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  1. The original idea from Sig is the P365 was named as such to be carried 365 days a year- In a smaller and easier to carry package with decent round count on board- Now it no longer is living up to its name-being larger and all- If a person wants a full size 9mm to carry there are hundreds to choose from- Sig has forgotten the reason it is called a P365-
  2. My wife would go to Florida with her now deceased friend and I was glad for it- Because I also can't stand anything to do with sand-surf and skin burning sun- I have been known to go North to see my family at times and we always had a few friends ask why we would go on separate trips-it sure keeps the arguing down- Some of us older people actually sleep separate-wife sounds like a buzz saw going at night-used to not get much sleep-now we both sleep better which means we are both in better moods-
  3. If a person were to not open their mouth and tell everyone on the internet about said firearms- How would any entity of Government even know- If there is no gun registration how do they know whether you purchased in your home state or not-from an individual-a long time ago- Not advocating for breaking any farcical laws but just saying- Far too many people give way too much credit to Governmental Offices-
  4. Well as an update I will not use CFE223 for my .308 loads-accuracy suffers and velocity is not on the par with AA2520- I guess for .308 I will stick with Accurate in the lighter and heavier bullets- Seems to work well in both- Relegat my CFE223 to 30-30 which it works very well in and my .223 loads-
  5. Why is it that there are a whole host of States that would fulfill a anti-gunners wet dream- Yet they are continuously trying to screw up a good State- I am down with the idea that they should just move somewhere that is a lot more restrictive in their rights-
  6. Can be a wrist breaker-
  7. I also have a Hornady lock box cabled to the post under the drivers seat-would have to remove the seat or cut the cable to get the box- I had my car broken into about 7 or 8 years ago-was sitting in my drive way-and I live in Lakeland- They pilfered a toolbox and my jump pack but I try not to keep anything of much value in our autos-
  8. krunchnik


    Needs a superstrong booger picker- When I worked at the old Range USA in Memphis our head of classes installed a trigger kit for an older female acquaintance of his- Same deal there also was an overly heavy trigger pull on a 642- And these salesmen at these stores will always try selling an inexperienced older female a super duper 6 shooter-that takes a professional pistolero to shoot-
  9. How about we simplify it-ban all politicians-
  10. I goofed when listing data for the 168gr-42.0 not 44.0-
  11. Yup-I have a Lyman and their hardcast manual-a Lee-a very old Speer manual that is probably as old as I am-Hornady 50th Edition I believe- And also have a subscription to Ammoguide and Load Data- A person can never have too much information- Accurate now is under Hogden's pervue with load data on their site for free-


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