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  1. Not all heroes wear capes and Handsome Rob is a fine example of that
  2. Two shotguns up for sale or trade here. Trades I mainly looking for is a Ruger 10/22 (not a takedown), Winchester 1300 12ga, or a semi auto hunting 12ga. Possibly a bolt action heavy barrel 22mag preferably threaded. Would consider other things also, this is just what I'm mainly looking for. 1. Mossberg Maverick 88 12 ga pump, 18” barrel with top folding stock. Has 6rd sidesaddle shell holder on the side also. $275 OBO 2. Remington 870 12ga, camo stock and pump. 28” vent rib with interchangeable choke tubes, includes IC, Mod, Full, and Turkey choke (chokes are brand new). Also have a new 4 rd sidesaddle shell holder that isn’t installed but comes with it. This is a hunting gun and has a few marks (camera flash makes them look worse but they are there) but still a very solid 870. $350 OBO with everything.
  3. As the title says, I'm looking for one (ok, maybe 2 of them LOL) of the NAA .22mag mini revolvers. Anyone got one you want to sell?
  4. She's a beauty, congrats! An SX3 or SX4 is on my wishlist, just a little further down the list than a few others
  5. EDIT: Bought a new one Anyone have a bolt action 300 Blackout you would like to sell? Ideally in a perfect world (YEAH RIGHT) I'd love to find a Remington 700 AAC-SD in 300 Blackout. But a Ruger American Ranch, Howa Mini, or a Savage would do if the price is right.
  6. I've always wanted my own G, someone got lucky!!!
  7. I've bought from these guys before, they may have just an action that you're looking for: https://northlandshooterssupply.com/actions/savage-factory-actions/ In my playing with Savage's, this action he is looking for is the most desired one when assembling a custom. There are more stock options for the 4.4 TBR than anything else. Savage has done about a million different combos on actions over the years, and that's one thing you have to pay attention to is making sure all your parts are compatible...he has a small shank barrel and wants that small shank action for it.
  8. Anyone ever been to the Jericho Shriners Gun Show in Kingsport? Thinking about going up that way tomorrow not sure if it was worth it or not.
  9. The two I use most often: https://www.gunshows-usa.com/tennessee/ or https://gunshowtrader.com/gunshows/tennessee-gun-shows/


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