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  1. Through 6Mar, the March average is 20.5/day, but I think cases are a better measure of where we are. On Dec 18, TN peaked with a 7-day moving average of 9,600/day. On 6Mar, it was 1,188/day. That's about an 88% decline!
  2. The CDC COVID data tracker shows that new cases are dropping steadily and steeply since early January. At that rate, it will be mostly gone by late March/early April. Regardless, it's a virus and viruses will return when we get into flu season this fall. I think what everyone here should be doing is... Losing weight. There is a strong correlation between excessive weight and COVID severity. With only a moderate change in exercise and nutrition, everyone could lose 2 lbs/month, which would be 24 pounds since the COVID outbreak last February. More to the point, it could be 12 pounds
  3. I've been contacted by Vanderbilt twice to schedule an appointment to get the vaccine, but I've declined. I'll take my chances with vitamin D instead. A year or so from now when we have some data on the long term effects of the shot, I'll reconsider it. Best of luck to all taking it.
  4. In late December, the CDC COVID tracker showed a 7-day moving average of 9,300 cases in Tennessee. Today, it's 1,075 cases... an 89% decline. The anticipated jump after Christmas travel and holiday parties never happened, or at least not to a great extent. The decline has been steep and steady since early January. It can't be vaccines. The most likely explanation is a combination of natural immunity and herd immunity.
  5. I asked the same question at a legal self defense class in December. My question was what if two guys kick down my door and come into my house in the middle of the night and I get the drop on them and tell them hands up and they just turn around and walk out... what can I do? The short answer was nothing. Get a description of the person and their vehicle and call the police. My takeaway from the course is 1) You do NOT want to shoot someone because their POS relatives will sue you for everything you own. And they can do this even if there are witnesses and video to support your case! 2)
  6. Sad story. I hate that the media reported that the victim "responded to an online ad" when there's no proof that a gun sale was involved at all. It makes it a "gun sale" story instead of a "guy shot" story. I suspect that a gun sale wasn't even evolved. It's more likely that the survivor said "gun sale" to avoid saying it was a drug deal gone bad. I reserve the right to change my mind if the facts change...
  7. It's odd that the 7-day case rate peaked on Jan 6 and is now down from 7,588 to ~2,800 while the death rate continues to climb. I think we'll see a sharp decline in death rates soon. Everything else... case rates, hospitalization rates, etc... is trending down. Regardless, I'll continue to take vitamin D3 and my other supplements.
  8. Since the media seems to sensationalize everything related to COVID, I thought everyone would be glad to know that the 7-day COVID case rate has trended downward in Tennessee since December 17th. On Dec 17th, the 7-day moving average number of COVID cases was 9,600. Today, it's 3,228. Tennessee has fewer cases per capita than most other states in the US. Data can be seen at the CDC COVID Data Tracker. It's an interactive website so it might require a few clicks to find the data, but you can compare TN with other states and with the US averages. The death rates are more erratic, but the tr
  9. Dr. Fauci isn't ignorant. He's arrogant. He knows the risk of infection outdoors is nonexistent unless you're surrounded by a pack of people. He also knows that vitamin D greatly reduces the risk of COVID 19 and, when directly asked, he admitted to taking vitamin D himself... but he refuses to even mention vitamin D in his nearly daily press interviews. I quit listening to this guy when he lied to us about masks back in March, saying they didn't work and then in the next sentence, saying we desperately need more PPEs (aka masks) for medical professionals. WTF?! It's tragic that tho
  10. Thanks for posting this. Yes, this is exactly the interview where, when directly asked, Fauci admitted to taking vitamin D himself, but that's the ONLY time! Plus, read what he says carefully. He says, "If you are deficient..." and then in the very next sentence, he says, "I do it myself taking vitamin D supplements." So... Fauci takes vitamin D himself while refusing to even mention vitamin D in his nearly daily interviews on national media. People can interpret this inconsistency however they wish. My interpretation is...well... extremely unflattering. I'll leave it at that. We'v
  11. The FBI is investigating a duplex in Antioch on Bakertown Road... maybe 115? Bakertown. It's live feed on CBS 12 News on Facebook and, I think, Fox17.com. A guy is carrying two brown paper bags filled with something out of the walk-in basement as I type this. The POI is Anthony Warner, 63. There are photos of an identical RV in his backyard a year and a half ago. Google street view shows 5 No Trespassing signs on the back fence, one on the front fence, and one on the front door. The bomb disposal (or whatever they are called) showed up about a half hour ago, but then they left. Lots of g
  12. Multiple videos where you can hear the recording "If you can hear this evacuate now." A witness heard either gunshots or a recording of gunshots between 5 and 5:30. She saw the RV right across from her apartment. She called the police about the gun fire... up to 5 shots. She heard the countdown starting at 15 minutes and she and her husband left and drove to Titan Stadium. When about 20 minutes passed and nothing happened, they decided to drive back and that's when the RV exploded. She said it was big and older, not slick-sided and a single vehicle RV, not a camper trailer. She added th
  13. Sorry, multiple post I keep trying to post the Stooge slap gif, but I don't know how. Maybe someone should Stooge slap me!!


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