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  1. At least we have one day this year . . .
  2. I do play two instruments: CD player and the car radio . . .
  3. Yes, he did. He objected when the song name was used but later bought into the company and for a time was a spokesman. Later, the Krystal Company bought Po Folks, but with the rise of Cracker Barrel, Po Folks went under. My mother was the Executive Assistant to the Krystal CEO and bought $5000 of Po Folks stock and lost everything when the company failed. Because Mom worked for the CEO she sent me bunches of free meal cards and I was living in Siler City, NC at the time. I'd drive to the Greensboro Po Folks and chow down for free! Those were the days!
  4. I can cook a perfect steak and pork chops in an air fryer. The trick is to cook by constantly checking the temperature and not cooking by recipe time.
  5. For those of us old enough to remember the TV show "Combat" will remember that Shecky Greene was on the first season but left the show. This is why: https://www.handitv.com/stories/shecky-greene-lost-money-appearing-on-combat
  6. I had a friend who kept losing mailboxes to bad drivers as he lived on a corner. I helped him weld iron rods and some railroad iron which he covered with bricks. The next car that hit it was totaled . . .
  7. This discussion takes em back to my Dad. I grew up in North Chattanooga in the 60s in a house that had been built in 1919. so you know the age of everything in the "bones" of the house. OLD! The plumbing would go out regularly, but Dad thought he could fix it all, and we would go through days and weeks of trial and error. Fix the pipe, everything works for awhile, until it stops. Turn the water off at the street (after filling up 5 gallon buckets) and Dad would start working on it again in a few days (usually when the buckets of water gave out). Rinse and repeat - everything works for awhile until it stops, fill the buckets, turn the water off at the street. UNTIL my Mom goes ballistic and makes Dad call the plumber. I miss those days, and I miss my Mom and Dad . . .
  8. Hope everyone's Christmas was filled with smiles and peace. And for those of you who are facing difficulties and issues of which we are unaware, may you have hope.
  9. The least smart thing in my house is me . . .


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