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  1. When/if you get something made up please post up some pics.  My Izula is one of the best carry knives I own but I have about wore out the sheath.  I would also be interested.
  2. Already improving over the last one!  I do believe I would like the accessories to the front.  The rods back there could potentially hang on a pocket maybe...  Excellent work my friend.
  3. Just a personal preference but I like the sheaths that come up a little higher on the knife.  Right now you have the top of the sheath terminating right at the guard.  Coming up about 1/4 of the handle would really improve the look IMHO.  Make it look more beefy.  Again just a personal preference.  Nice work!   EDIT:  I do like the firesteel loop being part of the pouch!  Makes it more compact.
  4. I chuckled nicely at the last part.  Thanks.
  5. Well one is from Canada and another from the good ole USA... Top to bottom: Martini Cadet in 357, Savage no4 sporter, no4 mk2 with a sterling armaments 308 kit (my L42 fake), BSA no5, and my 43 Longbranch. Just got the Longbranch and dead centered the bull at 100 yds on the second shot. Excellent shooter. Hoping to trade the little Martini at the next gun show for a nice no1 mk3 to round out the collection. None are excellent examples but they are all special to me.
  6. I don't think we know the whole truth about the Carol issue yet.  Anybody else pick up that Darryl and Beth went the opposite way on the tracks from Carols group? 
  7. Any of the small Helle knives would work lovely.  Very nicely made with quality sheaths.  I wear a Odel constantly.   http://www.helle.no/products/knives/   Here is a little Nying.  Very stylish...   http://www.helle.no/products/knives/nying/
  8. Well she is now scary sharp. Did some light work with it this morning before the kiddos stirred for presents. The blade is massive. Thick with a beefy grind. For this reason it didnt excell at light carving (i was thinning some plum scales for my Victorinox). I guess it really wasnt made for that. I put it down and used my Helle Odel. I think for general carry a smaller blade is better. I would much rather carry the Odel I think for most situations. I did make a fire using the supplied firesteel. You really need to Google the shango notch to use it correctly. I was doing it all wrong (not th
  9. Tops Fieldcraft. I have been round and round on which bushcrafty blade to pull the trigger on. Finally decided on the Fieldcraft. It does need a little sharpening. Off to the workssharp!
  10. Wow good site.  Tons of info.  Thanks!
  11. Very nice looking hawks.  Look to be very practical too.  Only thing I might want is a little longer beard.
  12. Same rifle i have.  Very nice.  The nitro spring makes a real difference.  I was on the way of working up the same concept when these started coming out.  We use nitro springs all the time at work.  Retro fitting an old springer looked doable but for $100-$200 for one already made was a no brainer.


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