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  1. RED333

    Well finally got the word from Landlord

    Sorry to hear this, Have truck will travel, x 2. Let me know, I can help with the move.
  2. RED333

    Calibers named after Animals and Insects

    I guess lower than a snakes belly is OK, O yes it is!
  3. RED333

    Calibers named after Animals and Insects

    .404 and .500 Jeffrey, I know not an animal, but just ask my wife.
  4. RED333

    AR "name this piece" game

    That is a paper weight, I will give you 10 dollars for it.
  5. RED333

    Help/shoulder surgery/shooting

    1st, get a revolver, no slide to rack.(at least to ya heal) 2nd, do the rehab and try not to cheat. Hope to see you heal fast.
  6. DING,DING,DING we have a winner here. The on line DNA labs are a way to get your DNA for the worlds LEOs to see if you have committed a crime. As well as put your butt into a data base!
  7. RED333

    Prayer request for my Daughter

    Thanks for the update, glad she's doing better at home.
  8. RED333

    Vintage Gun Photos

    "Driver" I cant hold the light much longer, we cant give chase with out me giving the motor gas.
  9. RED333

    Prayer request for my Daughter

    Praying for the best for all involved.
  10. RED333

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Poor drivers ear drum will be toast.
  11. RED333

    Higher Education

    Cheat and get caught, I think it is great, about time!!! Makes me wonder how many in .gov did the same thing to get into collage.
  12. A bit to much of a gimmick for me. I cast , powder coat and reload a good 40 cal myself for a LOT less money. Will shoot through a wind shield/ No, but I aint to worried about shooting through a wind shield.
  13. RED333

    Bow Use Within City Limits - MT Juliet

    I live just out side the city limits of Mt Juliet. You can not fire a projectile inside the city limits of Mt Juliet. BB gun, bow and arrow and firearm. That said, from what I understand, there is or was a provision about hunting in city limits. You can hunt and not get into trouble. However if the animal dies on some else's property you could get into trouble in civil court. Now things have changed in the last few years(10 to 15 years). That was the last time I looked into the hunting thing. So do you home work. My $0.02, do not fire a projectile inside city limits.
  14. RED333

    HR 1263

    The left will never stop trying to take all the firearms, and the left is winning, little by little. The only "WIN" I want is to have the laws taken off the books the were put in since 1930!
  15. RED333

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Maybe to teat the roll over effect?

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