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  1. I say drop her somewhere in the middle of Chicago with a hammer and see how far she gets before she wishes she had a gun to do violence with-
  2. In the day and age where everything a person says or does can be taken out of context and rewritten to their liking-so have you stopped beating your wife-
  3. I will vote for the RIA in the economy category-I have had a few different models of theirs- Rocks are fairly heavy but that only means real stee-l Currently I have a RIA Ultra FS in 10mm-Ceracoat gray with all the goodies- The cost of that was around $650.00-that is with all the upgrades a person would want.
  4. I still think it invades a persons right to decide on what if any foreign substance should be injected into their body. Legal doesn't make it morally right.
  5. Kinda like how Snow White drifted-is that what they call thread crapping-inquiring minds don't want to know but will be told anyway.
  6. So-does anyone else feel at times when on a gun forum a persons initial question never gets answered- When the answers get completely off topic that it's frustrating. Not on this forum but another one that I can't name-starts with a G and ends in a K.
  7. Living here for the last 21 years and have learned a few things-like the word yawll-which I thought was a wood working tool. And I always thought when someone say's bless yer heart they meant it. And another strange saying that I still have not as of yet figured out-get on up out of here-or fixin to do anything but fix nothing? Oh well-I am getting old enough I really don't care to give any figgurin into it.
  8. I really like the X-Frame-fits as good as it gets-all fingers on grip including pinkie.
  9. I recently decided to go smaller and lighter-away from the 1911's I have toted for the last score of years. I didn't really know what I wanted-was considering a Kimber or Sig in the Micro 9 size when I ran into a friend I used to work with and he was carrying the original P365 and said he really likes it-for the last 4 years likes it. So I trusted him and picked up the P365X with the Romeo Zero optic already installed-I really hate the fact of having to drop to something lighter and easier to carry but I shall see how it goes with the Sig. I think considering they have been a proven firearm for a couple of years it should be fine.
  10. Sling shots capable of slinging more than 1 steelie will also make the list-and Nerf guns are already on it.
  11. Takes a real craftsman to make a stock by hand-both are great.
  12. RIA makes a pretty decent 1911-I have one like yours but in 10mm and bull barrel. I like 9mm also in a 1911-congrats on a good choice.
  13. I accidentally discharged a 9mm 115gr FMJ at a wall several years ago-it went thru the 1 inch backsplash of the counter-which I might add was solid particle board-continued thru the dry wall-thru the 2x4 next to the counter and lodged in the outer siding.


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