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  1. He seems to have a great attitude about it. He's even selling "Just Put A Thumb In It" shirts.
  2. I know what's going to be in several stockings at Christmas this year . . .
  3. I didn't see this posted elsewhere. You Tuber Kentucky Ballistics was seriously injured when his Serbu .50 exploded with a hot .50 SLAP round.
  4. Shell Rotella oil is reportedly good at breaking down sludge. If I had a neglected engine with sludge, I'd try running that through a couple of times at 1K mile intervals and see if I got any improvement.
  5. They use cardboard end caps on the filter media instead of metal, use substandard materials for the seal and anti-drain back valve which hardens, have too few and too small holes for good oil flow, and have cheap tin and plastic spring plates instead of a steel coiled spring. The filter media itself is also more porous allowing particles to stay in the oil and keep cycling through your engine, and there's less of it. All of this mattered less on older cars with lower pressures and more forgiveness (ranging from higher tolerances to actual materials like iron vs aluminum). The Fram Ultra i
  6. I get the joke, but back in ye olden days we all ran 10w-30 dino oil and changed it every 3K miles and the spark plugs every other oil change. Speed Limits were 55mph or less. If the car made it to 75K miles, we were lucky and bragged about a car that lasted more than 100K. Now we have engines producing gobs more HP and torque per cubic inch, go 10K plus between oil changes, and we feel cheated if our car we run at 80mph+ for hours at a time and punish in stop-n-go traffic doesn't go 200K without significant mechanical repairs. We don't start bragging until we get one to 300K. All of tha
  7. Stick with Wix and Napa Gold filters. In their absence, good (but not as great as those two) options are Mobil1, Bosch, and Purolator PureOne. The Purolator Boss is (I think) a newer premium product from them that appears to be on par or at least close enough to Wix/Napa Gold. I grabbed one for one of my latest OCs as part of a bundle deal at Advance a few weeks back. It looks like the higher end Frams are made of good components, but their base stuff is such utter garbage that I simply don't trust the brand at all.
  8. Yep. Wix and Napa Gold are the same. Both are top-notch. Something to note for you DIYers with newer cars still under warranty, make sure the oil you like meets the manufacturer standards. My '18 JLU Wrangler has some goofy Chrysler standard that's not printed on Mobil1 or Castrol GTX bottles, but is on Pennzoil Platinum (not regular Pennzoil). I also use Mopar filters. Once you're past the warranty period, use whatever oil and filter you want, but don't give them any excuses to deny a claim during the warranty period.
  9. Another DIYer here. Basically, if conventional and synthetic are available in the weight you need, either will work just fine. Neither will harm your engine. The difference is mostly in longevity. Dino oil needs to be changed every 3-5K and you can push it to 7500K in some cases especially if you are real easy on the engine and you're not running it in the hotter weather. Synthetic is good for ~7500-10K on the low end. In some engines, the manufacturer recommended intervals is as long as 16K or more between changes. My older engines call for 3K intervals but I do them with synthetic at 75
  10. That's by design so you can bayonet the other side from the safety of your own trench.
  11. I hope we're starting to see the end of the madness. I'm seeing more and more in-stock ammo, but still at elevated prices (like .70+/rd FMJ 9mm). Here's hoping the supply is catching up and we'll see some declining prices over the next few months.
  12. In "The Neverending Story" those Sphinxes shoot lasers out of their eyes and vaporize anyone trying to pass them who isn't worthy.
  13. I have an MHP anodized aluminum head with a patio base mounted to my deck with a hard line to the house's natural gas supply. No tanks to change. I replaced the H-burner and ignition after about 12 years of use, but the head is as solid as ever. https://www.mhpgrills.com/
  14. I have no need for an axe . . . . but dang it! now I want one of these!
  15. We flooded in 2010. Another 2 feet today probably would have put it in my garage and crawl space. Today was less than relaxing.


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