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  1. It's actually not difficult, just time consuming. Even with Tru-oil, you really need to wait 24hrs between coats, sand down between every coat. You need to wet sand the first few applications to fill the grain & after 15 or so coats/days, you need to leave it 10-14 days before you can polish the gloss back to a nice satin sheen. The stock I just posted was 28 coats & is literally as smooth as glass now, but it took a lot of work. It took a lot longer, because my initial batch of finishing oil was contaminated & after 26 applications, it would no longer cure. I had to strip it
  2. I just refinished a walnut M70 stock. 46 days start to finish. I can completely understand why folks charge hundreds for this......
  3. Get it, shoot it & hunt the hell out of it. That's what they're for man!
  4. If you have an M200 & ever feel like a straight trade for my 206, gimme a holler. I'd be real interested in that!
  5. Surprisingly, the trigger is excellent. As good as any Smith I've ever shot. No binding or stiff spots, no hitches or hang ups in double action. Heavy, but not unusually so. Single action is superb. Virtually zero movement at break & the perfect eight for me, right at 6lb. Best thing I did was to ditch the tiny wooden grips & replace them with a set of M200 plastic grips. Much bigger & far more controllable.
  6. It's for a Rock Island M206. Online evidence tells me that they're fine with +P loads & is certainly beefy enough, but it's only roll stamped .38. I'd prefer not to give it a steady diet of really hot loads, although i'm sure a few cylinders every now & then won't hurt.
  7. Not quite as ridiculous as you right now. Is called humor. Try it out sometime.
  8. That'll work to start up. I would imagine oal & bearing surface is close enough to not make much difference.
  9. Ammo & component availability being what it is right now, i was wondering if anyone had heard of, or had a recipe for, 180gn WFNGC cast bullets in a .38spl. I bought several hundred Cast Performance boolets for my .358 win & it turns out that it hates them. I was wondering if it was even possible to load them up for the pistol, rather than wasting or melting them down. I'm not looking for any silly +p+ loads, just an average, mid-range cartridge.
  10. Honestly? I can't be freaking bothered! I've loaded so many rounds this year (5,000+ on a single stage) I just want a simple solution! I had to pull down 200 .30-06 rounds last month because i figured out (before firing one, thankfully) while I was in the bath (i have my best thoughts in the bath.....) that i'd done 47.8, not 57.8 grains. That's the one downside of loading so many calibers on one press & powder measure. Accidents can & do happen.
  11. Not a dumb question at all, but overall length isn't the problem. If it was, that's exactly what i'd do. The issue is the distance from the rim to the shoulder. No way to correct that side from completely tearing them down & full length resizing again with the fire set a few thou shorter.
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