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  1. Stones River should be right at 45 minutes or so from Gallatin, if you can dodge traffic.
  2. It's been interesting watching this group. The entire purpose of the group is to form a committee in each county and for that committee to advocate that their county become formally recognized as a sanctuary county. A few observations that I've made (thus far, I've only observed and have not participated in any discussions): - the group has drawn over 15k members in less than a month, supposedly all Tennesseans (impressive!) - as mentioned the purpose of the group is to increase the number of sanctuary counties. - people have an incredibly hard time staying on topic, many members seem to think that the purpose of the page is to overthrow the government. - the Fudds are very present. Reading through comments I just imagine that a good number of these people OC a Hi Point in a nylon holster. - looking at it from a pragmatic, unbiased position it seems that there is a minority of intelligent, professional people, setting out to obtain a goal in a logical fashion, while the majority of the group mass responds to an intelligent post with something of the likes of "I have an AR-15 that I'm dead accurate with at 100 yards and I'm not afraid to use it." It's been fun watching it play out.
  3. I have one and absolutely love it. It has been my go to carry gun since I got it over a year ago. It suits every criteria that I have for a carry gun pretty well. Mine has functioned flawlessly.
  4. Also a measure to keep the trolls out. Believe it or not many anti gun people aren't gainfully employed and spend their time infiltrating groups such as this and then causing disruptions at any live events that the group may hold.
  5. How are these still here? Someone buy these, it's a public service, you will be fighting child hunger by doing so, specifically my child.
  6. Sounds like a good reason to shop the black market, if you are so inclined.
  7. I researched solar power a couple of years ago with I was trying to set up a stock tank heater for my neighbor. Didn't go through with it because the number of solar panels needed made the project not feasible. I don't have experience with 12v pond pumps, but I do maintain a 250ish gallon bait tank with shad in it so when it's time to fish I don't have to go looking for bait. The pump in it pumps around 1000 gal per hour. I can tell you that you should do some research and figure out how much water you should be moving for a pond your size and go from there. When you find the pump that you need figure out how much energy it's going to draw then you can figure out how many solar panels will be needed to keep the battery topped off. We use a solar panel to keep the battery on our electric gate charged. It just does okay.
  8. It's been sometime since I handled it, but a friend owns a 1911 scandium Smith & Wesson. I don't recall it's weight, but I remember that it was significantly lighter than a steel framed gun.
  9. I'm known locally as the guy that will hold you at gun point until the cops get here and won't let you smoke a cigarette. The pillbillies shop elsewhere now.
  10. I have over of these in different trim, wonderful gun! This price is pretty good too! GLWS!
  11. 10 years ago. I wanted a Mosin Nagant. Had a buddy who had his FFL and would get me whatever I wanted at his cost. I call him up and he says that his cost is $70. I'm thinking that's really cheap, so I ask him, as he is my go to gun guy, if maybe I shouldn't just buy a crate of them and stash them away. He tells me not to waste my time because there are more Mosin Nagants out there than people could ever want and they will never be worth anything. I wound up with two of them, because a buddy wanted one, but failed to get spousal permission before ordering. I paid $270 for two rifles 440 rounds of ammo, and the background check. Sold one of the rifles about a year ago for $325. Really wish that I had bought the crate. Honestly, I don't see the appeal of a $300 Mosin Nagant. There are so many good rifles on the market in that price range that the Mosin has lost its appeal to me. If they were $70 today I would have one stashed in every hiddy hole that I could think of.
  12. I got rid of Dish Network about 10 years ago. I called to cancel, as I was moving. The rep in the phone told me that I would have to climb up on the roof and remove the dish and send it back to them. I told them that I wasn't physically able to do that. (Kind of a lie, I didn't have a way to get on the roof though) I thought that was absurd though.
  13. I've stepped in gradually, starting with an amount of money that isn't going to be life altering if I lose it. I spend quite a bit of time studying. I find it enjoyable to do homework, develop a theory as to why a strategy will work, and then seeing it play out. Selling off some stuff Monday that has been pretty stagnant to buy up some stuff that has been seeing good growth over the past week, month, and year. Right now Alibaba, Yeti, Crispr, and possibly Verizon, are stocks that are looking good to me.

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