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  1. Some more than others! It was a good time, though.Thanks for SOing.
  2. Awesome David! Do you have a store now or out of the garage, still? Would you mind posting the address or sohould one call first? I dont need anything at this moment but give me a day or 3 and I will...
  3. To be clear, you have to buy Hornady (quick change) Bushings, and THEY fit into the locking lugs. Their internal threads are the standard size that die's use.
  4. Soooo what are you huntin in Lebanon (that you have a bunch)?
  5. A guy I work with bought one. the right set of VZ grips on it makes it look great, just hard for me to get why the trigger and barrel bushing is natural aluminum.
  6. Excellent! You have taken it much further than I have, Thank you for posting.
  7. The most trap shooting I ever did was at the Navel Training Station - Great Lakes! This was in 1984, quite some time after you'd been invited to join-up... lol. There was a trap range and we helped reload and cleanup to shoot at cost... I could shoot 800 - 1,000 rounds in a weekend (man was my shoulder bruised!!!) The thing that to this day still shocks me is that we shoot over Lake Michigan (!).   I have recently shot trap at the Nashville Gun Club (http://www.nashvillegunclub.com/) and at Ceder City Gun Club (http://www.cedarcitygunclub.com/) and nothing has changed except both places use a voice activated release system, quite convenient (just don't talk to loud!).
  8. I absolutely detested the trigger on my first M&P (an old 9L) after I put the Apex USB and hard sear in it was wonderful! When I got my second M&P (a full size .45) it wasnt nearly as bad as the first one but I still thought nothing of doing the exact same mods to it!
  9. I cant say that I have any pertinent information on this but I think if you need an actual gunsmith service I always use http://www.midtngunsmithing.com/ Brandon is an excellent craftsman.
  10. I have to say that after looking at the first sets of pictures (above) the only thing I can see is the dent that has been created from the ejector (and in my opinion, isn't that bad, I have seen much larger dents). I do not know anything about bulge busters but it may not be a wise idea to use the BB prophylactically (if the case hasn't bulged yet). Sometime the cure is as bad or maybe worse than the disease! Just a thought, I'm not expert.
  11. I guess the first order of business is to say welcome to the reloading club! I started reloading in about the same way, for the same reason, not to long ago, myself.   If I may make 1 suggestion: why don't you tell us what part of the state you are in and maybe someone here will be close to you.
  12. WoW! I'm getting to this party late but wanted to send my good thoughts and prayers your way! Very cool that it seems the doc.s were able to put all of the peices where they at least look like they belong, My advice is hang on to the reloading gear, even if you uninstall it now (and I do not blame you one little bit for wanting todo just that) but you may feel differenttly in a few months or even a year from now.

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