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  1. New, sealed 8# jug of IMR 3031. I bought this intending to use in my .308 and have changed my mind. $240 picked up in the Columbia area, no shipping.
  2. 1. TT Gunleather for Glock 19/23. Reinforced IWB "Mike's Special". Brown leather, right hand draw, 1.5" belt loops. Holster is in excellent shape but I sold my G19 a couple of years ago and this has been sitting. I kept it for a G45 but this G45 has an optic mounted and doesn't fit this holster. Asking $90. $80 shipped 2. Blackhawk Serpa OWB retention holster. Model printed on the holster is C1387 which doesn't return a direct hit, but appears to match this: https://blackhawk.com/serpa-l2-duty-holster/ This came with a holster set I purchased and has never been used by me. Fits S&W M&P .45, or Glock 20/21. Hard molded plastic belt loops. Asking $25 3. Blackhawk CQC OWB retention holster. Model printed on the holster is 2100057 which appears to be this: https://blackhawk.com/serpa-cqc-matte-finish-concealment-holster/ This also came with a holster set and has never been used by me. Fits S&W M&P .45, or Glock 20/21. Has the STRIKE platform with quick disconnect kit installed. Asking $25 4. Blackhawk (7) and Safariland (1) paddle attachments. From the same kit as above. Free if you will use them, pay shipping or meet me. 5. Blackhawk STRIKE / Quick Disconnect parts. From the same kit as above. Free if you will use them, pay shipping or meet me. Located in Columbia to meet, also willing to ship and can calculate lowest cost using PirateShip.
  3. Springfield Hellcat OSP model. Four total mags - 3x13 round and 1x11 with pinky extension. Includes original Springfield soft case, and Vedder LightTuck IWB holster with claw (right hand). SOLD
  4. That's what I have heard as well. Not sure full details on it though. The store is nice, but was super disappointed to learn they no longer carry any reloading supplies. That was the only reason I ever stopped in the old Outpost when in the area.
  5. Unfortunately if you are only checking twice a week at online vendors, you are almost certainly not going to catch powder in stock. This is a commodity that sells out within a couple of hours, if not minutes. Some sites you need to be logged into an account to see accurate stock levels. Email notifications from the vendors are not reliable. Best bet is to follow various "in-stock" threads on Arfcom, Discord, or Reddit. This is a quick search of one of the in-stock threads I follow, and appears the powder was gone in a matter of minutes in each instance: On 04/26 Powder Valley had H1000 in stock, 04/24 Natchez had it, 04/20 Powder Valley again, 04/15 Brownells had it.
  6. Bumping - still have this sitting on a shelf. I have added some brass to this but haven't weighed it recently so stick with the 8# 600+ pieces.
  7. Bump - I was able to catch some Starline 6.8 in stock recently but could use some more to load up. I missed pre-primed 6.8 brass at American Reloading the other day unfortunately.
  8. Want to trade for True Blue or Sport Pistol powder. I have sealed CFE Pistol, Ramshot Silhouette, and Titegroup along with some various rifle powders (possibly, prefer to trade pistol powders). I am not looking to sell this, trade only. Located in Columbia but willing to meet within an hour or so depending on trade quantity.
  9. Online stores keep getting stock without that huge markup. It can be difficult and frustrating to try and find what is in stock and check out before they are gone, but that's the route I would go if I were in your position. Or keep checking locally - Academy and some other places occasionally get stock and prices are pretty normal. Brownells had CCI SRP and SPP in stock the other day for $63/k I believe, 5k case was like $293. Remember that most places now require you to be logged into your account to see accurate stock levels. Email notifications aren't going to work properly so don't rely on them. I had 10K each of SRP and SPP in my cart from Brownells the other day and backed out because I don't need primers. I can make it through the next several years without an issue, but still worry I may regret not buying them.
  10. @Beltfed PV has a bunch of powder showing in stock as of 2:39PM. However you have to be logged into your account to see it. Most places are this way now to try and keep some of the bots down.
  11. Powder Valley had a large drop a bit ago. Thanks to them and Midway last week, I have a good amount on the way. It's not all exactly what I would normally pick (example grabbed a bunch of AA2300 to try out) but it will keep me set for a while.
  12. FYI, American Reloading has several in-stock .338 options listed if you are looking to buy. They are a good vendor to deal with. https://americanreloading.com/en/155-338-caliber-338-339
  13. The Zilla desert blend, and other lizard litter brands were very dusty in my experience. I switched to the HF walnut media above and am happier with it. And a 25# bag means it is going to last quite a while even with more frequent media swaps if it does break down and get dusty.


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