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  1. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    I just saw this one at Best Buy. It's 4k and $100 more, but I'm now leaning towards it. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-ue590-series-28-led-4k-uhd-monitor-black/5484022.p?skuId=5484022
  2. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    Is this a decent monitor? It's on sale at Costco for $129, normally $169. My desk can't handle a monitor any larger than this. LG 27" Class IPS 1080p FHD Monitor https://www.costco.com/lg-27"-class-ips-1080p-fhd-monitor.product.100424393.html
  3. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    I was at Costco today. They have an LG 27" monitor, normally $169 on sale for $129. Their lowest priced desktop was an HP with an i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive for $399. Their wireless keyboard/mouse combo was overkill... and $57... hard pass on that.
  4. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    My experience with entry level laptops, mostly Dell, but also HP, is that they have a life expectancy of about 2 years. Of course, when you only pay $250 or so, it's not a bad deal. Although I'm currently using Dropbox, I really like the idea of Office 365 plus the storage. When I actively used a laptop for business, my biggest fear was loss of files. With cloud storage and synced files across a couple of laptops/computers, a catastrophic loss of files is nearly impossible.
  5. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    This is a much better deal. I'll consider switching over since I already have Office 365. I've used Dropbox for... not sure... many many years.
  6. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    I'm curious. How far away do you sit when you use this monitor? I've thought about adding a 24" monitor to my laptop, but I've used a laptop for the past 10 years and I'm not sure I'd like a bigger, more distance monitor than my current laptop screen.
  7. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    By the way, the Black Friday Ads website is pretty cool. It has sneak peeks of quite a few Black Friday ads. https://www.bfads.net/
  8. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    The lenovo 310s ideacenter is $329 now, but the sneak peek of their black friday sale shows it dropping to $209. The ad shows it at $209, but it's still $329 on the Lenovo website. I don't know when the price drops take effect. Note that it does not include a monitor, keyboard or mouse, but that's pretty common for desktops. https://www.bfads.net/stores/lenovo/ads/black-friday/page-18
  9. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    Walmart has 3-4 Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo kits from $19 to $29. It's a decent brand. Some of these might not be at your local Walmart, but you can order them on Walmart's website to be delivered to you at home or to pick up at your local Walmart. I like Walmart because returns are no-questions-asked. You just plug in the tiny USB receiver into an empty USB port and both the mouse and keyboard connect automatically.
  10. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    By the way, you can buy a wireless keyboard and mouse combo kit for $30 at Walmart. It comes with a tiny USB wireless receiver that you just plug into one of your USB ports. It's plug and play. No set up required.
  11. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    hipower, BestBuy is a good place to compare computers. The staff is not on commission so there is no high pressure sales tactics. They are knowledgeable and very helpful. Data storage and backup is a personal choice. I have a 256GB SSD drive on my Samsung laptop and a 128GB SSD on my wife's HP laptop. To backup files and provide additional storage, we share a Dropbox Pro account with 1TB of storage. When I save a file on my laptop, it automatically saves in the cloud in my Dropbox account and then syncs to my wife's laptop... all in less than 3 seconds. It also backs up my phone's photos. I can access any of my files (or my wife's files) from my phone using the Dropbox app. Dropbox Pro is $99/year.
  12. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    In addition to watching Dell for deals, check out BestBuy. Last year, the Samsung Spin 7 13.3" 2-1 laptop, normally $899, was on sale for $599. I missed the sale, but I found a returned unit a month later in their Open Box, Certified category for $599. One other point to consider is display resolution and the desktop's resolution. My neighbor has a 24" monitor, but the pixelation would drive me nuts if I had to use it regularly. Before I buy a laptop, I open a document in its word processor and see if the fonts look spidery. That's a deal killer for me.
  13. jgradyc

    PC Advice

    Regardless of your choice of laptop, all in one, or desktop, I'd suggest an SSD drive. Boot time, long a nemesis of windows PCs, is under 20 seconds for me and that includes entering my PIN. If I didn't use a password, it would be under 15 seconds. Windows also needs about 4GB of RAM. A 124GB SSD should be large enough unless you're storing a lot of videos and audio files. I haven't used a desktop in 10 years, so I can't provide a recommendation. I have thought of adding a 24" monitor to my laptop, but for me, setting the "Scale and Layout" for fonts and icons to 175% works fine on my 13" Samsung laptop.
  14. I'll probably be unable to withstand the temptation to buy something in online the holiday sales. Who would you recommend for inexpensive transfers in Nashville, preferably on the west side of town?
  15. Thanks for starting this thread. I was just thinking how a Hot Deals! thread would be fun over the holidays.

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