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  1. I'm looking for either a T3/T3x or Rem700 (or clone. Bergara etc...) Either a bare, short action; barreled action or complete rifle in .243/6.5CM/.7-08 or .308 for a project base. I know I'm shooting for the moon, in a headwind, with a BB gun, but i need to stay under $500 if possible. Rusty, bent, broken & mostly useless are not insurmountable hurdles for me. It's going to be rebarreled & restocked & heavily gone over anyway.
  2. Emilio Rizzini O/U 12ga when i was 16. I couldn't tell you what model it was & it was completely illegal for me to own (I kept it in a friend's safe along with his shotgun, since he had a license & very friendly parents) but I do remember giving the princely sum of £150 for it. I shoot an awful lot of rabbits, pheasant & wood pigeons with that thing.
  3. I spent all weekend, Thursday afternoon thru Sunday morning hunting some of the most pristine,beautiful, well managed & maintained hunting property in Bledsoe Co. The owner (a very good friend) has a a spectacularly well managed herd, very selectively harvested. I sat dark-dark Friday & Saturday, plus Thursday afternoon 1-5 & Sunday 5-11. Didn't see a Gee Dee thing. I got back to Tullahoma at 2, yesterday afternoon & figured i had time to put in a quick 90 minutes at a little craphole spot i have permission on. Filed the freezer with a limit of Does in 15 minutes, surrounded by old, burnt out fridges & trash. Go figure!
  4. Post 2003. That's when the round-back action, rounded bolt shroud & Accutrigger were first introduced.
  5. Nope. It's no less safe than any of the other striker fired pistols. Probably safer, since it's essentially a DA only gun.
  6. Yeah, in your situation i would 100% go another way. Honestly, as vanilla as it is, a .30-06 will do all of that. .300WM/WSM the same but a bit quicker. Here's an incomplete list of chamberings that'll do everything you need without killing your barrel in a year (deep breath......) .270 (wsm/rsaum), .280, .280AI, 6.8 Western, 7-08, 7 mag (wsm/rsaum), .30-06, .300 mag (wsm/rsaum) 6CM, 6.5CM () .260, 6.5X55, .284, 7X57.......etc. Pick the right bullet & they'll all work admirably.
  7. Couple of quick questions? What do you consider long range? And if it's purely for target knocking & you'll be dialing anyway, why go for such a fast chambering? It does nothing the Creedmore () doesn't, at the added expense of quicker throat erosion.
  8. Kinda fishing right now, waiting to see if a rifle deal comes off...... I need 50 rounds of pretty much anything i can shoot to fireform. I'll be reloading it, but i only have neck sizing gear suitable
  9. 5.56/.223 with a GOOD bullet is exceptionally good for deer. I'd be looking for a Ruger American in .223 (or an AR) & load it up with 77gn Sierra tipped Matchkings. 65gn Gamekings if you can't find TMKs.
  10. Aaaaand that's why i carry a .44 on my hip.
  11. She's a beauty, no doubt. Unfortunately it's got about a grand's worth of gear that i don't want with it!
  12. I'm guessing there's a mixture of everything from 125gn to 180gn. Some milsurp, Barnes, Winchester & Remington. Some FMJ, some SP. All carefully packed in a 5 gallon bucket. It's a damn good bucket though! Lowes branded & everything! There's 150 rounds total & all i know about it, is that it's all factory stuff. NO RELOADS. If anyone can use it as range fodder & brass, I'd take $120 for the lot.
  13. Original post edited..... I'm now actually shopping.
  14. I'm giving serious consideration to buying a sorta dream rifle of mine. I have had a years long hankering for an M1a/M14 & I'd really like to see what, if anything, is out there & current values/prices. I guess this is a bit of a fishing thread.... My only must-have is that it's got to be a wooden stock. I know there are different models available, in different configurations & barrel lengths, but as long as it has a proper stock, I'm probably ok with it. I do have to move a few things before i buy (unless it's an honest to god bargain) so there's no guaranteed sale here, unless you're open to trade. If you have something that fits the bill, please let me know! Thanks. EDIT: OK, I've raised the funds (very productive morning at the gunshow!) & I'm now ACTIVELY looking for a Scout Squad. Preference is still a wood stock though...
  15. I need 17 pieces of brass. PPU would be ideal but I'm not picky. I've got 183 loaded & my OCD is pinging like crazy when open that 4th ammo box. Anyone?
  16. Monstrum Tactical. I really wish i had something you need!


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