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  1. krunchnik

    Taurus G3C

    Yeh-My wife says I like them too much.
  2. krunchnik

    Taurus G3C

    My Son has the G2C and really likes it-if I wasn't such a 1911 snob I probably would carry either the G2C or the G3.
  3. krunchnik

    Taurus G3C

    What second strike capable means is if the first trigger pull doesn't set the round off you can pull the trigger again and it will strike the primer for a second time. Taurus G2C has the same capabilities and most of the Taurus polymer pistols have had this feature for a long time.
  4. Same here-$100.00 is very fair for 2000 primers-wish I was in that area.
  5. Aaaannnnddddd-I am still waiting-has been at Memphis hub since May 28th.
  6. It's kinda peculiar that I have had 2 packages in recent history both get to our main hub only to fall victim to the ever dreaded USPS running late and delivery date unknown. Now what makes it a bit suspicious is the fact that I had 2 packages arrive at the hub on the same day but only 1 package is now late. Both times I have had this coincidence happen was with bullet orders from the manufacturer-now I know what your thinking-just large heavy orders-nope only 500 bullets per order. Just seems a little off-and I am not fond of the just a coincidence theory.
  7. Seems we were posting at the same time
  8. How big of a small grill is it-some of the picnic table grills just use the small LP cylinders such as the Coleman. The larger grills use a standard 20 pound cylinder-which are around $25.00 deposit plus around $20.00 to fill. Some of the grills use lava rock but for the most part they use some sort of heat plate in place of the rocks. A picture of the grill would go a long ways.
  9. I can't for the life of me think there are actually people this stupid-it's actually beyond stupid we are into the insane part of stupidity. Can anyone say short in rear wiring and see how long their car burns.
  10. My son has a route from Memphis to St.Louis daily-he said this hoses him big time.
  11. Henry also lists some lever wrap kits on their website.
  12. I had already thought we were a sanctuary state-I guess any improvement in laws that protect the 2ND is a good thing.


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