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  1. Please don't misunderstand this, as I love technological advances (well, some of them) as much as the next person, but if you are going to launch something touted as a "HI Power clone" why would you depart from the original format so much? I can see some tweaks here or there, but to change capacity, ambi-safetys/releases, a rail system, etc, etc..... Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of releasing a classic clone???
  2. Well, I gotta say that you level-headed folks have made a great point. I got caught up in the excitement of the new announcement and the quality that FN brings to the table. The BHP is a classic. Pure and simple. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If FN wants to make a host of changes then it is just another "wonder-nine" and it doesn't excite me as much. I'm back to waiting for my SA-35 to come available.............. thanks for the sanity check.
  3. Must say, this is exciting news. I would already own a SA if I could find one but alas....... If SA had had the inventory available when they launched, they would have saturated the market and put a hurtin' on FN's launch, but now it will be a dog fight.
  4. Can any of you explain to me why Liberals ALWAYS think they can use legislature or technology to negate the "stupidity" or "evil" factors? If a person wants to commit suicide, murder, robberies, etc, they will find a way to do it. The gun is simply a tool. Just like a knife, a hammer, a rope, a bottle of pills, etc.
  5. Ha... this is starting to remind me of what my wife tells me about saddles. She says, 'You don't need another saddle. How many can you ride at one time, anyway?"
  6. Yes, I read about the finish issue. Hoping it was just an anomaly. Didn't know about the extractor issue. I still want to get one. Anyone hazard a guess as to how long before we start to see them in stores?
  7. Learned a long time ago not to give two s _ _ _ s about what others thought about brands, etc, but rather to focus on results. About 10 years ago I bought a Taurus 1911 (I own several model 1911's) as the price was very good. Right out of the box, it was crazy accurate and continues to this day to be the most accurate and reliable 1911 that I own. I do understand that everything that they make is not top shelf, but they do produce some good pistols and revolvers if you know where to look.
  8. I agree with the others........shoot it. It is a classic design and made to be shot. Of course, if it was an original, I would reply differently, but it is a reproduction of a classic design. I love shooting my '73 Winchester. Two joys of life.......... shooting lever action rifles and shooting pump action shot guns. The stuff dreams are made of.
  9. I've asked myself this question many times, as well...... I've decided that the answer is "I'm cheap."
  10. I assume these were all "original" model Pythons and not the new series, correct??
  11. I can certainly relate to your situation, Wingshooter. I too, have a farm and I own a G 20 as I like the 10mm round as well. The G 20 works just fine for riding my horse and most things, but it is cumbersome on the tractor and in my truck as well. I don't have a G29 but when I look at the specs I am not sure if you would gain very much in the way of size reduction. While the G 29 is about 1.25" shorter, it is actually a tad bit wider (1.38" vs 1.34" for the G 20). For me, the issue was the width. What I did was to go with the Springfield Armory XDs in a .45 caliber. While not quite the power of a 10mm, it is still no slouch and I was able to get the width down to slightly under one inch. It made a noticeable difference and I really like the sidearm. I have over 1,500 rounds through it and it is very reliable. Good luck.
  12. Oh my gosh..........when I read this I almost cried. Please tell me that you were able to talk him out of chrome plating this rare relic. "Atrocity" is the right word for this action. How could anyone do that to an actual revolver carried by a confederate soldier. They are so rare. Can you tell us if it was a Colt Navy .36 or even more rare something made in the south like a Spiller & Burr?? Thanks
  13. I stopped by Royal Range in west Nashville today and they had several of these at a better price than shown in the link. I believe it was less than $540. They might work a trade with you.
  14. Been thinking about this since the thread started. Lots of favorites, but I guess #1 is my Colt Python from the mid-eighties. Shooting it just brings a smile to my face.
  15. Now go and sin no more..........


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