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  1. Nice, but what ate you asking for it. I just noticed your other post, that's a nice one.
  2. Sorry for your loss, I know just how you feel. My wife and I have had three pass on over the years the last one was the hardest for me he was just two years old when I had to put him down. We both sat and pondered about getting another one we just couldn't stand to come home to an empty house so we got another one and it was the best thing we could have done. I know how you feel they are like one of your kids and some people just don't understand that. You'll know when it's time to get another just give yourself time to think about it. Take care.
  3. This is SOLD pending meeting. Thanks.
  4. 1911alltheway just sent these to me on Friday. Ihad him make these for my Staccato P 4.15 2011. He did a great job they are great, fit and finish is really good, he nailed the designs I asked for. One is a Rodisan style, the other is a Bruce Nelson Combat style, both fit a 1.5" belt and hold the gun snugly, I can't wait to get them broken in. Thanks 1911alltheway you did a great job on making these for me.
  5. Bump, I've had some PM's about trades, not interested right now, but I will entertain descent offers by PM messaging. Thanks
  6. I've got a S&W MP-15/ 300rnds of 5.56 and 8-30rnd P-MAGS. The MP-15 has some upgrades, GEISSELE SD-E Flat Trigger, BCM/KMR Free Float Hand Guard(KEY-MOD) Kit, MAGPUL ASC Stock(Mil. Spec) MOE Grip, TROY IND. H&K Flip Up Sights, PHASE 5 TACTICAL FAT MAN BRAKE(I also have the original Flash Hider that I will include) PHASE 5 EXT. BOLT RELEASE, VZ 4"Grip Panels and BCM Panels, 8 GEN 2 P-Mags(30rnd) and 300rnds of 5.56 AMMO. I've had this one for a little while and figured since I've got a few AR's I would put this one up for sale and give someone a deal. I'm asking $1450 CASH for everythi
  7. This ammo is sold, Thanks TGO.
  8. I'm going to close this add, there seems to be some conflicts about the price. I apologize to the members of TGO. I was not trying to gouge or take advantage of anyone here. Add is closed. Thanks for the PM's and your quote above.
  9. I just got a PM about the price I'm asking, if anyone thinks that I'm gouging let me know. I priced these at $18 a mag. Ive bought and sold a lot of things on this site and I would never try to take advantage of any member here. Thanks.
  10. This is SPF to Rebels010 he PM'd me first trying to pick a place to meet. Thanks guys.
  11. Here are 10(ten) new 30rnd P-MAGS new in the wrapper. Asking $180 CASH FTF, or $195 Shipped. I can meet in the WhiteHouse, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville area for FTF. Thanks.
  12. I've got 500rnds. of 300BLK. 250rnd. of 220grn. SMK and 250rnd. 147grn. I'm asking $310 cash for all 500rnds.I packed them in to heavy duty freezer bags and have them in a metal ammo can(included). FTF only in the WhiteHouse, Goodlettsville, and Hendersonville area. but I can drive a small distance to meet. I won't ship. If you need more pics or info. PM me your email address and I'll get them to you
  13. Nice looking Ruger, I really like the grain in that stock. GLWS.
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