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  1. In the spirit of that: unfortunately I wasn't in the office when this happened but the story was relayed to me by a co-worker. Employee #1 had recently declared that he stopped drinking. He come in one day saying how hung over he is. My buddy says "oh I thought you quit drinking?" To which he replied "I quit drinking liquor, beer ain't drinking." Personal account- I was working as an electrician's assistant for a company years ago. I was pretty new and didn't know everyone yet. I got paired up with a guy to go with on a project for about 3 days. He calls me and asks if I would like to share a room. I wasn't making much and the company allowed us to keep per diem that we didn't spend, so I agree. We get to where we're going, get in the room and are chit chatting and whatnot, like a couple of normal guys might do. Then he pulls out his laptop and asks "you like to look at porn?" I tell him that I don't want to watch porn with him. He proceeded to casually watch porn and smoke cigarettes in the non smoking room the remainder of the evening. I got my own room the next night.
  2. This story has been incredibly difficult to follow due to lots of conflicting info. From what I've pieced together he had another unrelated warrant involving a domestic dispute. Officer who was serving that warrant reported that there was a gunshot and called in the troops. Suspect barricaded himself into the garage. There were no firearms, or "illegal" magazines present. Suspect was eventually arrested and charged with several charges, none of them firearm related. Mass confusion, and in not really sure why this is being called a red flag matter. I watched some of this as it was going down on the suspect's Instagram, and honestly he came across as a bit unstable.
  3. That's my set up. I keep both a .22 and a .223 handy. Squirrels to deer I'm covered with those two rounds.
  4. Who else is walking around looking for something to cut today?
  5. 10-Ring

    PC Advice

    I have a Lenovo laptop for work and I like it. Quality seems to be pretty good. We recently bought a Chromebook to share as a family and we really like it. It's the ticket for casual computer use.
  6. The Mexican government should hire him to confiscate guns from the drug cartel.
  7. I've seen snakes every month of the year in Tennessee.
  8. I'm convinced that truckers pick them up dead out west and drop them off here.
  9. You can hunt coyote during deer season with a centerfire, you just have to have a big game license.
  10. You would have thought I'd killed a buck of unheard of proportions when I got that groundhog. I was pretty proud of myself.
  11. I killed one with a Daisy Eagle when I was a kid. It was in our garden and paid me little attention. I shot it between the eyes at about 10 feet. It wasn't pretty, but it got the job done.
  12. I had a RIA 1911 in 9mm that wouldn't free anything but FMJs. I suspect that a previous owner did a poor job polishing the fed ramp. RIA was easy to deal with and had a pretty quick turnaround. They didn't tell me what they did but it has worked great since I got it back.

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