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  1. Choatecav


    Good comments in opening post. Well thought out. Personally, I have the Tomcat and the Ruger LCP
  2. I have a G4 20 that has the 2 piece recoil springs and have had no problems. What type of issues did they have?
  3. I am assuming, from your opening post, that you are asking this from a standpoint of practicality and NOT just to look cool..... correct? I have ridden and shot from horseback for over 25 years and still ride about twice a week. RULE #1 is.….. Make sure the horse is broke to gunfire from his back. If not, the outcome could be worse than the threat of what you are needing protection from. I won't get into tips on breaking them to this but it's crucial. Once that is accomplished, remember that the horse will not give you as steady of a base to fire from as you would have on foot so the longer the barrel the better. Sometimes I like to have a rifle slung over my back due to this and it affords best chance of hit. If you want a side arm for closer protection, most anything you would carry on foot would work. Personally, I stay away from snub nose revolvers (again, due to short barrel) and go for a bit more barrel. I have been carrying a Glock 20 (10mm) lately, but that changes based on my mood that day, ha. Again, remember Rule #1. Enjoy......
  4. Well, I guess I will join in on this..... I own many of the handguns mentioned in this thread, but I have to say that my overall favorite is the Springfield Armory XDs. It is very well made and very thin and concealable. Only .9 inch wide so good for exterior or IWB holster. Plus, you can get it in not only 9 mm but also in .45 in same physical size. The latter is the caliber that I carry. I love having .45 cal power in such a small package. Very rugged as I have placed nearly 1,500 rounds through it with no problems. Oh, and I carry mine when I ride my horse also...……... Good luck.
  5. Good question. They actually help if you sight is not what it used to be. There are different size dots that you can get based on what you are shooting and how your vision is. Granted, the smaller the dot, the more precise is the degree of accuracy, but the negative to too small of a dot is that it is harder to "pick it up" visually when you are bringing the weapon onto it's target quickly. I know many use them with rifles, but personally, I think they are strongest on handguns. I won't get into the technical aspect of the different degrees of MOA (minutes of angle), but I would encourage you to look at some YouTube videos on the subject and I think it will clear it up for you.
  6. I went to it two years ago. It is a great show.
  7. Haven't been on it a bit so I have not answered any of your questions: a) Twist rate is 1 : 66 b) Rifle maker is Ric Lambert of Brentwood, TN. c) Yes, Tip Curtis is very well known in the hobby and a good source of supplies and related items. Thanks for the nice comments.
  8. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. As to it's accuracy, this past weekend I took it out to just fire a few rounds. Put four rounds in size of a dime from 30 yards. I want to have someone who is really qualified in shooting flintlocks to put it to the test.. thanks again.
  9. After nearly two years of waiting my customer Cumberland Valley rifle is finished and I am loving it. My Gr gr gr grandfather settled in Mid TN around 1801 and in an area where some prolific rifle makers of that genre (ie. Thomas Simpson, Jacob Young, etc.) were in their heyday. I wanted a rifle that would be as close to "possibly" what he would have owned on the TN frontier of the first third of the 19th century. Posting a picture below but it is a .40 caliber flintlock with a 48 inch barrel. It has a 14.75" length of pull so it is a long rifle. Fits me pretty well, though as I am 6' 6". The stock is curly maple and really pops in the sunlight. I would have posted more photos but I hit my size max with the one below. thanks,
  10. Sorry Hipower that I am slow getting back in touch. Life can get in the way of fun, occasionally, ha. All of the slide milling and work was done by Mr. Keegan Singleton of Competitive Shooting Solutions, LLC., in Anniston, AL. (256-290-4150) ksingltn@gmail.com Keegan does custom work for many of the professional shooters on the circuit today and is very pleasant to work with. I wholeheartedly endorse him for any work. regards,
  11. I agree that they are growing in popularity. In fact, I just got my Glock 20 (10 mm) back from getting it billed for the Trijicon. I also added a KKM barrel, 20 lb recoil spring, steel rod and a 3.5 lb trigger connector. Last Saturday was first time to shoot it and while it is different than iron sights, I can tell I am really gonna like it. Mark
  12. Just saw this thread and I am curious if you ever got the rifle and have any pictures. I am interested in this type of rifle.
  13. Simple answer here..... Your carry weapon is your most important tool/weapon. You should shoot it at the range, or wherever, more than any other weapon! Everything else that you own in the realm of handguns/rifles, etc. is for a secondary level of importance to the one that you carry for the very protection of you and your loved ones. So, shoot the heck out of it and work on drawing/sighting/firing. If you wear it out sooner, so be it. It is to save your life and nothing is more important. Do not use one "like" your carry, but use the very one you plan on saving your life.
  14. Hey there, Leroy. Sorry for the delay in replying but life happens...………. I have been just using a basic OWB side holster, but I just had a fella in Alabama do some mill work so I can add a Trijicon RMR red dot and another friend there has made me a side holster that will accommodate the red dot so I am in a transitional period of moving to that. I also just added a KKM match barrel for hotter loads. Not sure about your area in East TN, but coyotes have gotten thicker than fleas in Middle TN and I despise them so I go prepared. When mounted on a horse, you can get much closer to wildlife (deer, coyotes, etc.) than you ever could on foot, and as you know, that 10 mm can pretty well take care of what ever needs taking care of. thanks Mark C.

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