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  1. It was PointBlank first time going there. It wasn't the same after Range USA took over. I asked around with coworkers seeing if anyone shot there. Most everyone went to creek/river banks and used turtles, snakes and gar for targets.
  2. I checked out Range USA years ago while looking for local reloading supplies. They had some bullets but nothing else. The place was a bit more crowded than I liked and they didn't want my cast bullets with Alox. Range time was by the hour. A trip to Range Masters was about half the mileage so I shot there 4 times. Space in lanes was great. I carried my granddaughter and a friend, could get all 3 of us at the bench to show them how the guns worked at the same time. Shoot as long as you like. My 5th trip they were closed. My CCW permit class was in Southaven with shooting at Bullseye. It was small, dark with narrow lanes. I shot there twice before the class. The night of the class those walls seemed to get closer. Shoot as long as you like. Range USA has a new store in Southaven. I went there when it first opened to check them out. Have checked them out a few times online since. Can have orders shipped to store.
  3. Yep, that time again. I called the local high school MCJROTC officer about cleaning the range room. Was there at the appointed time. The cadets had cleaned one room and left me a container. I cleaned the second room. Counting the bucket I got 34 pounds of spent tin .177 pellets. When my grandson was on the rifle team there were 25 cadets. 2 to 3 computations per week as far south as Columbus, Grenada and Greenville. Lt. Col said this year he had 5 cadets and 4 students, never got a call for computations. Lt. Col. gave me the phone numbers of the 5 other schools in Desoto County that had rifle teams in the past. None had enough to fill a team either. Some removed it from the program. I built a fire in the pit, laid a steel bar across and added a grate. Sat the Dutch oven on and filled with pellets. Added more wood. As the pellets melted I was able to empty the bucket in the pot. After they melted I added a scoop of sawdust, stirred, scrapped the bottom and sides, spooned the trash off and added a second scoop of sawdust. Stirred, scrapped the bottom and sides, spooned the trash off again. I got 28 cornbread stick ingots of tin. Roughly 1 lb each, I'll weigh them later.
  4. Got my 16 tomato plants growing. Had a late bamboo habitat cutting day this year. Got me some new stakes 9 ft long. Got sheets of cardstock from pallets at Sam's. Cut/fit around plants and covered with sawdust/leaf mulch. Got to replace some of my buckets that split down the side. 5 quarter inch holes in the bottom, filled with last year's kitchen compost and leaf mulch, placed between plants. All chemicals and watering goes in the buckets. I use to plant a 2 liter drink bottle by each plant for the same.
  5. There was a free newspaper for our area and Western Auto had an ad on both center pages. We collected a few papers from neighbors that didn't want it. A coupon for Western Auto 22 shorts a nickel or dime per box with a limit of 4. We had 10 brick before buying a rifle that would shoot shorts. Dad would let us shoot the pistol.
  6. It's been a few years, haven't been to Nashville since 2013.
  7. Looking at the hunting section of a fishing website I saw a person in Horn Lake, MS with a case of Winchester 9mm ammo for $140. I made contact and went after it. I didn't look at the case until I got home. It was Winchester 40 S&W. Called him back. Yep, gave you the wrong case. I went back for the 9mm. I posted the 40 S&W the same way as he posted a week later, this time for $400. Sold 20 minutes later.
  8. Our last trip to Stone river gun range they were $3 per 100.
  9. Being banned didn't stop dad from coming back in under another name. The boys down south wanted reloading supplies and DLM wouldn't make a trip. Dad took a parttime job for a bit. Rules in our retirement is we can't get extra income. So he lost his retirement for 3 months. Dad made a deal with DLM. He'd sell the supplies the boys wanted, collect payment then DLM would deliver. All supply prices were through DLM. We had a funeral in Grenada the coming weekend. Mules were arranged to get supplies farther south. Dad had sold close to $3,000 in supplies. He called DLM to make sure of the order. Found out someone didn't want to deal through dad. DLM was making a special trip to Jackson, MS the same weekend. Said he wouldn't sell enough to cover his trip. He was right, didn't have enough of what they wanted. About a quarter of what dad had sold for him. Dad had to return the money cheapest he could. Check 25 cents. stamp 45 cents 75 times. He barrowed that money from me and closed the checking account after emptying it. DLM came online and said dad was under selling his supplies. He was banned without a chance to defend himself.
  10. He was banned before defending his actions in a transaction that went bad. He traveled to east TN to inspect some reloading equipment and supplies before buying. The seller set up a sale before he got there. Most that wasn't sold or the owner would be taking with him was junk. A lot of stuff that wasn't reloading related, western movies, magazines, books, kitchen sink. Dad talked to DLM after seeing what was offered. "I've seen it, I offered him $50 for everything. Figured I'd sit on it for a long time before getting my money back."
  11. No telling why others aren't replying. How many are still active in our area? How many have been offended by other's comments and left? I would like to change my username to my dad's, most likely get banned for something he didn't do.
  12. American Reloading had 9mm 115 gr fmj blems $55 per thousand. I ordered 4,000. State tax, no shipping fee.
  13. I stopped at Avery's in Memphis Tuesday. A pretty good display of powders, $80 to 110 per bottle. Price on a jug was $199. A few primers @ $9 per pack. 100 box of bullets were about the price of 50 rds of the same caliber of pistol.
  14. I replied in the other thread. I don't do restaurants except call in/carry out. Maybe meet at a park. There's a lot to choose from. Grill lunch if we have too. Select a date, time about 9 am till 2 pm or so. Make a food/supply list.


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