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  1. Thank you. I hoped to find one “in the wild”; but this is a very good retail option.
  2. Wanted: Lever Action .357 Magnum I would like to add a .357 Magnum lever action to my collection. Models I would be interested in are Marlin 1894 or Rossi 92. Blue finish preferred 20” barrel preferred Smooth, uncheckered wood preferred Pre-safety would be a bonus (will consider the premium that comes with this) Non-Remington produced Marlins preferred Used is fine as long as it is in very good condition Within a reasonable distance from Nashville I am not in a hurry. I am not interested in paying retail. In order to avoid this turning into a long debate thread of one model vs. the other, let me know what you have via PM. PS - for the Marlin Collector, I have a Marlin 1894CL in .218 Bee (as new with box - would consider trading with brass and dies) I would consider trading for an as new pre-safety Marlin 1894 in .357 Magnum.
  3. The “bulge” mentioned above reminds me of an issue I ran into years ago. Some of the mixed range brass I picked up would produce a bulge in the case when using heavier bullets. I discovered that the cases in question had a ledge inside the case. I assume the manufacturer had the ledge to prevent bullet set-back under recoil. I separated that brand from my heavy 100 gr. Load and the issue went away. It my not be an issue with lighter bullets.
  4. I find myself shooting so I can reload. That’s how much I enjoy the reloading process. As mentioned above, get a good single stage press. Better yet, several manufacturers offer a “kit” with the basic tools you will eventually need. My recommendation is pursue casting your own projectiles later. After you get the basics of reloading better understood. I have loaded off and on for 30 years and never cast a bullet on my own. I’d like to try it after I retire. My opinion is it may be a little too much to become proficient with all at once. There are several sources out there for good cast bullets. It is good to see someone taking up this fun hobby. Be prepared. It can become an obsession.
  5. Unfortunately, I do not travel with work in that direction. About the closest I would get is Cookeville.


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