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  1. One is eaa and the other (45) is charter.
  2. both are snubnose. I was wondering if the 357 could get enough speed in that short of a barrel.
  3. I am using this when hiking and camping. Both are revolvers so there is no difference except for the 357 is 6 shot and the 45 acp is 5. Which would you carry for hiking in the Tn mountains and weekend camping?
  4. I am in need of a set of over size (or well rounded) grips for my pitbull revolver. My arthritis does not like the narrow ones. Does anyone know what would be a good set to buy?
  5. It is a top eject. I need to find a place to check the serial number to know the age. My old eyes are having trouble bringing in the front sight.
  6. Would you put a red dot or a scope on the Winchester 30-30? this may be for hunting and my eyes are not as good as they were.I have seen both talked about but wondered if people in here had used a dot on theirs?
  7. How would I know if it is stamped? What year models had these?
  8. I have both of these and trying downsize a bit. Winchester is a 1979 with some surface rust. Rossi is almost new. I don't have a revolver in the 44 mag so both are just for hunting and home defense. I think they are both similar in close up power??? thoughts on which to keep.
  9. thanks on these two posts. I have since moved up to the 45 acp in a revolver. Still a short barrel though. I need to find a longer barrel gun but just keep trading around on carry guns. The pitbull is a neat revolver though.
  10. I just got an almost new Smith Wesson model cs9 in stainless steel and would like to buy a recoil guide for but I can't find any. I know the pistol was discontinued but surely there are some parts out there. Does anyone know of a good place to get old Smith parts? Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks for the input. I am actually carrying a Ruger speed six in 9mm right now. It is a bit loud but the horse is ok with it. I would like a bigger caliber for when I get in the back country areas though.
  12. That is nice. How plentiful is ammo and and how expensive?
  13. I am wondering how telling about training my horse has to do with the caliber of style of gun people would prefer to have. I did not ask for you to do any homework. Do you know that my horse is use to gun fire and has been shot off of and around? The only thing in the post that relates to the topic is the single action but not caliber. Thanks for the input.
  14. I can add a little different one. Ruger speed six in 9mm
  15. 22 pistol and high powered rifle 22 rifle and magnum powered pistol Medium rifle and pistol with same ammo capability Just wondering what people think is the best choices. Please give your reasons.
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