooled MG. Has Remington internals. Side plate gun. Fully transferable Accessories: Colt M35 tripod Cloth belts, maybe 40 each with son new Rare cloth belt reloading machine in box Spare barrels Flash hiders Spare parts, tools, manuals, original side plate (cut) $15,000 ALL NFA RULES APPLY
  9. I weighed this out. It's no less than 2800 rounds. 3 headstamps CBC, PMC and Winchester Ammo cans included Fairview $1
  10. Up for sale is a gorgeous Smith & Wesson 12-2 Airweight revolver. This little gem hails from 1974....a scant 47 years ago. Wish I looked this good at 47:) The original stocks are numbered to the gun. It’s been shot maybe 100 rounds. The previous owner hadn’t shot it in at least the last 20 years. This has the pinned barrel which was discontinued several years later. Shoots the ever popular 38 Special round. Wonderful case coloring on both the trigger and the hammer. Available in Middle Tennessee for meet, or you are welcome to come to my office (I own the building and it’s 2A friendly) in Brentwood. I do travel to Smithville on a regular basis. 600 obo. Thanks Rick
  11. ETA: I haven't been here long and don't post a whole lot, but Eastern Tennessee is now my home. When a neighbor needs help, I do my best. The ammo being sold below is because I have some fiscal issues. Mine are short-term, @grasshoppahas more pressing needs. So 25% of the proceeds of this and my other ammo sales will go to him. PayPal, Venmo, visa gift card at his discretion. Mods, if this is inappropriate please adjust my post accordingly. Prvi Partizan, 500 round case. I can't find comparisons except: https://www.laxammo.com/prvi-partizan-45-auto-185-gr-jhp-500-rounds-detail at $1.00/round so I'll sell mine at 70¢/round. Find a more accurate IN-STOCK price and I'm happy to adjust Pic taken atop my safe in my climate controlled basement. Buyer comes to me in Jefferson City, I'm 7 minutes from I40 exit 417.
  12. ETA: I haven't been here long and don't post a whole lot, but Eastern Tennessee is now my home. When a neighbor needs help, I do my best. The ammo being sold below is because I have some fiscal issues. Mine are short-term, @grasshoppahas more pressing needs. So 25% of the proceeds of this and my other ammo sales will go to him. PayPal, Venmo, visa gift card at his discretion. Mods, if this is inappropriate please adjust my post accordingly. D on't really want to separate, too much hassle... $125 for the lot. Picked it up a while ago, have no gun for it. Don't plan to get one. No idea what it's worth but I'll figure it out if somebody wants it. Not gonna over-charge, not gonna get taken advantage of. Fair is fair. Anyway... All boxes full, Remington BB shot is light 7 rounds. Cash is king, but will trade for ammo, nothing special but willing to talk. Usual calibers... Maybe towards an upper, length doesn't matter. Decent holo sight for an AR. Snub Ruger 38 or 357 for the truck box. ETA: Ammo I'd like: 357, have plenty of 38. 44 spcl or mag. Buffalo Bore hardcast in either caliber.
  13. 8 Glock model 22 mags $80 local Shipping at buys cost Selling all of them @ once
  14. Looking to trade my Super Redhawk Alaskan in 454 Casull/45 Colt for a S&W 29 with a 4" or 6" barrel. I don't think I have a box for this, will have to check. Whatcha got?
  15. Here is a lightly used dedicated .22LR AR15. It started life as a Chiappa M4-22 but the polymer upper was changed to standard forged upper, Matrix 10" handguards, linear comp, RTB enhanced trigger, Magpul grip, UTG Pro lightweight stock, on a Delaware Machine forged lower. Barrel is Chiappas dedicated CHF .22 barrel. I did upgrade the Chiappa bolt with their latest gen bolt. It's had about 600 rnds through it with no problems. Comes with one mag. $SPM Nashville area.
  16. Model 11 action in a model 16 stock. Round count is under 100. I'm the original owner & have owned this rifle since new. 5lb 14oz total weight. I built this specifically as an ultralight mountain rifle. Stock has been shortened to a 12.5" LOP so it fit me in heavy, winter clothing. Eye relief is still fine for me in a t-shirt though. EGW aluminum rail, shaved to fit the Leupold VX2 UL 2-7x28 scope. Painted stock, but i'll blow my own trumpet by saying that it's very well done. Loves 150gn accubonds & 130TTSXs over hefty loads of CFE223 (load data can be supplied, if required) This has been my backpack hunting, elk gun, but i'm honestly incapable of that these days (too damn fat.....) & i have other light rifles if I ever have the need. I lightened this to the point that it's honestly unpleasant to shoot off a bench. I don't want to part with it & frankly, if I don't get my asking price it can stay here. I realize that this is a kinda specialist gun & don't be ideal for most folk. It's been customized & chopped about but looking around at used values for the bare rifle & the increased value of the suddenly, highly desirable scope since leupold discontinued the UL series (I've been offered $300 for it by 3 different people) I believe I've priced it fairly. $800 rock solid firm. Package deal only, no splits.
  17. Anyone have any decent hard O/U shotgun cases taking up space they would like to move on? Something similar to this: https://www.browning.com/content/browning/en/products/gun-cases/fitted-gun-cases/traditional-over-under-classic-brown-30-inch.html Cheers!
  18. After the thread about how you catalog your guns I decided to update my list. While going through the safe I found a shotgun I totally forgot I had. It is brand new and has not been shot. I took it out of its hard case and put it together. It has 26" barrels and comes with 3 chokes and a choke wrench. It shoulders well but I just don't want to get into 20ga. $1,000 I am open to trades. I never know what I want till I see it.
  19. Selling off a few knives from my collection to cover some bills. This is for an Emerson Rangemaster Sheepdog Bowie. It’s a flipper style with a 3.5” plainedge blade. Blade material is CM154 and the handles are G10. The action is super smooth and feels like it’s on ball bearings. It’s been carried and sharpened but it’s in excellent condition. I take very good care of my knives. Can provide additional pics on request. Looking for $SOLD PayPal or Venmo. Can meet locally in Franklin area or ship.
  20. Selling off some knives to cover some bills. This is for a Hogue X5 Spearpoint Flipper with a 3.5” CM154 tumbled stainless blade. The body is black aluminum. This knife has never been carried or sharpened, still has the factory edge. The flipper action is very smooth and the build quality is outstanding. Looking for $110 cash, PayPal or Venmo. Can meet locally in Franklin or ship. SOLD
  21. Recently got this in trade from another TGO member. Great gun that needs no introduction. This one was made in West Germany, all proof marks intact and matching. Date code puts it at 1990 for manufacture. Wear is consistent with a 30 year old gun that’s been carried and shot from time to time. Has holster wear consistent with leather, no rust or pitting. Has original night sights (long dead, but work as 3 dot) comes with 1 original mag, and one modern stainless factory mag. No box but will come with a Blackhawk soft case. I’ve owned numerous Sig’s and the build quality on the west German ones are excellent. Slide to frame fit is still super tight, no rattles. I’ll post some more detailed pics when I get a chance. Only trading because I’m trying to fill some other gaps in the collection. Cash Price: $650 OBRO SOLD trade Interests: G21 Gen4 NS, G19x, G45, Tikka T3 in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor, Mossberg 590A1 etc open to reasonable offers FTF in Spring Hill/Franklin area. Other party must have a valid HCP
  22. Selling a Boker Kwaiken flipper with a brass and micarta body/handle and a 3.5” stonewashed VG-10 plainedge blade. This has been lightly carried a few times but the blade has never been used and still has the factory edge. Flipper action is very smooth and the build quality is excellent. looking for $80 cash, Venmo or PayPal. Can meet locally in Franklin or ship. SOLD!
  23. I have an unused CAA MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) for the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 in Tungsten Gray. I bought it and then discovered that it does not fit my 4” 2.0 Compacts. It does fit both the 4.25” full size and the 3.6” Compacts in 9&.40. Link to manufacturer page for full description. The box does show some wear because it spent 6 months hanging out in a cubby in my truck, but the unit itself is NIB. $200 TYD.


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