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  1. Swiss K31

    Just a few years ago, Weidners had all 5 Swiss rifles for $1700. Sadly, I missed that boat
  2. Swiss K31

    I bought a Swiss 1911 Long from classic and just got it about 3 days ago. Holy crap the trigger on it is amazing. Haven't had it out on the range yet, but with the long sight radius, and that trigger, I can't imagine it being hard to hit the bullseye with
  3. Swiss K31

    https://www.classicfirearms.com/7-5-swiss-ammo-664 Not the biggest fan of classic because they've been upping the prices of their rifles, but they do have GP11 in stock. Congrats on the K31, I've been wanting another one, but been trying to get a complete Schmidt Rubin rifle collection before doubling up
  4. Shot both of these over the weekend, and very pleased with them both. Out of the two, I prefer the m94 overall, but the way the Krag loads is just so cool and unique. I ordered a larger aperture disc for the rear peep sight, and it just came in the mail today. It's a "hunting" aperture so I'll see how I like it. That tiny "target" aperture is super hard for me to see anything through, and nearly impossible if there's any sun in your eyes. FYI, both of these rifles are recommended to shoot milder loads than the commercially available ammo. I put 38.0 grains of Reloader 22 behind some 140 gr Hornady SP Interlock bullets, and I think I'll stick with that load for now. Very sweet shooting guns. Maybe I'll be able to take them out to 500-600 yards soon..
  5. The m96 rifles are relatively easy to find and still reasonably priced
  6. The Norwegian Krag is also missing it's cleaning rod, but I refuse to pay $100 for one lol
  7. I wish I could find a database of proof marks, cause there's like 4 different marks on the receiver.... I may have to learn to speak Norwegian
  8. Bought two guns in 3 days, both are chambered in 6.5x55. On top we have a Norwegian Krag Jorgensen. Best I can tell it's a model M1894 that's been turned into a civilian target rifle. The rear sight has been removed and a new handguard has been put on it. Not exactly sure where someone would have found a handguard this style that fits the rifle so nicely. The barrel and receiver match, along with other parts such as the barrel bands. But the stock and bolt have different serial numbers. Also what's odd, is the buttplate doesn't have an opening for storing a cleaning kit, even though the wood underneath it is drilled out.... But the buttplate matches the stock numbers, so who knows? Currently, it has a Lyman 57 SME peep sight. I looked into getting a rear sight and returning it to it's original configuration, but that will cost around $500 to do so, so for now, I'll just enjoy it as it is. The rifle on the bottom is a Swedish m94 Carbine, and it's my favorite of the two. Sure the rifling of the bore is a bit worn, the sling isn't leather, and the slide on the rear sight needs a new spring, but it's just such a cute little fellow. It's a cock on closing bolt, similar to the Lee Enfields, smooth operating, easy to disassemble/ clean, and coming in at 37 inches overall, it's a handy size. Seeing that the Norwegian Krag's aren't able to handle the higher pressures that the Swede can, I'll have to shoot up some of my commercial brass so I can reload for the Krag as safer pressures, but that's no big deal. Hope to get these both printed on paper relatively soon. I'm sure the soft recoil of the 6.5x55 will make both of these sweet shooters.
  9. I'll be sure to get that right out to you
  10. I have one MG13 mag that came with the Ljungman, haven't tried it to see if it also holds 8mm for the Hakim. And I have a good gas tool, I cheaped out the first time and the brass tool bent on me trying to get the Rasheed's screw unstuck, but they're all working properly now. And as far as ammo, I have PPU
  11. Finally got the Hakim in and completed the trio ( Ljungman, Rasheed, & Hakim) The Garand just happened to be in the same room, so it too made it into the picture. Sorry for the crappy lighting and the wrinkles in the background
  12. Finally acquired a WWII Springfreld M1 Garand. Serial number says it's from May 1942 that was rebuilt in 1947. She's greased up and ready to go to the range. I want to get some accessories for it, like a cleaning kit, bayonet, ammo pouch, but I'm trying to not spend more money right now! Hope you enjoy h
  13. Will you be shooting paper targets, or 4 legged creatures?
  14. For me, the 6.5 Swede would be nice cause I've already got a 96 Mauser and a Ljungman, and I reload for those already. So not having to reload yet another caliber would be great. Sadly, I haven't had either of my guns out to distance yet, and can't say what kind of groups I'm getting on paper. But from what I've read, the 6.5 Swedish should make a good contender at distance for an average marksman. The BC of the 6.5mm bullets are great. I also can't say anything about the Howa rifles, but I'm glad that manufacturers are still building rifles for the 6.5 Swedish round.
  15. My New K Swiss (K11 Carbine)

    I didn't have the $1700, nor the C&R License back when wideners had guns..... Better late than never

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