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  1. At an auction the other night the seller had a case of Remington 22 LR ammo, 500 ct per box. He never ran it for auction. As the request section of the auction started I asked about them. He wants $20 per box. The auction company adds 10% onto all sales. So now that box will cost $22. I did a walk through at walmart, I don't shop there. They had 2 different boxes of Remington 22 LR , both are 550 ct boxes. Ones is $19.49 and the other is $19.97. Get to know prices before you head to an auction.
  2. We would camp at Pickwick lake's Tail Race campground years ago. Catfishing from the bank wasn't very good. In the evening we'd hit the boils below the dam using a 3/4 oz red jighead with a 6" plastic shad. Cast out to the boil, let sink for a few seconds then raise the rod a bit. A stripe was usually on and the fun began if it was a big one. Longest I caught was 25 inches.
  3. Go to Firehouse Subs to get their buckets. $2 each with lids. Money goes to help First Responders.
  4. Welcome. Want to shoot at an open range with my family? Let's meet up at Sardis, MS
  5. If you buy prepped cases to reload do you collect them after shooting, ship them off to be prepped again?
  6. "potatoes added to okra" Cut the potatoes like you would do fries, 1/4 to 1/2" square then cut them about 1/2" long. About half potatoes and half okra. Bread them with the okra. I use cornmeal, add a little salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder to the mix. Shake off some of the mix as you add them to the grease.
  7. I prep my own 223 cases, very little work involved. Prepping 556 cases to 223 is a lot more work. Just got a 5 gallon bucket of mixed 223/556 cases. Looking at head stamps now. So far very few 223 cases.
  8. Looks like an ad for MS Processed Brass dot com to me.
  9. First time to McIvor Shooting Facility 09/06/2019 had the pistol range to myself. Couldn't get any kind of pattern with my 40 sw. Did a bit better with my 9m. A little better with my 357. 38spl, there was no heart left in the target after 200 rounds. Guess I'm a 38spl wheel man. I saw a sign driving to the range, fresh produce. I stopped when leaving, everything was $1 per lb. by his scale I got 8 lbs of Mortgage lifter tomatoes. 12 lbs of okra, 8 lbs of yellow straight neck squash. At home potatoes were added to the okra for frying, onions were add to the squash for frying. A quart of purple hull peas and a pan of buttermilk cornbread
  10. Dad made a single cylinder wet tumbler from a threadmill, very few notes left with it. A 6" PVC 22" long pipe with a cap at one and a screw on cap the the other., Fill cylinder with with brass, 5 lbs of pins, 2 Tsp Dawn, 1 tsp dishwasher dryer, fill with water. Didn't matter if I used Teflon tape or wet seal it leaked. Brass would have wet seal on them and some of the pins would be stuck in it. I replaced it with a rubber expansion plug. Max time for the threadmill is 150 minutes. Brass comes out looking great. Wash water goes into the flowerbeds, boxwoods and roses seem to like it along with rinse water. Rinse 2 times and spin to remove pins then back into the cylinder with 2 Tsp Nu Finish and filled with water. Set timer for 150 minutes. Spin and rinse 2 times to remove more pins. Garden plants don't need this water, dump in lawn. Then to a 10" pvc cylinder with screened windows with a fan behind the threadmill for cool air drying for 150 minutes. Added note, wash hands, apply a little Nu Finish to hands before handling brass. I had orange spots when I didn't. Inspect 380, 9m, 38spl, 357 and 223 brass before loading. Pins like ti hang in them.
  11. One thing I remembered about my dad. He had a 30" shop fan blowing from behind him while casting. If we were indoor or outdoor shooting that fan was behind us.
  12. Lordy, looks like dad has me stocked for life. 12 jugs of rifle powder. 11 jugs of pistol powder plus 2 kegs of win 231. A few cases or small rifle primers and a few cases of small pistol primers. Buckets of bullets that will need to be lubed and sized. Boxes of copper bullets never opened. Not a 22 or shotshell in sight yet he had a few. A note taped to a jug said don't buy from Dennis. No clue who that may be.
  13. I got my disability retirement started, can't climb ladders, that was a major part of my job. My left arm is still weak. Been casting a lot of boolits and sinkers. Sell a few sinkers and jigheads to the locals, but no boolits. Haven't sized or lubed them yet. Been reading the old books and picked up a new one and printed off online load data. The old powder data is the same, just some new powders that aren't in the old books. I may never use them. Decapping and sizing a bucket of 9mm cases is the only action I've had with the press. I read dad's notes before starting. Tumble in walnut so not to damage dies. These were stained pretty bad. After sizing they went through a wet tumble with stainless steel pins. Air dried then into the tumbler with corncob and Nu Finish. A lot of desiccant packs with them in the bucket. McIvor Shooting Facility opened April 6, at Charles Ray Nix WMA west of Sardis, MS. I've been reading about it, can shoot all day for $15. Almost all day, Thur, Fri and Sun 12 to 6 and Sat 10 to 6. As close or closer than the ranges in W TN without having to drive through Memphis. Plus it's outdoor. May carry a couple of guns and some of these older reloads tomorrow.
  14. Why I haven't been here. Shortly after signing in had a few moles removed, one was close to lipp node so it was removed too. The moles came back clean, not the node. 4 months of kemo and a big drug bill. I need to retire, I feel like doing nothing.
  15. I got my equipment and supplies from my dad. 7 truck loads from his house to mine and still boxes of lead ingots to haul this way. By his notes and invoices I have 3 cases of small pistol magnum primers and 1 case of small rifle magnum primers. Probable twice that much powder. He was big in shooting 38spl, 357, 9mm, 380 auto, 40sw, .223, 30car. and 7.62X39.

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