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  1. Ditto to familysearch.org - It is free and amazing what I have found about my family there!
  2. So Pruitt being fired for cause suggests he gets no payout; so he is lawyering up. Phil Fulmer is retiring so the next AD can choose his own coach. Thoughts? Possible replacements for both positions? https://atozsportsnashville.com/tennessee-vols-jeremy-pruitt-is-being-fired-from-ut-for-cause/
  3. Same thing happened to a friend of mine. He chided me because "you spent too much money on that Uplula thing" but found one that the seller at a gun show told him is "just as good as an Uplula." He decided to load all his Glock mags and didn't make it through two mags when the frustration led him to throw it against his concrete basement floor. After recovering from his angst he ordered an Uplula . . .
  4. I have SO MUCH FUN WITH IT! It was between the Model 62 and a Marlin 39A lever action. The Marlin is a great gun, but it took me longer to work the lever and get back on target. I first remember shooting a pump the fair as a kid in Chattanooga.
  5. Winchester Model 62 pump Winchester Model 62 semiauto Belgian Browning SA-22
  6. I listen to NPR, read the NY Times and watch Fox, and read the Wall Street Journal and then I do something unique: I make up my own mind. The issue in being informed is whether you want to be informed or if you are merely looking for sources to buttress what you already believe.
  7. Extremely indicative comment of Delusional Disorder. By: The Associated Press Posted at 1:41 PM, Dec 28, 2020 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The man accused of exploding a bomb in Nashville on Christmas told a neighbor days earlier that “Nashville and the world is never going to forget me.” Rick Laude said he had a chance conversation with Anthony Quinn Warner at his mailbox Dec. 21. Laude said he casually asked Warner if he was expecting anything good from Santa for Christmas.
  8. The other issue that we may or may not learn about the guy is the state of his mental health. As a working psychotherapist (I'm typing this during a lunch break before more teletherapy), a possible diagnosis is Delusional Disorder (https://psychcentral.com/disorders/delusional-disorder-symptoms#1) Through the years I have had a number of patients who were delusional in some sense, from those who thought their boss was watching them all the time at work to those on the other end of the spectrum that believed their mind was being controlled by their TV remote. Delusional disorder does no
  9. Just in case any of you win the lottery and want to buy me a Christmas present: https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/ford/bronco/2454754.html


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