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  1. II handled the Optika6 at SHOT this year and it seemed decent. Not at the MeoStar level though. It is difficult to give it a fair assessment though when you are not able to compare it side to side with other scopes.
  2. I am familiar with it but never used it.
  3. For the past couple of months I have been fortunate enough to use a Meopta MeoStar 1-6 scope. Meopta's MeoStar spotting scope is highly regarded but their rifle scopes do not get much fanfare. I can't speak to other Meopta scopes but the MeoStar 1-6 is nice.
  4. Wow. The barrel nut can be on there pretty tight. Mine was really snug but I was able to get it to break free
  5. I have the Midwest industries one. Actual have an extra one also
  6. For the pistol or rifle? I have one for the pistol.
  7. DBTN

    CZ Scorpion Pistol

    Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed it.
  8. I have. It helps. Generally I only wear clear glasses when shooting. I just like the consistency of it under varied lighting conditions and it’s also what i would be wearing if I’m shooting at night.
  9. It does help tremendously but it only gives you a more defined aiming point and all the other fundamentals of marksman can’t be neglected. For those with an astigmatism, the dot will starburst or distort but with a target focused approach it still provides a much more defined aiming point compared to a blurry front sight.
  10. It helps tremendously
  11. DBTN

    CZ Scorpion Pistol

    FOR years I have been very dismissive of pistol caliber carbine’s. I was of the opinion that if I was going to have something shoulder fired it needed to be of a rifle caliber. The only purpose for a pistol caliber carbine was for competition purposes. I’ve begun to reevaluate my opinion. They can be out right fun and the pistol versions offer a great deal of portability for a shoulder fired gun. I recently purchased a CZ scorpion and I am really enjoying it.
  12. Shotgun for maximum numbers faster. Allows for easy shots on squirrels that are running and ability to take multiple squirrels from one tree more easily. I always used a 12 gauge with #6. As long as you don't shoot them close no issue with meat loss. For pure fun and loss of no meat, .22 head shots. I have not used a shotgun for squirrels in years and prefer a .22 but I am not going for my limit in the shortest amount of time either.
  13. Thanks. As a law-enforcement trainer for a major agency and involved in procurement, I’m always looking at different guns. My department was approached by them and they provided several copies to test. Whenever I have a gun like that I usually end up using it as a training and demo gun and often they can be subjected to a significant number of rounds. I do think they are a little overpriced but if their gun has a particular feature set that a person likes then I’ve come to the conclusion that they are a viable option. This is especially true for a person that does not want to build their own gun or invest in the tools necessary to do so. Agency and individual officer pricing makes it more attractive.
  14. For the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to handle and shoot a few different Head Down Firearms rifles. Initially I was very dismissive of their rifles just because the AR market is so saturated. The more I handle them though, the more I begin to appreciate their attention to detail. They do a very good job of sourcing good components and assembling them

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