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  1. ondundu

    Gun safes? What to look for?

    Keep in mind a gun safe only buys time, and for the most part, protects you against the smash and grab burglars. But if they sell the info to a gang who might be more interested in what is in that safe, they may show up with more equipment to defeat your protection. Been there and done that complete with a shootout! Had two large safes full of guns, mostly high dollar competition guns. Added up to more than 175 guns/rifles/shotguns. Never lost one of them. One was a Treadway, one a custom. I had installed a fire sprinkler head over each just in case of fire as it was an older house. Even with efforts of pros, the safes were hard to get into in a reasonable time without a plasma cutter. Neither was exotic nor expensive...less than $500. I had both of them bolted to the floor and the wall behind. By themselves, they were heavy enough to require some heavy duty moving equipment and with the guns and ammo they were nearly impossible to move without dedicated moving equipment. I also installed a 15/20 Watt bulb https://secretstorages.com/best-gun-safe-under-1000/ that constantly burned for humidity control. Never had any problems.On YouTube there are a lot of useful videos on a similar subject, I'll leave here one, I hope this will help someone in the future. Good Luck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltK-bDbADa8&t=2s
  2. ondundu

    Predator hunting tactics/tricks sharing

    im hunting a small wooded area with two big fields to my right and left. one field is maintained and the other is overgrown now. I started that stand with coyote pair and fem howls. I didn't use distress on that particular stand. on the second stand I used cottontail distress but no luck. the second stand was an open field with the call about 30 yards from hardwoods. it very well could be I didn't call using correct volume time length and or time between calling. when using the distress call i also used my decoy. the one i have is a woodpecker. i was hesitant to use cottontail distress with a woodpecker decoy as i didn't know if the coyotes would know better. also i hunted each stand about 45 min waiting 15 min on both before i began calling. id let the call play for about a minute and mute it for a few minutes. when i used distress i let call play for a little longer and muted a few min.
  3. ondundu

    Glock 43 vs Shield 9mm

    I own a Shield and just bought a G43. I would not sell a Shield to get a G43. My Shield has been excellent, 100% reliable with a nice trigger, and very accurate, and is more comfortable to shoot than the Glock. And for IWB carry, I don't see the Glock as providing many advantages. I bought the G43 because I am always looking for a 9mm to pocket carry, and the smaller size of the G43 might work for me. The Shield is just a bit too big and heavy for the pocket. I greatly prefer pocket carry in Phoenix, especially in the summer. And the last time I rented the G43, it felt much more comfortable to shoot than the first time. Sold. But don't trade the Shield to get the Glock. If anything, get both.
  4. ondundu

    Best optic choice for a Tavor

    The Tavor is fully capable of shoot 400-600 yards... I'd scope it. There are several good all-around scopes with 2.5-10 or 3-12 magnification that would work well at any range from point blank to 600 yards. Save your money for the Aimpoint, it will pay for itself before you know it. The cheap sights will just suck money out of your wallet and drive you crazy, and you'll just end up paying for the better sight down the road. If I had what I wasted on cheap red dots when I first started looking at them, I have a couple more Aimpoints now. I've been running M2's/ML2's on both my AR's and Tavor (and a couple of others) since they were the "new" model, and they are still going strong now for around 12 years of pretty steady use and abuse. They are like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep on going and going...... The Aimpoints also won't break the bank feeding their battery habit. Mine is pretty much "old school" now, and I leave them on 24/7/365 and change the batteries once a year. The new ones I believe, are up to about 9 years on a battery. Also, don't get caught up on one or the other. Get both. With lever mounts, you can have either at a flip of a lever or two and swap them at will, with no loss of zero. I have one AR that usually wears a Leupold 1.5x5 https://thetacticalscopes.com/best-optic-for-tavor/ on an old ARMS lever mount, and a backup, pre zeroed Aimpoint on an ARMS M68 mount. Best of both worlds.There are a lot of useful videos on this topic on Youtube, I will leave here one of them, I hope someone will come in handy. Good luck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiM5uLQUOwk

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