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  1. This thread started out honoring a man that deserves and earned respect. I feel we need to drop the Covid-19 crap, and respect the man. RIP General Colin Powell, my god give you everything you deserve in heaven.
  2. That's a fine collection of Smith&Wesson's. I got bit by the revolver scene here lately, I've purchased 6 Smith&Wesson's over the last 3months, I've got a Mod 29 44mag with a unfluted cylinder and 3"bbl, 6 1/2"bbl 45acp, 357mag Highway Patrol w/ 6"bbl, 1964 38spl w/ 4"bbl, a 36Mod Chief w/ 2 1/2"bbl, and a 1920 38S&W cal. It's an addiction for me.
  3. Thanks, I'll try and post some pictures, but I need to download them to my computer. My phone won't let me downsize them to load on here for some reason.
  4. Thanks, I've bout a few more since I purchased that one. Mod. 36 Chief 2 1/2" Bbl, a 4"Bbl. J frame, a no dash Mod. 28 Highway Patrol 357mag. and I just bought that 1920 Smith&Wesson 38cal. here on the forum the other day. Also have a Mod.29 44mag. Unfluted Cylinder w/ 3" Bbl. And a 6 1/2" Bbl 45acp.
  5. Same here, take care and I'll think that Colt over and get back to you.
  6. What year is the 17-6. You still have my number, if so text me some pics.
  7. Nice find, that looks pretty good. You could get a factory letter from Smith&Wesson on the Revoler you might get lucky and find out it did belong to them, worth a shot any how.
  8. Never Carried openly and never will. I'm just waiting for someone under the new law to be in a shooting and see how it goes for them. I can just see the DA asking if he/ she has a permit to carry and have they taken the outlined state requirements for a permit, then he/ she responds: "No I just purchased the gun two days ago stuck in a holster/ purse and well I shot him." DA- "were you in fear of your life when you shot him" Defendant- "well he was bothering me while I was having my fourth High Ball, and well I had enough of it".
  9. Well I replaced it my self. Bought a new one piece PTG Bolt, and a set of Go-No Go gauges and all I had to do was a little polishing on the Bolt Lugs and I got it to fit. Took a couple of hrs. and it works with the Gauges. Now all I need is to test fire it.
  10. No problem glad you could use my post for inspiration and information. Can't wait to see what you put up, good luck.
  11. Go to the Benefactor section and see my installation of the 15' Telescoping Flag Pole. I tried to post some pictures here but it won't allow me for some reason. The FLAGPOLE COMPANY is were I purchased it from, they have all sizes and have been great to deal with, mines under the Residential Flagpoles Telescoping Best they offer the 15', 20', and 25'. I chose this style because it was easier to put up for me, I did it myself in about two days, one for digging the hole and setting the pole sleeve and concrete. Took me about 3hrs to dig the hole and set the sleeve for the Flagpole, then put the Flagpole up the next afternoon. Check them out they have a good selection. Post some pictures once you decide on what you get.


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