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  1. I've been broke ever since I got my C&R
  2. Well, you see, I've been on the market for a nice Garand, but every time I have the money to buy one, I end up with something completely different. This time I thought I'd upgrade my carry gun. And I wanted a good quality 9mm. Then, I was sitting around the house, waiting on a repairman (who never showed up) and I ran across this gun on a forum.... I sent him an email, and the next thing you know, I've bought a 98 year old P08 Luger.... We shall see how good or bad of a deal I got in a few days, until then we all must just drool over some pictures
  3. No where near mint, but great shape for what I can afford
  4. But I did buy this! This picture is just a teaser until it comes in
  5. Gotta love those polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride handles
  6. The DA trigger is heavy, yet smooth and very acceptable for a military gun. SA trigger is quite amazing IMO. Not a ton of info online, but best I can tell, this was made in either 1935 or 1936. Now for pictures, please don't hate too much cause my lighting and background suck on these. It's super easy to disassemble. Pull one pin, and one screw and you get to all the innards. Waffenfabrik Bernfactory maker mark Love that the importer's mark is tiny, and well hidden under the ejection rod. The brass cleaning kit is awesome, complete with jag, brush, and the screwdriver doubles as the extension rod. Love how the Swiss make things so useful and compact This is the worst of the machining marks, on the grooves of the cylinder, but really only visible under a light or camera flash The Swiss crest in all it's glory Spring captured pin that holds in the cylinder. For it's age, I find this a fascinating piece of the gun's engineering Best sight picture I could get on camera. Not the fastest acquisition for my eyes, but I think with slow SA shooting, it will be good out to 50 yards fairly easy I love how all the small parts are stamped. You can also see the worst of the finish wear on this particular gun at the tip of the bore. I assume from honest holster wear Front post.... It's somewhat adjustable for windage That's all for now
  7. Revolver came today and it's a pretty amazing feat of machining for it's time. The leather needs some tender, love, and care, but that's to be expected. I'll post pictures soon, but am too tired to setup my camera and everything right now.
  8. So I just found this in Cartridges of the World.... "The 7.5mm Swiss revolver cartridge is identical to and fully interchangeable with the 7.5mm Swedish and Norwegian rounds" "The two cartridges differ only in bullet type. Most Swedish cartridges use an outside-lubricated bullet whereas the Swiss also used an inside-lubricated type"
  9. Dude, you're awesome! I'm not sure they're 100% the same, but what I've read, you can shoot them in the M29.... I'll research some more before I throw that kind of money at ammo...... Thanks!
  10. While browsing gunbroker, I ran across a gun that spoke to my soul.... So I bid on it and was the only bidder.... I'll post better pictures when it gets here. It takes the obsolete 7.5 Swiss Ordnance round, which there are none to be found online for sale. So I'll probably just be sitting around fondling it for a while. Anybody else have one? It should make a good accompaniment to my K31 and 1896/11
  11. I've always been pleased with Xtreme bullets, although sometimes their shipping takes a week or more to get to me..... Amazon prime shipping has me spoiled
  12. Well, I went ahead and bought one from midwayusa, should be here Monday. Depending on what the mold drops the bullets at, I'm hoping to be able to reload for several of my guns with this bullet. There's not a ton of information on this particular mold, but from what I did find, it seems to be one of the best 30 caliber rifle molds to have. I'll post my results