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  1. Fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
  2. If you fellas want one you can come get the one that's potholing my yard-darned thing has holes all over the place-I would trap it but I can't find his den. I saw him last week on my Ring cam just rounding the front of the house-in broad daylight no less.Of coarse we are in Lakeland where if you fire a weapon outside you can count on the black helicopters showing up.
  3. I was thinkin about opening up a lawsuit against Seagrams 7-when I drank it I would end up fallin down an hurtin myself-ya think I have a case??
  4. A good Nikon 3x9x40 Rimfire or the 2x7x32 Nikon Rimfire-I have a couple of different 22's that have everything from a Weaver 4x16x44 Kaspa with adjustable objective to Nikon's all with good results. Another scope I really like is a Vortex Crossfire II 3x12x44 also with an adjustable objective. One thing to think of when scoping 22lr rifles is either an adjustable objective or a scope with a parallax adjusted to 50 yards-most high power scopes are adjusted for 100 yards.
  5. They had full autos when it was Range USA-I know cause I was the armorer there for almost 2 years.The full autos never really rented that well-when a full auto Glock runs at 1200 rpm it can use a lot of ammo in a hurry. We had a full auto AR15 in 9mm-a Sterling-MP5-and a Glock 17 with a buzz kit in a Micro Roni stock.
  6. At an indoor range there are normally signs telling to keep holstered weapon holstered.
  7. I think this whole open carry scare is just complete hogwash-open carriers have never presented a problem before so why are they singled out now. If an open carrier is there to do harm it seems to me they are not coming in the door quietly but open firing as they are walking in. As it were it is not the law abiding that they have to worry their little brains about.
  8. Defender became even better as the newer Windows 10 levels roll out.I remember seeing recently some tests done by Avira I think-rated Defender very good.I have also used it since Windows 10 came out.
  9. krunchnik

    CMMG Banshee 300

    I have a CMMG upper in .300BO that has been really great-bull barrel stainless-holds a very nice group at 100 yds.
  10. Well I for one am never going to San Francisco-not that I would have anyway. We will call the NRA a bunch of terrorists but let ANTIFA skate-what a bunch of yodels.
  11. I wrote a rather long letter to Wal Mart and relayed my displeasure with their now anti 2nd amendment tactics-but it probably will do no good-for if they did care they wouldn't get politically involved.

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