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  1. ( _ ) /=> ( +____________________/\/\___ / /| .''._____________'._____ / /|/\ : () : :\ ----\| \ ) '..'______________.'0|----| \ 0_0/____/ \ |---- /----\ || -\\ --| \ || || ||\ \ \\____// '| \ .'/ | .:/ | :/_________|
  2. I wish I had a quarter of the skills these Swiss gunsmiths had.
  3. I bought 2 Swiss rifles off the Gunboards forums and I was wondering if anybody knew anything about them. https://imgur.com/gallery/dOBw5ex They are very well made, and the triggers are very nice. I haven't gotten to try them on the range yet, due to rain, but I have high hopes in the accuracy department. I didn't know if these were actually used as trainers for their military, or if they were more of novelties/ civilian marksmanship programs over there. I can't find much information on Google, as to when they would have been made, or how many were converted. All of the ser
  4. I'm still awaiting approval on the CMP Forums so I can post questions there...
  5. Your powder coating looks alot better than mine.
  6. It's cool seeing the score book. We should try to replicate the USMC qualification tests, and see how we score in comparison. Your grandfather almost made Expert. Standards for marksmanship in the USMC changed little between the wars and during WWII a Boot shot for record on the KD range at three distances: 500 yards: Ten rounds, slow fire, prone position 300 yards: Ten rounds, rapid fire, prone Five rounds, slow fire, kneeling Five rounds, slow fire, sitting Everyone hated the sitting position! 200 yards: Ten rounds, rapid fire, sitting Ten rounds, slow fire, of
  7. Every time I've looked at them, it's too hard for me to try and tell what the guns actually are. Here's a list of some of the confirmed guns that appeared throughout the series. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Andy_Griffith_Show,_The
  8. I highly doubt they're gonna ever be any cheaper than they are right now. If nothing else, look at it as an investment and if you decide later on that the AR isn't the platform for you, I'm sure you'll be able to get your money back or turn a small profit.
  9. The hinged floor plate was a surprise for me. I'd never seen one before, and when I pushed the button in, the mag plate just kind of dumped out the bottom, and I was like, that's cool. I've been trying to read up on the connection between Argentina and Germany back then. And reading up on the Mauser brothers
  10. Bought if off the Gunboards Forum. He was a dentist that was looking to limit his collection and get out of the cartridge all together. So I got the gun, bayonet, Lee dies, RCBS neck sizer die, and 300 pieces of brass as a package deal.
  11. I find it odd that the Germans manufactured them, but didn't use the 8mm Mauser round. I guess the Argentines still had stockpiles of 7.65 laying around from the 1891 guns.
  12. Bought a 1909 Argentine off a guy this past week, and don't know a ton about it yet. Thought everyone would appreciate it. I'm wondering what the differences are between this one and the 1891. I've loaded up 50 rounds of 7.65x53 to try out. She's a tall one Crest The bayonet looks like something Inigo Montoya would use to avenge the death of his father.
  13. I still need some kind of cheek riser, I'm thinking of making my own leather buttpad/riser sometime in the future


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