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  1. Go git er dun Hersh. Need a few more months at the Steam Plant. Especially if we're going to hold onto members. Nobody's going to want to pay dues (increased dues) for no place to shoot. Maybe the climate in Washington is different now (ya think ???)
  2. Only 10-15 min farther for me. It's a gorgeous site. I had the privilege of riding nearly every square acre of it on a four wheeler on a GPS surveying exercise (4-5 hours straight on an ATV up many steep inclines and I can tell you my upper body is KILLING me today). I think we may be underestimating what could be possible for this land. Of course I am not in the know of the NRA specs of how best to design a range but I could imagine several IDPA matches and maybe even an area for three gun all happening at once..
  3. Yup. And a decent chunk of land already under contract. 10-15 min farther drive for me me but . . . . shrug.
  4. The topic was broached among several at the meeting. We'll see.
  5. I think it's safe to say that the dues MUST go up SIGNIFICANTLY for us to purchase land and build out a range that is at minimum the quality of what we had. And more likely will surpass including facilty for other shooting disciplines/sports. As long it isn't way out in the boonies (near the KY border or something) I am hopeful in the end we will have a robust more involved membership. Out of a presently capped 1,200 members probably only a couple hundred AT MOST use the range at all. $50/yr was pathetically cheap for what that place was. That's why so many members (many who left middle TN) just kept renewing via auto pay. Higher dues will mean higher quality membership/attendance/involvement.
  6. I think Ron once told me that out of the 1,200 members only a couple/few hundred actually made use of the range. Lot of members don't even live in the vicinity anymore. Gonna take the pessimistic view for a second here: I fear that between moving further out of town, nonrenewing members, further distance for non members to attend shooting events and especially being down for a year (or so) there could be a major slump in membership (and income) before it gets better. This could actually be devastating as the club reserves between purchase and build out could be entirely depleted. Everyone should try to get to this Mondays meeting.
  7. No, we cleared that hurdle a couple years ago. Ash site went elsewhere. Far as I can tell this came outta nowhere and w/o warning. I'm gonna attend the next meeting.
  8. ". . . this decision came down from the top within TVA and was not a local decision or request. The Gallatin plant management and personnel have always been supportive of GGC and still are." What a travesty !!! I would suspect somewhat political in nature given the posture of the current outgoing Presidential Administration but don't let me be caught spreading conspiracy theories. I don't know if it's cool to post the whole letter that was sent to us members but it looks like we'll be looking for another site post haste. " We are currently looking for property and need everyone's help. Let us know if there is a piece of property you think might be suitable for a range. The sooner we find a location the sooner we can start the zoning process for approval for use as a gun range. The sooner all of that occurs, the sooner that general membership activities including competitions and shooting can resume on a new range.
  9. Did they have 20 rounders ?
  10. Did they have 20 rounders ?
  11. Isn't placing a rifle snugly in a Lead (type) Sled supposed to remove the human error factor when sighting in? I fire. I reset EXACTLY to the center of the target using the elevation and windage adjustment of the rifle stand and fire again. Now, I should get almost perfect groupings whether on or off the bulls eye - right? At least the best the rifle/ammo combo can provide - right? For some reason I do not. And this is across several platforms, glass and irons. Nothing is shifting between when I re aim the rifle+sled and when I pull the trigger. What the heck could I be doing wrong. So frustrating.


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