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  1. First time selling firearms

    It's pretty straightforward. Find a buyer who is a TN resident who isn't known to you to be barred from possessing firearms. They give you cash. You give them the gun. Done. That really is all that's required by law. there isn't any required paperwork at all. I know. It seemed crazy to me my first time through it too. A Bill of Sale is optional. Some buyers and some sellers (sometimes both) want a bill of sale. You can find a simple one with a Google search. Some buyers won't buy without one. Others won't buy with one. Be sure to have 2 copies if both parties want one. Some people require the buyer to show them a TN Handgun Carry Permit. This isn't required by law, but it helps the seller know the person is a TN resident and isn't a person prohibited from owning firearms. In rare cases, one party will want an FFL (gun dealer) involved. That means you take it to the local gun shop/pawn shop. They'll do a background check on the buyer and run the serial number. That comes at a price in the form a fee to the FFL dealer. Whatever you decide, be sure to make your requirements clear before agreeing to any sale. It sucks when a person who won't do a bill of sale shows up at a deal and the other party suddenly discloses they have to have one. It's a waste of everyone's time. Personally, I only sell to people I know or people who have a good iTrader rating or long history here in TGO. I'll do a Bill of Sale if the buyer wants one, but I don't usually require one. I do like to see an HCP or at least a TN drivers license. The usual on-line buying and selling advice applies here. Be sure to meet up in a public place. Many police stations have an area for on-line buyers and sellers to meet up. Check with yours to see if they do and if they're OK with lawful person-to-person firearms sales. Not too many would-be thieves are eager to meet up at a police station parking lot. Some folks like to meet up at a local firing range if you don't mind them shooting the guns before buying. IME, that's not common, but not unheard of either. I ALWAYS speak with the buyer or seller over the phone once we have a deal setup online. You can often (but not always) detect if something's hinky with a direct conversation. That's true of all of my online deals, not just firearms.
  2. Armor for small female

    Yep, Dolo has it. This is something that would almost certainly NEVER be used. If it's never used, well good. That's what I want. Which brings me to something I've been reading about....longevity. It seems pretty clear that steel is going to last pretty much as long as we're around. What about other types? It makes sense that rough handling of ceramics could crack them, but this will not be tossed in the trunk every day. Just sitting nice and quiet unless needed. Is longevity something I should be considering? Some sites indicate that the glues used in some types of plates could break down after X years. Or is longevity just something I'd need to think about with soft armor and the fibers breaking down? This looks interesting as a carrier: https://www.ar500armor.com/plate-carriers/plate-carriers-en/escort-plate-carrier.html Thoughts on that?
  3. Armor for small female

    There's nothing in the employee handbook that mentions it. It would be stored out f sight anyway. I mentioned it tonight. She's not opposed to it, but doesn't know anything about it. Yep. Stored out of sight when not in use, and if in use I'm not real worried about a teacher in a vest ushering kids out of the school attracting attention. Good idea. I'll mention that to her. She can sew a bit, and my mom is real good. Unfortunately, I think Florida has shown again that rifle rounds are about equally as likely as pistol rounds if it ever comes to that. Thanks.
  4. I think that's the saddest thing I've read all day.
  5. Armor for small female

    Mrs. 'lizard is a school teacher. I don't know why I never thought of it before now, but I'd like to talk with her about keeping armor in her room. Before I do that, I need to learn what's out there. She's small. just over 5' and maybe 100 lbs soaking wet. She'll shoot with me from time to time, but is by no means into tacticool. In other words, a camo'd out plate carrier covered in MOLLE strips ain't gonna fly. It would need to be simple to put on in a panic and light weight. She's not going to be able to struggle with a 40 lb. vest. I know light and good = expensive. It's OK....she's worth it. Given recent events, I don't think handgun-level defense is enough. Looking for something that can handle strikes from 7.62x39 and 5.56. Would that be Level III ? Finally, are there any dealers in middle TN that carry this stuff in stock? I might have a better chance of getting her to buy in to the idea if she can see it and try it on for fit. I'm pretty much a total n00b on armor so school me!
  6. Conceled carry in a car

    No permit is needed in Tennessee to keep loaded firearms (handguns and long guns) in your vehicle. It's considered an extension of your home. Your Michigan permit is valid in Tennessee, so you're also A-OK to carry a handgun outside your vehicle. TN recognizes it as a carry permit so you can carry open or concealed at your discretion. An AR pistol is considered a handgun, but you need to know that not every law enforcement officer will be aware of this. Note that "no guns" signs do have the force of law here. Signs are supposed to have very specific wording and symbols, but I find that unless you want to get into the weeds of the Tennessee codes, it's better to just assume any no-guns sign is valid.
  7. As a general guideline, if a person is even semi-competent at hitting the broad side of a barn, then they can pass the TN HCP test. It's stupid easy. Honestly, if a person CAN'T pass that test, they really don't have any business with a firearm in public.
  8. Wasn't there a case in Memphis at a motorcycle dealership a few years back? IIRC, the dealership had been robbed, so they put up signs and hired a guard. Then just a few days after the robbery a guy decided to OC right past the signs and the guard. It seems like he also got argumentative with the staff or the responding officer about his rights or about the sign not being statutorily compliant or something. Do I remember that correctly? I thought he was charged with a -1359 violation.
  9. Jesse James makes a .45 for 45

    IT's not any worse than the Elvis one I saw in (I think) American Rifleman. :vomit:
  10. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    Maybe it's the new way to shoot around corners.
  11. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    The 4" group @ 50 yards touted by the factory rep would be 8" @ 100 yards, or 8 MOA in a normal situation. But because this isn't a normal situation and the round is not stabilized, extrapolating the 4" @ 50 yards to 8" at 100 yards to maintain that 8 MOA would be BEST case scenario and probably not likely.
  12. It's a radar/nav seat, and yes it ejected downwards. The other 4 seats ejected upwards. http://www.ejectionsite.com/b-52.htm You can tell it's a downwards one by the fact it has no arm rests, the pull handles on the sides are oversized vs. the smaller handles on the upwards ones, by how it sits with a gap under it instead of flush with the floor, and that it doesn't have a panel extending above the headrest to crush through an overhead panel if the seat launched but the panel didn't blow off properly.
  13. I have Emtek locks on all my doors. It's a subsidiary of Assa Abloy. They're not quite as security-centric as Assa Abloy or Medeco locks, but they come in a lot prettier options. They're still light years ahead of anything crapped out of Kwikset's metal-eating goats.
  14. You still may want part of this product or a similar one. The plate on the wooden door frame mounted with long screws is a good idea. Most home improvement stores have them. This spreads the force of the impact along a greater area of the wooden door frame instead of just the two small contact points of the latch and deadbolt. The longer the metal strip, the more it disperses the force. At the very least, you need to replace the short screws on the strike plate and deadbolt plate on the frame with longer screws, even with a steel door. With a wooden door, change the screws mounting the latch and deadbolt too.

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