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  1. Sorry, it sold. I forgot to close the add. I have been off-line a bit. Had to just get away.
  2. I’m not saying Hillary would have overall been a better president over the last 3years, she has her own host of problems and may or may not have been the lesser of two evils on Election Day in 2016. However, I do think she would have approached the pandemic head on and not tried to down-play the possible threat and put out constant rosy picture at the beginning. She also would have had ALL her cabinet positions filled with people who she with whom she would have been working with for 3 years, not a constant revolving door of the “yes-men of the moment”. the Pandemic Committee would n
  3. The picture makes it look like he is controlling the barrel by putting his thumb through the front sight. That might get a bit warm after a few rounds.
  4. Either the artist has never fired a rifle, or the cop is an idiot.
  5. So what is the “multi function beer cup” they offer? Is it really a mug with picatinny rails? Or is it another “item in disguise”
  6. You can’t assume a death rate as compared to the entire population. That would mean you are assuming the number of deaths will not increase and everyone contract the virus. You can only use deaths as compared to known infected, which is 1.75 per 100. This number will change once a good antibody test is used to determine the true number of infected (after the fact) and the actual mortality percentage will be much less than 1.75% I completely agree that the actual current death percentage is likely much lower, by even as much as an order of magnitude (1.75 per 1000) However to
  7. Well ####. I love John Prine. Sadly I think he only has one lung after fighting cancer. we saw him a coupe months ago picking up a to go order from Mama Mia’s sorry you had to edit my language. I was just a bit taken aback
  8. based on current numbers the current world wide death rate is 4.7% (which rounds to 5 deaths per hundred or 50,000 per million) The US statistical death rate is 1.75% or almost 2 per hundred. While I totally believe that there are many more folks who have been infected than are included in the current statistics, To get to a death rate of 5 per million, we would need the total world wide cases to actually be about 6.8 billion (almost the world population) I think there is easily an order of magnitude more cases in the world (6.8 million over 680,000) but that only gets the per
  9. My daughter still does not have her results either. Once the results are sent to The Health Dept they should call to check. It took 3 days for them to call me. The current guidelines are to release the patient from quarantine after 7 days with out symptoms. Fever being the main symptom I believe they are using.
  10. Well, as an example, Tula 9mm steel case was typical 8.99 or less a box of 50. Sometimes even 7.99 per box. CTD has it currently at 11.60/box. However, the Tuesday before last (March17) when everyone was freaking out, CTD had it listed for $34/box.
  11. This hangs next to my desk. Often I feel like third glass.
  12. Nice Ithaca Model 37. I have one very similar.
  13. What good are they if you can’t travel with them locked and loaded?
  14. It would have been a more impressive if all the Tommy Guns had been loaded.
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