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  1. As a vendor they are good to go. No clue on those specific bullets but I have bought others from them. Pretty decent prices and quick shipping in my experience.
  2. My house was missed by maybe a quarter mile - we saw some clouds rotation but not the actual funnel. No damage here, but walk a couple hundred yards north and it changes instantly. Roads out are blocked by lines and trees. I spent a couple hours with a saw helping a buddy around the corner who was in the path and will be back over there when the sun comes up. Hope everyone else made it through safely!
  3. I had a 28.5 hour approval this week (filed as individual). Bought directly from Griffin Arm. through Capitol Armory so not in hand yet, but was exited to see such a quick turnaround on the F4.
  4. I've never had the Gold which is why I bought it, but haven't brought myself to drink it yet so decided to post on here and see what happens. I will drink original Blanton's occasionally but as stated prefer BT/ER or even 4 Roses single barrel.
  5. Blanton's Original - sealed bottle with bag/box. T stamped horse if you are trying to make a set. $110 Blanton's Gold - sealed bottle with bag/box. T stamped horse if you are trying to make a set. $260 I bought these because they were available but I'd rather drink normal Buffalo Trace or Eagle Rare, and will consider trades for either of those. Located in Columbia, can meet around the area. Must be 21+.
  6. This is all range pickup, roughly sorted through and any bad cases tossed out. There is no guarantee on quantity (total or individual calibers) - common calibers will have higher counts. This bucket weighs in at 39.6 pounds on my scale but calling it 38# to account for the bucket and any unusable cases. It is all a mix of brass and very small amount of nickel plated. Bucket not included, bring your own or I can find a box to dump this in (my other buckets are full so need this emptied for use). $40 picked up in Columbia. May trade for .224 or 9mm bullets. Bucket includes: 9mm .40s&w 10mm .45 ACP .38 SPL 5.7 .223/5.56 .224 Valk. .243 .270 6.5 Creedmoor - uncounted but a good bit, 1 bag full plus at least the same amount loose in the bucket 30-30 .308 30-06 .300 Sav. 300 Win Mag - 60 pieces in ammo sleeves plus a few loose in the bucket .450 Bushmaster
  7. Henry Holsters Flint compact AIWB/IWB for a Glock 48/43/43x. Has a single DCC Mod 4 1.5" belt clip, I removed the second one when I received the holster and don't know where it went. Pictures show exactly what you will receive - holster with single belt clip, with Modwing (claw) installed, and adhesive velcro installed for use with a pad/wedge. Asking $65 shipped.
  8. Valid concern, but it actually is replaceable it appears. There are pictures on Snipershide and elsewhere showing the Garmin open with battery, and suitable battery options are available online to replace. The chronograph can also be powered from a USB power bank if needed while operating.
  9. I understand that, the price gave me a bit of a pause as well at first but I decided the Garmin was worth the price over other options. The ease of setup is ridiculous compared to any of the other chronograph options I am aware of, and no other accessories are required to make this work reliably. I have an inexpensive Shooting Chrony F1 that is functional but I have never liked the setup hassle. It has a couple of bullet marks but I thankfully never hit anything critical. I almost bought a Magnetospeed v3 mid-summer 2023 but knew it would also be somewhat of a hassle each time, although it at least could be done behind the firing line instead of needing a cold range. I am very glad I waited!
  10. I assume others saw the Garmin chronograph announcement a few months ago, but I haven't seen a thread on this forum about it. Maybe someone will see this who was unaware or had ignored threads on other sites. I started to order one back in October but decided to wait for some additional end user results, and throughout the past few months reviews have been glowing. I finally ordered one last week, had it in hand in two days, and have made a couple of range trips to test it out. Everything you may have read online is legit - this chronograph is ridiculously easy to use and flat out works with no hassle. I've tested multiple rifle and pistol loads now and as long as the Gamin is pointed roughly in line with the shooting direction it will capture the shot. The unit is GoPro size so highly portable, and with the ease of setup (point in the general direction of fire, press a couple of buttons to power on and start a session) I intend to have this with me on every range trip going forward. It will be fantastic to capture velocity changes as outside temperatures fluctuate through the seasons. Previously I only chronographed loads at initial workup due to the hassle of setting up a traditional chrono so am missing lots of data that will now be easily available with this Garmin. It's not cheap, but neither are any of the other options. It will be interesting to see how and if Garmin evolves this chronograph but this first iteration is a winner so far. https://www.garmin.com/en-US/p/771164
  11. Another bump. Someone in the area has to load .40 or 10mm.


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