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  1. 35,000 to 40,000 is a lot of ammo-when I was at Range USA I had spent a lot of time cleaning and keeping our firearms running and we had no more wear on the g27 than the g26-I hadn't noticed fixing Glock's that were .40 S&W no more than the 9mm-in fact I repaired more of the g30 and g36 in .45ACP. What was problematic was reloading casings that were fired from a Glock barrel due to the lack of support on the bottom of the chamber. Some had case blowouts from the cases being weaker in that spot.
  2. Should be a great shooter-and good looking also-very nice woodwork.
  3. The best method I hear of making sure you never acquire the virus is to stay in a 4x4 foot plastic cube until it's maybe safe to come out-only after radiation has killed the bug or a thermonuclear device is set off.
  4. I use a Yahoo e-mail address so far no problems
  5. Holster was marked sold previously but thanks.
  6. Ritchie Leather CQQR for Ultra 3 inch barrel 1911 holster Black-right hand-1 1/2 inch belt loops Some carry wear Asking $75.00 including shipping in USA only Will accept PayPal or postal money order PM for more info SOLD
  7. My guess is there will be a lot more self defense shootings nation wide-with police dept cut backs and politician's not willing to actually let the Officer's due their job without retaliation from the thug's and Democrat's. Can't even blame Officer's that are leery of defending themselves because of misled reprisal.
  8. Near new Galco Combat Master for 4 inch barrel Ruger GP100 or like size frame in S&W or Colt. Right Hand draw-tan-takes up to 1 3/4 inch belt. Asking $35.00 including shipping in USA only. Will accept PayPal of postal money order. PM for more info.
  9. I have a Alessi CQCS in black for a Officers 1911 for sale. Will also work nicely for the 4 inch or Ultra 3 inch barrel's Like new with no wear or blemishes. Asking $90.00 including shipping in USA only.NOW $75.00 Will accept PayPal or postal money order. PM for more info. HOLSTER SOLD
  10. Boy you have their number correct-pander and whine-what they do best.
  11. This bill has been DOA for a couple of months already-I really begin to wonder what the reasoning behind the recycling of old news is-Geez can we get some fresher news in this cycle already. I think they like to repeat this crap every time there is a break in the weather or another calamity of some sort. According to Washington this has a 19% chance of passing out of committee-let's kill this one already.
  12. I am in the same kinda thinking here that these may be anti 2nd amendment-I would not put anything past some of these people to use our very right's as a way of getting their own cause furthered. Dress up and act like a bunch of gun nut's-their words not mine.

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