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  1. HIGHLY recommend the RIA M206/200 revolver. Accurate, reliable as a hammer & very affordable.
  2. I'm VERY aware that I'm urinating windward here, but if anyone has, knows of, or is willing to *steal an 8lb bug of Varget; I need one. . . . . . . *theft is wrong. Neither I nor the site owners condone theft in any way** . . . . . . ** unless the price is right
  3. No. Shockingly terrible. Worst year in the history of ever of guns. Everyone was on strike, parts were sourced from Hasbro, utter garbage. $300 & I'll add it to my collection to save you further embarrassment. I'm honestly astonished & quite frankly, ashamed for you, for admitting it. Your gun, post & life is terrible & you should feel terrible for it.
  4. That's what I've always used too. Super straightforward.
  5. It's a bit of extra work, but call Gareth at GTS customizing (307-259-9887) He's based out of Casper, WY. and specializes in restoration. He did all the bluing & care color hardening on my Winchester 70 & I literally cannot find a fault anywhere. He does metal AND furniture refinishing & is surprisingly affordable. He doesn't have a website, but can be found on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Gtscustomizing/
  6. Makes me wonder..... If you showed up in person to collect it, would you then be immediately arrested for being in possession of an unregistered (by NY law) handgun?
  7. @KahrMan is first alternate, if we're following the strict law of 'Dibs' which we all know is pretty well set in stone. Bill, the floor is yours.
  8. All this got me to thinking...... free bumps, sorry for the Spams..... I had a really nice Strider folder, back in England. Not common, but not really that desirable, due to the size. Sold it for £150 & was really happy. After reading this I figured I'd go to ebay to look for a replacement. Yeah, no. $750 minimum. I really get mad at myself sometimes.
  9. I also finally (14 years of looking....) found a Recon Hunter in AUS-8/VG-10 San Mai. They only made 50 & I have #6. That cost me more than any firearm I've ever owned......
  10. Walt! Dude! Where the hell were you a year ago man! I'm a HUGE fan of Cold Steel's better stuff. I love that everyone associated them with cheap crap, whilst also turning out some of the finest quality production knives. Kinda like Bentley making the occasional pipe wrench..... I spent far too many years looking for one of these. I finally found #342 on ebay & paid SIGNIFICANTLY more than that! Embarrassingly more, in fact.
  11. And a fight..... that's a beauty!
  12. .45-70 is probably the round I shoot the least, yet enjoy reloading for, the most! I load subsonics (535gn GC cast over a light load of AA5744 for right on 1120fps) Sounds like a .22, kicks like.... well, like you'd expect! But my gosh are they accurate. I have Vernier sight marks out to 800yds with this load. One day, I'll shoot a pig with one just to see what happens. I'm guessing it won't be near as impressive as I imagine.
  13. Thanks, it's a 9x57. I've not experienced any case splitting during shooting I it, I was just wondering, more than anything, if brass degraded with age. Some of this stuff is literally WW1 Era. It sized up just fine (other than the one....) & I've since annealed it before loading. I've got a few old, factory 9x57 brass, some factory loads (that I REALLY don't want to shoot) & all the rest of my brass is either 9.3 necked down, or 8mm necked up. I'm loading 46gn of 4064 (fixed irons, so I had to load to the sight. The problems I had with the .358 were all down to me not annealing the brass & then running super hot loads, right off the bat. I've not had an issue since I started being more diligent & less enthusiastic!
  14. I have 2000 winchester large rifle or 1000 Remington & 1000 winchester large pistol primers. I'll trade UP to 2000 in any combination, 1:1 for small rifle primers. NOT FOR SALE!
  15. All the advice suggestions are awesome with 1 caveat: you NEED to have it fitted to you. And when you throw a 7 & leave it to someone, THEY'LL need to have it fitted. I've run the gamut of quality o/u shotguns over the years & I've literally only found 1 that fit me properly & no way on God's green earth could I afford it here (they're kinda cheap in the UK, not so much, stateside) Emilio Rizzini. The only double gun I've ever picked up, ever, that didn't need custom fitting. I tried to find another for my first dove season here, but sticker shock killed me! The one I had in England, I sold for roughly 1/20th of what it would bring here! Right now, I'm stuck with an old 1187 that's as reliable as a hammer, ugly as a hang nail, heavy & ungainly. But it fits perfectly & I shoot it very well. I'd love to trade it out for a nice sxs, but I'm not prepared to sacrifice efficient accuracy for classy looks & feel. And I can't justify spending the money to have a fitting done.
  16. Not "how many firings" this time. I have some one fired brass that I just necked up from 8 to 9x57. Thing is, the one time it was fired (according to some deep dive historical headstamp research) was probably before 1920. Most of it dates to 1900-1920 All but 1 necked up perfectly (one neck actually ripped off. Never had that happen before, probably should've annealed first) & they seem like they should be fine, but I'm wondering if anyone knows: does brass get brittle with age? Some of these cases were so patinated they looked more like bronze, than brass. Can I anneal the entire case, to be sure? The load I have worked up is light & should be super low pressure (44,000CUP estimate) but I'm worried about the possibility of head separation due to the brass becoming brittle. Is that a thing? When I necked up some .308 brass for my .358 I had a bunch of split necks. Obviously, jumping up by a whole millimeter (0.039) isn't quite as much of a stretch compared to 0.05 but would I be better served by neck annealing anyway?
  17. I'm tempted to buy the Steven's in the classifieds, just on principle! GO. GET. IT!
  18. I'm looking for a 16+" barrel for my DB10 upper. A complete BCG will also be needed, but that's not my primary want right now. I don't mind the condition of the barrel at all, as long as it's not actually bent. Shot out, no rifling, bad crown or threads; doesn't matter. I'll be having it bored out anyway. As for the 'bits', well, right now I have a stripped upper & lower (Armalight/Diamondback pattern) & I literally need EVERYTHING else! LPK, upper parts.... everything! As always, broke-ass that I am, cheap is good.
  19. A .32 is a fantastic rifle to learn with. With a mild charge (8-12gn) it has about the same recoil as a .17hmr. It's also surprisingly powerful. A full house 18gn load under a .31 ball is the equivalent of a .22mag.
  20. Not gonna lie, there's a learning curve & your attention to detail has to be spot on to make sure it's 100% reliable. You really learn to appreciate the difference between flint quality too! A great quality, English or French flint will give you 40-50 shots before it needs knapping. A cheap flint, anything from 5-20. You have to remember to wipe your flint, pan & frizzen after every shot. If you're hunting, dump & replace your priming charge every hour. Even when you do everything perfectly, there's going to be the occasional 'clack......f#@k!!!' There's a learning curve to shooting one too. When you watch someone else shoot, there's is almost no perceptible delay between the hammer drop & shot, but when you're on the trigger, it feels like there's a MASSIVE gap between the flash & the bang. You learn how to follow through & my gosh will it let you know if you've got a flinch!
  21. Brushy Bill Roberts is currently pissing himself laughing.
  22. The caplock on top was built for me by John D Anderson here in Tullahoma. .54, 42" 1:56 Rice barrel, completely built to my specs. Long rifle dimensions with Hawken furniture. The flintlock Fusil was built by a friend in Jacksonville. .62, rifle octagon-round 42" 1:62 Colerain barrel. Exhibition grade maple stock. Keyed, not pinned barrel.


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