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  1. Amen . . . we could live for weeks on neck bones, pinto beans, cornbread, and sweet tea.
  2. My next door neighbor went to Home Depot to get parts to repair a leaking toilet. He said the garden center was swamped with people buying plants, etc.
  3. While none of us want to be at home right now, it does give a good opportunity to catch up on our favorite movies. What is everyone watching? So far, my favorites: Rudy Destination Tokyo Glory Seven Days in May Patton Silverado Quigley Down Under Key Largo The Maltese Falcon Dances With Wolves Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Mildred Pierce
  4. My wife is working from home; her "office" is the kitchen table. I am seeing patients from my office providing mental health therapy, so other than to get groceries (once a week) we are staying home.
  5. I've decided to sit out the entire COVID-19 pandemic by going for a three hour tour . . .
  6. Someone should buy this rifle. You don't see many Pre 64's out there. (And I don't know the owner; just expressing an opinion!)
  7. Yep, they are gone with the wind, available only on eBay and too expensive for TP: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Sears-Christmas-Catalog-Wish-Book-GI-Joe-Tonka-Barbie-Bikes-Trains-Fashions/184208062037?hash=item2ae3a7f655:g:3VYAAOSwS51eaiGU
  8. A trusty source of TP in many outhouses in E TN during the '60s. The Sears Roebuck catalog . . .
  9. At least working from home right now, every time I have a no show patient it gives me more time to work on refinishing and reassembling my Model 63 Winchester .22 auto rifle. When finished, pictures WILL be posted.
  10. Insurance companies do not pay for telehealth mental health sessions, and it took until early this week for them to rescind that policy. I'm transitioning all my patients to a HIPAA compliant platform where we can see and talk with each other in safety.
  11. One thing we all might do in the present is to "check our anxiety." Our emotions remain in check by balancing our logic and emotions. When any type of situation that is anxiety producing occurs, we throw logic out the window and emotion takes over. As a result, we lose all sense of reason and emotion leads to extreme "What if . . ." thinking. At its height "What if . . . " thinking most always spins so far out of control that we lose all reason. As a result, the anxiety worsens. Living in the moment is the antidote. When we are tempted to worry about things we cannot control - which only increases "What if" thinking, notice that trigger and focus on what we CAN control. Living in the past is depression. Living in the future is anxiety. Thus, in these uncertain moments the more we can catch our anxiety early, balance our emotion with logic, and focus on what we can control rather than what we cannot, we all just might make it through this together. Sending good thoughts and prayers to all.

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