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  1. Not a New Member, but just wanting to let everyone know I'm lurking here again
  2. Give me a shout if any of the sponsors here cant help you. I have been a Glock Armorer for almost 15 years!
  3. Sorry Robert! I thought the gun crowd might want to know if it was him somewhere else.
  4. Lots of similarities.... Could this be Kwik in another state or an idiot copy cat?
  5. Interesting thread, I tried the links but they all went to some Harry Potter site. Reason I was looking is I think Kwik may be up to his old tricks again. Check out this link and see if you guys think this is Kwik? http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/82615141/ I'm pretty sure he's moved from Tn. Good riddence IMHO. He's done more harm to the 2nd amendment here in Tn than any one person could.
  6. Even though he's the "competition"... and if you want a Handgun Carry Permit come see me.... Jeff's a great guy, a decent fisherman, and a friend of mine. Although he's a relatively new Handgun Permit Instructor, he has all his fingers and toes still attached.... if you know what I mean. He does an excellent job with his training and Instruction and goes out of his way to make his students comfortable with the transferable knowledge at hand. Right now he's in Texas getting his K-9 training. We refer the student that take our Handgun Permit Course and want that little extra training to Jeff. Its a great next step before going to something like gunsite, PRI, or a more advanced class.
  7. Btw... they ask for serial numbers back in 94-95 as well. Thats was back before the State actually took it over. I remember we had to keep that stuff on file and in some cases confirm it with the students CLEO before they would issue the permit. Sooo glad those days are over!!!
  8. Lol... glad someone else pulled that pic out. For a while i didnt think you guys believed me!
  9. Lol... I heard about this first thing Sunday morning. I got a text in Church from a higher up at MPD and almost lost it with the giggles. Sorry, but you just don't understand how many years of Buford stories I have heard and witnessed first hand. Dudes done some crazy and unsafe stuff.This one actually doesn't even get a prize as the most surprising. You should see his MPD file, lol. Yall should really have been around back in the day when he let his students dry fire on the range and he would instruct/observe the student from in front of the gun thats being dry fired. Yes... he would stand in front and look down the barrel at the student while that were dry firing right at his head. I figured it was only a matter of time until he capped himself or someone else in class. I decided to wait a bit to chime in on his latest folly. Ok... here what all this boils down too. If your around firearms long enough eventually you are going to have an AD (Accidental Discharge). That being said, what separates the incompetent morons from safe gun handlers is practicing gun safety rules when your "Rut Row" happens. If he had been pointing the firearm in a safe direction he wouldn't have shot himself. IMHO this boils down to complete INCOMPETENCE as a FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR. Either he cant clear a handgun properly or he cant follow safe gun handling practices... or both. Its really simple as that. Its on him and no one else!!! I call complete Bull**** on the "gun went off while I was racking he slide into battery" or whatever lame excuse he used. One things for sure in my mind HE PULLED THE FREAKING TRIGGER. Wonder what his students saw? You noticed he blamed everything and everyone but his incompetence. Either Him or his staff should have checked all guns prior to them being let into the class. Any knowledgeable instructor or staff knows that novices are just that... novices.. they are "untrained"... They don't have firearms knowledge. You never take their word for anything involving safety, you ALWAYS make sure yourself. Now all that being said, if Buford's claim has any merit at all we will all see him involved in a lawsuit against Smith and Wesson/Walther very soon and it will be all over the news. I can almost guarantee that wont be the case. In short I'm glad no one else got hurt. I cant fathom having to deal with anything like that. Sorry if I offend anyone for simply telling it like it is. I hate it happened, but I dont feel sorry for him because its been a long time coming. I have sat back for 17 years and listened to Buford bad mouth everyone else that he deemed a threat in our industry. Whats amazing is him and his students have about the worst track record I have ever seen with accidents. Id like to know the statistics of his students involvement with law enforcement, self defense shootings, and being shot themselves. With all that happened to him he's never took the time to check out himself in the mirror and be humble. I was told he had just gotten his state instructor certification back from the state where he had lost it. I wonder if this will be the icing on the cake with them. It appears nothing has changed and time will tell.
  10. those prices aren't anything special, and we can beat them if given the chance. That being said they are out of their Ruger LC9's and the Glocks are RTF's... which cant be given away. Anyway give us a shot before going to a big box store. We beat any local competitors pricing and guarantee and warranty everything we sell. Anyone wanting a glock, we sell the Gen 3's for $550 out the door, the Gen 4's for $575 out the door. And used Glock 3rd Gens with night sights and 3 mags for $425 out the door.
  11. Honestly dude you should have taken the gun back to the dealer you bought it from a long time ago. They should be taking care of this issue for you. If their Glock Armorer cant correct it then they should send the gun back to glock for you. This shouldnt be a problem for any reputable dealer. I would have done this before I sent an email to the CEO. If you havent done this, then his hands are tied.
  12. Honestly, and I dont want to rain on some of the posters that have contributed to this discussion... but the TVA thing has NOTHING to do with it. You can carry on a lake or waterway here in Tennessee. We address this to death on this thread a few years ago, and I proved the point. http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/handgun-carry-self-defense/8209-carry-tva-lake.html Its a long thread, with lots to sift thru but worth the read if you really want to know the truth. Being an Instructor for the State and being an avid fisherman I address this back in the late 90's. It took about 7 years to finally get everyone on the State and Federal level on the same page. Heres a letter from the Tn Dept. of Safety mentioning a letter from the then TWRA Director addressing my question in 2004 after getting clearence from their legal Dept. and the powers above them. Please feel free to copy and print this and keep it in your boat, this way if your polite and you show it to whomever might stop you... most likely TWRA. I dont see how they couldnt agree that your good to go, if they disagree they still should let you go since there isnt any criminal intent is no "criminal" intent involved. How much better can you get it as to have a letter from the guys boss that pulls you over saying your in complete complience with the law. The USACE relinguishes their law enforcment powers on all lakes and rivers to the U.S. Coast Guard whom then empowers the State Law Enforcement Agencies. The USCG follows each States laws concerning firearms on vessals. So no matter which one stops you, your good to go. This letter should also be good to go on any boat ramp with a USACE easment to the water, includeing one in a city or municipal park that wont allow carry with a permit.
  13. the thing is the cost of a ID in Tennessee. Make the ID free and theres no problem.


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