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  1. I've owned four wheelers and dirt bikes for the past 20 years and never titled anything that wasn't legally going to be put on the road. I would be very interested to know what requirements you are referring to and how it would be enforced. Would you happen to have a TCA number for the requirements that you speak of?
  2. If I knew that this wouldn't sit in the corner of my garage and rot, I would be all over it.
  3. If it wasn't making this noise I would be asking a lot more for it. Someone with the knowhow (these engines aren't complicated I've rebuilt a few) could have this running like new for a couple hundred dollars. I still may tear it down and fix it before selling if someone here doesn't want it. I just have a lot of irons in the fire right now and don't really need another project.
  4. 2002, should of put that in the ad. 679 hours.
  5. Just got this in a trade. Don't know too much about it. Shifts through all of the gears fine and runs strong. Has a rattle coming from the bottom end, but doesn't seem to affect it. $2500.
  6. I'll tell you the reason that I went with Hustler. I had a neighbor who had a Fastrak and she absolutely beat the crap out of it. Mowed about 6 acres of yard, then mowed several acres of pasture regularly to avoid the hassle of the tractor. All the while, the machine received almost zero maintenance. She got 15 years out of it before she toasted the piston rings (ran without oil) and the motor lost compression. She purchased a brand new Fastrak after that. I borrowed it one day when my mower bring and really liked it. The suspension seat was particularly nice. I figure with the mainten
  7. Made this modification to my Hustler yesterday. Best use I've ever made of an Uncle Mike's holster.
  8. I hit Defeated Creek for an afternoon, then the next morning two weekends ago. BIG bluegill were spawning. Caught around 50 each day on my ultra light running 2lb line and a 1/64oz trout magnet. Fun stuff!
  9. I bought a Hustler Fastrak about a month ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. The suspension seat is where it's at! Overkill for my 1.5 acres? Absolutely, but with proper maintenance there is no reason that it shouldn't last 25 years or more, which makes it cheaper in the long run than a consumer grade mower. I was actually going to buy a BadBoy but I didn't care for how I was treated at the local dealer.
  10. Not at the moment. I haven't been since yesterday. Which is longer than I like between trips.
  11. Probably not something everyone has sitting in the back of their safe, but if you happen to have one and would like to part with it message me. I'm in Middle Tennessee and travel to Southern Middle Tennessee regularly.
  12. That's a cool little rifle. Wish you were closer.
  13. Hey, whatever keeps it at the top!


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