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  1. I have inherited some guns and a few of them are either broken or have issues that make them dangerous to fire. How do you dispose of a broken gun? I don't want to just throw the thing away, it might be found and someone get injured. For instance, I have a old "Saturday Night Special" type revolver in .22 Short that appears to be made of painted pot metal. The cylinder is misaligned and when fired sprays your hand with hot lead.
  2. You are correct! 9mm, not.380. it's been in the safe so long I forgot.
  3. SOLD SOLD SOLD Purchased for the wife, ended up as a safe queen. This Taurus has less than 20 rounds down the pipe. Hammer has a discolored spot that was there when I purchased it. The gun uses little clips for the .380 round as shown. The gun has been upgraded with Walnut grips. Pretty little gun, comes with original box, extra clips, a standard firearm lock and the keys for the internal Taurus lock. $300 cash firm. Meet around Clarksville. Daytime only.
  4. I have a Winchester 1300 Speed Pump that I really like, however I'm thinking I may be misunderstanding the "speed pump" part of this gun and it may be defective. The pump never locks after shucking and loading the chamber. If I fire the gun and hold the trigger down and shuck it again, it fires immediately. I originally thought this was the "speed pump" function, but as I've gained more knowledge about guns, I think it may be a defect. The pump should LOCK, shouldn't it? Your thoughts?
  5. Hi all. I'm Jeff. I've been a member for years, but I haven't been here in 5 or 6 years. I'm back y'all!
  6. I've been carrying for five or six years and carried in a variety of ways; inside waistband, outside waistband, shoulder holster, ankle, belly band, etc. I've tried them all. I have a huge storage container just stuffed full of holsters.   In the last couple of years, I've been carrying a P938 inside the waistband, small of the back, in a Barsony brand leather holster clipped to my belt. This has been successful in concealing for me and is fairly comfortable and I've trained on pulling from that position, etc.   In the last few weeks I've noticed the leather has stretched some, I suppose from soaking up the gun oil and sweat or something and an 1/8 inch of the end of the barrel and slide are exposed where they used to be inside the holster. Because of this, I've ruined two pairs of pants in the last week.   Both times, I was sitting in a hard chair or bench for a while and the end of the slide against the hard seatback or chair bottom is cutting through my pants! I've ruined a nearly new pair of Levi's and an expensive pair of dress pants with a quarter sized hole right between the pockets in the seat of my pants. Last night at a restaurant, I dropped my napkin and when I leaned over to get it, my wife burst out laughing and told me she could see my backside because of the hole in my pants. I've also had a couple of dress shirts with holes cut thru the tail of the shirt in back from exactly the same reason.   Has anyone else had the experience of regularly ruining clothes? Any suggestions on solving this? I like the Barsony holster and may just replace it with a new one. Can any of you recommend a holster that isn't going to cost me $100 that will accomplish what I'm doing?    
  7. I've always had great response from Leatherman's customer service, they are fast, friendly and they understand that WE as users make their paychecks. Cold Steel on the other hand................................
  8. Welcome from another Clarksville native.
  9. Molly the Basset/Lab mix, Murdock the Corgi and Mojo the Basset. Lowriders!
  10. I carry a 938 every day. Everything Patton says is correct. However I've also carried a Kel Tec and the Sig is far superior to the KT. If you think your J frame is no fun to shoot, try putting a couple of mags downrange from a KelTec, you'll have to look at your hand to see if your fingers are still there. It has a Helluva kick. The 938 is heavier, but the recoil is slight because of that weight and the trigger is far better than the polymer pocket pistols that are DAO.


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