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  1. Just saw this thread and I am curious if you ever got the rifle and have any pictures. I am interested in this type of rifle.
  2. Simple answer here..... Your carry weapon is your most important tool/weapon. You should shoot it at the range, or wherever, more than any other weapon! Everything else that you own in the realm of handguns/rifles, etc. is for a secondary level of importance to the one that you carry for the very protection of you and your loved ones. So, shoot the heck out of it and work on drawing/sighting/firing. If you wear it out sooner, so be it. It is to save your life and nothing is more important. Do not use one "like" your carry, but use the very one you plan on saving your life.
  3. Hey there, Leroy. Sorry for the delay in replying but life happens...………. I have been just using a basic OWB side holster, but I just had a fella in Alabama do some mill work so I can add a Trijicon RMR red dot and another friend there has made me a side holster that will accommodate the red dot so I am in a transitional period of moving to that. I also just added a KKM match barrel for hotter loads. Not sure about your area in East TN, but coyotes have gotten thicker than fleas in Middle TN and I despise them so I go prepared. When mounted on a horse, you can get much closer to wildlife (deer, coyotes, etc.) than you ever could on foot, and as you know, that 10 mm can pretty well take care of what ever needs taking care of. thanks Mark C.
  4. Absolutely yes!! My last two have been: a) CZ 75 just cause I've always wanted one and b) Glock 20 (10mm) for when I'm riding my horse in the wilderness.
  5. Ruger...…..hands down. Got one and it is not only well made and highly accurate, it is a take down/cleaning dream..
  6. Choatecav


    If you are a member of the NRA, there is a great article on the G3 in the latest issue of the American Rifleman. I know Taurus gets a bad rap, but I have always been pleased with the ones I have owned.
  7. Congrats to you! Got mine back in June. It was in beautiful condition and yes, has a heavy trigger, but I got it more for the history aspect. Can't remember when I have been more excited as I was as my number got closer and closer. Mine was placed into service in Early '44 but I don't know if it saw action or not. Just part of the mystique.
  8. Just bought a Winchester Model 75 target .22 rifle at a gun show. Was manufactured in 1949 and looks in wonderful condition. When I got home I wanted to run a magazine of rounds through it so I loaded the mag with 5 rounds and inserted it into rifle. Upon using the bolt to chamber the first round, the rifle fired!! I kept it in a safe direction and cycled the bolt through the remaining rounds and all went as it should with no discharge. Thinking it to be a fluke, I repeated the process and again it fired upon chamber the first round but no problem with remaining rounds. I did it a third time and same results. I removed the bolt and it looks good and clean. Any ideas on what might cause this???
  9. Agree with TNShooter83. I love the Ruger SP101. I have two of them and it is my carry gun when I am home on my farm.

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