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  1. Wow. That's really an eye-opening article. So the tests are WAY too sensitive, resulting in up to a 90% false positive rate. ...and that's being reporting in the NY Times!
  2. Since this thread is mostly about prepping and I haven't seen a mention of it yet, I'll add this. Get a solar panel and a charge controller that will allow you to dial in the desired output. I use this to power my driveway gate. I saw one on Amazon that has USB charging ports built in. Next, get rechargeable batteries and a universal charger for AA and AAA. Eneloop are typically the best, but I have some Amazon Basics as well. I also have a charger for 18650 batteries. An inverter to run anything 110v electric you might need for short periods of time. Download every sur
  3. I've listened to the news conferences with the President's medical team. In the Q&A, not one reporter has asked, "Why is the President taking zinc and vitamin D? Do you recommend it? If not, why is he taking it?" You'd think at least ONE reporter would care about the thousands of people dying worldwide every day and would like to know if these supplements could prevent some of those deaths.
  4. Just to follow up on my post on the vitamin D clinical trial, here is what I posted on vitamin D back on Sept 17th.
  5. Great news. The first clinical trial on vitamin D and COVID 19 just reported that vitamin D provides a tremendous benefit. The study of 76 COVID patients put 50 in the vitamin D group and 26 in the control group. In the 26 control patients, 13 (50%) were admitted into ICU and 2 (7.7%) died. In the 50 vitamin D patients, only 2 (4%) were admitted into ICU and none died. . I've been saying for months that vitamin D was part of the answer and now we have proof. Vitamin. D. only. costs. six. cents. a. day! Please share this on Facebook and all other forums you're on. We need to get the word out.
  6. I have a buddy trading in his 2011 Dodge Ram Longhorn Hemi 4x4 with 87,000 miles. The dealer is giving him $18,000 in trade in. That sounds a bit high to me, but then the dealer might not be giving him a break on MSRP. He's offered it to me for $20,000... not exactly a great deal. I'm thinking about buying it just to get the hunt for a pickup over with. I don't like pickups anyway. I just need it to tow the travel trailer.
  7. I'm in the market for an RV and/or a truck to tow a travel trailer. Travel trailers have been non-existent for weeks, but since Sept 1 a few people are selling ahead of the upcoming winter. I'm pretty sure I can find either at TT or a small motorhome home this fall. But I'm stunned by the price of trucks. I could buy a BMW for the price of a pickup! Another problem is that it's hard to tell if a truck has enough towing capacity. If I wind up buying a travel trailer, it will probably weigh 6,000 pounds dry. I'll need a pickup with at least 9,000 pounds towing capacity to have an adequate c
  8. The more research I read, the more I'm convinced that the solution for most people is vitamin supplementation. Multiple studies have found a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiency and severity/prevalence of COVID 19. Over 3/4 of adults and 9/10 African Americans have less than 30nmol/ml of vitamin D. I started taking a 5,000 IU capsule of D3 daily back in March. My D level recently was 82. The recommended range is 30-100. Oak Ridge scientists recently reported that Summitt, the world's 2nd largest computer, had spent an entire week looking at genes and COVID 19 cases. It found that CO
  9. There's a blood test to determine D levels. I went to test lab Tuesday and I'll get the results when I see my doctor. I take 5,000IU of D3 daily so I'm curious to see my D3 levels.
  10. I have N95 masks that I use for sanding so when I go shopping, I wear it. When I return, I go through this protocol Unload shopping cart and return it. Get in van. Use hand sanitizer. Carefully remove mask using only the strings. Lay it on the dash in the sun. Not much UV gets through the windshield, but some does. That plus the 140 degree heat will kill COVID in a few minutes. My goals with the mask are twofold. Avoid getting infected. Reduce the amount of virus if I do get infected. The fewer particles you are exposed to, the greater chance that your own immune
  11. I posted this information a few weeks ago on this thread, but maybe it's time to repeat it. Numerous reports continue to show a strong correlation between low vitamin D levels and the severity of COVID 19. If you aren't taking vitamin D3, you should start and you should make sure all of your family is taking it. Norway, Finland, and native Swedes have very low COVID severity rates. What they have in common is a genetic ability to maintain high vitamin D levels. The Swedish rates have been skewed a bit higher because their immigrant population (Somalis, Iraqis, Iranians, Ethiopians) have
  12. Rounds increased to 600 and price lowered to $50.
  13. I got this in a trade, but I don't need it. $60 EDITED: $50 and I will throw in another 100 rounds of Gemtech Silencer Subsonic 22LR. Updated numbers are below Gemtech Silencer Subsonic 22LR: 200 rounds Schonebeck/Elbe High Velocity 22LR: 250 rounds Winchester 22LR Pest control: 50 rounds CCI Target 22 Short: 100 rounds Total: 500 rounds 600 rounds I did a quick search and it looks like this would sell for about $80+tax. $90+tax. Anyone interested at $60? $50? PM me with an offer. Nashville Vanderbilt/West Meade/Joelton areas are easy for me to get to fr
  14. I spoke with a TGO member who said the top leak was just a valve cover gasket and the bottom leak might just be an oil pump overflow from sitting and then topping off the oil before riding, which the guy who fixed the carb did. Another guy said it might be a $20 seal that would cost $300-$500 in labor to repair. Anyway, just an update... Oh, I also learned that this bike is also called a Gilroy Harley. They were manufactured from 1999 to 2003 and are apparently some sort of collectors item, but their sale price is all over the place.
  15. Shhh! I just talked her into selling the darn thing! She'll want to raise the price... This bike is like the treadmill that gets turned into a coat rack because it's never used. It's just taking up space.
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