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  1. I always thought if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  2. I didn't yell at the manager, we had a discussion and I decided right there and then I won't be back ever. 10-Ring that's your choice if you want to show your ID for anything they sell there, and your right there's more important things to worry about, but I'll spend my gun fund money as I see fit and it won't be at Academy Sports they can go pound sand.
  3. That's for sure, I never thought I would live long enough to see what's happening in this country. It's ridiculous what this day in age has come to, you need three different bathrooms so you don't offend anyone, then if you say anything about it or say anything else about anything in general, they want to stone you for it. Even going to Kroger's for groceries is a an adventure for me, it's hell getting old I guess this Cancer diagnosis I got has made me just sit back and take a good hard look at life, and I have to say it's unbelievable how some people just get on my last nerve.
  4. Well I got a reason not to ever go back, I'll spend my money elsewhere, even if it's $10 more than they are advertising for the same thing.
  5. If that's their policy, I won't patronage their stores even if they had buy 1000rnds get 500 free. I'm old and cranky, just about had enough of the stupidity.
  6. I went to the Rivergate Academy this morning, went to get a couple of accessories for my new pellet grill. While shopping I picked up an Otis Gun Cleaning Kit for my 9mm, I get in line and some poor fellow was trying to return something he bought. Well he was told that if he didn't have his receipt they were only going to give him a refund of half of what the item cost it was $30 total and they were only going to refund him $15.99, now to my check out experience. After he told them to shove it I go to check out, now I've been in line for 15minutes waiting on them to decide if they were going t
  7. Looks like he did a good job on refinishing that old Colt. Enjoy it and shoot it every now and then.
  8. Just got this in the other day. Castillo Knife, made in Spain. The steel is SANDVIK 14C28N-SPAIN. This knife is light, you don't even know it's in your pocket. Has some nice file work on the spine, locks up solid and even. The handle is Spalted Maple, and is a regular lock back design.
  9. Here's a pic of my Staccato P DPO with co witnesse sights that came with the Dawson Precision plate.
  10. Where are the Blued ones, I would be interested in one of those if you still got a couple you would want to sell. Thanks.
  11. That's a nice one there. Good job as usual GT.
  12. I've used a Remington 870 for years for Turkey hunting and killed plenty of them. I've also had 11-87's Auto's also. You can't go wrong with an 870.
  13. Took it to the range today, I'm liking the red dot. It surprised me how easy I could pick it up and not struggle with it. Here's the target not the best one to use for sighting in, but I aimed at different spots to see how it shot. Only had to make slight adjustments and everything was shot off hand no rest. I hope to get out with my neighbor and go shoot on his property were we always went till I got sick, it's been 4 months since I shot a handgun.
  14. I could have used one of those this past weekend when I cooked a 6lb brisket. I'd take one, I missed these when he listed them.


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