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  1. I found it easiest to order online, ya gotta wait for delivery, but...
  2. once you get the true expungement papers, you can expedite the tbi/federal removal by faxing in to the TBI see here : https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/tbi/documents/cjis/Expungement-FAQ-2018.pdf the expungement is what takes the longest... mine was 4 to 5 months ( this expungement was supposed to have been done 5 years earlier when the case was dismissed as part of the dismissal --- it was not done) my fax was answered with a call to my cell phone in a few hours after it was faxed... telling me I was good to go pick up the firearms I had purchased but could not pick up until the record was cleared. went to FFL that day and TICS came back NO PROBLEM in like 10 minutes
  3. Hey guys.. actually looking for Ruger AR-556, M&P sport II, colt 6920, even bushmaster patrolman Nashville area gun stores?? say within 100 miles of Downtown............ I want to stay under $1000.... can't seem to see any store stock online .... thanks for the help
  4. Great trigger.. and fits like a glove.. and seems super accurate so far.... lke it better than my G19 gen4
  5. I was considering a G26, or G43 or the XD MOD2..... I grabbed the XD for $519 and put 200 rounds though it right away.... If you haven't tried this gun... You Need to.. Smooth, balanced, accurate.. it just fits and works well
  6. S&W Kings in columbia.. Personally I used GT distributors in Chattanooga( actually over the line in Rossville,Georgia) for Glock 19 gen4 with night sights $455... they run it up the street to the pawn shop FFL in TN and you do the TICS check there
  7. I have a buddy with a FARM he is going to take us out and teach us to start off... We are reading all the manuals and stuff... I bought dummy rounds so we can practice loading, unload, clearing, safe handling,... before we even introduce live rounds into the mix we don't want to be "THAT GUY" still need to get ears and eyes (looking for ears that allow you to hear when someone is teaching you-- the ones I used at the range didn't let me hear anything) probably look for a deal on 1000 rounds... and I like the green viridian laser and light will worry about vehicle safe and holster as we progress oh and find a GOOD permit class
  8. I AM OFFICAILLY A GUN OWNER!!! I went down and did another TICS application and passed in just a few minutes and walked out with my guns WHOOP WHOOP
  9. Yes Glock 19 BETTER NEWS -- TBI called me a few hours after I faxed the expedite to them and they said record clear and I am GOOD TO GO!!!
  10. Expungement received!!!! I found on the TBI webpages that I can fax it to a certain number and they will expedite purging my case from the records and forwarding it to FBI... It is now faxed.... I was told by FFL that guns are waiting on me and Probably take 2 weeks for TBI to purge records... so I am getting close!!!
  11. Still waiting on Expungement packet in the Mail... I found a rule stating TBI can expedite expungement for Firearm purchase ....so I will doing that once I get my Packet... either way TBI already told me to try again and if denied fax copy of expungement in with appeal.... Naturally Dr. has cleared me to return to work this week... so I will not have a ton of time to go to RANGE and learn how to shoot like I had planned when this all started
  12. Just thinkin....safety deposit box?? could work doesn't need to be a big one... could set it up so you or he can access it he sends you the key...
  13. he said he would hold them for a year if he had to
  14. I have been in touch they are paid in full and I have receipt I could just report them stolen I guess if they are not still there.. but we will see... would think there is some risk to sell guns he doesn't own and were transferred to him from original dealer in a paid for deal


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