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  1. Thanks Terry, I appreciate it. I'm doctor free now, but unfortunately it'll be a minute before I'm rid of his billing office!
  2. I've carried mine in the woods a few times (I'm DYING to smack a pig with a cast 510gn bullet) but have yet to put the metal to the meat. I did have to fabricate a new, slightly taller front sight to get on the paper at 100yds with my load (1090fps) & you're right about the trigger. Pull weight HAS to be close to 15lb & it has a week's worth of creep, but it'll stay inside 3" at 100yds & that's plenty good enough for me!
  3. Nobody sells a simple thread adapter? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm not familiar with suppressor mounting!
  4. Ohhhhh, I get it. There's a recess inside the flash hider, before it engages the barrel threads. So you're actually only getting 3 or 4 turns before you run out of barrel thread. Gotcha. I'm not au-fait with the pressures created by a suppressor, so I cannot comment on whether or not that would be adequate. My thought would be to find a guy with a lathe (or a hacksaw & a steady hand) & cut the hex-nut off your muzzle device. Cheaper, quicker & simpler than turning down & rethreading the barrel. Is there an alternative QD attachment available for your suppressor?
  5. Also, bear in mind that if you chop down any shotgun, you'll be losing any choke. You'll essentially be creating a cylinder bore. Lots of places will thread & install removable chokes, but that'll add considerably to the cost. Double the barrels, double the cost. If you stick to a short barreled cylinder bore, you'll be effectively cutting down the usable range by an incredible amount. For purely HD work, not an issue, but for a fun gun, 20yds is going to frustrate you.
  6. Yup, I'm as confused as you. It looks like a perfect fit in the third pic.
  7. Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, medical circumstances have forced me to have to part ways with the rifle, for now. I did fully dismantle & reassemble the entire rifle, just to be 100% sure of all my torques, scope & mounting bits. With hindsight, I'm 99% certain that by loading to SAAMI length, rather than loading to the chamber/mag length was my main issue. Not the powder or bullet. I did load up some further test rounds with the exact same charge ladder, but loaded to .010 off the lands. That gave me a COAL (if my rememberer is right) of 2.89", rather than the SAAMI spec of 2.77. I was 100% confident that one of the higher end loads would get me exactly what I was after. I've saved them & all my loading gear in a safe place though.... as soon as I'm paid up with the doctors, I'll be buying another. I feel a Kimber 84M in my not-too-distant future.
  8. I picked this up on here a few months back. Did a complete rebuild job & really don't want to sell it, but needs must right now. Built on a 1947 Turkish Mauser action. Bluing on the action is probably 90%. Non matching numbers. Custom butterknife bolt handle. Unknown barrel (1:10 twist) Weaver K6W wideview scope in excellent condition. Glass is perfect, duplex reticle crisp & clear. Walnut monte-carlo stock with a 13" LOP. This is a really slim, trim lightweight rifle. Carries beautifully & will hold a 1" group with factory 117gn ammo. I have no loaded ammo, but I do have 50 pieces of brass & dies (minus the decapping pin) I never got around to working up a good load. $700 firm. Not interested in trades, selling to cover some medical bills.
  9. Compared to a 5.56, yeah. Compared to a .50 Beowulf, no. But it's really cheap to shoot, barrels & mags are widely available, ammo's everywhere & inside of 150yds, I'd put it to work on anything huntable. Winchester hyped it as having far better ballistics than it realistically does, but a 180gn pill around 2200fps will pretty well knock anything ass over teakettle.
  10. The other only answer is .350 Legend. Half the cost & a third the recoil.... Whatchoo shooting it at?
  11. I've never hunted with it, as much as I'd like to. The standard Buckhorn sights were just awful for my eyes & the target sights it currently wears aren't really well suited for quick shooting or lower light. Not a doubt in my mind, had I the setup & time to count vernier marks, I could comfortably kill a deer anywhere from here to there, but honestly..... any of my scoped rifles are far more suitable! And they're a hell of a lot lighter to carry!
  12. Not as often as I should & certainly not as much as I'd like, but I do shoot a little long range target (not competition, just funzies...) with an Uberti 1885 High Wall in .45-70. Fitted with a Seoul tang sight & a Lyman globe front & shooting 510gn cast at right at 1100fps, I can regularly bang a 36" gong at 800yds. I have tried at 1000, but the cast lead nearly leaves a mark on the steel & it's almost impossible to hear (especially after several seconds of anticipation after the bang!) I always, always wanted a Shiloh Sharps until I handled one & it honestly felt awful. I tried a buddy's Browning 1885 (with the tapered barrel, far nicer handling than the Uberti's untapered number) & immediately fell in love with the feel & action. The only downside is the heavier- than- I'd- like trigger, which to my understanding is almost impossible to rectify. It ain't terrible, but at 7lb with a bit of creep, it could certainly be better.
  13. Anyone seen this new budget .22 revolver? I'd literally never heard of it until I got an email drop today. https://diamondbackfirearms.com/sidekick/ Looks like a bit of a step up from the Wrangler & light years ahead of the Heritage. SA/DA .22LR/WMR swing out, 9 shot cylinder for $320 MSRP I can see this being popular.
  14. I Revlon some super, super thin CA glue dribbled in there, then bound tight for a few days will make that disappear entirely.
  15. Man, I own a 1974 model that could be that things twin. Bluing freckles & all. Watching with interest.


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