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  1. I feel and concur with your concern. I will add your son and all of our young people to my prayer list. Our sons and daughters are a gift from GOD. It is our solemn duty to care for and prepare them to be responsible citizens in the future for they are the potential leaders of our country. GOD alone knows what their true achievements will be By requesting prayer from us indicates that you, Sir, are fulfilling your role as a strong and faithful christian parent. I applaud you. Continue the mission. Follow Me
  2. Mr A J sir, I have added you and your bride to my prayer list. Not one of us knows of GOD’s plan for your wonderfull bride. But HIS WILL will be done. Stay strong and steadfast in your commitment to GOD and to your bride and HE will provide all your needs. Warm regards and prayers, Follow Me
  3. Mr derf, Thank you for the response and for the link for exactly what I need. “You done good work”. I would like to think that I would have thought about checking with that company but, as I get older, probably not. Getting old is hard work. Regards Follow Me
  4. Greetings. I just acquired a very nice Winchester 52 that needs a magzine. The needed magazine is 5 or 10 shot capacity and would also fit a model 69 or model 75 as they are interchangeable with the model 52. Also would like to acquire a “single shot” adapter for the Model 52. Any help would be appreciated. Text to 703 866 1288 or post here to the forum. Regards and prayers for you, your family and our country Follow Me
  5. I’ll take the SBA3 brace if it is still available. PM to follow. Follow Me
  6. Greeting to all, Trying to build a so-called truck gun and need the pieces as in title line. I have a 16” bbl (9mm) and corresponding rail to trade if you have a hankering for it. However, I am prepared to buy outright though. I request that you text me at 703-866-1288 (Johnson City) Thanks for your time. Regards and prayers Follow Me
  7. Greetings to all, I need about 100 ea (+-) of these bad girls. Thanks for for your consideration. Follow Me
  8. Greetings I’ll take it. PM coming in a few minutes Follow Me
  9. My prayer request file is updated to include both of these GOD loving friends. Prayers for strength, comfort and understanding are the order of the day. BTW I have A+ Blood Type if your bride has the need of it.
  10. Thanks 19_A_CPT. But I need something ready to play. Regards Follow Me
  11. I have and will continue to send up a prayer for you. I pray for GOD to give you comfort and understanding of HIS will.
  12. I am building several complete sets of the book series “Left Behind” for my Grand Children. I need the following books: Paperback Books: “The Remnant”, book #10 of the series in very good condition. “Glorious Appearing”, book #12 of the series in very good condition. Book Club edition ( smaller version hardback): “The Mark”, book #8 of the series, in very good condition. “Armagaddon”, book #11 of the series, in very good condition. I appreciate you expending your valuable time in considering my want ad. I know this series of books are available from Amazon or Ebay in used book condition but I am trying to spend my money right here in the local area. I will pay a fair price for each book. You can PM me or text to 703-866-1288 your response (s). Regards and prayers, Follow Me
  13. I know that I am way behind the power curve on this but I have ro try. Would prefer a stripped receiver but will consider a complete assembly. Cash or USPS Money Order as payment and FFL transfer if required. I am in Johnson City. I am reluctant to drive more than about 75 miles due to advanced age. I am not complaing just stating a fact. Please text 703-866-1288 or PM your response. Prayers and regards, Follow Me
  14. Mr Cbyrd Thank you for your response. I did a fair bit of researching/considering of aSatphone and an entry level HAM unit. Both are going to be expensive in learn time and money. And I am already behind the power curve due to senior age status. I have forwarded my findings to my daughter for her action. Hate to admit it but this is “ old dog and new trick stuff” Regards Follow Me


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