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  1. I figured Dolomite would already own one of these lol
  2. CM1021

    Garand Help!?

    Ok. Can anyone really tell what grade I have by the pics? I figure it's a long shot but just wondering.
  3. CM1021

    Garand Help!?

    So has the price come down on them a bit? I thought they were selling for more than that a while back.
  4. Welcome. Been around Kingsport my whole life.
  5. CM1021

    Garand Help!?

    I just traded into this garand and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with some information on it and what it's worth? The guy I got it from said it's a 1944 and he bought it from the Marine corps? I didn't know if people could actually buy weapons from the military or not. All I know about it is it's an all matching numbers springfield. Wondering if the matching numbers increases the price or not? Anyone know what it's worth? The local gun shop said around 1300 but I think they were wanting to buy it. It's not for sale but I have never dealt with the military firearms so I'm at a loss on this one. He also threw in this ammo with it as well. 400 rds.
  6. I use a lead sled for heavy recoil in rifles. Other than that I shoot off of bags. I used to use one for working up loads but an old timer at the range said I should shoot it like I would normally aND since I'm not lugging a sled around I shoot off bags now. Get the fundamentals down every time and I can shoot what the rifle is capable of.
  7. I plan on coming down for this. Can't find a hotel within 20 miles but I've got some friends I can stay with!
  8. Well looks like you guys have made up my mind!! I'll probably be ordering the benelli. Like I said if I can get the Franchi for the discount I am getting on the SBE then I'll get it but right now the SBE is what I will buy.
  9. well thanks for the 100th post! :D as far as fit and finish I don't really see that much of a difference in handling the two guns. Right now I'm looking at 3 1/2" guns for goose loads otherwise I would get the affinity. Right now both guns are within $100 of each other so I'm leaning towards the sbe. Like I said he only thing keeping me from it is where he recoil spring is located. If I can get the intensity for the discount I can on he sbe I'm going with the intensity
  10. Ive gotten into duck hunting this year and now I'm looking to pick up a do it all gun that I can hunt turkey, ducks, doves, and shoot skeet with. I have narrowed it down to these two guns. I know they're both under benelli's name but there are some differences. Both guns point well for me, the only difference that is sticking out to me is the recoil spring in the buttstock in the sbe vs the forearm in the infinity. As of right now they are both the same price unless I can get a discount on the infinity which I will find out about Tuesday. So what's everyone's suggestion?
  11. Do you have any guides you would suggest? A few buddies and I are wanting to go on another hog hunt soon.
  12. That's a good price!! I just bought two cases last week for 289. 
  13. The stock definitely isn't what I would consider comfortable. You will get a good bit of cheek slap or at least I did. I wrapped mine with a thin foam then paracord over that. It fixed it for me. 
  14. I ordered one of these to match my fixed stock vz and am very happy with it.

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