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  1. Not exactly like either one of those. These were cut apart in the center at an angle so that when they were screwed back together they expanded as much as possible making the fit super tight. Another feature is that the screws were recessed a bit so that the screw heads were pretty flush and didn't stick out beyond the frame much if any at all.
  2. I bought an AR many years ago built for accuracy by a great gunsmith. Sadly I sold it. But I remember that it had inset screws instead of trigger pins. These screws had sleeves with an angle cut into each side such that when you tightened the pins the two sides pushed against each other to expand the diameter a bit and make sure that the trigger was super tight in the frame with no play whatsoever. I can't seem to find screws like that anymore and I would like to get some if I can find them.
  3. I agree, but thought a little more detail might be helpful for the discussion.
  4. My concerns about digital currency.... they don't have to pass a law to enact gun control they simply refuse to approve gun or ammo purchases. Much easier for them. they can easily ration how much gas, oil, toilet paper, ...whatever that you are permitted to buy each day, week, or month. they can easily add a % of purchase tax to each and every transaction. We all know that tax will start low and get larger and larger every few years. they can much more easily spy on you through your purchases. If they suspect Joe of whatever, now anyone that had lunch with Joe is also a suspect. they can just erase your ability to exist in society. If you protest a bill that they want passed, then suddenly your bank accounts are frozen. If you wear the wrong campaign button, hat, T-Shirt, they your accounts are frozen. your purchase history will never stay secure because the only thing the government is actually good at is consistent incompetence. So, now Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook can also decide that they don't want you as a customer or a user if you bought guns or ammo in the last 90 days. All your accounts could be suspended or under review. Good luck getting a job / contract / vendor slot at a place that adheres to the latest political BS because they may decide not to hire anyone that has bought guns or ammo in the last year. Without digital currency being cancelled is embarrassing and inconvenient. With digital currency being cancelled means your family has no roof over their head and no food to eat.
  5. I have two lightly used B&T Recoil Buffers with adapters. The recoil buffers and endcaps alone run $300+. I got these from a member here a few months back but never used them as I decided to SBR my B&T and have a stock on it now. B&T Recoil Buffer APC 9/40/45 SB Tactical Brace Parker Mountain Machine QD Point Midwest Industries QD Mount $250 B&T Recoil Buffer APC 9/40/45 PIC Adapter with QD mount $150
  6. Are these mags the 15 round or 17 round mags? From what I read about these guns they offered both at some point. Also, does this version have the optics cut on the slide?
  7. Hearing protection is gone but all the holsters are still available.
  8. 5.1 lbs or about 208 rounds of once fired 6.5 Creedmoor brass. These are not scavenged off the ground at the range, I removed these cases one at a time as I shot from a bolt action rifle. So I expect they are in better shape than stuff sitting on the ground and getting stepped on. They are from various brands but mostly Hornady and Federal from their Match or Hunting lines (no surplus). I am in Murfreesboro and would prefer to hand this off in person rather than shipping it but can ship it if buyer pays the actual shipping cost. I don't reload, I kept these just to keep a count of how many rounds I have fired through this rifle. Therefore I am not really sure of the value and can only find cleaned/tumbled prices online (about $60/100) so pricing is my best guess of $80 for the lot, or your best offer. Will consider trades, let me know what you have.
  9. The PIF thread is pretty dead so I thought I would post this here. These items are free for pickup in Murfreesboro.


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