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  1. Right now, I have a beautiful field of white clover blossoms. This is the best ever, probably because of all the rain. I really like this look and I'd like to let it go to seed to get another good crop next spring. It's been about one week since I last mowed. Should I let the clover keep growing or can I just go ahead and mow now? I can probably wait another week before mowing, but not much longer than that.
  2. jgradyc

    ad closed WTB: MacBook Pro

    A buddy of mine suggested that I buy a used MacBook... I think he said the 2015 model, but not sure... and replace the hard drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD). A SSD drive makes a huge difference on a PC and they're cheap if you stay at 128GB or so.
  3. Nashville is growing faster than most other cities, so it has a more diverse culture. People here go to church, but they're not Bible Thumpers, like in SC where I grew up. There is a huge amount of nightlife, professional sports teams (football, hockey, minor league baseball and now soccer). Traffic is bad, but a lot depends on your daily commute route. I don't see any major gun control measures being passed by Tennessee. Nashville might do something, but the liberals just got smacked big time by the 65/35 vote against the bloated mass transit measure. I just don't see Nashville becoming Chicago or Tennessee becoming Illinois.
  4. jgradyc


    I'm not familiar with this gun, but I put MARK II FVT into their search engine and found that KyGunCo has this gun on their website for $386. They are in Bardstown, KY. Rural King could probably order it for you as well, if you have a Rural King nearby. I've bought several times through GB, but I've only bought from dealers with a track record.
  5. jgradyc

    The niche I wish manufacturers would find

    I'll just mention that if you don't mind a holster in Kydex outside and leather on the body side, you can make your own holster and put any cant on the weapon or any belt clips you like. I like the Ulticlip, but I have some holsters with regular IWB clips. I've also made holsters with slots in the leather. I've used gun leather, but I don't like it.. too stiff and thick. I buy a bag of scraps at Hobby Lobby and use a thinner leather so it's more comfortable from day one. Kydex is easy to mold, especially if you start with the thin Kydex. As an added bonus, with thin leather and thin Kydex, the holster is a lot thinner than my commercial holsters. My DIY rigs aren't going to win any beauty contests, but after buying a drawer full of holsters, I prefer function and comfort over cosmetics. As an aside, I've never understood why someone who would carry concealed would care what their holster looked like. Once every few years, I might unholster my weapon to show it to a fellow HCPer, but in 18 years of EDC, I've never unholstered my holster to show it to anyone!
  6. jgradyc

    The niche I wish manufacturers would find

    If you give the P938 to your wife, have the slide cerakoted in satin, the frame in Tiffany blue, and a white-ish grip. I've seen handguns like this. They are works of art.
  7. jgradyc

    The niche I wish manufacturers would find

    Have you considered the Sig P938? You can get walnut (cherry, maple, cocobolo, etc) grips for it on eBay for about $25. I have two sets for my P938. It's 18 ounces. You can have it cerakoted in any finish you like.
  8. I'm okay with the picture. I'd be okay if 150,000,000 more people posted similar pictures.
  9. jgradyc

    Shooting Coyotes

    Are you close to Edwin Warner Park? I've seen coyotes there and they aren't as afraid of humans as the ones out where I live in the country. I doubt if one or a pack of two would attack you. Still, you were there and can assess what you saw better than me. Yelling and waving the largest stick you can find is usually enough to deter the largest dogs. It should work with a 30-pound coyote. I haven't seen any bigger than that where I live near Beaman Park (Joelton area).
  10. jgradyc

    What a Shooter

    You guys should just make your own holsters. A combination of leather on the body side and Kydex for the molded part to hold the weapon is really easy to make. Once you learn to make the mold, you can do all sorts of things with the leather. I have some with slits for a belt and some with clips for IWB carry. You can adjust the retention tightness with Chicago screws. I prefer to be able to hold the holster upside down and shake it without the (unloaded) weapon coming out, but that's just a preference on my part. EDITED: Let me add that I'm a really skinny guy, so finding a comfortable holster has always been difficult for me. Years ago, I gave up looking and started molding my own. Granted, my holsters aren't works of art, but again, that's a personal preference. I don't care much about cosmetics. EDITED AGAIN: Another approach is to take a leather holster that doesn't fit but comes close to fitting, soak it in warm water, wrap your weapon in Saran Wrap, put it in the holster and squeeze the holster around the gun to form it to the weapon. Let it dry and you're good to go.
  11. jgradyc

    Vanderbilt University carry

    I'm on Vandy campus a lot. I just lock my EDC in the glove box. As far as I know, Vanderbilt campus is a very safe area. It's hard to drive through any of the parking areas without seeing a Vandy Security car.
  12. jgradyc

    Remington Files For Bankruptcy

    I seriously thought about buying a.. what was it... RP9?... back in December for $196 after $100 rebate, but I decided those rebates might never arrive. I guess I was right.
  13. jgradyc

    On 'Code-speak'

    I think our best approach is to engage those who have not made up their minds. I recently self-published a book on running. In it, I wrote a true and scary story about a woman who was followed late at night from the gym. Here's what I wrote: In my mind, the best approach isn't to confront the anti-gun activists. Their minds are made up. I think if we can get that 1 in 10 HCP number up to 1 in 3, we will win.
  14. Last night I was tired and chose the wrong word "hypocrite" when I should have said inconsistent. Let me reword my post as follows. If we believe that law-abiding, HCP holders should be allowed to carry in school zones, then it is inconsistent to argue that teachers should not be allowed to carry in school zones. Those who argue that teachers should not be allowed to carry are using the same argument that anti-gun protesters are saying about allowing HCP permits to carry in restaurants. Anti-gunners say that allowing HCPers to go everywhere will turn restaurants, public events, etc into wild west shootouts and people will be shooting themselves. Amazingly, some pro-gun advocates are using the same argument against allowing teachers to go armed. We need to be consistent.
  15. This is why the pro-gun movement is doomed. We cannot even agree to allow teachers to voluntarily carry guns, for Chrissake! We should all get behind allowing teachers to be armed. Period. I cannot believe that so many pro-gun advocates are SCARED TO DEATH OF SOMEONE ELSE CARRYING A GUN! Sure, it's okay if you carry a gun in a school.... it's your right, but you don't want teachers to carry in schools. Don't you see the hypocrisy in that position?

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