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  1. Rounds increased to 600 and price lowered to $50.
  2. I got this in a trade, but I don't need it. $60 EDITED: $50 and I will throw in another 100 rounds of Gemtech Silencer Subsonic 22LR. Updated numbers are below Gemtech Silencer Subsonic 22LR: 200 rounds Schonebeck/Elbe High Velocity 22LR: 250 rounds Winchester 22LR Pest control: 50 rounds CCI Target 22 Short: 100 rounds Total: 500 rounds 600 rounds I did a quick search and it looks like this would sell for about $80+tax. $90+tax. Anyone interested at $60? $50? PM me with an offer. Nashville Vanderbilt/West Meade/Joelton areas are easy for me to get to frequently.
  3. I spoke with a TGO member who said the top leak was just a valve cover gasket and the bottom leak might just be an oil pump overflow from sitting and then topping off the oil before riding, which the guy who fixed the carb did. Another guy said it might be a $20 seal that would cost $300-$500 in labor to repair. Anyway, just an update... Oh, I also learned that this bike is also called a Gilroy Harley. They were manufactured from 1999 to 2003 and are apparently some sort of collectors item, but their sale price is all over the place.
  4. Shhh! I just talked her into selling the darn thing! She'll want to raise the price... This bike is like the treadmill that gets turned into a coat rack because it's never used. It's just taking up space.
  5. 2001 Indian Scout. Always garaged. 7,020 miles. I'm helping a widow sell this bike. It's been sitting for a couple of years. She hired a guy to put on a new S&S carb and some fuel lines. It seems to run fine, but I haven't taken it on the road yet. Truth be told, at age 72 and 128lbs, it's too much bike for me. It needs a good cleaning and it has two oil leaks. The bottom leak is a lot. The top leak is much smaller. Photos shown. She just wants it out of the garage so the price is great. $4,750. She *might* consider a smaller frame ladies' handgun in trade if necessary to make the deal. Oh, and it includes a second set of brand new leather saddlebags... no idea of how much they're worth. They look similar to the ones on the bike.
  6. Thanks for the pm. I'll post a more realistic price tomorrow morning. Too sleepy to follow the links now.
  7. I didn't pay cash for this gun so if I'm off on the pricing, PM me and let me know. I was stunned when I saw how expensive some of these Henrys are.
  8. I got this from an estate. It appears to have never been fired. (See the photo.) It's probably a 2014 model since an ammo receipt in the same case dates to Mar 4, 2014. It's been in that case (just a simple case... it's included) since 2014. The widow guessed it was a gift for the son, but he showed no interest so it just laid in a case for the past 6 years. There's some very slight corrosion on the lever shown in the photo, but it disappeared with some oil. Unless I'm mistaken, and I might be, I'm seeing this gun for $800 on GunBroker. Asking $750. Must be a legal resident of TN, and show DL. The only trades I would consider would be a Sig P365. EDITED: Thanks to those who were kind enough to PM me a link with pricing for this gun. I'm seeing it for low to mid 400s plus tax, transfer fees, and background check or in one case, $389 when paying cash. I'm changing the price to $380 OBO over the next week. I'm PMing one guy who expressed interest in this price range. If he turns it down at $380 today, then I'll consider other offers in the order they are received. Thanks, guys (and gals) for not flaming me. I figured someone here would know a fair price. I realize that even $380 might be steep, but I've learned that it's easy to go down and impossible to go up when pricing something for sale!
  9. jgradyc


    I've been recycling my N95 masks since March, but I decided to buy some of those blue paper masks at Home Depot yesterday. Wow! They're junk. They fit too loose to provide a seal. Even when the elastic is stretched, the nose guard is too flimsy to hold the mask against the nose. I feel guilty about returning them to Home Depot because it's a package of 10 for $29. OTOH, they shouldn't be selling such cr*p.
  10. Slightly off topic, but I wouldn't want a small woman's primary home defense weapon to be a 12 ga shotgun. It's just too much to think about to get off a second shot unless you practice, practice, practice, and if you hate the recoil, you're not going to practice. A better choice for a small woman would be a short carbine in 9mm or 40 cal. My bedside long gun is a Kel Tec Sub 2000 that takes Glock 40 cal mags.
  11. Basically, all I want to do is be able to play back conversations that overwhelmed me with information. Say a conversation with a nurse who is explaining blood work or health options. Maybe I'm talking to a contractor and I don't understand something. I can listen to it later and figure out what he was saying.
  12. I got into a debate over this and I thought someone here might have more legal experience on this issue. Federal law is a one party consent law for recording phone calls. Tennessee is also a one party consent state. However, 18 states are two party consent states. My understanding is that I can legally record all my own phone calls made from Tennessee even if the other person is in a two party consent state, e.g. California. Could anyone clarify this for me? I don't make calls out of the USA so other countries' laws wouldn't apply.
  13. The point he's trying to make is that studies show there is a period of time between when someone can spread the virus and the time that the person realizes that there's something wrong, i.e., symptoms begin to show. One of the unique things about COVID-19 is that the period of highest infection occurs during this asymptomatic period. It apparently can vary a lot, but it's around three days. If you have it, you can spread it unknowingly to a lot of people before you realize you have it. But, hey, it's your call. I don't really care whether you wear a mask or not. Statistically, the more people who don't wear masks, the more people will get infected and the quicker we reach herd immunity. Best of luck to everyone, regardless of your position on this issue. Personally, I'm not terribly worried about myself, but my wife is 68 and has health issues. It would devastate me if I caught this by being reckless and gave it to her.
  14. The real problem started back when our top docs -- Fauci et al -- lied to us saying masks were ineffective while simultaneously saying medical professionals desperately needed more PPEs, i.e. masks. What?!! Masks aren't 100% effective. In fact, they might not even be 50% effective, but here's the deal. Even if a mask doesn't eliminate exposure 100%, it might reduce the volume of the exposure. If it reduces the volume of the virus enough, your own immune system might be enough to fight it off. For those that have trouble breathing with a mask on, cut out the inner liner. I did it just to see if it made a difference in air flow and it helps a lot. Granted, I still wear my N95 masks in public indoors, but I'm in great health and I fully intend to do everything I can to stay that way.

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