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  1. That Was AWESOME!!!!! And... repost
  2. Probably Richard.
  3. We'd see it again if the nation ever had to go into "Total War" mode. I don't see that happening any time soon, but folks probably said the same thing in the 1930s. Things can change rather quickly. The problem now is that so few US companies actually make things here. Wouldn't it be ironic if our next major war was fought with M4 carbines stamped "Toyota", "Daimler-Benz", and "Nissan" ?
  4. Vindicare is correct. "Waller" is how we southerners lazy-up the word "wallow". I've never heard it used in the screw-head context by anyone but Southerners. "Stripped" is the adjective I've heard used in other places. So wallowing (or wallering) out a screw head is making it into a shallow depression.
  5. First grade? Weren't those cave paintings?
  6. That's not normal for Glocks. I don't find any of mine to be any harder to rack than any other semi-auto pistola.
  7. Maybe. Maybe not. As stated in my post above, Hamilton County GIS shows the Aquarium itself to be a parcel of land separate from the park. It's owned by Tennessee Aquarium, a non-profit organization and recognized as such by the IRS. The land around the aquarium is a park owned by the city. There's a narrow path of land on the west side of the building connecting it to the street. The park itself then is basically a backwards "C". The building is not wholly contained inside the park. All of this would lead me to think they can post if they want to and it's enforceable. If the Tennessee Aquarium is controlled by the city (I have no idea if it is or isn't), then it would probably be an "instrumentality thereof " under 39-17-1311. However, even if that's true, an argument could be made that the aquarium's primary functions are education and conservation, not recreation.
  8. How in the world can it cost 200K and $1m/year after that to remove some stickers? Heck...I bet we could get a TGO clean-up crew to take them down for free. They know good and well that no city is going to put armed guards and metal detectors at the local library, nor should they. An easy way to fix that and remove the fiscal note would be to remove the armed guards and metal detectors exception. See...so simple a cave man can do it.
  9. My Siri responds with "Who, me?" I like the Siri easter eggs. "Help me hide a body" used to yield fantastic responses, but they're not as funny these days.
  10. Now is definitely the time to stock up. It's plentiful and prices are low, even without crazy-good deals like this one. Considering where we were a year or two ago, the $0.30'ish /rd on the WolfGold over at Sportsmans is still pretty dang good. A hair over $0.30 http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/wolf-gold-223-remington-55-grain-fmj-1000-rounds?a=1581231 Double up and get it for a hair under $0.30 http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/wolf-gold-223-remington-fmj-55-grain-2000-rounds?a=2119684 Even the non-member price is pretty good compared to what we have been seeing over the last 3 years. They usually have a free shipping code floating around too.
  11. My only regret is that I only got one case.
  12. Costco often has a great deal on FoodSavers. They'll have a sale on a pretty good model several times a year.
  13. I'm also a UPS MyChoice member. It's free. Any UPS package that goes to my address, I get a notice. I have the same with FedEx. It makes it hard for Mrs. 'Lizard to sneak anything in the door.
  14. It arrived today and is beautifully packed in 50 rd boxes, neatly arranged in the .50 cal ammo can. I checked with a magnet and it is indeed steel-tipped.
  15. I have the jar sealer adapter (standard and wide mouth versions) for the FoodSaver. It pulls a good seal on Mason jars, but the seal doesn't seem to stay for very long. I use it to store flour and sugar in large Mason jars. I've cleaned the lids and the lip of the jars very well, but can't seem to get a seal to keep for more than a few days. Sometimes they pop after just a few minutes. Using or not using rings seems to make little difference. Maybe something's wrong with my FoodSaver when using the hose. When I seal jars, it gives a loud "clunk" and the unit jumps a little right at the end of the vacuum process. I don't get that same result when sealing bags. when using bags, the vacuum motor just stops and the heater starts. I'm not sure if that "clunk" is an indicator of failing to get a good seal, and why my lids pop so quickly. Still, some lids stay put for months and are sealed up tight when I go to use them. they also "clunk"ed because it always does it when using the jar adapter. Does anyone else use the jar adapter with a FoodSaver, and if so do you get the "clunk" sound at the end of the process?

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