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  1. Could it be the new and improved Rifleman-go figure-
  2. kinda like the title says-I have a Para Expert Carry for sale $500.00 firm- This has sat in my safe since Range USA closed and has approximately 50 rounds fired- I shot it for function and reliabilty is all- I took this as payment in lieu of cash from having work performed-So it's not even been on a holster- Comes with 2-8 round magazines-owner's manual and original case- No Trades-I need to pay for another firearm- If Interested PM or e-mail krunchnik@hotmail.com Local Memphis FTF only-no ship- All Tennessee and federal laws followed-
  3. Yup-that one has all kinds of I have a Henry H006M in .41 mag I have standing in the corner of the bedroom- Fitted with a Skinner Peep-ghost ring with no insert- It will shoot a 2 inch group at 50 yards with no eyeball help- I also like the traditional appeal-
  4. It's a no sale at $105.00 per thousand- I can wait until they come down to at least half that- There sure has to be a lot of folks willing to pay thru the nose-
  5. First think I would check is the ammo being used-I have had the same issues with my first reloads not being sized down far enough-
  6. The design purpose of the micro 9mm is the ability to have an ample supply of rounds-say 10 or 12-without the size and bulk - If a person wants to carry more rounds and their hands are larger why not just carry a larger pistol- The concept of a hidden pistol is to keep it hidden-hard to accomplish considering a longer magazine protruding from the part of a pistol that's sticking out further-
  7. A Conservative State for the most part and we still have to worry about the ever-increasing Rino's-
  8. Participation in this Sig conversation can be hazardous to my bank account- On account I sure would like that comp model also- I fear I am going to have to sell something-
  9. Doesn't get any better than Sig- I have both the X and XL both in the Wilson Module- I used to carry 1911's but not anymore-less weight and easier to shoot with the optics- I also have the Holosun 407K and 507K-
  10. Sig Sauer factory store also has leather OWB made by I believe Mitch Rosen for around $75.00- Rosen holsters are quality leather no doubt- In the $150.00 range Ritchie Leather also makes a very nice OWB which snaps on- Ritchie Holsters are sold by Top Gun Supply-both are in stock-
  11. Seems like there is always a fair amount of rape going on when it is a new fangled pop gun-
  12. Looks very interesting- And I agree that it seems geared towards the P365 crowd-of which I am one-


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