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  1. You did NOT just tell the world that you wear sandals???
  2. The above quote is completely attributed to BigK(without permission of course)...only i fixed it for my own use....also fixed a typo...
  3. What is it, about reloading, that makes you forget about everything else? No worries, no problems, no bitching, no problems at all.... To me, it's very therapeutic....:) Sent from my recliner
  4. " A man can do almost anything with the right tool. "---me
  5. Dude...im sorry...I still dont get it....
  6. +1...and +1000000000000000 I dont know if its because im getting older...or if im paying more attention to things...or if im just getting soft in my "old" age...but....THANK YOU ALL!!! all who have served....all who are serving...from the bottom of my heart ....THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  7. You two come to my house one saturday...after the meal...see if she changes her mind.
  8. OMG!!...don't say anything bad about the "press" boys!!!! You'll get slammed here...trust me...I know from experience.
  9. Thanks guys!!! I knew some one would have some good info. Has anyone tried bullseye? or green dot? Im looking at 3.1 grains of bullseye with 100 grain plated round noses. looks like 2.9 grains of green dot.
  10. The smoker...the smoker...she told me so...i promise...
  11. With my smoker, yes it does...she doesnt like to be out in the cold and rain...lol
  12. Sweet!...thanks Bluemax!!!
  13. LOL...i smoked 4 boston butts and 24 hot dogs last weekend...YUMMY!!!!!!!!!
  14. smokin season again.... :rock::yum::yum::yum:
  15. Ok Ok...i said I was never going to comment on here again...but... Actually, I'm going to ask a question...so....technically...I'm not commenting.... How many of you have ever seen a sign on the road that says..... SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT or...... KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS ????????????????????????????????????????????????
  16. Thanks again everyone!!!...I hope I have time to take in a few of these things!! As usual...TGO'ers are the best.
  17. LOL...no worries Drew...and thank you for such a generous offer!!! By the way, Church Hill is almost as far away from Memphis as you could be, and still be in Tennessee.
  18. WOW!...thanks guys!!!
  19. Nashville folks... Im going to be in Franklin next week for business...I need some suggestions on places to eat, places to see and things to do. Talk to me...
  20. If you've been to one Gunshow at meadowview ... you've been to them all. Probably the same as every other place. Very few good deals...lots of over priced stuff and lots of "OFF TOPIC" stuff...


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