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  1. Like brand new. This one has the tip-up barrel with gold accents and rosewood grips. It's had one magazine through it and then it was put in storage. Trigger pull is smooth. It's time to find it a new home. $210 or best offer. Must be a resident of Tennessee, can legally buy a firearm, and be a TGO member. Bill of sale required. I'm in Nashville.
  2. jgradyc

    Question about selling at a gun show:

    You have to do a background check if you buy from a private seller in a gun show now, right? I thought that was a law passed about... what?... three years ago?
  3. jgradyc

    Question about selling at a gun show:

    I've bought and sold at gun shows (prior to the new law) and bought and sold here on TGO. I prefer to go through TGO. I think you generally meet a higher caliber and more trustworthy person on TGO. All the people I've met have been great. I'd suggest you get a benefactor account and list the firearms here. Your ad should state your requirements, a photo, and a price. Requirements might be... "must be TN resident and can legally buy a firearm. Must sign bill of sale." You can look at other ads and figure out how to word this... I'm just going from memory. Personally, I would not buy from a newcomer nor would I sell to a newcomer with no history on this board. Absolutely no offense meant and I'd consider an exception in a case like yours, but that's my rule of thumb.
  4. jgradyc

    Dick's feels the pain

    Dick's is too expensive. Here in Nashville, we have lots of other choices where we can buy goods at discounts: Academy Sports and the various sports outlets at Opry Mills. I walk through Dick's a couple of times a year. I shake my head and leave.
  5. jgradyc

    holster for an ostimate

    Yeah, me too. I keep the Brave Response holster in my glove box (locked) because I often go to the gym wearing sweatpants or workout shorts without a belt. I can put the Brave Response holster on inside the sweatpants. One really great benefit is that you can move it around for sitting in a car or in a chair. That's hard to do with a holster on a belt. The BR holster is a LOT cooler to wear than traditional belly bands because the strap isn't as thick so you don't sweat as much. The downside of the BR holster are: It claims to fit everything, but it won't fit tiny LCP guns. They get lost in the holster and are hard to get out. Over time, the velcro and elastic get weaker. Still, it should last a year or two. It has a magazine pouch built into the same side as the holster. It has gotten really ripped by purists for this reason because they claim a mag pouch should only be on the opposite side.
  6. jgradyc

    holster for an ostimate

    You should look into the Brave Response holster. It's like a belly band, but the strap is only 3" wide. I have it for my Taurus 709. I can't say whether it would work for a Glock 19.
  7. jgradyc

    Painting Pistol Grips

    https://www.amazon.com/VViViD-Gunmetal-Carbon-Release-Technology/dp/B00L9J65CS/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1535680243&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=carbon+fiber+vinyl+wrap&psc=1 Here's a link to the carbon fiber vinyl tape.
  8. jgradyc

    Painting Pistol Grips

    I've often thought about buying a Hi Point just so I could customize it. For grips, here's a wild idea. Apply some Real Tree vinyl wrap or camotape or carbon fiber vinyl wrap. I did this for fun on the slide and grips of a handgun. It's not permanent so you can peel it off without leaving a residue. You'd probably want to apply it and get it to fit all the cracks and seams with a heat gun.
  9. Wow. I read the proposed new laws. I couldn't believe that California has such lax HCP requirements to start with! Requiring an 8-hour training class and live fire proficiency test seems reasonable to me to get an HCP. That's about what I did to get my TN HCP.
  10. DaveTN, NiteCore and Xtar are good brands. Either charger should be fine. Panasonic is a good brand for 18650 rechargeable batteries. You can visit BudgetLightForum.com and find reviews and recommendations for different brands. Cap top batteries have an overcharge protection circuit in the cap. Flat top batteries are unprotected. The protection is to prevent the battery from being overcharged. You do want a good charger. If the charger fails AND the battery is unprotected, it's possible for Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries to overcharge to the point that they explode. If you have an old laptop, you can remove the battery pack and open it up. It will contain either 4 or 6 18650 unprotected flattop batteries. They will be soldered together... just pull them apart. They don't seem to last as long as my brand name batteries, but since I have a dozen or so 18650 batteries, that doesn't matter to me.
  11. I came back to this thread and saw that my link about milk jug holsters didn't work. In case others are interested, I'll try posting it again. If any TGOers are concerned about the holster coming out with the gun, this is the way to go. You can keep increasing the size of the hook (the part that extends out from the below the tip of the barrel) until it is almost impossible to remove the gun and the holster at the same time. Oh, I go for functionality, not appearance, in my holsters. It's not like I'm going to frame the holster and mount it on the wall. The duct tape holsters look bad, I agree, but the gaffers tape looks like regular pocket holster material at first glance. https://www.thektog.org/threads/milk-jug-pocket-holsters.256713/#post-2246921
  12. jgradyc

    Firearms burnout

    I think it's just the deluge of smaller EDC firearms have left some of us a bit jaded. Twenty years ago if you wanted a small EDC, you had only a couple of choices... the KelTec P11 in 9mm and the KelTec P-32 in 32 auto. Since then, every manufacturer has started making smaller, single stack, easily concealable firearms. It was exciting for a while, but now I'm a bit burned out, too.
  13. You can make your own pocket holster using a gallon water jug (or milk jug) and gaffers tape (duct tape). I posted how to do it a few years ago on TGO. You can adjust the depth for pocket depth and the hook to make sure it doesn't come out of your pocket. I haven't made a new one in years, but it's easy to do. Edited: Here you go from 2015... I make my own pocket holsters using a one gallon water jug and gaffers tape. Here is a link to the process. http://www.thektog.org/forum/f87/milk-jug-pocket-holsters-256713/ The advantages of this for a pocket holster are... 1. They are super thin. If you want to hide something in your front pocket, the holster needs to be as thin as possible. 2. You can contour the holster to fit against your leg and to fit how you want it to fit in your pocket. I have some holsters that are longer so the gun presents higher in a really deep pocket. That is, the bottom inch or two is just pocket filler to raise the tiny gun higher in the pocket. 3. You can shape the "hook" so it becomes almost impossible for the holster to come out when you draw. I see this as a huge plus. I have to unholster the gun to remove the holster, but it can be pocketed with the weapon with no problem. 4. It's cheap... a roll of gaffers tape is $12 and the water jug is free or only a dollar if you don't have one available. You can use duct tape, but it looks awful, as you can see in the pictures in the above link. Gaffers tape doesn't leave a visible tape residue. Here's a pic from the above link showing a tiny KelTec P3-AT in a DeSantis and a Glock 26 in a milk jug holster. They are almost the same width! The P3-AT in the DeSantis holster is 1 3/16" wide... actually it's even wider until the sides are compressed in your pocket. The gun in the milk jug holster on the right is 1 5/16" wide, a barely noticeable difference in the pocket, but it's a Glock 26! Edited October 14, 2015 by jgradyc
  14. I'm looking to create a website for rental properties for a retired friend. Another friend has a rental property website that's nearly ideal. All I'd need to do is change the banners and text. Maybe change the look a little. His website is only 3 pages long, plus another page for each property. These property pages are identical in layout except for the photos and text. What's the easy/best way to do this? (I've never built a website, but I"m computer savvy and understand the basics of HTML. ) Can I do it? Should I hire someone on Fivver to do it?

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