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  1. Oh my....2 of my favorite things! 98 AND Swede?! *sploosh*
  2. Mostly Texas History Lessons & The Wild West Extravaganza. Texas history is very dry & educational, WWE (formerly Bloody Beaver) is hilarious. Still educational, but done in a lighthearted fashion. Each episode is about a single figure from western history. Texas history literally starts at the Ice Age....
  3. So....I don't really study history, per se, but I do listen to a lot of historic podcasts & read a lot of old, historic literature. I wanna know, as a non-secular, historically interested dude: when did BC & AD become BCE & CE? I have always worked on the idea that BC was Before Christ, year 0 & worked backwards. IE: 1200 BC was 1200yrs before Jesus was invented (0 minus1200) & 1200 AD was 1200 years after Jesus was invented (did I mention I was non secular? Sorry. I meant atheist) ie: the year 1200. When did it become Before Common Era & Common Era??? My brain automatically, being & heathen & not knowing any better, immediately transposed it as 'before christ existed' & 'Christ's extinct'...... And why 'Common' Era? Do modern historians only publish & work with non judeo-christian fellows? Not trying to be inflammatory, I'm just asking..... Is it religious? Scientific? Political??? I really don't understand WHY it changed!
  4. That's all I've ever used. If you don't have a low lying, wet area, just take a hammer to it & sprinkle it in a shallow scrape.
  5. Be aware, if you aren't already, AR15 parts compatability is pretty much universal across all makes, brands & chamberings. AR10, not so much. Certain barrels won't work with certain uppers, barrel nuts have different threads, uppers & lowers need to be matching styles etc... 5.56/.223 is always going to be the most available & popular round & with modern bullets is a far, far more capable hunting round to much longer range than in the past. 350 leg. would be my next choice just because of ammo availability & it's getting to be well known as a capable deer round. It's downfall is simply cost as a target round, terrible ballistics & lack of reloading options.
  6. Long shot, but do you still have these?
  7. It's one of those states with really restrictive laws on what chamberings you can use in public land. I have a friend with a 50 acre farm, landlocked by the Hoosier national forest. Private land, anything goes, but on public you're restricted to basically straight wall, pistol (mostly) cartridges.
  8. Looks like I'll be hunting Indiana pretty regularly & need the right tool for the job. I'm pretty much open to anything, so all offers are welcome. Haven't really got a budget in mind right now but I'm not looking to drop a fortune either. I could even be talked into a cheap AR upper.
  9. Damn. Sorry. Once the bottle only has a couple or 3 shots, fill it up with honey. It takes a few days to mix itself, but it's awesome on breakfast cereal, mixed with oatmeal & is especially good as a BBQ or roast glaze. I marinate my dove breasts in it for poppers & use mix it with home made blackberry & chili jam as a dipping sauce for wild game. Delish!
  10. Oddly, I used to make mead before we had bees. These days it's really hard to snag a few pounds that we could be eating or selling! However, one thing I really do enjoy for myself, is to polish off 9/10ths of a bottle of bourbon.
  11. I tried pretty much everything from 3" to 15 yards before I connected with my first. It's literally impossible to say. Every single bird is different & that's what makes wing shooting so much fun!
  12. Literally the first time I've used my shotgun since opening day last year! I got just short of a limit at 13, in Bledsoe country over a cut wheat field. Not as many guns as last year (I think maybe 35 a compared to 120+) Had great action from 12 to 12:30 then hit the usual afternoon lull until 4. It took me a full box to bag my first, but after that I averaged 3 shells to a bird. Still making it the most expensive game meat there is! I may try to get out Saturday afternoon as well, but I don't know of any local fields worth the drive.
  13. The main reason I'm looking at Nucanoe is the width. There's a lot of me & not a lot of kayak! It's not going to be a regular use item, I've really zero interest in fishing locally (I'll never understand the bass obsession...) I just want something super duper basic I can truck along with me when I go to the gulf, or Atlantic coast. I'm far more interested in stability, than fishability.
  14. I'm still getting used to it. Having never shot with one before this I'm finding it less instinctive. First shot is definitely slower, but follow ups are much quicker & my groups do seem a hair tighter with it.


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