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  1. "Just set thar under that there tree 'awaitin to hear or see a squirrl. When youens hears one, be real quiet and look fer 'em. Tiptoe around the tree 'til youens can see him and wait fer him to set down. When he gits still, shoot him, skin him, and bile him before throwing him in the frypan."
  2. I have a Savage .22/.410 o/u that has been my preferred squirrel gun, the .410 more than the .22. 3" shells with #6 shot always worked for me. For those who don't like the taste of squirrel, I always put them in squirrel stew.
  3. Hey Fellow TGOers, I would appreciate your feedback and advice. It's about time to open up the gun safe and sell some excellent firearms that are tired of sleeping. I am not the brightest bulb in the pack in knowing how to value my firearms (to sell ONLY on TGO and our members). Thank you in advance for books, websites, etc. where I may discern how to price my firearms before offering them for sale. As always, thank you. I wish the very best for all of you!
  4. I carry both at times, but am growing to prefer a revolver - just because I am an old wheelgunner!
  5. I've been working at home as a mental health therapist seeing people by telehealth for the past year and it has gone well. Before the pandemic insurance companies would not pay for telehealth; I'm hoping that they will not change as things start going back to normal. My clients are so used to not having to come in to the office I am fearful many will drop out of therapy if they have to return. We'll see . . .
  6. So as a therapist, I wish we still had mental hospitals; a short history on why we don't anymore. In 1955 there were 559,000 people in mental hospitals in America. (Would be over a million in today's numbers.) Through the late 50s and early Sixties, a trend called "deinstitutionalization" started in mental health. This trend was aided with the first psychotropic drugs that lessened the need for inpatient. In 1963 the "Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act" went into effect to build between 1,500 - 2,500 community mental health centers to get patients out of the hospitals and into community care. By 1977 only 650 centers had been built. In 1981 the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act shifted funding to the states in the form of block grants and states decided to spend more money on community mental health rather than hospitals, so it is from the early 80s we began to have more homeless mental patients on the streets. The lack of institutionalization plus the reality that you cannot force someone to get or stay on medication makes it difficult to treat the pervasively mentally ill.
  7. Jeff has done all my work for years; I wouldn't trust my firearms to anyone else.
  8. When you say don't go cheap on the SD card, what does that mean? Buying one with lots more memory?
  9. How many of you have dash cams and do you find them useful? What brands and how have they worked for you? Thanks!
  10. Seven inches of snow atop 3 inches of ice in South Nashville.
  11. Pretty good incline on my street. Those who try to make it up the hill begin with a running start from the cul de sac at the bottom. Just watched the latest attempt with the driver sliding backwards down the hill and taking out 4 mailboxes . . .


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