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  1. Defender became even better as the newer Windows 10 levels roll out.I remember seeing recently some tests done by Avira I think-rated Defender very good.I have also used it since Windows 10 came out.
  2. krunchnik

    CMMG Banshee 300

    I have a CMMG upper in .300BO that has been really great-bull barrel stainless-holds a very nice group at 100 yds.
  3. Well I for one am never going to San Francisco-not that I would have anyway. We will call the NRA a bunch of terrorists but let ANTIFA skate-what a bunch of yodels.
  4. I wrote a rather long letter to Wal Mart and relayed my displeasure with their now anti 2nd amendment tactics-but it probably will do no good-for if they did care they wouldn't get politically involved.
  5. I wonder if assault ammo will go thru 10 inches of steel-or completely thru a Mack truck-or hurt people by magic cause it's black or something-assault ammo is specially made for assaulting things-gimme a break
  6. Man-why can't the CEO's of food sales stores just concentrate on selling food-these Businessmen are listening to the screamers.Trouble with all of this anti-gun rhetoric is not one thing they suggest has anything to do with making anyone any safer-they feel if less of we regular people can't get our hands on guns it will make them safer-what a bunch of total maroons.
  7. I myself have not purchased any ammo or firearms from Wal mart in several years-what really tore it for me is when they decided not to sell firearms unless you are 21-the law is 18 for a long gun or shotgun-that put a burr in my britches.
  8. I have the Ring Flood Light Cam that is hardwired into my front outside light-we were having problems with some malevolent teenagers awhile back and decided we needed something to be able to record their activities.Ours has video and sound which works pretty well.Ring has their yearly charge of $30.00.Ring saves the videos for 90 days allowing a person to download them to a PC.The floodlight is LED and is very bright-it is fully adjustable camera and flood.
  9. Scenario:I have a gun for sale-Joe bob wants to buy gun from me so we go to FFL for transfer Snafu:Joe bob is prohibited from buying due to felony record Recourse:Now what do I and the FFL have to do- Do I keep my gun-does the FFL keep a record of Joe Bob-does Jo Bob get pissed off at both of us and try to knife us both-do the cops get called-all good questions that I would bet not one of those snot nosed politicians ever think of. Universal Background Checks are pure BS
  10. Taurus uses a small hollow screw with a spring and very small detent-kinda looks like a detent out of a AR15 pin-if the screw falls out the whole crane comes out.
  11. Hear Ye-Hear Ye I 100% agree
  12. I quit using Chrome recently also-I have been using Edge for the last couple of weeks and it has been working pretty decently-uses less processor time and memory also.

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