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  1. Thanks guys, I'm off to midway! I usually buy die sets on Amazon, since they're normally 10-20% cheaper, but right now the cheapest I can find are $80 for Lee!
  2. Lee, Redding, RCBS; whatever. I refuse to pay the inflated prices that stores are asking these days. $80 for a Lee carbide kit??? My ass!
  3. 100% this. . . . . . . But steer her gently towards a Sig p365
  4. Ohhhhhhh my........ The hives are in full flow right now! It was too hot to do any real harvesting today, but she collected 4 frames to make some room & harvested 11 pints of honey! We have around 30 more frames to harvest next weekend. VID_86300520_063544_247.mp4
  5. It's a accurate as any other pistol I've ever had & it's built like a tank! It could never be mistaken for being refined in any way, but as a utilitarian workhorse it's excellent. It seems to preform well with every type of ammo I've fed it too.
  6. Straight cash available, if anyone has an M200 for a cash sale.
  7. I've got a snubby M206, with the larger M200 grips to go with the stock wood & a Barsony Leathers "cowboy" holster. Looking to trade ONLY for the longer M200. Holster would be nice, but it's not a deal breaker. Very light cylinder ring, but no other wear. Not selling, by the way. If I don't get a trade, I'll keep it. I'd also consider buying an M200 outright.
  8. WARNING!!! FAT GUY BELLY PHOTO BELOW!! How would you rate this 'concealment level'? Is this what would be considered acceptable or is the point of the grip a problem?
  9. Update. I got my JX Tactical Fat Guy holster a couple of days ago. I've been wearing it around the house, farm & at work ever since it arrived. It took a little bit of fenagling to find the best position & angle & a few hours to get used to the new sensation, but I have to say, I 'think' I may have lucked out on my first try! This thing is really comfortable walking, standing, sitting & sitting in my recliner. It doesn't seem to print too badly, even in thin shorts & a normal fitting polyester Tee. Put it this way...Le Wifey has no idea I've been carrying since Saturda
  10. I swear.....I WILL strike you. Do you want to get striked?! Mrs P. has been pestering for goats for years. I drew the line at ducks. We have ducks. I really drew the line at geese. We have a goose. I was vigorous in my protests about a pig. We have a pig. Goats is the hill I will 'king die on.


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