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  1. I was in the area so I drove across the levy to the pond where the Grand Casino use to sit. The guy pulled his stringer up and left, 4 giant crappie. I look in the back seat, wife had cleaned my truck out. 17 miles to my house then back. Not a bite in 3 hours. I've been back 5 times without a bite. Yesterday there was water across the road heading to The Willows.
  2. At an auction a seller had single hen blow up decoys that sold for $8. A triple pack 1 tom 2 hens sold for $10, I bought 3. I've seen flocks in the area but the land owners won't reply to my calls.
  3. Use spent dryer sheets before throwing them out. As the media ages add more sheets. I'm using 8 in 5 year old media. It takes about 3 hours to clean brass instead of an hour. Walnut media for cleaning brass, corncob with Nu Finish to polish.
  4. I look for concerts. This one is 1:29:05 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fe7jMEpnVmc
  5. I saw it Tuesday while getting my second vaccine shoot. Didn't know who it was for and didn't ask. I get an email report daily from the state health department that shows the number of new cases reported the day before. Scroll down and click in the data link for county's total numbers. I started recording those numbers on a calendar starting November 1, 2020. Since the vaccine has started the numbers are dropping. We aren't out of the woods yet. Wear your mask, take your zinc, C, B12, D3, aspirin and a cold pill daily. If you feel sick, take something for it. If bad enough get tested or s
  6. Grandson called me, meet him at Academy Sports in Olive Branch at 9 am the next morning. I got there at 8:30 and there were 40 people in line. He was second to get in the door. I waited till 8:55 before walking up to join him. We heard uh's and ah's behind us. The ones near that had been talking with him understood. A big guy turned around and said shut up. I asked, what time did you get in line, 8:10, dang. Inside we are directed to costumer service counter. The first guy bought a box of 200 556 ammo. Grandson bought a box of 200 7.62X39 at 0.30 per round. I want a box, out of stock. 2 b
  7. I sent an email and got a reply. He has three 520 rd boxes and wants 0.60 per rd.
  8. Monday I got 7 inches of snow. The sun came out for a short time yesterday. New light snow started at 6:30 am today. Heavy by 10:30 and hasn't stopped. Looks like 5 new inches for now.
  9. Highlight the address bar, right click, copy. Come here, right click, paste. https://memphis.craigslist.org/spo/d/memphis-tool-boxes/7278255724.html
  10. I've heard that Cedar Blight affixes all apple trees, don't know about Granny Smith's and Honeycrisps. I got 144 tomato seeds planted in the greenhouse last week. My wife saw 2 seed packs at the store she wants to try. I'll split a tray of 48 for them as soon as this snow leaves.
  11. I did our shopping Thursday, got all we need. Saturday morning to the food bank. I want 3 boxes to feed my family. The lady talks me into 4 boxes, fine I can share with a neighbor. I drive to where the boxes are handed out the lady says if you want/need more let them know. Ok, I'll share with another neighbor. Get up in line and tell them I want 5 boxes. One person closes the tailgate on my truck while another person comes to my window. You have 10 boxes, be safe, share, god loves you. I brought 1 box into the house to see what was free. 5 lbs russet potatoes, 3 lbs of apples, 2 packs of singl
  12. 3 years ago before my wife retired she would wake me up on payday so we could head to walmart. Payday was Monday morning every 2 weeks, she worked the 6 pm to 2 am shift. Her off days were Monday and Tuesday. We each grabbed a cart and headed our separate ways then meet up to finish our shopping. Margie would be filling the ammo case most of the time when I got to sporting goods. I would call my wife to get over here. We had a good 30 minute to an hour chat with Margie. Figure what was the best deal on 22's and get our 3 limits. One night we got to talking about crappie fishing. She would
  13. A reloading dealer in Gulfport offered up a carton of SP primers for $70, limit 2 at his door. A bit to far from Southaven. A gun/reloading store in Brandon had SP and SR primers, limit 200. Can't remember the price. Bass Pro in Pearl had a complete shelf display of all ammo for 4 weeks, limit 3. My grandson bought a 7.62X39, can't remember what flavor. The store had ammo, $12 limit 3 per 20 rds. A gun shop close by had them for $9, I bought the last 4 boxes. A week later the grandson calls, Academy has 100 rds for $30, limit 1. He bought 1 and I bought 1. I returned the next day, al
  14. Yea, I'm in a few groups on face book. If a member of a group makes a post I get the feed.
  15. On my face book feed I saw people catching lots of crappie at Grenada lake spillway. Yesterday I drove down to see what I could catch. No one was catching, all were snagging. I tried for 2 hours and didn't catch anything. I'm not into snagging so I came home.
  16. Some people get an universal decapping die. Set it up in a press and decap everything they reload. Some people use the sizing/decapping die from a set that they are reloading. The sizing die brings the case back into size of what the case should be. Some people call it resizing. Resizing to me is taking a case and form it another case. Like trimming a 357 to a 38 spl, 44 mag to a 44 spl, 223/556 to a 300 blackout. There's a few others.
  17. Jamie, where you finding 5.56 data, all I can find is a repeat of .223. None of the 223 cases I've loaded needs trimming. Every 556 cases needs trimming.
  18. I had a tire with a hole at the edge of the tread. Most tire shops won't plug/patch them. I plugged it and added a bottle of Slim then aired it up. I got 5 months use until I saw steel belt sticking through.
  19. Monday I went to every store in the Memphis area, empty shelves.
  20. I hear a lot of people snag in the big 4 spillways, it's legal here. I've seen a few photos of some big crappie.
  21. Monday I did a drive around the Memphis area looking to see what ammo and supplies could be found. Shelves were bare everywhere. Some shops had cleaned the shelves and removed the stickers.
  22. Not a friend, someone asking for help on a RV face book group. I gave up trying to help, he would post one night asking for help then delete his thread at the end of the night. The 4th night he let it slip, they removed the neutral wire from the welder plug, not really knowing how the RV was wired. Now the 50 amp plug doesn't have a neutral, using the ground as a neutral.
  23. Well I'll post it here. I have someone looking for advice. He's plugged his 50 amp RV into a welder outlet. The outlet reads 110 from leg 1 to neutral, 110 from leg 2 to neutral. He's been plugged in for 6 months and now the surge protector shows open neutral. What's happened?
  24. I have a RV question. What section would be best to post it in?


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