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  1. I would appreciate feedback about how you clean and care for pistol magazines. How do you clean, oil, or not clean and oil. As always, I am thankful for all the help I get from the great folks on TGO.
  2. Luckyforward


    pop pop - you've had a great weekend! As for me today, I'm at home this week recovering from successful outpatient surgery on Friday and am generally staying in the recliner!
  3. When I was in high school, I had a summer job in a warehouse. It is the first time I ever used a forklift andit took me a bit of time to get the hang of it. On the very top of a very high rack was a pallet that no one could get down because it was a bit far back on the shelf for the forks to reach. I was told that the pallet contained a box full of paper plates, so I didn't think it a great deal would matter when I dropped it. Being the young newbie that no one took too seriously, I wanted to prove myself by getting that pallet down all by myself. I got to work early and practiced getting the fork lift in place and positioned. Check. Got the forks under the pallet. Check. Was able to get the forks to the end of the pallet. Check. I was ready to strike and prove my mettle! Everyone went to lunch at Noon, so at 11:30 I got the fork lift as close as I could to the rack that held the pallet so I could strike as soon as everyone left. When the warehouse was quiet, I struck! I got the fork lift in position and carefully raised it, The forks went right in, and I got enough lift to bring the pallet down. What I did not know and could not see was a broken piece of wood sticking out on the back of the pallet, so when I started to come down, the wood hit the rack and flipped the pallet. Down it fell about 12 feet and hit the floor. And 5,000 ceramic coffee cups exploded through the box, of course all broken. (Paper plates?) I went into a panic trying to fix it, but I had no defense. When my boss came back from lunch and I explained what I did, he laughed so hard! And I started laughing with him and offered to help clean up. I was sure I survived this huge mistake. He was kind enough to tell me that I didn't need to help clean up, because I was fired. He also stated what a joy it was to work with me, because I was the dumbest employee he ever had . . . Such is life!
  4. I took my wife to VUMC to get the cast taken off her broken ankle Thursday morning and read an article in an Outdoor Life from this summer. From all the obvious lookalike of the Ruger, I wondered when and if the lawsuits were coming.
  5. I made a giant banana pudding today. Big bowl first and then supper!
  6. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a great trip!
  7. Ruben's Tailor Shop, 700 Craighead St., Suite 100. This place is great! I found an English Scottish Tweed Norfolk Jacket last year that was too big, but something I wanted to have after losing one years ago. The lady in the shop measured me and the alterations were PERFECT! Give them a try. In the Melrose area off 8th Avenue. I work in the same building.
  8. I'd like to start an ongoing thread about funny things that happen to all of us at work. Hopefully all will join in because hilarious things happen to all of us daily. Just a chance to add some continual "jocularity" (Father Mulcahy on "MASH") to TGO. I'll start the ball rolling . . . I am a licensed mental health therapist and see a variety of clients daily presenting for a number of concerns. The first session is to gather basic intake information, and part of the intake is to inquire about drug and alcohol use. Recently a gentleman responded as follows: Me: Do you use alcohol or drugs? Gentleman: I drink a few beers on the weekend and use no drugs except my prescriptions (which he listed.) A bit later during the interview I asked: Me: Tell me about your day. Gentleman: I work my 8 hours, come home, eat supper, and then I drink a pint of gin every night. Me: I thought you said your total alcohol consumption was "a few beers on the weekend." Gentleman: Oh yeah, the beers are on the weekend. The gin ain't drinkin', it's just for relaxin' I worked hard to keep from busting it in front of him! Great story!

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