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  1. I was getting ready to post about ammo at RK. They had a lot and some was not bad prices. I picked up 2 boxes/50rnd each of Blazer FMJ brass cased for 16.99 each they had Norma 124gr for $24 each
  2. When we lived in Clinton I actually made a duplicator. Using a small trim router and a bumper on the other are. there was a video on Utube about making one. Helped a lot with the inlet of the action I want to make another one if I can ever get caught up on current projects
  3. I really want to be able to take time to learn to checker. It takes a special skill set. first attempt ended up as kindling
  4. Not wanting to hijack Gregintn post, and definitely not with the skills of his Dad. here is a few that I have made This one is a Remington single shot 22cal training rifle. Made this one for my youngest grandson this next one was for my oldest grandson Black walnut tap root large ring Mauser action. ER Shaw barrel in 6br
  5. Gregintn could you please find out which checkering kit your Dad used. He Really did an Awesome job on that.
  6. I have actually started teaching the grandkids this week. Using a single shot 22cal pellet rifle. They were bored with all the “rules and functions “ but once they saw that can jump with the first hit. They were hooked. I will move them up to a single shot 22 Remington 112 when I feel they have the basics down.
  7. I have looked at this stock So Much. your Father is Very Talented I have made several stocks and it is Very labor intensive as far as cherry stock. here is my attempt cherry tap root
  8. This is our next step according to my wife. She wants since we moved back into a house she has gone crazy with farm animals 2- horses 24 chickens 30 quail 40 rabbits (most are babies ready to sell or process) when COVID-19 hit and you couldn’t buy meat we have changed the way we think and will never be in a position to have to rely on Kroger for food. Oh and did I mention the garden. Already canned beans. Doing tomato’s today after church
  9. Good looking set up. im currently gathering parts for a build SBR 223. May take a while but looking forward to seeing it completed
  10. Welcome Home Melissa Tennessee is a Great State. We are always looking for new people to shoot with. East TN is my favorite. Mountains,Rivers and Lakes everywhere.
  11. I have though a lot about that. Of course our kids are grown and gone but there is still Festus. I have No Shoot zones unless absolutely necessary
  12. Good information there. I know my 9 will penetrate well especially in our small ranch single level home. I may consider moving my camper as that would be the anticipated direction of fire
  13. I have a AR set up for home defense but it is a 9mm. And I am loving it. 223/556 in the house is not my favorite mainly because it will blow thru walls and you loose sight and control or “down range”
  14. RK in Sweetwater had about the same pricing. But they did have 9mm 45acp and 375. Kinda pricey so I held off.
  15. I actually have you to Thank for this one I didn’t know you could “follow” and get notification when they post.


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