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  1. monkeylizard

    Any sightings of big cats in Cheatham County?

    We do, and I'm one of them. At this point, nobody is denying cougars/mountain lions/puma are in Tennessee. That's not the same as a black one. So far, no evidence exists at all of a black cougar anywhere....ever. There are black jaguars and leopards, but those are not in the USA outside of zoos and Russian mobster's collections. As stated above, TWRA denies a resident population of cougars. They're known to travel a long way so confirmed sightings in TN are not evidence of resident populations so TWRA may be correct....or maybe not.
  2. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    I'm sorry to say it doesn't get much better.
  3. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    I haven't tried that brand, but it's on my Christmas "Wish List" for Santa this year. I've used hand-crank devices and they generally work fine. A minute of cranking will get you X minutes of use. More for low-power items like a radio or LED, less for high power items like charging a phone.
  4. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    Check out something like this: https://www.amazon.com/ThorFire-Rechargeable-Collapsible-Flashlight-Emergency/dp/B00NIL1DFO/ref=sr_1_4?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1543845015&sr=1-4&keywords=thorfire No need to store batteries. Add in a small portable solar charger and you'll only need the crank as a backup to your backup but it's there if you need it. That said, in case of a massive EMP, nobody knows for sure if any of these LED lights will survive. Being able to supply power to a fried LED won't do much. The only sure way of having light after an EMP is a fuel-burning light source like ye olde kerosene lantern or a torch.
  5. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    One Second After = A+ One Year After = B- The Final Day = Why did I read that?
  6. monkeylizard

    free Free - 19" widescreen monitor (Nashville)

    It's yours. We'll work out how to get it to you. I'll send you a PM.
  7. I have a 19" HANNS-G widescreen computer monitor, free to a good home. Works fine. Just trying to keep it from going to Best Buy for recycling. Has VGA and DVI inputs, no HDMI. I'll only deal with someone with a good iTrader rating or a long history of posts on TGO.
  8. monkeylizard

    Give Gun To Grandson

    As I understand the F-Troop rules, you can loan a firearm to any non-prohibited person in any other state without doing a transfer. A loan doesn't have to have an end date, but must be done without payment or other compensation. @pop pop, if I'm right then you can loan your firearms to your kids and grandkids in other states, but they won't actually own them. When you die, you can leave them to them as an inheritance and there's no requirement for an FFL transfer. They're theirs to use as much as they want until you die, then they become their actual property through inheritance. Disclaimer: Sit tight. OS will be along to confirm or refute this statement
  9. monkeylizard

    You just never know, Driver killed by droped concrete

    Term life is so cheap there's no reason NOT to have it other than being able to self-insure.
  10. monkeylizard

    Dog shoots hunter

    Remember, boys & girls. Keep it unloaded until you're ready to use it. It's an easy mistake to make. Always check it twice. https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/local/community/2018/10/30/dog-shoots-man-hunting-accident-las-cruces/1824498002/
  11. monkeylizard

    Vehicle GPS Tracker

    Have any you installed a vehicle GPS tracking device? There has been a rash of vehicle break-ins and thefts in my area and it got me thinking about adding one to the car that stays parked outside. It's older so no on-board GPS like OnStar or the like. I'd probably go with a hardwired one installed behind the dash instead of something as obvious as one plugged in to the OBD port. I'd be interested to know about any first-hand experience ya'll have with them. From installation to monitoring to service plans. What have you liked and disliked?
  12. monkeylizard

    $119.99 Mosin with pictures!

    I guess Ivan forgot to pee down the barrel after using corrosive ammo.
  13. monkeylizard

    Ok, what's your favorite Halloween time movie?

    I'm with @SWJewellTN Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein is my go-to on Halloween night.
  14. monkeylizard

    What in the world is this?

    Looks like a lens flare from the camera's IR flash to me. It just happens to more or less end (or at least blend in) where the ground is so it appears to be a "ghost tree"
  15. monkeylizard

    Dick's feels the pain

    Dick's made the move following Sandy Hook.

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