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  1. Snaveba


    You are in my prayers. I (like several folks here) have been through the cancer ringer. Stay strong.
  2. It it not the government that is “suppressing” this. The church initially, then the school and the families of the victims, asked that the writings and research conducted by the shooter not be released to the public. Then the lawsuits started. Then the family of the shooter gave the rights to all the writings, etc, to the families. The judge/government did not make the decision to not release the information. They just upheld the rights of the families to not release the documents. I don’t think the conservative Christian, Republican families of victims are trying to shield Vanderbilt if they have culpability in this. Nor do I think they are part of some “Liberal Agenda” to suppress anything because she was trans. If there is information in there that will help bring anyone who might have some culpability in this to justice, I feel pretty sure that the families and school will let the authorities use that information to the fullest extent of the law.
  3. I have something else on the way. Need to move this one. $800 obo
  4. With all due respect Leroy, I don’t think you don’t know what you are talking about. But, you are not intimately involved with the situation. Why does there need to be some “bigger reason” to explain a decision by those directly envolved? Can’t folks accept a decision by those involved without thinking that something it being “hidden” othere than for the reasons I stated above? I will agree that the “morbid curiosity” part is my own thought on this. Maybe it’s just plain curiosity. I’m curious. There is part of me that wants to see it all, but not to the point that I think “well if they don’t want to make it public, there is a bigger agenda at work here”
  5. Man, the conspiracy theories. Has it not occurred to everyone that: 1: The School and Church (with the concurrence of MPD) don’t want intimate details of the school (layout, etc) made public to the crazies that obsess on school shooters/shootings (like this school shooter did). The school still gets threats from crazies since the shooting. 2: The School and the Chirch (with the concurrence of the MPD) don’t think in that putting the crazy writings, detailed preparations, and others research done by this shooter will do anything but help fuel the next school shooting. 3: Putting all this out will be mentally harmful to the families that lost loved ones, as well as to the student and adult survivors (my wife included) that still deal with the effects of the shooting every day. 4: Once it is out there, it will forever be out there on the internet for future crazies to read, covet, and use to fuel their own sick fantasies. 5:Most folks who want this material released are just morbidly curious. Others think there is must be some “big reason” that “we can’t know about” or that “doesn’t fit the agenda” or some other political bull####.
  6. And they were made to last !!
  7. Go to the Oreilly Auto Parts site and search for part number 121G
  8. 3 Months, 20 Days on the second trust with 2 cans. All 4 are approved now.
  9. That looks like it will work well. Is there much discomfort bending over a lot working on the crops?
  10. Independence Day Week Bump. One of you fine folks needs a piece of good ole American Made hardware. Make an offer!
  11. I’m sorry but those girls look a little young
  12. When I have sold rifles/shotguns out of state, I usually specify they the buyer is responsible for all FFL related fees. However, if it was a local in-state transaction, and I was the buyer, I agree it would likely be the opposite (seller pays fees) unless the firearm was a really good deal, or I really wanted it. I also recognize that the first time you do a private transaction, it is a little odd feeling. I don’t typically worry with the “private bill of sale” but I have no problem signing one. I have used them for handgun and AR sales.


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