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  1. Went out again this afternoon for just a couple of hours. Tried my go to Trout Magnet jig with little success. I had caught maybe 25 cicadas before I left the house. I rigged up with 2lb SOS line, a Trout Magnet float about 2.5 feet above a #6 aberdeen hook, no weight. The float was mostly to get more casting distance. This rig allowed the cicada to stay on top of the water. The big blues absolutely tore them up. I fished until I ran out of cicadas and left, no pictures because I was catch and release today.
  2. One of my favorite things to do. I really enjoy ultralight tackle. Currently running 2lb SOS line. Those bull bluegill will make that drag scream. I probably fought that 2lb channel cat for 10 minutes.
  3. I've torn big bluegill up the last couple of days on a 1/64oz buffalo colored trout magnet, they have all been full of cicadas. I think the buffalo color scheme mimics a cicada.
  4. I don't think any of them are great. I have an Optima Red in my truck now. If I run the radio for 5 minutes, or the dome light stays on for 30 minutes without the engine running, the truck won't start. The battery is 3 years old.
  5. Chicken of the woods. Edible. *Proceed with caution and do your own research.
  6. These are great boats. I've spent a good amount of time in a Nu Canoe. They are amazingly stable.
  7. That place has the best prices I've seen anywhere lately. I've been using Grabagun, but Defense Depot seems to be 10-15% less than Grabagun, which makes the store prices seem outrageous.
  8. I loved my first Affinity 3 so much I bought a second. Set out to buy a Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 and the guy at the store talked me into the Franchi. At $1,000 less I couldn't justify the express expense. I've had a fair amount of time behind a Super Black Eagle and don't feel that I'm giving anything up with the Franchi.
  9. Ammoseek. Usually only worth it if you are buying quite a bit. Shipping costs make it too expensive to just buy a box or 2. Recently, I ordered 2k rounds of 22 and the shipping was $15, I originally had 1000 in my basket. Kind of made sense to just go ahead and grab another 1000.
  10. That's a very broad question. Akin to someone that may ask you "I want to buy a gun, what should I get?" There are countless ways to answer that. Personally, I'll hunt about anything, I just want to be in the woods. I've been interested in hunting for as long as I can remember and could about recite the annual regulations book put out but TWRA when I was a little kid. (Probably not as knowledgeable now). In 30+ years of hunting I've learned more about hunting from other people that I've hunted with than anything else. In these times I'm sure YouTube is a great resource that I didn't have. I'd pester any friends who hunt and see if you can go with them.
  11. Not disagreeing. Just a difference in opinion. It seems customarily that pricing wise, it is typical to see a current, like new, production piece priced same as you can get it elsewhere minus tax and transfer. Depending on location I'll buy that "used" piece, especially if it's a quick and easy transaction because a) it's going to save me a little bit of money b) I don't have to mess with an online retailer and my local FFL and c) I don't trust the government and would prefer there not to be a paper trail on the purchase. (I'm not kidding myself here, I would be ashamed of myself if I'm not already on "The List". I just prefer to not file paperwork with the government informing them of what I have.)
  12. You aren't wrong. But that's about what I would expect out of the Tennessee Wasting Resources Agency.
  13. I saw one report that said 14 injured 2 dead. Not sure it was the same event. Typical Memphis evening.
  14. Those waters might get a bit murky, it's been a bit since I read up on the TCA about protecting livestock (there is a specific Tennessee law that allows you to do so) but I recall the wording of that law to have no stipulations about protecting livestock only during certain times of the day. Setting out to look for coyotes after dark would be a different story. I just wish T-dubs would have overhauled their pig regs and included night hunting for them as well.


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