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  1. My business is on my property & as always I'm cranking out 80+ hour weeks. Thankfully, kennels were deemed essential, along with animal welfare & agriculture so I've managed to stay fully staffed, even though the boarding business is all but dead right now. Jules & I are prioritizing staff wages above ourselves & it's costing me about $100/day out of my own pocket to keep them going. Luckily I have enough put aside that I can keep this up for a couple of months if needed. I've been to the grocery store twice, I think, since mid March. We stocked up hard on business essentials (dog/ horse feed, bleach & disinfectant) as soon as it all went nuts. Other than that & the bank, which I can't avoid, I've not been off property.
  2. Sold out. I'm thinking I'll just put my parts back in the safe until all this bollocks blows over.
  3. I called them yesterday & Dave is correct. They won't sell to out of state residents. They told me that even if it's sold as a 'rifle' lower, there would be nothing stopping me from building it as a pistol, making them liable for illegally selling a pistol across state lines, even though it's a rifle. The guy on the phone even sounded like he appreciated how dumb it sounded, but it's company policy & there was nothing could be done about it.
  4. Unfortunately they're about a 5hr round trip from me!
  5. No make preferences, just looking for a cheap, used lower to save me constantly switching my blk/.223 uppers around! Already have a complete LPK to install.
  6. Ahhhh crap. I'll take second slot if it falls thru!
  7. I'm afraid not Chuck. I'm still on a non- immigrant Visa, so none of that applies to me. It'll be some time yet before I can get a chance of status.
  8. FlySouth in Nashville, if I'm nearby. My go to is a little local store in Tullahoma; Tim's Flies & Lies. I also keep tails from deer I've shot, neck capes from some of my surplus roosters & I kept a 6"×6" patch of elk skin this past fall.
  9. One of the better Sig Kilos is almost impossible to beat.
  10. Follow through. It's more important than people think......
  11. *cough-cough*...... yeah. Yeah, that's exactly what I was getting at.... honest. Also, find me one other Rob in this thread. Does it hurt you that people might actually think I'm handsome? This is why we can't have children. You are SOOOO jealous. I don't know why I put up with you. I should've listened to my mother....
  12. YOU SHUT YOUR DAMN WHORE MOUTH!!! That was the first compliment I've had in 10 years!
  13. I can't remember if it was Tom Hardy or Jason Statham that played Handsome Rob, but either way.... I'll take it!
  14. I'm sooooooo changing my name to Handsome Rob right now....
  15. Sorry to be crude, but a bmg is just a dick extension.

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