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Community Answers

  1. I'm thinking those tassle bits at the top of the crap pile pic would glue onto a leather jacket as some kick-ass shoulder pads . . .
  2. If they don't have a personalized plate that says "HOMER" that's a missed opportunity.
  3. But did you leave your phone number on a public forum ?
  4. Breaking Bad was set in ABQ for a reason . . .
  5. I found dark skies on the Natchez Trace Pky around 9:30 . . . . nothing. I checked the skies in Bellevue again at 4:30a . . . nothing but clear skies and stars. Maybe a very slight pink glow on the northern horizon, but probably just city light pollution. Glad I got to see what I did on Friday night. We may never see them again in Tennessee in most of our lifetimes.
  6. Impossible to predict more than about 30 minutes out. In Bellevue (southwestern corner of Nashville) we had a decent show from 9:30 to about 10:00. Then it slowed down. I checked back at 10:30, 11:00, and 11:30 . . . nothing. I'll be trying again tonight in about 30 minutes from a better vantage point with more open space before hitting walls of trees and houses.
  7. +1 to TFA and FPC. I've supported GOA in the past and would do so again. I'm also a life member of NRA but don't send them any money. If these new reformers on the board can get things cleaned up, we'll see. NRA's main purpose right now is to be the big elephant in the room taking the heat from the anti-gunners while more effective and nimble groups like FPC and GOA fly under the radar get the work done.
  8. 1. Decide what you want to hunt. This will dictate a lot of things from clothing needs (like blaze orange for deer, but not for turkeys), licenses to purchases, weapons to use (rifle vs. shotgun vs bow vs black powder rifle), seasons, bag limits, identifying a processor if needed, etc. It's also important to know what to do with the animal once you've bagged and tagged it. You're going to need to know how to at least field dress a deer if you're hunting deer, but that's not useful information if you're hunting ducks or turkeys. 2. Make a realistic assessment of your access to huntable land. Do you have friends or family with large tracts you can access? If the land is hours away, will you really make the trip often enough to be worth the effort? If no easy access to private land, do you have the money to join a hunting club or to lease land? Depending on size and location, a lease will run from about $1000 to $5000 annually. Very large tracts with a wide variety of ecosystems (deer, turkey, upland game bird fields, wetlands for ducks, etc.) may go for $15000+. If none of the above, that means TWRA public land. 2.b - Stands. This is a combination of 1 and 2. If you're going to be hunting from a stand, you can't leave them up on TWRA land. That means a climbing stand or carrying in a ladder and setting up a stand. Ask yourself if you're physically fit enough to use a climbing stand or to carry in and out the ladder you need. Private land is easier because you can usually leave tree stands in place there or perhaps even build an enclosed stand. If after working your brain through those 2 you still want to go for it: 3. Take the TWRA Hunter Safety Education course. If you're over the age limit (born on or after January 1, 1969) you don't have to have it, but it's very good information and a first-time hunter really should know the stuff in the course. 4. Read and understand the TWRA Hunting Guide, especially all licenses needed for what you want to hunt. 5. Buy your licenses and permits 6. Go do it. If you have the money then an easy way to get into hunting of some kind is to go to a hunting lodge. It's basically a hotel where you go out each day hunting. You bring your clothing, guns, and ammo, and they do the rest. Some specialize in larger game like deer, elk, boar. Others focus on birds. Prices will vary with the luxury-level of the lodge.
  9. CarMax has fair prices and a broad inventory. You won't get a steal, but you likely won't get ripped off, either. I used Carvana once. The whole process was super easy and I went to pick it up at the vending machine on I-65 in Nashville. I'm very particular about my cars' appearance and this one was something like a 90% car in their grading. It would be about a 75% in my book. I drove it around the block, came back, and exercised my 30-day return. The guys working were a little surprised, but got the paperwork together and it was no hassle at all. Lesson learned was that IF I ever want to use Carvana again, I need a car with a 98% or better in their grading.
  10. I had a similar great experience at Harper Jeep a few years ago on my Wrangler. I found it online in a search (AutoTempest), called and negotiated a price I liked. I drove over, gave them a check, and took it home. It was easy and no up-selling. I generally dislike dealerships, but whatever Harper's doing, it's the right way to operate.
  11. I wish we still had the Nashville Community Education program, but it got its funding cut during the Covid lock downs and never resumed. They had neat classes like canning, cast iron primitive cooking, gardening, sewing, paper making, etc. in addition to various ethnic cooking classes, sports classes (like fencing ), music classes, computer skills, writing, painting, and more.
  12. What kind of party is someone having where they'll be watching their guests sit on the toilet?
  13. Seems a waste. In the highly unlikely event of a SD shooting, buy the second one then. If a person can afford to buy 2 now, they can buy 1 now and 1 later if needed.
  14. One of the best and subtle Easter eggs in GB:Afterlife is Dana's piano. I've never found anything on the Interwebz mentioning it, but it's there. In Egon's house when the family first arrives there's a damaged upright piano against one wall. I think you can see it in another scene too. I went back to the original GB and sure enough, it's the exact same piano from Dana's apartment at the end of the movie when her place has been damaged from the dimensional portal.


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