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  1. Where do you get yours? You've never run into any legal issues?
  2. I'm not sure 50 BMG API has a "hollow nose cavity". I suppose it depends on what they mean by that. Other ammo sites will ship API ammo to TN, but it's not the factory new stuff SG is selling...
  3. I was thinking about picking up some 50 BMG API rounds from SG, but quickly noticed they won't ship them to TN. Does anyone have any knowledge as to why? I did some searching, but wasn't able to find anything definitive.
  4. Standard 556 mags, as in AR mags?
  5. Tell me whatcha got. $2000 range.
  6. So I was watching a video from one of the guntubers, and they had somehow procured a M67 frag grenade. Even with an SOT, dealer in destructive devices, or whatever, I didn't think such a thing was... a thing. Am I wrong? Well, I'm obviously wrong if the video is any indication, but does anyone know more about the subject? Please enlighten me.
  7. Let me know what you've got, thanks!
  8. Flexible on manufacturer. I'd prefer forged, with an SBA3, but not hellbent. For a complete build, POF, Daniel Defense, Aero Precision, etc...
  9. Looking for an Arsenal rifle or pistol of the 104 or 106 type. Let me know if you're lookin to get rid of one.
  10. Do you know who did the conversion? Are you willing to ship it to another part of the state?
  11. Contrary to what was stated previously, 5.45x39 is almost always cheaper than 7.62x39 on account of it's lesser popularity. My personal opinion is that it is a superior round to 5.56, in that it has a lighter recoil impulse and therefore better facilitates follow up shots, isn't as gassy, and is therefore more suppressor friendly, and isn't as dependent on velocity for it's terminal effect. The russians designed it with a hollow air cavity in the nose of the projectile, so not only does it aid in deformation upon impact, but also creates a displaced center of gravity that guarantees tumbling upon impact. Russian surplus ammo (7N6) also has a fast powder burn than 5.56, so it attains greater velocities out of shorter barrels.
  12. Can an SBR be transferred on a 4473, without a form 4, if it's barrel has been pinned and welded to above 16"?
  13. Let me know if you've got one you'll part with. $200+


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