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  1. One of those short nose pistol bullets used for Aliens and Bigfoots!
  2. I don't think the governor wants constitutional Carry or it would been pushed harder. Just talk and no action.
  3. I reload and shoot around 8,000 rounds a year until recently. 9mm
  4. Do you trust the government not to keep tabs on people who have the means to resist?
  5. Are you sure they are 115gr and not 100gr or 95gr? Also check your brass length and make sure it is in spec. I load mine at 1.100" and they work well so 1.09" should be okay at less than max load. This is 9mm right?
  6. DWARREN123

    PSA Dagger

    Something new that uses Glock parts at a good price point. If it works as advertised they may have winner.
  7. Lucky he is still breathing. I know a few DAD's who would have done a lot more to him.
  8. Sounds like our government at work! https://fox17.com/news/local/covid-19-emails-from-nashville-mayors-office-show-disturbing-revelation
  9. Run by TWRA. They just had a big Skeet Shoot 09-11 thru 09-13. They have been expanding. Just completed some RV parking places.
  10. Any one been? I have going for almost a year and really enjoy it. If near Clarksville Tn. stop in and check it out. https://www.shoottn.com
  11. JATO and RATO are not fun rides!
  12. The voices in my head. Most are funny but a few are strange!
  13. Heads up, there was Blazer and Remington 9mm ammo at the Clarksville Rural King today. $10 something for 50 rounds of Blazer and $11 something for the Remington. Not a lot and will not be there long.
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