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  1. Prior to my retirement (last Fall) it varied between SA XDx in an IWB kydex at 4:00 position. Or, a LCP in my pocket. Now, not as concerned about concealability so I like OWB leather at 3:00.
  2. You gotta respect a man with an obsession.
  3. Choatecav

    ZAROO Shotguns

    Just watched this video and was impressed with their craftsmanship and desire to continue the family business. How sad it is that they are being strangled by yet another over-bearing government that wants to keep it's citizens unarmed and helpless. God forbid that we ever let this happen in this country and we all need to keep up the fight against it as there are literally millions of liberals who want to see this in the USA.
  4. Well, when the Zombie Apocalypse hits and sun spots cause all deer to go rogue and attack humans...... you'll be golden!!
  5. I use an ACOG on my Daniel Defense M4 V7. Good enough for the U S Military, so good enough for me. Plus, with light absorbing sensor, never needs batteries.
  6. Choatecav

    Carry History

    I have never owned a Star, either, but have heard cool things about them. However, if memory serves me, I believe they contain a plastic "buffer" to soften recoil. Just wondering how that buffer holds up in older models?
  7. Same here for me as I carry the XDs in .45. But my lighter weight alternative is Ruger LCP in .380
  8. This same question could be asked regarding "recycled" police issued handguns. Actually, I have a couple that I bought in this fashion and they are wonderful guns and still have many years of life left. By in large, if one has a bit of a mechanical tilt and an understanding of firearm functionality, you can be pretty safe on these type of purchases.
  9. This has to be an anomaly. Probably something relatively minor that is not meshing. I'd take it to a gunsmith and see if he can't smooth this out.
  10. Cool update. I agree with you on the DD triggers. I have a M4, V7 AR from them and love it, but the first thing I did was install a Geissele trigger.
  11. While I am a lover of Ruger products and own several, for this situation, I am going to go against grain and say you should buy the Heritage. I have one of these, as well and it is super reliable, accurate and more versatile (6 shot and 9 shot, 22lr and 22mag) and is perfect for a young person to train with. It also has a safety that you might feel better about. Now, if you were delving into competitive shooting or more quality in .22 lr, I would go with the Ruger Mark IV but that is not practical in this discussion.
  12. That is considerably newer in manufacturing than mine. Thank you for the reply and I am really glad for you.
  13. Good report and the variety of ammo that you used, as well as the targets, were really a good test. With mine, I used some premium boxes but the bulk of the diet was Winchester white box. I too was very pleased with how quickly I could pick up the white dot on front site as it did not compete with anything on the rear. Also, I loved the trigger feel. Better than I expected. A wonderful feel in the hand, for sure. I don't have to tell you to keep an eye on the failure to ejects. It was well into my first 175 rounds before I experienced two although I did notice that the ejection was not kicking the brass out very far. I decided to err on the side of caution and I sent mine back to SA two weeks ago. I had heard that they were now routinely replacing the ejector with an actual BHP ejector and most reports have been good. I am hoping for same with mine and hope you don't even need to send back. I am curious as to where your serial number fell as I also understand that they have been catching some before they go out the door. Mine is HP22XX in the sequence so it is probably older than yours. Enjoy.....
  14. Congratulations to you!! Enjoy.......
  15. Well, that's true. Like Glenn Frey said in "Smuggler's Blues," 'It's the lure of easy money, it's got a very strong appeal.'


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