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  1. Official factory information about this gun can be found here I got this gun and holster in trade a while back. It is an extremely accurate shooter with a great trigger. The only blemish I can find on it is in the first picture just under the front site. I have the .22lr cylinder but not the 22 WMR cylinder. FTF transaction meeting in Murfreesboro or Madison. Asking $600 $500, for the gun and holster.
  2. I looked at a Sig P365 and then decided on a S&W Shield Plus. It just fit my hand better and the trigger is really great!. My wife took mine to the range today and ended up buying another one for herself. YMMV. It is all about what works for the shooter (not the person at the keyboard).
  3. For sale, or possible trade for 9mm (range or defense) ammo or 12 gauge shells (birdshot, buckshot, or slugs). Sellier & Bellot 12 GA Rubber Ball 2-3/4" 25rd box - $20 cash Sellier & Bellot 12 GA 2-5/8" Double Rubber Balls 25/box - $25 cash FTF Transaction preferred in Murfreesboro or Madison. Will ship if buyer pays actual cost of shipping.
  4. FTF Transaction in Murfreesboro or Madison. $0.50 per round so $240 for all 480 rounds
  5. Ok, to all those resisting this offer, I improved again by lowering the price and swapping out those LTL shells for Game Load Birdshot shells.
  6. Bought this new in 2020 paid $199+tax locally (price is on the box). This optic is fantastic. I am only selling it to buy a more expensive Holosun. This optic sold me on how great the brand is and I am buying another one ASAP. This optic has both a high and a low mount included. It has 12 brightness settings and 2 are NV compatible. They claim a 100,000 hour battery life on the included battery. It also has auto-off setting as well to save battery life. This model is HE403R-GD $125 in Murfreesboro or Madison TN.
  7. Bought this on April 2nd 2021 for $149 so it is still almost new. Sold the FDE gun that I had it on and don't need it anymore. This thing is super bright on its highest setting. Can be set to lower lumen levels if desired. Also offers a strobe function as well. Green laser is super bright as well and holds zero perfectly after 100+ rounds of 9mm fired through the gun. $100 in Murfreesboro or Madison (you save $49 + tax and shipping)
  8. As a bonus I am also including this range bag for no additional $. The bag has a little damage from being too close to the muzzle when shooting, but is in good condition otherwise. Holds 2 rifles/shotguns, many pockets for ammo and accessories.
  9. I bought one recently and have put over 300 rounds through it and really love this little gun. TBH I did not expect to like this gun so much. I bought it just as a little gun to take new shooters to the range and not have them be freaked out about heavy guns or harsh recoil. To my surprise I really like this gun a lot. For me it is very accurate and so far 100% reliable. I am planning to buy another as I have a disorder that compels me to get 2 (or more) of any gun that I like (common problem in the gun community).
  10. Last one of these FN509's that I have. This one is the FN509 Compact Tactical. It is essentially 3 different sized guns in one. It has a 12 round magazine, a 15 round magazine, and a 24 round magazine. With the 12 round magazine it is compact. With the 15 round mag it is mid-sized. With the 24 round magazine it is huge of course. This model comes with Suppressor Height Tritium night sights. In addition it has a removable plate so that you can fit micro-red-dot sites on the slide. Screws, mounting plates for most popular MRD sites included. This model comes with a threaded barrel and thread protector. I'll throw in a Kydex OWB holster too. Purchased this less than a year ago. Fewer than 200 rounds through it. Paid $999 for it. Bought the holster for $75. Only asking $825 FTF Transaction in Murfreesboro or Madison. Link to FN's site about these.
  11. I will include 2 boxes of 25 shells each Federal Game Load instead of the LTL rubber ball shells I had previously mentioned.
  12. Bought in March 2020. I have really enjoyed this gun but recently got a GREAT deal on a IWI TS12 which is the only reason I am considering selling this KSG. 26.1" overall length with 18.5" barrel. Standard rails on top and bottom to attach optics, lights, lasers, grips, ... whatever. Comes with a nylon sling which attaches to the front and/or rear of the gun depending if you want a 1 point or 2 point attachment. These shotguns are completely ambidextrous and eject from the bottom so no spent shells ejecting at the person shooting next to you. Light weight 6.9 lbs unloaded. With a great 5lbs trigger pull. FTF Transaction in Murfreesboro or Madison. was asking $900 now only $850 reduced to $800. Now also includes 50 Federal Game Load 8 shot 1oz shells and a Savior range bag that fits this short shotgun perfectly.
  13. Bought these wonderful 9mm pistols in July of 2020. They are in excellent condition. These are the model with Tritium night sights that are still new and extremely bright as you can see in the pic below. These have 3 x 17 round magazines each for a total of 6 mags for the pair. As they are consecutive serial numbers, I do want to sell them as a set. Some of the magazines have a small spot of fingernail polish on them that is easily removed if needed. I did that when I went to the range with other FN owners to make sure that my magazines did not get mixed up with theirs. One of the pistols has the FN logo and 509 engravings rubbed with a white crayon. I like that effect and did that to mine but did not do that to my wife's. It is also easily removed if a buyer does not like that little cosmetic effect. Also included is an IWB Kydex carry holster. FTF Transaction in Murfreesboro or Madison. Buyer must be able to legally purchase firearms in TN. $1100 Firm for the pair
  14. 30 boxes with 20 rounds each $16 per box Yes these are stock images from the internet on this ad. I didn't have the time at this moment to go dig it out of the safe for a pic. But it looks 100% like all the other PMC.
  15. Wolf .223 Rem 20 rounds per box. 42 boxes available. 840 rounds total. $13/box of 20 $10/box of 20
  16. Sorry folks, boneheaded move on my part. I tried to BOLD the price to make it easy to find and instead I deleted it. Thanks for pointing out my error.


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