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  1. Giving it a few more days, then gunbroker I guess if it’s not sold here. Rather rehome it in the great state but she’s gonna go as it’s just too shiny for my safe or to hunt. $1000 buys it
  2. I almost never travel anymore.. last few trips to the middle were to Vanderbilt and hope to put off another for a while It’ll ship real easy though
  3. I may be reading it wrong, but it appears the 1st model was done in 63/64 equally 2823 total, and then 65-67 they made nearly 14,000 Texan models (saddle ring)..
  4. I “think” they only made 2823 of these.. if my research is correct
  5. I really like the old JM’s.. Actually hunt my old 1894-44 and had it cerakoted dark bronze a few yrs ago as the finish had gotten ugly from yrs of woods hunting. I still have my SS 3030, a no safety 35, 44, 444 and 4570 too.. all JM’s that’ll see the woods. This 336-44 is just too rare and too nice for me to drag up a tree
  6. I don’t know much about this one, but it’s as new in box.. Some reading says Polytech, some Norinco. It was imported via Interstate Arms at some point, stamped 386, and is a milled receiver hunter/sporter model AK47 .. $825
  7. I’ve seen a few, only 1 NIB.. This is the nicest used 336-44 Magnum I’ve ever seen. Z serial code says 1964, and only some light dings and light freckles. The top of the receiver is beautiful as well, but needs set screws. Had a set of old raised scope mounts on it, which can go with it too but I like it better without. $1100.. over on the west side, near Jackson.
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