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  1. Not a caliber war. Just a question about the times and whether a small single stack of revolver is enough.
  2. What do I need to look for when inspecting the colt?
  3. The LGS is in Madisonville tn. Can't remember the name at the moment. I will go in there tomorrow.
  4. There is a lgs here that has 3 or 4 and I wanted something to hike with. $450 and up.
  5. Would you carry this for edc? 38 special but I heard it you shoot them a lot they will go out of time. How much is too much? Are they a good care weapon? I heard they a light and I would like that when I hike.
  6. This is one of the best shooting guns I own. I was surprised for sure. So, heavier recoil spring or lighter loads the solution?
  7. I traded for one of these and was pleasantly surprised how well it shoots. My only issue is I didn't realize how much the recoil would be on my newly diagnosed arthritis. Anyone else shoot a 45 with arthritis that can offer suggestions?
  8. Ok. I have now went over three weeks and cannot find a filter button anymore. Is it me or is it gone. I even went to the main site and pulled up a state. All I got was the entire state listings with no way to get to the cities. Any Arms list guys on here?
  9. I used one able to see the filter button in the right under the ad banner. Now I don't have one and haven't for the last week.
  10. Am I missing something here? First you must pay to advertise or contact someone and now I have no filters so I have to go through 50 dealer ads to see private sales. Makes me just quit looking. I have started writing down numbers of people no see in there often and just text them when I want something.
  11. This is what I was thinking. I don't mind the weight but the 1911 carries better for me when walking a lot. I know a lighter weight would be better but I must use what I have.
  12. I am just trying to figure whether I want to trade my 1911 for the single action.
  13. That would be nice! I only have a choice of a single action or the 1911 I currently own.
  14. Which would you rather have for hiking in back country? Possible black bear encounters are probably largest type animal. Same weight and barrel about the same length.
  15. I have the carbine but was looking at the glock. I have a Ruger pistol which fits me for sd. Would have to add cash for the Glock though.


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