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  1. God rest her soul as well as your own grief. She died much too young, but the clients and families that came says it all.
  2. What a great lady! Working with traumatic children is so hard, but also rewarding. One of my roles was working in an inpatient facility for children and adolescents who had experienced severe emotional, sexual, and physical trauma. I went home many nights sad for the pain that I had heard and experienced, but grateful in my hope that, at least for a moment, I had helped a child feel safe . . .
  3. Licensed Professional Counselor in TN & KY; I provide mental health therapy for a variety of issues for clients from adolescent through older adults. Also provide clinical supervision to LPC/MHSP candidates seeking their license to practice in TN. Been doing this over 40 years! COVID has changed the scene of what I do; more telehealth than in person which has worked well. I have some FTF clients, but the majority find telehealth easier since they don't have to fight Nashville traffic to come to our offices.
  4. I'm just now reading this at 6:59 am on a Monday morning. I think for further philosophical consideration, i will require time and Jack Daniels . . .
  5. Blessings on you. So grateful your health has returned. With beautiful children you have much to live for!
  6. Exactly! Pit Boss is the same. I used to have a smoker that I had watch constantly . . . "babysitting" is a perfect term and a royal pain!
  7. I second the motion! I LOVE my Pit Boss! Controlled, even heat and easy to manage. About once a month I fire it up and put on a variety of meats and smoke away!
  8. Would love to go to the Stetson factory!
  9. My Stetson Gun Club gray felt.
  10. My hope that the Braves . . .
  11. We are behind. Hope for a recovery!
  12. Most useless gun in my safe is a single barrel 20 ga. Remington shotgun; never been fired. (Will probably list it for sale at some point.) Why useless? I don't need it as it was originally purchased by a friend for my elderly mother when she lived alone after my dad died. The friend bought it for my mother after I took S&W Model 36 away from my mother and the friend was upset that she did not have a gun in the house. Why did I take the revolver away from mom? One night Mom woke up from a dream and was convinced she saw a man standing in her bedroom. She took the 36 from her bedside table and emptied all five rounds into her closet. One round went through the closet and took out her relatively new TV . . . Mom died in 2017, but this remained a treasured story for us.
  13. I grew up in the "pore" side of Riverview . . . right before the mansions of the rich and famous
  14. Halfway off topic, but close. Growing up in Chattanooga, ours was a two-story house next to a rental house that was a slum. As long as people lived there, the huge rats that infested the house stayed in the rental house. Whenever the house went vacant, the rats came to our house. At the ripe old age of 12, I figured out a solution. I'd open the second story window in the kitchen, and fry a thick piece of bacon and throw it out into the driveway. Then I'd put a .22 Short in the top barrel of my Savage .22/.401 o/u and wait. In a few minutes a rat would come out of the house to "dine." I'd let one start to chow, and then, "POW!" Largest one day take was 28. That house next door remained more fun in the future when it was empty!


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