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  1. There are a few websites that you can use for this, but the emails being used, I would guess, are just throwaway. I'm sure they just delete then change them.
  2. Every single want ad I've placed in the past year, garners a PM like this: "Hi if your still looking, I can help out with a lead, you can reach out to Matthew in texas he has the Ruger American .223/5.56 sale this is his email address stevenmattdavis@gmail.com good luck " I'm about sick & tired of these losers. Sorry. Just having a vent.
  3. .357's spoken for. I had a quick countstimate of the 40 & I reckon there's somewhere between 7 & 900. I got to 400 & frankly, lost interest. It looked to be about halfway down the pile though. I'd love to trade for rifle primers (large or small) Varget,. 308, .257, 6.5x55 brass, or literally anything anyone has to offer, at all. Including livestock, favors & currency.
  4. I would prefer the standard American, but I'd also be interested in the Ranch or Predator, as long as the price is right. Have cash, or an Axis .223 in a Boyd's stock to trade, minus the scope.
  5. Price drop to $80. Where else can you you tacticulate your Tennessee Trombone for eighty bucks huh? Huh?!
  6. Foliage Green, large belt (I'm a 40-42" & it fits fine) Lightly used for 2 hunting seasons, in excellent condition. Smoke free home. One caveat: the lid pocket came from the factory missing some stitching. I was told it could be fixed under warranty but I simply never got round to sending it back. I figured it'd be cheaper to have done locally, then promptly forgot all about it. If you'd like to pm me a phone number, I'm happy to text any photos (easier than trying to upload them here) $300 tyd
  7. I've got 2, 600 round .30 cal ammo cans, each is half full of brass. No idea how many of each. The .357 looks to be around 50/50 nickel to brass. The .40 looks to be mixed headstamp. I'm open to offers in cash or trade. I'll listen to literally any trade offer on one, both or all of it (I'm keeping the cans though! )
  8. I've got a stainless, 5-1/2" .44 mag Ruger SBH. I've owned it for 3 years now & it's had maybe 100 rounds thru it. It has a few light scratches on the back strap from some over-zealous sanding & fitting of the custom grips (which I'd be keeping) I would LOVE to trade it for a 4-5/8" version of the same gun. I'm not selling it, I'm happy to keep it, but I'd be happier with the shorter version.
  9. Leupold M8 4x32 1986 vintage, according to the serial number. Duplex reticle. Excellent condition with a couple of very light ring marks. Gloss finish. Functionally perfect. $200 SOLD
  10. Neither have I. Hi Points > Glocks. See how that works?
  11. I'd consider trading for a 16+" AR barrel in .223 too. 1:7 or 1:8 Nothing fancy, obviously.
  12. I've decided to de-tactificate my Maverick 88. It's a home defense gun & honestly, dragging it out from next to the bed with all the sticky-outy bits, THEN having to remember to turn on the dot is going to end up getting several more of my chickens killed (my HD needs are 100% 4-legged based) I need something sleek & simple so I'm going back to standard. I have a six position stock, black forend (brand new, but looks like the photo) Scope mount & cheap but ultra reliable red dot. Also a 4 position clamp on forend rail (clamps to the tube in front of the pumpy bit, perfect for a compact light. Not shown in pic) All seen in the photo below. $100 shipped for the lot. I can text better pics if needed.
  13. No it isn't. Tokarev is 7.62 x 25. 30x19 in foreign would be 7.62x19. Which doesn't exist.
  14. 7.62 x 25???? It clearly says 30x19 on the slide..... Methinks tomfoolery is afoot.
  15. My money would be on hound/cur mixes. Likely to end up being the healthiest, most loyal & trainable dogs you could find. If I didn't already have 4 rescues here, plus 100lb of slobbering useless bloodhound, I'd take both in a heartbeat.
  16. Are... are we married to the same woman? Apparently any more than 1, is too many.


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