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  1. I am interested as well .... I have been thinking about another OTF
  2. Yea the premium bcg and 120rds of 5.56 for $99 was a steal
  3. http://palmettostatearmory.com/ten-10-boxes-american-eagle-223-55gr-fmj-ammo-20rds-ten-10-magpul-pmag-30-5-56x45-magazines.html Solid deal!
  4. In case anyone is looking for one    http://palmettostatearmory.com/hk-pistol-vp9-9mm-w-2-15rd-mags-m700009-a5.html
  5. Fenix PD35!!!!! 2015 model is 1000lm .... Light is an absolute torch for its size ... You won't be disappointed.... They are rugged lights as well
  6. Larue has already made one .... Rumor has it they will have it up for sale around the 1st of Sept
  7. FYI SWFA has a coupon code "MRO" which gives 12% off .... So you can get the MRO with the mount for $478.68 or $433.80 without a mount   http://swfa.com/MRO-C13713.aspx   https://youtu.be/X3XyEHSKKRE
  8. Someone posted a receipt for a Colt 6920 for $699 at some walmart....this was on another forum .... not sure where it was but obviously they are blowing out inventory at some locations Edit: just saw the thread over here where they are priced the same in TN as well
  9. They are saying there were 4 marines and 1 police officer shot .... Shootings at two different locations .... one at the Naval Reserve on Amincola and the other at the recruiting office on Lee Highway... they have shut down all flights in and out of the City No shooting in Cleveland .... There were reports of an active shooter at Bradley Square mall but they swept through the mall and no shooter has been found and no shots were fired
  10. I will tell you the Federal 50g varmint is one of the most accurate loads I have ever shot and its VERY consistent .... Do some research and you will find MANY reporting the same .... Its like super cheap match ammo .... May not be the best round for self defense but its great for shooting groups
  11. Deal has been floating around a few days ..... Ive ordered from them before and they are good to go      http://www.rareammo.com/Fiocchi-9mm-Luger-115gr-FMJ_p_3632.html
  12. Good deal on a great optic .... Just buy a mount and you are set   http://www.midwayusa.com/product/859393/aimpoint-compm4s-official-us-army-red-dot-sight-30mm-tube-1x-2-moa-dot-matte
  13. Pretty good deal on the barrels and a few other items ..... Its all 50% off .... If you want a super accurate barrel look no further   http://www.larue.com/on-sale?sort=popular
  14. Nice! The only thing that stopped me from keeping mine to SBR was the 922r complainant issue .... I know CZ will come out with a kit to remedy the problem I'll probably get another once I see how it all plays out cost wise
  15. Lowest I think I have ever seen one ..... I didn't need another one but I snagged one for a rainy day .... I doubt we will see complete Colt rilfes at this price point again   This is just a 6920 with the light profile barrel (which I actually prefer)   http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/78051/Colt+AR6720+AR15-A3+Tactical+Carbine+20%2B1+223REM5.56NATO+16.1%22


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