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  1. I have one like Jerry's but with plastic see thru covers-it works pretty well-I also have the Tipton Best Gun Vise-I prefer the Tipton for mounting things like scopes and such.
  2. Decided to put together a AR with a little bling-not a lot just a little.
  3. This is good to know-I have looked at items on their site and could never order-Thanks
  4. I know it's not you Dave-sorry if I wasn't clear-I meant in general that's how a lot of guys think. I myself have experienced that same attitude from people I have talked with-when I worked at Range USA we actually had a couple of guys there with that same attitude-someone else can fix it-why should I.
  5. If a person is unwilling to help out even in some small way they have no business complaining when politicians pull their crap- My son is coworkers with an older fella that piss and moans about all the anti-gun politicians and the stuff they try to enact-but when he was asked if he does anything about it the answer is no. Do you vote-Naw they don't listen anyways. Do you belong to any groups like the NRA or GOA-Naw they only want my money. Do you at least write or call your Representatives-Naw what good what that do. So I say to this fella-SHUT UP-you have no complaint if your unwilling to help.
  6. I have carried a 1911 of one flavor or another since I got my permit around 2006-either a Kimber Ultra Carry or a Para Expert carry both 3 inch barrel. I have a couple of Kimber and Springfield 4 inch models but are heavier and do not get carried as much. I feel like a 1911 fits myself better than any other make of pistol.That is why I carry one
  7. We have the Irobot 690 and the darn thing gets stuck sometimes in the worst places-in fact when installing the app on your phone it makes you pick a name for it-we call it DUMAS-pronounced exactly like it looks. We can be at a store and I will get a text from DUMAS-I am stuck come help!!
  8. I have never checked headspace either on the 5 I have put together-so far I have not had any problems with any of them.
  9. I gotta wonder why they are called accidental discharge when we all know it's a negligent discharge. Accidental would be the gun going off all by itself without the help of an idiot's finger.
  10. I have used the laser bore sighter's to great avail. I recently built a rifle length AR15 just for target shooting and possible varmint. Mounted a Nikon 3x9x40 bore sighted at around 15 yards-set the crosshair's in the middle of red dot. Went to range and started target at 25 yards-dead center-never had to change zero at all.
  11. Did you walk to school or carry your lunch???
  12. Have to appreciate a fine 22lr-lots of fun.
  13. Really is crap what the politicians are doing in Virginia-seems that they forgot who they actually work for. Why are our Second Amendment rights always under attack-I have never read or heard anywhere that we should put muzzles on Democrats to curb the first Amendment rights.
  14. I just test fired a new upper I bought from them-quality is very good and accuracy is good also.Interesting to see where PSA comes from.

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