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  1. Thought this video was relevant to the conversation. I believe my only criticism of that he stopped and by doing so places himself in danger, and then he got out. I don't know the circumstances of him actually hitting the protestors, but if I were in that situation I would proceed away from the crowd and then call 911 if I were so inclined. Don't know if video can be embedded, but here is the link. https://youtu.be/w022eEJdGsA
  2. I don't think that I have much to add that hadn't been said already. My wife and I have discussed this exact scenario. I find it important to give yourself an escape route in traffic and attempt to escape first. If that is not possible I would fear for my life when someone began beating on my windows with an object. DASH CAMS cheap insurance. I run an apeman camera. They can be had on Amazon for $35. I've had mine for a year and it's been great. A friend of mine drives a truck and runs one all of the time. He is involved on 2-3 accidents most years when people cut in front of him and he can't stop. His insurance company has been very thankful for his camera.
  3. There is no law, but The State Attorney General has issued an opinion on this. Basically, a felon can possess a black powder weapon, but it must be an antique. https://www.tn.gov/attorneygeneral/search-results.html?q=Black+powder
  4. I think that you could ask 10 people that question and get 10 different answers. For me, after buying and trying a bunch of different ones, I fell in love with the Kimber Micro 9. It just does it for me.
  5. Homelite became a major name in the chainsaw world in the 1940s, and still produces saws today, though they are not revered as the saws that they once were. I've never run the bowsaw and don't know if I want to, but from what I understand, one of the major advantage is not having to bend over as much while cutting up logs.
  6. I have the same issue. When I put it behind my flatbed I can't even see it. On a serious note, I've done a lot of towing over the years with loads of all different sizes. Learning to back using my mirrors was the single best thing that I ever learned to do to help backing a trailer easier.
  7. Show her the fundamentals, then let her practice on her own at the house. Don't watch. Write off the truck bumper, tail lights, and bed corners before she starts. Whatever you do, don't tell her that she is doing it wrong.
  8. I kind of have a thing for old Homelites. The first is my XL 12 that belonged to my grandfather. I got it cleaned up, but not running. Needs new fuel system gaskets and hoses. The second is my father in law's XL 12 with the bow saw attachment, that one belonged to my wife's grandfather. I have intentions to incorporate both into a decorative piece.
  9. I've messed with a lot of bodock, it's my favorite for firewood, and least favorite for handling, cutting, splitting, and stacking. I you haven't cut it up yet get it cut to whatever you want to get it cut down to while it's still green, it gets a lot harder to cut after it's dried.
  10. There is nothing that I can do about the current situation. I'm enjoying being at home more. I'm getting some turkey hunting done, doing some fishing, I'm in the process of putting in a garden. I have a ton of ash to cut, split, and stack for next winter. Other than not getting to see a few people that I would like to see I'm making the best of it and enjoying three slower pace.
  11. I used to live in Blount County and one of my favorite things to do was go hang out in Citico/Tellico as trout fish. Still one of my favorite places that I've ever been. Enter from the Citico side and work your way towards Indian Boundary. Then either head back or continue towards Tellico. Couple of things to keep in mind is you do have to buy a Citico/Tellico permit each day, but you are covered if you have a sportsman's license. The lower end of Citico Creek is off limits after stocking certain days of the week, can't recall which ones so check the regs. Something that I found out about after I left that area was the Trout Magnet lure. It's a small 1/64oz jig head. I use them now primarily for blue gill, but I have caught several middle Tennessee stocker trout on them. The lure has been a hands changer for me, lots of fun. I but the in 50 packs at Bass Pro and have several different body color/head combos. I highly recommend using the Leland's Lures 2lb SOS line with them. It's the best light line I've ever messed with and it's actually quite manageable. It allows you to cast that tiny jig much further than 4 or 6 lb line. It's recommended to use a 2lb fluorocarbon leader when fishing clear water. The TM bobbers make the jig more versatile as well.
  12. I keep several 22 rifles around, I have a few cheapies like a Remington 597 and a Remington Viper that get thrown around, carried on the four wheeler, or tractor, boat, truck, whatever. Also have a couple of nicer ones porch shooting and/or walking around the woods.
  13. We set a camera up on the feeder, they are usually trained up within a week, 2 max. The trick is not putting out a bunch of corn at once. Usually between 1-2 pounds 3x per day (we normally do one in the morning and two in the evening) you don't want the pigs to think they can get food any time if day, you want them to have the mentality that if they aren't there when the feeder cycles then they won't get any.

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