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  1. 10-Ring

    Ruger Wrangler

    And 20 years down the road people will be saying "Ruger is a good gun, except for those Wranglers, they're kind of junky." The Heritage is what it is, I own one, and it's not a bad gun. But, I wouldn't put my Heritage up against a Single Six. Although I can appreciate nice guns, they sit in the safe, while my Heritage and SKS, get thrown on the four wheeler or tractor and actually used.
  2. Been hearing gobbling every morning for a couple of weeks.
  3. I got this on a trade. It's awesome but way more tool than I need. Comes with 2 batteries, charger, and tote bag. It's only one month old and looks like it as well. It's over $900 from Snap On. Accepting offers and will consider all trades. I considered just keeping it because it would be great for when I have to take the wheels off of my dually, but it's just overkill. Asking $700 obo and/or open to trades.
  4. Just a point of information, Sportsman's covers the trout stamp. It does not cover the duck stamp.
  5. After hunting pigs I have little interest in deer. Actually pig hunting is kind of like deer hunting, for men.
  6. I've had one for a few months and really like it.
  7. 10-Ring


    Everything and nothing in particular. I own more stuff than most people twice my age. Scrap metal, scrap lumber, tools, all kinds of broken machinery (never know when you can source a part for something else). Basically, anything that I come across for cheap or free that I think that I will use. As much time as I spend trying to keep my house not looking like Ma and Pa Kettle's I have no desire to chase after anything specific.
  8. Makes sense seeing as how sheetrock is what is used to protect the contents and water would compromise the sheetrock. Going to have to suck that one up I suppose. Frankly, I was surprised that the safe wasn't watertight. This will be a great excuse, if I ever upgrade, to not have it in the basement. However, much of the decision to put it where it is stemmed from having it in a location where the fewest amount of people would be aware of its existence. I have plenty of room upstairs, it's just that I prefer it to not be seen and known about by everyone who comes into my house. Had a huge walk in bedroom closet at my old house, and that's where the safe lived. That was ideal.
  9. Thanks guys. Damage was minimal. Lost probably less than $500 of stuff. I did have about 4" of water in my safe, but I think I caught it before it damaged anything. It's just been a pain to clean everything up.
  10. Just checked Amazon, these go for $105 new, so I'll take $70.
  11. My basement flooded Wednesday night. This new in the box reloading stand got a little wet. I just don't need it and don't really want to take the time to unbox it and put it together. My loss is your gain. $100 obo trade for? In Lebanon TN but travel southern middle TN reguarly.
  12. Not sure if that's something that is available commercially, I think both of the guys that I know made their own using old jet ski trailers. It's pretty easy to do though.
  13. Seems ideal if a guy say worked in a building which was posted and he absolutely couldn't afford to be caught caring at work.
  14. The intake pimp on a jet ski can draw rocks and junk off of the bottom at depths of up to 8 feet. That might get to be a problem in places that carp are normally found. Additionally, jet skis handle like crap at low speeds. I have a couple of buddies who are really serious into kayak fishing. Both have drive on kayak trailers so there is no lifting and pulling involved. One of them is powered by a 6hp outboard, it will do about 20mph.
  15. It's obsolete technology. Literally no one uses rotary telephones anymore. I doubt very few 17 year olds have ever used a rotary phone, and I doubt that very few 40 year olds on this forum have started a fire using flint and steel, or friction methods. I still have a rotary phone on the wall in my garage as a conversation piece. Young kids get a bad rap, how many of you that fuss about kids being useless and ignorant have spent time teaching kids, especially kids that aren't yours, how to do things? I know people of all ages who are useless.

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