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  1. I think there's a better than average chance it will come back. Kim's father and grandfather used it as a PR focal point of how they stuck it to the Americans. Kim can use its return as a strong sign of goodwill that costs him very little.
  2. monkeylizard

    Carrying on a charter boat.

    I don't call ahead and tell the Wal-Mart manager I'll be carrying when I shop in his store and I don't tell my barber I'm carrying when I get a haircut. A charter operator is no different. It's a business operating to the public.
  3. monkeylizard

    Printing Doesn't Matter - Until It Does

    The dead give away for me are the guys dressed in various shades of tan and olive drab. Especially cargo pants/shorts, 5.11 shirt, and a fishing vest when it's a bajillion degrees outside. I just assume anyone dressed like John Goodman in The Big Lebowski is carrying.
  4. monkeylizard

    Printing Doesn't Matter - Until It Does

    I feel like I need to get a "Bill Paxton as Virgil Earp" avatar to participate on this thread. I'm squarely in the camp of keeping it hidden as best I can. I'm glad though that we don't have to in TN so it's not something I really worry about a whole lot. I found a rig that works for me and now I "set it and forget it". The key is finding the gun, holster, and belt that works best for you. I'm thin(ish) so I've given up on concealing a double-stack anything except in winter when I can wear a jacket. I've tried multiple holsters and belts and double-stacks just don't work for me because of their thickness and weight. My medical condition known as noassatall means heavier guns tend to pull on my pants, even with a good gun belt. A Kahr PM9 or M&P Shield in a thin holster works well for me, especially if I can set the depth real low. Currently I'm using Remora holsters. I can keep them riding real low and the clipless design makes it easy to take the gun off and on without unhosltering or fumbling with clips. I've tried Remora holsters with larger (ie. Glock G26) guns and they don't work as well for me. With my build, anything more than the light single-stacks means I need a gun belt and clip holster and even then it's iffy. With the single-stacks I can use pretty much any belt I want and don't have to use a gun belt to prevent a sagging waist band. The gun belts are fine most of the time, but sometimes they're just not the look I'm going for.
  5. monkeylizard

    quiz question!!

    I'm just guessing at Raoul's meaning, but the current situation provides a nice steady, albeit small in the big picture, flow of arms and materiel to the South in the forms of both direct US troops and selling them our stuff. That means money in the pockets of certain people who pay a sizeable chunk of it to political war chests. The current stalemate also gives us a pretty good excuse to keep troops deployed on China's doorstep. There's also the short-term pain of reunification. Germany felt it in the 90s when the west had to pay to bring the east forward almost a half-century in infrastructure and education. That hurt the German economy for several years. The south would have to do the same for the north and would feel that economic strain. We do a lot of trade with South Korea these days in technology and industrial products so it would hurt us a little too, but I'd expect that to be rather negligible given the size of our economy.
  6. monkeylizard

    FBI agent has negligent discharge at nightclub

    You'd think having a story about getting shot by a drunk back-flipping break-dancing FBI agent would be enough to get him free drinks for life already.
  7. monkeylizard

    Kel-Tec SUB-2000 recall

    If you have a SUB-2000 purchased in 2017 or 2018, check your serial number. Some shipped with bad barrels. https://recalls.keltecweapons.com/
  8. monkeylizard

    FBI agent has negligent discharge at nightclub

    Some of the Twitter comments were pure gold.
  9. monkeylizard

    Gallatin Gun Club waiting list

    I opened up a spot. Not renewing my membership.
  10. monkeylizard

    Waffle House Shooting-Nashville

    Here comes the first lawsuit. Probably won't be the last. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/crime/2018/05/15/nashville-waffle-house-shooting-family-victim-sues-father-accused-shooter-travis-reinking/611326002/
  11. monkeylizard

    New amc theatre in cool springs

    Why pay $7.50 each? Get MoviePass.
  12. monkeylizard

    Show me your FAST cars and trucks!

    If you lost it IN the MGB, you're a god amongst men.
  13. monkeylizard

    Show me your FAST cars and trucks!

    You didn't miss much with the Delorean. All the power of a lawn mower none of the handling. I heard the later ones with the larger motors were more respectable.
  14. monkeylizard

    TGO Newsletter

    +1 to what has been said above. I didn't know about either legislative change.
  15. monkeylizard

    Bath tub frag and bullet protection?

    I watched Punky Brewster as a kid where Punky's friend almost died hiding in an old fridge. I want to know how Indy got that door opened from the inside.

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