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  1. Vintage Gun Photos

    "Go ahead, make my day"
  2. This one's too good not to share....

    Driving home today I am being fallowed by a LEO. I see up ahead a flock of turkeys, I slow down but hit one. It went into the air and landed on the LEOs car, he hit the lights and pulled me over. I asked if he was alright and his reply was he was OK. I ask what I was pulled over for. He said I flipped him a bird.
  3. Glowforge Laser Cutter/Engraver

    Do not get a finger in there Can you "scan" a pic and use the pic?
  4. Anybody know about car A/C?

    Use a long rod, wood or metal, put one end on the compressor and the other at your ear. Listen at diff spots on the compressor. Sounds like bearings to me.
  5. Nine months later.... .22LR

    Because some will pay the price.
  6. Vintage Gun Photos

    IIRC there are controls that work the tracks when you turn the handle bars. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SdKfz_2 Steering the Kettenkrad was accomplished by turning the handlebars: Up to a certain point, only the front wheel would steer the vehicle. A motion of the handlebars beyond that point would engage the track brakes to help make turns sharper. It was also possible to run the vehicle without the front wheel installed and this was recommended in extreme off-road conditions where speed would be kept low
  7. On soldiers and civil religion

    As a former sailor that did go into combat, I hold the ones that did in high regard. I do not ask questions I just say thanks and treat them like a friend.
  8. ACME Bullet Company

    Any chance of buying a mold?
  9. Need some advice????

    Get the Lady a Heritage 22 with both cylinders. Let her shoot the 22LR all day and load the Mag at night. If she has to use the pistol she could shoot a 44 mag loaded hot and not feel a thing. I have one she can use as long as she needs to.
  10. You gotta love craigslist!

    Proud aint he?
  11. So who has plans??

    Went and saw Mom and Dad, came home, took a nap. Went out back and shoot 100 rounds of 45 Colt. Good day all in all.
  12. So who has plans??

    Gone go see my Mom and then to Dads. Sunday gona shoot some BP.
  13. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    Bought some felt, end wraps from Sally's, made some lube from lard and wax. Soaked the felt in the lube to make 45 cal cookies. Made paper cartage's for a Cap and Ball pistol I had not shot. All in all every thing worked as should, hit the gong, no fouling, and cleaned up easy.
  14. Grandpa's Rabbit Gun

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  15. 44 Mag or 45 LC for a field gun

    http://www.sixguns.com/range/elmersloads.htm .45 COLT: Keith's early load was an extremely powerful 22.0 grains of #2400 again in balloon head cases. This was dropped to 20.0 grains and then to 18.5 grains in modern brass with all loads using the 260 grain #454424 Keith bullet. This is a 1150+ fps load and should be used only in modern .45 Colts. When the Ruger .45 Colt Blackhawk came along, Elmer upped the charge to 20.0 grains of #2400 again for nearly 1250 fps from a 7 1/2" barrel. -44 MAGNUM: Keith early settled on 22.0 grains of #2400 with his #429421 bullet for 1225 fps. out of a 4" Smith, 1400+ fps out of a 6 1/2" Smith or 7 1/2" Ruger. These are hunting handloads pure and simple, with this load taking big game all over the world. Speed and big fat boolit will do the job every time. I cast and reload both, I would go with the 44 mag only because, well, it is a 44 MAG!!!

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