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  1. Fitted with the larger M200 grips (i may still have the originals somewhere) Great shooting, work horse .38 Nothing fancy about it, but it does what it should every time. Minor cylinder ring but no other visible signs of wear. Comes with a leather 'Western' style holster. $300 located in Tullahoma.
  2. Price drop....$1000, meetup within an hour of Tullahoma.
  3. If anyone has one they don't use, I'd really like to get myself a 10x10 Flexbow tent. My days of ultralight camping are behind me & a little luxury near the truck would get a lot more use! Willing to pay cash-money.
  4. No sensible* offer refused. *I'm incredibly flexible.....
  5. I have a spare 4-Patriots 1800w solar generator. Bought it a couple of years ago & I've honestly never used it. Brand new retail is $2500. Mine is new with no box & for the life of me, i can't find the instructions. $1500 obo. https://4patriots.com/products/patriot-power-generator-1800
  6. From that picture? It could be literally anything, although my money would be on Iver Johnson. What are you offering in trade for it?
  7. I've got 2 a T3x Lite in .30-06 & a T3 Superlight Hunter in 6.5x55. I honestly believe they're the best rifle you can possibly buy, under a grand. The action is like oiled glass, the trigger is spectacular & you will not find a more accurate, out of the box rifle anywhere. With the advent of prefit barrels, they're a brilliant base action for a custom build, although aftermarket stock makers are lagging behind. I think a lot of folks are maybe a bit offput by them being a 'budget' gun, being that they're Sako's cheaper option, but they're every bit as good a a model 85.
  8. Does anyone have an older dual sport bike, kicking around in a shed that they'll never ride again? I don't really have a preference, other than I'm needing something 350 or bigger. I'm looking for something road legal, or easily made that way. Relatively tidy condition & superficially all there. I would prefer a less road orientated model ( DR, XT, XL etc) over a touring bike with knobblies. The hard part is, I'm trying to do this under $1500
  9. I've had 2 that had to go back for accuracy issues, ie; neither would shoot better than 3" The third was Hunter model that the magazine wouldn't take 3 rounds. The replacement was binding on the bolt & the replacement for that wouldn't seat in the magwell. I'd heard 50/50 reports when i bought my first & I wish I'd learned my lesson after that one.


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