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  1. I would OC if I worked in a liquor store, pawn shop, or convenience store just to send a message of "don't mess with me." I also OC on my own property. Everywhere else, I CC. If a bad guy cases the area and sees you, you would be the first person he would take out. If a crazy or drugged out guy sees your gun in a fit of rage, he might try to take it from you. The rare times I've seen OC, the firearms weren't in retention holsters so this would be easy to do by someone standing in line behind you or just by walking up behind you.
  2. To me, I am appalled at how ill prepared the CDC (Redfield) and the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Disease (Fauci) were for this pandemic. The CDC (Hint: Center for Disease Control) had one job and they blew it. They're barely even in the discussion. Fauci seems to be leading the effort, but Fauci has been Director of the NIAID since 1984! The guy is a dinosaur using the same approach he used for AIDS 30 years ago! Remdesidir is a joke. It only helps AFTER hospitalization and only provides benefits that are marginally significant. And the hype about vaccinations is equally frustrating. Even if they find a vaccination, which is still debatable, I'm not taking a vaccination and millions of others won't either. To me, the best approach is boosting the immune system of the entire population. That's surprisingly EASY to do... exercise, lose weight, eat healthy, and take supplements shown to boost the immune system and provide antiviral protection. You might be thinking, "Oh that would be really hard to do." Actually, if we threw a few hundred billion dollars at the problem, most people would come around, either by the carrot or the stick. In fact, millions would start doing this on their own if only our medical professionals would start talking about the benefits of proactive health, instead of wasting time talking about vaccinations. Since I last posted on vitamin deficiencies, more studies are showing a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and the severity of Covid 19. Vitamin D also helps suppress the cytokine storm that is a primary killer with Covid 19. I've started going to the NY Times OpEd page and posting about vitamin D in the comments section on articles on Covid 19. Maybe, just maybe, some journalist will take the ball and run with it... goodness knows, our medical experts aren't doing it. Here's one of those new studies. It's database is ~445 million people so you'd think it would be big enough to get Fauci's attention. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s40520-020-01570-8
  3. I think June is going to be rough. Either the virus will disappear with the arrival of summer or it will start a 2nd wave about 2 weeks after the shutdowns start phasing out. I'll continue to take my vitamin D3 and stay away from other people as much as possible. I'm reading too many stories of nasty side effects that linger after "recovery."
  4. I've been mostly to Kroger and Walmart. Meats were hit and miss, but we don't buy much red meat so it's no problem for us. I assume in a real SHTF scenario, there would be no power, so I'm not buying much that requires freezing. People seem to be more observant of distancing at Krogers so I prefer to shop there. I've given up on going to Costco... way too many people. I'll go someday during the seniors only hour to get my fix of the Merlot soaked cheddar cheese. Edited to add: As a semi-prepper, we had sufficient TP and calories for a month, but it wouldn't have been appealing. I've since added about 100,000 calories to our stock of non-perishable goods.
  5. Evidence continues to mount that vitamin D deficiency strongly correlates to prevalence and severity of Covid 19 cases. Vitamin D deficiency is greater among the obese, the elderly, and Blacks, all of whom have been hit harder than other groups. I am stunned that Fauci and the WHO aren't suggesting that this *might* help. Please help spread the word on Facebook and other forums. People are dying while Fauci and the WHO drag their feet. Fauci seems more concerned about his legacy than saving lives. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/05/04/vitamin-d3-and-the-chinese-virus-coronavirus/
  6. For what it's worth, I've seen a couple of studies now showing a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiency and the severity of Covid 19 symptoms. It seems that something like 60% of Americans are deficient in D, 98% of deaths are deficient in D, and 87% of hospitalizations are deficient in D. A doctor in Turkey is studying 100 people to see if vitamin D is also a preventive, but the study won't end until July 31. Since vitamin D has other health benefits, I take a 5,000 IU gel cap of D3 every day. There are some rare risks if you have certain preexisting conditions, but you can research that online.
  7. I have a friend who wants to take the HCP class and a self defense class, but I think they're on hold in Davidson Country right now. Are these classes being taught in Williamson County anywhere? Who would you recommend? I'm aware that there are online classes, but she is a novice and needs face-to-face education. I'm doing the basics of firearms safety starting with an airsoft gun.
  8. The one organization that failed miserably is the CDC. It has one primary mission... disease control. It failed miserably. This is a far bigger failure than FEMA during and after Katrina. The advances in treatment aren't coming from the CDC. They're coming from individual doctors who are willing to try things like IV vitamin C, or hydroxychloroquine plus zinc sulfate. I honestly don't see how Fauci still has a job. He doesn't seem to accept that this is a war. It's not peacetime medicine. He wants everything to be blessed by clinical trials with his Big Pharma buddies while people are dying who could possibly be saved by over the counter medicines. I explained this to a friend yesterday by saying that tampons or duct tape can be used to stop bleeding out. There haven't been any double-blind clinical trials with humans to prove this works, but it's saved lives. There are lots of things people should be doing right now to boost their immune systems and reduce the risk of a cytokine storm due to infection if they get this disease. You're hearing NOTHING about this from the CDC... or from anyone in government. For example, the average American is deficient in Vitamin D, which helps reduce inflammation. Vitamin D is sunshine or an inexpensive supplement you can take in the winter when you can't get sunshine.
  9. Courtesy bump. I just love the Title of this thread. Post photos when you get a deal.
  10. In your price range, it's difficult to beat the BLF A6 at $16.99. As I said last year, I've had five; four are still working fine after maybe 5 years of use. The tailcap went out on one and I replaced the switch. It was... IIRC... maybe $4. I would suggest the 1A (6500k) bulb. I bought one 5A bulb and it's too yellow and too dim compared to the 1A. It is highly programmable. I set mine at in 5 mode increasing brightness with no strobe modes. So I have firefly, low, med, high, and turbo. I can long click and it will open in firefly or I can quick click and it will open in the last mode it was in when it was turned off. The instructions for programming are on Budget Light Forum. By the way, if you have any old laptops, you can break open the battery pack. It will have 4 or 6 18650 batteries. https://www.banggood.com/BLF-A6-XPL-1600Lumens-74modes-EDC-LED-Flashlight-18650-p-991823.html?rmmds=search&ID=518106&cur_warehouse=CN
  11. This made me laugh! "WTB Your Ugly 9mm Glock" Wouldn't that description include all Glocks?
  12. It will happen, but I can limit the false alerts by placement of the sensor. I plan to set up one by my gated driveway to let me know if UPS or someone is just sitting in a car and checking out our house. Another sensor will go on the main steps leading up to the front door. Another will face the main downstairs door. My neighbor has a videocam security system, but my gate is too far from the house to transmit the signal. Maybe I should get a video security system for closer to the house. His system was about $600 so I'm not sure I want to pay that much.
  13. The stock market seems to have turned the corner. I listen to CNBC on audio most of the day and you can gain some real insight into what's going on behind the scenes. Ammo has less short term value for the typical family than TP, rice, and canned goods... and all of those are returning to the shelves. I have enough 9mm but I would prefer to have a larger stock of 223. Anyway, 223 is a true SHTF ammo. It doesn't look like we'll need to be carrying our ARs in one point slings with this one.
  14. We don't eat a lot of meat, but the one thing I would like to have for sheltering at home would be a freezer. I had always assumed that any disaster would include a lack of electricity so I had assumed that a freezer would just be spoiled food in a few days. The other thing is that I had planned to go shooting and then planned to replace my ammo afterwards. Now, I'm limited in how much ammo I can use in practice. I was surprised that our propane was so low. We've since topped it off. I haven't organized my offline survival ebooks. I do have them, but I really need to move them to a thumb drive and an old smartphone that I can recharge with my solar panel. I've been putting off surrounding the house with motion sensors. I've ordered some to arrive next week. I still don't have any night vision optics, but I just can't justify springing $2,000 for something that will depreciate as new generations of optics come out. Any suggestions for night vision?
  15. No. I'm waiting 6 months or so to see what the results are. Then, I'll consider it. Note, I said "consider." I don't take the flu shot now at age 72 and I never plan to. Instead, I take steps to keep my immune system as strong as possible.

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