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  1. I'm convinced that truckers pick them up dead out west and drop them off here.
  2. You can hunt coyote during deer season with a centerfire, you just have to have a big game license.
  3. You would have thought I'd killed a buck of unheard of proportions when I got that groundhog. I was pretty proud of myself.
  4. I killed one with a Daisy Eagle when I was a kid. It was in our garden and paid me little attention. I shot it between the eyes at about 10 feet. It wasn't pretty, but it got the job done.
  5. I had a RIA 1911 in 9mm that wouldn't free anything but FMJs. I suspect that a previous owner did a poor job polishing the fed ramp. RIA was easy to deal with and had a pretty quick turnaround. They didn't tell me what they did but it has worked great since I got it back.
  6. Here are some more recent pics. I'm on the fish, but I want giants. It's been rough catching gizzard shad for bait, so I've been using threadfins, which aren't as big.
  7. I'm reading this thread purely seeking advice. Almost 37, and spent my 20s mostly goofing off. I consider my 20s to be a retirement decade on the front end of my life. Although it will delay my actual retirement, I got to do a lot of cool things that my body won't be able to do when I'm actually retired, and I don't regret it. I have a 401k and plan to get into a mutual fund soon and contribute monthly, just because I can afford too and I honestly won't miss the money. My goal is to retire by 60. I'm honestly not worried about missing work. I don't have enough time to hunt and fish as it is and I enjoy farming. That's more than enough to stay busy.
  8. Gotta say, one of my favorite things about imgur is posting guns, hunting pictures, and fishing pictures. I always get more dislikes than likes, and to know that my picture get under that many people's skin makes me feel warm inside.
  9. While searching through the many suggestions here, Amazon popped this poster storage tube up. At $20 it was just what I was looking for. It just got here and is great! I'll probably fill a small camera bag with extra ammo and attach it to the shoulder strap. All I need now is a Bernie Sanders sticker to remove any doubt that there is anything of value inside. Now you see it Now you don't
  10. He should really stick to singing and stay away from political commentary.
  11. I can't quit listening to Tyler Childers
  12. I would recommend spending a bit of time on YouTube listening to him. There is a whole movement in country music that pays respect to classic country music, and you don't hear any of it on the radio. His most recent album is whacky and not to my taste, but some of his previous albums such as, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, A Sailors Guide to Earth, and High Top Mountain are country to the core. I don't judge whether or not an artist is worthy based solely on them writing their own songs, but it's bonus points if you will. Sturgill writes his own stuff. Check this out
  13. I picked up some a few years ago at Reloader's Bench when I loaned a Mosin to a friend. I don't think a deer was ever taken with the rifle but my friend wound up using the rifle and ammo to dispatch 4 different horses and it did fine for that. I recall the RB had a single offering for non FMJ ammo, it would be worth stopping in and asking since you are local.
  14. Ronald, that's just what I needed, thanks!
  15. Still having issues. When I paste the url into the box, this is what it looks like, and it will not let me post. Anyone else experiencing this? I am doing everything from a phone if it matters. https://imgur.com/gallery/p7m3n26

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