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  1. Well put, after reading your comments here you may very well be. That is ok, the world needs sheep too! Just hope your not in politics!
  2. Couldn't agree with you more lol! Sometimes you gotta pay to play. Now fellers, rotate your magazines weekly to keep those springs I check!
  3. Good luck out there boys! I wanna see some trophy fish by Monday morning. May take the big boat to center hill tomorrow night. Had good luck fishing ledges there last weekend.
  4. Quite possibly, but what you may consider over populated, I call a honey hole;)! Thanks for the pics! I hear em callin me... If I'm having a little luck, I'll stick around for the sunglasses. If you don't see some pics tomorrow, my pride will be hurt! Those pics tell me it's time to step it up! C'mon creek bass!
  5. I try to keep em classy... I mean bassy! Thanks for the kind words. Lets see some Bass fellas!
  6. Just wanted to say... What a great year for bass fishing! Toss a line friends;)
  7. Friends! https://www.highwaterfilters.com/default.asp?m=0 No affiliation, but have done previous business with them and always guaranteed as promised. Great chance to scoop a $400 Katadyn Pocket at $249: 0 !!!!
  8. Don't know if anyone has looked into these, but I no longer worry about storing large quantities. I went with 3 of these rigs(extras for back up/split group scenario): http://www.highwaterfilters.com/SP194-Complete-4L-Bag-to-Bag-Water-Purifier-System-p/sp194.htm Used it thoroughly on our last trip. Will filter a stagnent pool. 1,000,000 gal guarantee. I have seen tank rigs that collect rain water with these filter units(just the filter, not the bags) at the bottom for pour on demand. Hook it up with this at base camp for your metals, chemicals, and taste: http://www.cheaperthandirt.net
  9. "Them claiming they are "pro-gun" liberals is nothing more than them talking out of their collective asses. They have already signed up to make war on the 2A. Too late to jump of the bed now Hoss." I hope that you are wrong. I try never to associate myself with either party as both are well suited with their own agendas. Typically the agendas of who has the most coin. I think the whole liberal vs conservative classification has confused people even further than they all ready were. When you are forced to side with another group/persons ideals because they meet more of your standards than t
  10. I am just now opening my eyes to the world of the M1a's. Never considered one until recently. I have never put one through a bucks eyes(although I did blow ones belly open once), but my tool of choice in the past was always the old reliable model 70 in 30-06. I picked up a double star AR a few years back but was never really impressed enough to take it out for more than a coyote. I did really enjoy the platform. Semi auto isn't a necessity on a hunt because one foul shot could send you home empty handed. SO in short, I have put my scar h up on the trade block recently, and have been more and m
  11. I know this obviously a m1a/m14 platform rifle optimized for reaching out and touching, but from the outside, what do you think it cost to build? Obviously not knowing its true parts composure, just exterior aesthetics alone make an educated guess? How much do you think a man would go into the hole trying to assemble one like this, and how would YOU do it if given an approximate budget? I want to take a match load through a deers right eye, and out the left at 200yds. And know exactly where I was going to put it before I made it happen. Just a little background, I have been scoping deer rifles
  12. So I would be the first one in the water on refin a m620v? Nobody knows a perfectionist in terms of Duracoat in TN?
  13. Let me note, that I want this to be a very neat job. Only black showing. Anyone have experience with this product: That's what I'm planning to use if I feel froggy...
  14. My problem is that with the ir/white feature there is a lock bearing ring that I can't figure out how to get off. Also, didn't want the switch button(standard base) to get any paint. Would be pretty straight forward if not for that pressure ring for the ir/white selector. It is the grooved area on the waist of the head as seen below. To change modes, you push forward on that ring toward the lens, and rotate 180 degrees and when you release pressure it locks back down.


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