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  1. I have two with their mag release installed on my G48. They have run great with a couple of fails to lock the slide back. I have put over 500 rounds thru mine. The only problem with them is that you can not change the mag release to the right side, no mag lock slot on the right of the mags.
  2. Starting to see a few leaves fall but no color changing as of yet.
  3. I believe the CCI Stinger is the longest and some firearms companies say not to use it in their firearms.
  4. I believe it was originally developed for people then they found out it worked very well for some animals.
  5. I did it at work before I retired. The 2 basic light types are soft and bright/daylight. They are worth it for lack of heat, low power usage and long life. The only problem we had was difference in mounting holes for the fixture.
  6. I have seen the "Butt Drugs" commercial before. I love that they can make fun of their name.
  7. Don't tell and don't ask. CYA type stuff.
  8. RIA 9mm 1911 style pistol are great guns. Mine has been reliable and accurate. Loads and shoots everything I have put in it. Their .45 acp pistols are very good, too!
  9. I think he is calling it a H&H because of the cartridge's name, not actual H&H rifle. He doesn't know the difference. Had a guy try to tell me his Hi Point was a 40 Glock, low information owner.
  10. 10 to 15 wraps of Det cord would do a good job! I like Det cord and C-4.
  11. Buy the best you can to start off. I have 3 RIA 1911's, 2 in .45 acp and 1 in 9mm and they have been good.
  12. They want $15 per hour because they are so smart! Jeez, some folks need a keeper because they are so, well less than smart.
  13. I have done all but the heat stroke. Native born Tennessean!


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