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  1. How did they run after such a long period of neglect??
  2. Yes, but you have a real nice Staccato. Otherwise, you'd just have five more Glocks.....
  3. Hands down, Ruger Mark IV. More fun to shoot than I could have ever imagined, accurate and a dream to clean.
  4. Yes, and here it is. It is really something to see and I encourage all gun enthusiasts to attend at least once. Ohio Valley Military Society - Show_of_Shows (sosovms.com)
  5. Ok, your picture came through, now can you please detail what it is that you are asking?? Are you asking if this is the stock for a Mtn rifle, or a standard Ky rifle?? Not sure where you're wanting to go with this?? By the way, the picture you sent is the CVA Mountain. Here is another photo of one.
  6. Hope you get it figured out. I'd like to see it.
  7. If you end up having to order, here is a site that is pretty good. Powder, Inc. | Master Distributor of Goex, Swiss and Schuetzen (powderinc.com)
  8. Gonna tell mama that I need to get one cause all the cool kids are getting them.....
  9. Well, that is unfortunate for them. Good fortune for you, though.
  10. So, maybe I'm missing something, but he hasn't even fired it and doesn't like it?? It's just based on what his dad did to it??
  11. Kudos on the research. 99 people out of 100 have no concept of how much time it would take to do all that you mention in those last couple of paragraphs.
  12. That is an absolutely beautiful job and if I had not already spent double my lever gun allowance for the year already, I would snatch it. Couple of questions... Is the ladder sight that you installed old and of similar period to the rifle or a newer one. Can't really tell. Also, did you have to tap and re-thread when you mounted the saddle ring? I can see where you filled a couple of small holes with little screws on that left side plate. Thanks for showing this.
  13. Yeah.... Like our tax dollars.................
  14. If I were to ever get the urge to launch golf balls into the wild blue yonder and never find them again..... I'd just grab my golf clubs.
  15. So, I guess my bench vise and a pipe wrench is out, right?? Just kidding...... I have no clue.


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