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  1. I saw an ad today. 500 rds of Wolf Gold 223 $1,000. A buddy and I bought 10 cases at $165 each so we could get free shipping.
  2. I looked at a video on you tube, the guy made a single cylinder from PVC for his HF rock tumbler. I see that you'd gain space for a few more cases per tumbling, not many. It would give you something else to tinker with and keep you out of the wife's way. Free PVC pipe can be found. A supply house could be cheaper than a retail store.
  3. I heard of putting mineral spirits in the media. Suppose to helps cut the dust. How many loads could you tumble before refreshing it. I don't care for the smell, I'll buy a cheap paint brush and throw it away before cleaning it with mineral spirits
  4. I've been playing with this treadmill all morning. It has a 160 minute timer, almost 3 hours of future tumbling time, set it and let it run. Belt speed, I set dial to 24, jacked the rear end up on a concrete block. Placed a brick at the head and turned it on. The brick went 21 feet then rolled another 7. Turned it down to 0.1 and got on it. I think snails move faster than I walked. Headed to Harbor Freight to pick up some bar clamps.
  5. DaveTN, there's 2 ways to buy one of the FA media tumbler kits. Buy the SKU: 645880 kit for $80 or buy the SKU: 855020 tumbler for $45 and the SKU: 507565 rotary shifter with bucket for $30. I would go with the second and save $5.
  6. Looking at a Wewe group this morning a person close to Gulfport, MS wants to trade 175 rounds of 40 S&W ammo for a brick of sp or sr primers. Thought I knew that name from a fishing site, yep same person. I know what these primers cost so I offer a brick of each for his ammo. I won't take advantage of his offer. I know If I sold all I have at current price I could retire. Now to find some drivers for the swap instead of shipping.
  7. Set the case in the correct shell holder in a single stage press, no dies. Press the handle down to get the case up. Grab hold of the bullet with good pliers and pull up on the handle. If you can't grip it use a hammer style bullet puller to get it close to factory settings or out.
  8. There's a thing about using dryer sheets in the dryer. They lessen the life of a dryer and can cause fires. Here's a test. Pull the lint screen from the dryer, roll up the lint and do what you want to do with it. I stuff it in toilet paper rollers for fire starters. Take the screen to a sink and put a couple of drops of water on it. Does the water bead up or run through? If it beads up look for other problems too. The lint screen needs to be sprayed with HOT water every couple of months. That glue in dryer sheets gets into vent pipes too. Visiting a cousin in Nashville some 15 years ago.
  9. Wow, craigslist ad, Free treadmill in A-1 working order, 40 miles south of me. I got the address and phone number. Ad is gone now. Will pick up tomorrow.
  10. I don't have photos. Here's a link to you tube, his set up is just like it.
  11. I've been casting sinkers and bullets for a long time. Equipment for rough lead melt can be bought new or by checking out yard sales and thrift stores. Dad's came from yard sales, $2 for a 6 quart cast iron dutch oven, quarter for serving spoons and ladles, $5 for a fryer base. Had to clean the rust out of the burner and spider webs out of the tube. If new, that would be about $100. Production pots can be found used for about half price of new. Free and cheap lead is hard to find, but it's out there. 2 years ago a friend found a 1,800 lb keel on the east coast for $400. I helped drive an
  12. The pandemic cut production back or closed some operations all over the world. What I've read is we might get our first shipment of primers from Italy in January. Our last shipment was in May. When the Winchester plant in Oxford, MS was being built I helped a friend pull wires, so I got a sort of tour without machines. The primer room holds 8 machines. They are down to 4 to give employees space. They product 22.s, sr primers, 223 and 556 ammo.
  13. Want a cheap tumbler, got a treadmill? A friend built a wood ladder to fit on his mill. Add the large Folger's coffee cans like Sam's carry with media and cases inside. He can tumble 7 cans at once. He's looking at you tube for wet tumbler ideas.
  14. I have a Frankford Arsenal and Lyman Turbo. I use walnut media to clean the cases before they go to the press. Desert Blend from Petco does a great job and cheaper. For cases that are trimmed and sized I use corncob media to remove the lube. New media will take a hour or 2 to clean the cases. As it gets older it will take longer. I add spent dryer sheets to remove some of the black dust. I go about 5 years before dumping the old media in a flowerbed. Use the tumbler outdoors. I got a container of Tuff Nut once, ran the tumbler in my shop for about a month. I have red dust


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