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  1. It was already harvested but still had plenty of melons. I'll be hunting that field in Saturday, I understand they bush hogged it this year after harvest. Doesn't make sense to me that they were attracted to watermelons, but I'd never seen that many birds in a day before.
  2. I'm lucky enough to know a few people who have private fields that I get to shoot. I won't hunt until this weekend. Best hunt I ever went on was over a watermelon field in Arkansas. It was phenomenal, I think the 100 or so people in the field all limited.
  3. People don't get this at all. Never, in almost 40 years of running around the woods have I encountered a snake that cornered me and wouldn't let me get away. A very significant percentage of people that are bitten are either trying to kill the snake or trying to handle it, while almost no one gets bit minding their own business. It will be a hard pill to swallow for a lot of folks here but most folks who kill snakes are not educated about snakes and have no knowledge or interest of the role that they play in the ecosystem and in scientific research. Same "I don't like it so it shouldn't exist" mentality as the people who want to ban guns.
  4. My favorite is bison, but I keep a wide variety. Bubblegum seems popular with the fish as well. I'm using the same set up as @OldIronFan. The 2 lb sos is a must to get any casting distance out of that 1/64 oz jig. It's getting really hard to find though, it's probably been a year since I've seen it on the shelf.
  5. I have 2-3 acquaintances who are looking for basic firearms training and I'm trying to point them in the right direction. Looking for basic as in never handled a gun before and looking to get a carry permit, but would like to become proficient and maybe even get some advanced training as well after the basic training is completed. Anyone had outstanding instruction that they can recommend in the Nashville area?
  6. Without a bucket truck, crane, or climbing gear that's going to be a tough one. If you can get to it, a cut 3/8 the way through from the bottom, then cut from the top about 6" closer to the trunk should put it on the ground without pinching the blade.
  7. The Parkland flea market across from Cedars of Lebanon state park has a dozen or so Mexican food trucks every Sunday. I've had several good meals there.
  8. There is more to life than shooting. I've cut way back on trigger time due to the current climate but have no intention of walking away. Things will return to how they were eventually. In the meantime I'm enjoying some of my other 27 hobbies.
  9. Gotta love it when it's an easy and free fix!
  10. I figured for sure it was time for a new battery. That one came in it when I bought it in October of 2017, and it had been sitting for a while. I'll go knock on wood now.
  11. Yesterday I was giving my ATV some lovin. Oil change, new air filter, adjust brakes, and most importantly I replaced the recoil starter rope that broke almost 4 years ago. I was doing this work, with special attention to the starter rope as I'm planning a 3 day solo trip to my hunting lease next weekend. The lease is big enough that if I were to have a battery or starter issue I could be looking at a several hour walk back to camp with no way to get the ATV out. I get everything done and go to start it to pull back into the parking spot and it's got nothing. I'm thinking that's very ironic since I literally had just installed the back up starter rope. I go get the battery charger and start to hook it up when I realize that the positive terminal is loose. Tighten it up and I was good to go.
  12. Guess it's time to switch over to 10mm.
  13. Absolutely not. If he is on the up and up he won't care. If he asks you to turn it off, he's up to no good. Tennessee is a one party state, only one party (you) has to be aware that a conversation is being recorded. LEO in a traffic stop situation is not excluded from that law.


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