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  1. Magalomania
  2. And your hands in your pockets.
  3. I don't need to go fast. I need to go anywhere! That Toyota pickup is all kinds of cool! That's an incredible find.
  4. They must have had a sort-of change of heart as the current one is very close. The 2017 CTS-V dumps out 640HP and 630 lb-ft of torque from its supercharged LT4, sending the 4-door sedan to 200mph. The current Z06 Corvette provides 650 of each but is only rated to 195mph. Strange.
  5. Yep.....I suppose on a strict reading of 57-5-301 which I posted, Junior wouldn't be able to drive home from the grocery store with mom or dad in the passenger seat if beer had been purchased. He'd technically be transporting beer. No cop in his right mind would ever enforce that, but based on the letter of the law . . .
  6. For the alcohol, think about it from the cop's perspective after pulling your son over for speeding or rolling through a stop sign . . . "Honestly, officer! That 24 pack cube of Bud Light in the back seat is my dad's!" I'm guessing Officer Friendly might not believe him. TCA 57-5-301 covers beer. I'm sure there's something similar for liquor and wine, but I'm not going to go digging in the TCA for it.
  7. I'm guessing that SWJewellTN's boosted GT500 could have gotten pretty darn close. Out of the box with the governor removed, they'll get to 175 or so. I know the GT500 can top 200 with the right mods and setup and a good track/salt flats.
  8. If you (or your wife) are passengers, the handgun and the unopened alcohol are yours, not his. There's no issue at all in that case. Driving by himself, it's 18 or 21 for handguns*, 21 for unopened alcohol. *See the thread linked above by chancesR. The plain reading of the laws look to be 18 to me and to many here, but TDOS seems to think it's 21. Maybe we'll get the AG's opinion soon and hopefully it won't make things murkier.
  9. At around .21/round, why not just get the Sellier & Bellot stuff from SGAmmo? Brass cased and goes bang.
  10. This. Anyone can go there to shoot the pistol or 100 yd ranges, but you have to become an annual member for the 200 yd, IIRC. I heard years ago that you also had to pass a shooting test at 100 yds distance. Don't know if that's true or not, but it makes sense. Their 200 yard lanes (all 2 of them) force you to shoot through some large culvert-type steel pipes which form holes in the 100 yd berm to get you out to the 200 yard berm. I can understand them not wanting yahoos shooting up the pipes. I don't know if the shooting test is still required, or if it ever really was.
  11. If anyone finds out how to get on their waiting list, let me know. I've been trying to figure that out off and on for a couple of years now.
  12. Short of buying your own land, you're out of luck. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  13. Several of us are in Bellevue. Welcome to the suckiest location on Middle TN for range access. No matter which one you choose, you're looking at about an hour each way. There's Cheatham WMA range, but I'm pretty sure it's also 100 yards. The TWRA range at Stones River has 2 lanes that go to 200 yds, but you have to be an annual member to use them (IIRC), they're only open Fri-Sun, and they're usually stupid busy. Chapel Hill has Strategic Edge, but it has a long waiting list. It goes out to 1,250 yds. Gallatin Gun Club is currently searching for land to build a new range since we got kicked out of the TVA property. It was 300 yds and the new one is expected to be that long or more. No promises, but I'll be very surprised if it's not at least 300 yds.
  14. I agree with OS. If this isn't an NFA item, then there's no legal prohibition with you storing it at her place in Kentucky. No need at all to add it to the trust.
  15. Welcome aboard.

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