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  1. I'm working from home 100% now. Wife is a nurse, so unfortunately she's in a hospital 3 days per week. Daughter is immunocompromised so we are taking this very seriously and other than my wife find to work, we really aren't leaving the house. I stocked up a couple of months worth of pet supplies on the front end of this, and I'm ordering things that I need from Amazon and whatnot. I'm actually enjoying this somewhat slower pace of life. I like working from home to the point that when this is all over with I think I'll be searching for a job that will allow me to work from home more. Things aren't so bad now, snapped this this pic while I was writing this.
  2. I've never understood why people bash the South, then move here. If wherever these people were from was so great they would stay.
  3. This has to be about the 5th ammo shortage that I've lived through.
  4. I've been carrying one of these for over a year. Perfect carry piece IMO. I've carried a bunch of pistols over the years and this is by far my favorite. Price is good too! GLWS
  5. Neither of you are wrong. Thought I'd throw this in, as it may she's some light on part of this problem. My buddy has a camera on his driveway that alerts him when motion is detected. He gets an alert at 2am one morning, checks the camera and there is a guy trying to break into his truck. Once the guy starts beating on his window he goes outside and the guy runs away. My buddy calls the police and they come out and take a report, the video was clear enough that they recognized the guy. Cop said that even though they knew who the perp was they couldn't do anything because he hadn't actually broken into the vehicle. Apparently these people are free to walk neighborhoods checking to see if vehicles are locked without fear of charges unless they forcibly enter.
  6. I see broke people finance cars that are way above their means all of the time. I'm sure that the novelty of that car wears off long before the payments do.
  7. I spent 5 years of my life as a track day photographer/track junkie. I've photographed/ridden most every track in the Southeast. Nashville is my absolute least favorite. It's pretty obvious that the road course was an afterthought. I know that there has been talk of the Oak Ridge track for at least a decade. At one time it was too be a rather lengthy track. Tracks have a difficult time making ends meet. Tracks that make good NASCAR tracks, are usually just okay for any other use, and road tracks just don't produce the revenue. I'll never understand the obsession with watching cars turn left for 4 hours when there is Indy, F1, rally cross, Moto GP, or even WERA. Heck I even enjoy a little dirt track action, both cars and motorcycles, when the guys are racing like they are depending on the win to keep the lights on. NASCAR is pretty good to dose off to on a Sunday afternoon though.
  8. Spend your 20s working hard, living cheaply, and save as much as you can. Don't touch what you saved. (I only did about 1/3 of this) Depending on how young the people taking this advice are: If you go to college, go with purpose and a plan. If you are going to get a degree, get one that will help you. If you don't like math, learn it anyway. The few years that you will spend taking math classes will pay off for the rest of your life.
  9. They aren't needed, traffic comes to a complete standstill on it's own. I don't understand how going West in the mornings into Nashville traffic will come to a complete stop for 1-2 minutes then pick right back up again and run 60-80mph for absolutely no reason.
  10. I'll trust though your experience that you are correct. I've only gotten one and that was 10 years ago. The documentation that was sent with the fine started that my license would be revoked if I didn't pay. I researched everything that I could find at the time to get out of it, but wasn't successful in doing so. I wasn't about to test the system and potentially loose my license over $50. Back in those days I had the $50, but didn't have the funds to fight the ticket or get my license reinstated had it been revoked.
  11. Stop over complicating this. What I read was your FIL left the gun at your place last time he visited because you wanted to carry it for a while to see how you liked it. He hasn't made the trip to pick it back up yet.
  12. Welcome, that's a heck of a commute you have there.
  13. Stones River should be right at 45 minutes or so from Gallatin, if you can dodge traffic.
  14. I recommend the Joe Arpaio model.
  15. It's been interesting watching this group. The entire purpose of the group is to form a committee in each county and for that committee to advocate that their county become formally recognized as a sanctuary county. A few observations that I've made (thus far, I've only observed and have not participated in any discussions): - the group has drawn over 15k members in less than a month, supposedly all Tennesseans (impressive!) - as mentioned the purpose of the group is to increase the number of sanctuary counties. - people have an incredibly hard time staying on topic, many members seem to think that the purpose of the page is to overthrow the government. - the Fudds are very present. Reading through comments I just imagine that a good number of these people OC a Hi Point in a nylon holster. - looking at it from a pragmatic, unbiased position it seems that there is a minority of intelligent, professional people, setting out to obtain a goal in a logical fashion, while the majority of the group mass responds to an intelligent post with something of the likes of "I have an AR-15 that I'm dead accurate with at 100 yards and I'm not afraid to use it." It's been fun watching it play out.

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