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  1. My wife better be glad I have good self control, I could have piddled away a significant portion of our savings on your offerings over the past week. GLWS!
  2. If you are able, having a pond with a pump in it to move the water around is one of the best improvements you can have with chickens. Never did freeze over this winter. I haven't hauled water since I moved here. The ducks like it too.
  3. Bump. Headed to Fall Creek Falls this weekend if anyone that direction is interested, though I believe test firing in the campground is frowned upon.
  4. I use an Apeman dashcam, they are available on Amazon for less than $40. I've never had an incident, but a good friend of mine is a local truck driver owner/operator. His dashcam has saved him multiple times when people have clipped him while cutting in front of him and another guy who hydroplaned into him. The guy is a s*** magnet because even though he drives a lot of miles, he finds himself in precarious situations on the regular. The camera doesn't lie, though and has made the other person's story invalid multiple times now. Also, he recently had an altercation with a transient at a t
  5. I have a Heritage with the swappable cylinders. It's a good work gun that you don't have to worry about getting dinged up. I find that it lacks on accuracy next to my nicer .22s. I usually keep mine loaded with the WMRs. I believe that it was someone here that once said "a Heritage will last you the rest of your life, but you can hand the Ruger down to your kids."
  6. I could probably tell you about anything you want to know. I currently have barred rocks and some sex links. Both are good birds if you are wanting layers. You could also raise your own sex links if you get BR hens and a Rhode Island Red rooster, that would be a black sex link. Their offspring hens would have solid black heads, while the cockerels are born with white dots on their heads. Sex links do not breed true because they are hybrids, so if you are interested in sustaining your flock that isn't the way to do it. I'm not a fan of commercial hatcheries. I try to buy f
  7. To be clear. DO NOT place the TSA lock on the gun case. You need a regular padlock or combination lock. The TSA lock goes on the luggage that contains the gun case. The idea here is that a baggage handler can't open your suitcase and take your gun box out. Though I would be shocked of it's really hard to get one of those TSA special keys.
  8. I got this one off of Amazon, it was about $6. Honestly, the fishing wasn't anything to write home about, I did all of my fishing in the Everglades. Had a good time, caught some bass that wouldn't have impressed me here, and got to see to see a bunch of alligators. This was my first venture staying in Southeast Florida. Gotta say I don't much care for it. I've been to the Ft. Myers area a couple of times and like it much better.
  9. It went off without a hitch. The agent in Nashville asked me to show her the pistol so that she could verify that it was unloaded. I already had the slide locked back on it so I didn't have to handle it. She complimented me on the pistol (Kimber Micro) and told me to enjoy my trip. The agent that I dealt with on my return flight in Fort Lauderdale wasn't nearly as friendly, but didn't give me a hard time. He told me that it was not necessary to open the box, he just had me sign the form saying that it was unloaded. Other than that, I found it handy to keep my key on a caribener typ
  10. I have a hard time with slip on boots fitting my feet. Muck brand of them only brand that I've tried that's tolerable for me. I'm on my 3rd pair in 7 years. But my first pair is still functional. Last pair I bought was from Amazon, played around with the color choices and apparently brown isn't a popular color so I snagged them for $100.
  11. I rode my four wheeler down a portion of Central Pike today. It was a mess.
  12. Just ran to St. Thomas Hospital from Lebanon. Back roads were solid ice. Main roads were ok but not what I would call clear. Interstates were mostly clear. If you choose to get out, just slow it down and you should be fine.
  13. I live right off of Central Pike, just East of 840. Left the house around 5 and ran out to West End, then picked my wife up from Summit Medical Center. Got back home about 7:30, zero problems. Went out to the garage an hour later and almost fell on the driveway, solid sheet of ice.


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