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  1. For the money I think the Taurus is not a bad choice. I once owned one. But take a look at the Glock 26 or 27. The 27 is what I carry. Also look at the Springfield XD sub-compact 9mm or .40. But for the record I'm a hugh Kimber fan.
  2. i would have to say take a look at the Kimber CDP. i think it would be very hard to go wrong with that pick. good luck!!!
  3. big mo

    Springfield XD 45

    i'm an XD guy also. although i own a P99 and they are good pistols too. i think the only thing the P99 has over the XD is the 3 interchangable grips. but again not taking anything from the P99. congratz and enjoy.
  4. Looks great. I have large hands so they work great for me. But they are a bit large for carry. Just my .
  5. I've never owned a RRA pistol, but I know they make a hellva AR.
  6. Wow guys I thought I had sleep issues but after reading you guys post I will take my 4-5hrs of sleep and won't complain anymore. Back to your post, another idea which we did for my pastor was. I bought him a gift cert. from Coal Creek, which I will add JWP took great care of me. And he was able to go out and shoot any of the guns that he had any interest in and make sure it was the right one for him. So that killed many birds with one stone.
  7. big mo

    XD Owners!

    I'm a hugh fan of XD's . I have a sub-9, .40, a service .40 and .45., XDM. Out of those 5 guns I can honestly say I've never had a hiccup. I put over 6k rounds through the XD's. I've used more different types of ammo than I can remember. But I know I've run Rem. UMC, WWB, Federal, Winchester, Golden Saber, Wolf, JMF, Blazer Brass and I'm sure a couple others. I own many other guns that cost much more than the XD's. But the XD is my combat weapon, (nightstand gun and my store guns).
  8. I thought S.P. did well last night. I was like a lot of you guys in not saying much but very interested in how she would carry herself. Again she did well, although I can't say she hit a homerun. Johnny has his work cut out. I must admit it's sometimes hard for me not to laugh at her, only because I can't help but see Tina Fey making fun of her. Tina has S.P. down pat. I even think S.P. watches her because I noticed she's trying not to use as many hand gestures. If you disagree, just watch SNL this Sat with an open mind. I don't care what side of the tracks you're on. It's funny as hell to me.
  9. big mo

    What barrell length?

    I'm with you Strick. I would think he has bought 2 or 3 guns since he posted this thread.
  10. I think it's a good looking gun, and they perform well. But I don't think they will go over well here in the states.
  11. I take nothing away for what he gave up for our country. For that he has nothing but my respect.... But that alone will not move us in the direction we must go in. So I just hope to hear more about his plan. Maybe he will share more of that in the next debate. And I also look forward to seeing S.P. in the VP debates.
  12. I have a Bobtail and I love it. It shoots as good if not better than it looks. Great accuracy and very well balanced. I've put 1200-1300 down the pipe. In the first 300rds I had a couple hiccups, but after that shes performed well. I give DW .... Magic Man bought one a couple months back I'm sure he'll share some info soon.


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