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  1. Darwin gets 3 more, play with fire and the end is bad.
  2. Connecticut-based Colt Firearms last week reportedly signaled they are exiting the consumer rifle market in coming days. The consumer market is what Colt is leaving. The .government is still going to be able to buy. The 2nd is there for a reason, when the .government has better firearms than the people the 2nd is lost. The 2nd has been stepped on for far to long!!!
  3. Politics has taken over sports, I do not watch any sports at all, sad as it is.
  4. Why did you make me stand in this chair,makes me look short!
  5. I was in Donelson working as an auto mechanic, boss called me into the office.
  6. Who remembers the same thing done on the moon, a hammer and a feather?
  7. The bird was so cool to watch. The way it took that fish, something to see.
  8. I know, pics or it did not happen, all I had was my flip phone. So no pics. I was fishing yesterday afternoon at Vivrett boat ramp, no fishing luck. However I did watch something I had not seen in my 60 years. I was talking to a couple about the state of things. From behind me I heard a hawk squeal and squall, I look around and see a large black bird with a white head and tail chasing the smaller hawk. As the pair got closer I was able to see the big bird better. I have seen my first Bald Eagle live! The Eagle was after the smaller hawk for a good 90 seconds (a guess). The hawk could turn faster but the eagle was faster in a straight line. after a bit the hawk dropped what I am guessing was a fish into the lake. The eagle broke off the chase and went and picked up the fish and the hawk went to chasing the eagle. They went off in a direct line away from me and I lost them in the trees. A Bald Eagle in Mt Juliet TN, I guess we are doing things right with the environment and all. I had a great afternoon of not catching fish. I know about Bald Eagles out at Land Between the Lakes. To see one live here is something I had not seen in my 30 years of living in Mt Juliet or the 40 years of living in middle TN. Or my whole life.
  9. Thanks for the pics, the Artillery luger is a good looking pistol. GLWS
  10. Take your age, divide by .005, times pie( 3.14159 ), add 1000, minus 1, times your age to the 10th power = enough. If you think that is not enough change .005 to .00005 and you age to the 15th power.
  11. Do you have the stock as well? Does it have 800 meter sights?

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