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  1. 1960 Jeep CJ-5 . . . Miss it! New Jeeps are nothing like it. Put it in 4wd low and there was nowhere this vehicle couldn't go. I used to like hill climbing with it at the Red Bank dump LOL
  2. UPDATE! Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot my lil Browning for the first time. All I can say is WOW!!! Shot perfectly and very accurate. The only misfeeds was from some old .22 ammo. First rifle I ever fired that ejected from the bottom. This is gonna be a fun shooter from now on!
  3. God bless her; Mom could drink me under the table and wake up the next morning in fine shape. Meanwhile I was looking for Advil . . .
  4. Thank you. Since you are in Athens, you will want to know that Mom was a graduate of Tennessee Wesleyan.
  5. What I have to share may mean little to nothing to most, but please allow me to share a moment in my life. My dear mother, Frances from Chattanooga, died in November, 2017 after a fall and a TBI. Mom loved her home in Chattanooga (the only one I ever knew) and she hated leaving it in 2012 after breaking her hip. Mom moved to Nashville and lived with my wife and me after selling the home in Chattanooga. Mom was "happy" with us in Nashville, but her heart remained in Chattanooga at the "old home place." In celebration of her 87th birthday in 2017, we took mom to a cabin in Monteagle where she fell and was life flighted to Vanderbilt. Their valiant efforts stopped the bleed with no guarantee it would not restart, which it did a week later. There was nothing more that could be done for a severely ill 87 year old woman. Mom went to hospice on Thursday and died peacefully on Saturday. Mom was cremated (her request) and we had a celebration service for her life in late November, 2017. In 2018 we spread some of her ashes in Monteagle because she loved the place so much. Years before her death she wanted some of her ashes spread in the Smokies because we loved vacationing there. This will occur this week when my wife and I go back to the Smokies for the first time since her death. At some point we will go home to Chattanooga and spread the rest of Mom's soul at the house she loved so much. Today I offered some ashes at our home, the last one where she lived. I'm not asking for sympathy or sad remembrances. I am 64 years old and as I look back over my life, all becomes full circle. I humbly ask that all of you consider the relationships that mean the most to you while they are alive, cherish every moment with the hope that when those times end, you may remember them all with a smile. Tonight in honor of my Mom, I'm having her favorite drink: a Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice). As much as I loved Mom, I always had to make the drinks, because when she made them, they were about 95% vodka and 5% orange juice. Thank you for allowing me to share.
  6. Just wanted to show off my new (made in 1966!) Browning SA-22 complete with original box. I've wanted one for a long time as it is a great lil .22. Just wanted to brag a bit! With special thanks to Garufa for leading me to the serial number page so I could authenticate the year it was made.
  7. Thank you TripleGGG . . . with respect to you and a film I love.
  8. I have been a TGO member since 2008; more active some years than others, but I am committed to checking in daily. Last autumn I realized how much I missed being on TGO on a regular basis. In the time I have been on TGO, 99.9% of the folks I have met have been kind, generous, funny, helpful (even when I ask dumb questions or make inane comments), and supportive when I have shared personal issues. As we start 2020 I want to offer a genuine and sincere THANK YOU to all who have interacted with me. It is my goal to be a friend, support, and advocate for everyone I meet on TGO. Let's not take Tennessee Gun Owners for granted. I am 64 years old and as I grow older, it is easy to realize that there are some things in life that we fail to truly appreciate. Blessings upon all who gather here.
  9. I recently introduced my 18 month old granddaughter to pancakes . . . she will love me forever!
  10. Yew guys is smart . . .
  11. I own one in a 6" version. The "lust" factor for a 4" is now in place. Want to see how it goes over, though.
  12. I am partial to leather holsters. If you like them, check out the excellent holster collection at https://www.bullardleather.com/
  13. I've started doing a lot more rimfire shooting in the last year, and depending on the ammo, some seems to shoot dirtier than others. Or maybe it's my lack of perception because of my advanced age . . .

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