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  1. I just get surplus military ammo cans and some dense cell foam and make my own. Metal and water tight. If you are storing for a while, pick up some bags of silica gel (easy to find on Amazon) and drop one in each can to control moisture.
  2. Is $0.60 per round a good price for 10mm?
  3. I don’t want to pay 3x the price for ammo.
  4. So it is a known fact that Academy gets their ammo (if they get any at all, there was none today) on Monday and Friday. The first 10 or so folks start lining up at about 7:45am I suppose. I usually get there by 8:15 after taking my daughter to school. By the time they open at 9:00 there is often a fairly good line. You only get three boxes. If one box is 150rnd or more, the other two have to be less than 150. You are not supposed to go back through the line. I have not seen enough ammo in stock on a given day (except right before Christmas when the got a TON of ammo) to even last the en
  5. I am buying so I can shoot. But I am sure there are some re-sellers. Academy has kept their prices reasonable. I think I have paid between $0.24 and $0.30 per round for 9mm. As long as folks on Gunbroker continue to pay stupid amounts for ammo (near $1.00 per round fir 9mm) people will resell.
  6. I have been somewhat regularly heading to my local Academy Sports (Cool Springs for me) before they open to get in line to by ammo. Before Christmas it was Mon/Wed/Fri for shipments, now it is just Mon/Fri. (Not that I can, or could go every day) There are a number of regulars as well. That got me wondering if anyone else from the TGO was doing the same thing.
  7. Title says it all. Looking for a optic cut slide for a S&W M&P 2.0 9mm with a 4” barrel. If someone has a C.O.R.E. Model Slide (or entire firearm) they want to trade we can do that with added cash.
  8. Sadly, only my P365xl is optics ready.
  9. I have been trying to practice my more long range pistol shooting. The problem I run into is my age related far-sightedness. I can either wear my glasses and see the sights clearly or not and see the target clearly. It’s not really an issue under 7 yards, but much further and it is an issue. What to the rest of you guys with old eyes do? I will say the red dot does help on that one pistol. The ridicule is actually clear in the lens without my glasses on.
  10. Dang Bill, you really took this down to lower Broadway. (For you younguns, lower Broadway uses to be quite seedy in it day. Not the tourist trap it is now)
  11. I do have the Ruger SR22 I also recently picked up. It shoots great. After the fiasco with the Mosquito, I put 50 flawless rounds through it to end on a good note.
  12. So, this was an itch better left unscratched. I should have just trusted in the wisdom of the TGO, but I really liked the pistol. I really wanted the Mosquito Sport to be a deal, but it was a dud. I took it to the range and tried several different brands and types of ammo. It did not like the Remington HP, CCI HP, CCI Standard Velocity, or the Federal target. I tried both recoil springs. It would missfire, fail to eject, stove pipe, fail to feed, etc. When it did shoot, it was very nice, felt great, but I don’t think I was able to shoot an entire mag without a problem. For the Federal,
  13. I have a JM Custom Kydex OWB2 holster for an M&P Shield 45 for sale. Right hand draw. $35. I can ship for $10 or meet in the general Nashville area, preferably south and along the I-65 corridor. Cash or PayPal.
  14. Ha. My BIL was doing research and figured out my dad’s side is related to Robert the Bruce.


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