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  1. Howdy and Welcome to TGO
  2. Not to take any thing away from the record holders but it is not the distance but the end effect of the shot.
  3. Just wishing you good luck in your search!
  4. I find a lot of military surplus brass is good, just remove the crimp and you should have some good brass. The stuff I use seems to last longer than commercial.
  5. Right now not much. Old guy, retired from the ARMY in 1992. Have done industrial maintenance since. Just retired 1 July 2017 and had shoulder surgery 20 June 2017 so I am being a lay about now. Love shooting/reloading, fishing (light line).
  6. I probably will get a low key or part time job when I get well. I love to read, that's good because I think most stuff on TV is not worth watching. I do have some hobbies that I can do now and see a lot of stuff I can work on when better. It's the when better that is wearing me down some. Always been pretty active and worked all my life, well since 14, so it is a big change to me. Thanks for all the replies folks. One of the main reasons I like TGO is the folks here. All take care.
  7. Another bump for you. I am too far away, wish I was closer. Good deal.
  8. I wish to thank you all for the replies. Watching some TV, Hallmark Channel is playing Christmas but I like them. I do not like most TV. Reading and trying to reload some 9mm. Reloading is going slow but I like it. I have a great wife for putting up with me all these years and especially now. My dogs thinks I am crazy but nothing new there. TGO has made it a little easier, I have started visiting real often. Every body take care.
  9. Tuesday, 06-20-2017, I went for surgery on my left shoulder. 12 weeks of rehab but mean while I go into retirement on 1 July 2017. Big life change for me hope it goes fairly smoothly. I always thought I would work up to the day I died but things change and am retiring now. Limited in what I can do, per doctor, and am about to go out of my head. Wife says I am in the way and I have started collecting my belly button lent for a hobby. If not for TGO I would be in a rubber room by now. Thanks folks for helping me keep fairly sane.
  10. Yours or a customers? Really nice!
  11. I believe the government has records that they should not and that firearms purchases are just one example.
  12. Howdy and Welcome to TGO
  13. Nice!
  14. I don't have near that much ammo, it keeps getting shot.
  15. I could not hold something that small to reload it. Seems you are having fun and that is what it is all about!

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