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  1. Oprymills/Opryland hotel?

    The sign is still there on the brick wall where you crossed from the parking lot to the hotel property. Guess you didn't see. it. Oh well.
  2. Oprymills/Opryland hotel?

    Other than the theater, nothing in Opry Mills is posted that I know of. I'm there often and have never seen a sign except the usual "rules and conduct" signs that every mall has. Definitely not statutorily compliant except at the theater. I haven't been to the hotel in a while, but AFAIK, my last entry above is still correct.
  3. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    That's a whole lot a ugly! And the dog's not too pretty either! Just kidding!
  4. That It for Butch?

    Vandy's back to its old self and the James Franklin days are clearly in the past. UT, even in disarray, should be able to beat them. Then again Vandy did get thumped by Mizzou by 5 fewer points than UT did. #AnchorDown
  5. Church security

    I know I shouldn't laugh, but I just can't help it.
  6. Price check on a Romanian WASR 10/63

    $470 is a solid price. They do bounce around a bit. About 3 months ago I was seeing them readily available in the 550'ish zone. Now Atlantic has them for 699 and Primary Arms has them for 845. I wonder if maybe they arrive in big bulk shipments and all the dealers get them at once, so the market gets flooded for a short period of time and they drop to the 550'ish range. Then that stock gets depleted and the prices rise until the next cargo ship arrives. It seems like either everyone has them, or only a few do. Right now I see several sites showing out of stock so we must be in one of the troughs of supply.
  7. You might be a prepper if...

    You might be a prepper if . . . You have a plan for raiding the local elementary school cafeteria and hauling off a heavy load of their industrial sized cans of green beans and chocolate pudding.
  8. That It for Butch?

    I thought it was "picking up the trash" orange.
  9. That It for Butch?

    The John Gruden speculations begin in 3 . . . 2 . . .
  10. Church security

    Once a church (or any organization or person) starts appointing people into a role, they become agents. AIUI, it doesn't have to be something formal. If it can be proven that the church knowingly allowed something to be in place like security by HCP holding members, then that's pretty much the same as if there was a written contract to provide security. IANAL, so that's not necessarily correct in all the nuances of the law, but generally speaking, CZ9MM is spot on about liability. I like to live by don't ask, don't tell.
  11. It's the reason, not the feeling that has to be articulated. In Dolomite's case, the trooper may have been a scared rookie making his first night time solo stop and heard one too many stories about stops going wrong. Or he could have just heard a BOLO over the radio for a murdering bank robbing rapist with poor taste in music and driving a vehicle matching Dolo's. In the later case, the reason for feeling in danger during the stop is easy to articulate and is reasonable. In the former, it's not, and it isn't.
  12. New amc theatre in cool springs

    I think the number of people avoiding theaters because of the gunbusters is a drop in the bucket. People aren't going to movies because they're expensive and because they can get a similar experience at home, without the $7 soda. 20 years ago a 27" TV was pretty good. Now 40-50" is a starter set. Add in the easy access to a ton of content from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and On Demand (on top of the 100s of cable/satellite channels) and most folks simply have plenty to keep them occupied without having to go to the movies. Plus at home I can pause it to go to the bathroom and I can set the thermostat how I like it, and the movie starts when I want it to start, not at some predetermined time that I have to plan around. Still, there's something great about a huge screen and big sound. I used to go maybe 3 or 4 times a year because of the cost. I was real choosy with the ones I'd go see. There were always some I'd like to have seen, but didn't want to spend the money on them. With MoviePass, I don't care about the cost. I've been to 4 in the past month and a half, and that's only because I've been busy. I plan to hit about 6 or 8 in the next month. Plus if I go to one and it's lousy, I can just get up and leave. It didn't cost me any more than the $9.95/month I've already paid, so who cares? I don't know if their business model can hold up, but until it falls apart, I'm going to milk it for all I can. ETA: I just asked my wife if she wants to go see Murder on the Orient Express. She said no. She said the theater is always cold and she's scared of going. First time she's ever said that. That got me thinking about the giant gunbusters on the doors of many theaters today. I wonder if they do more harm than good for the theaters. Not because the signs run off honest gun-owners (we're really a tiny part of the population), but because they remind people that they're entering a place where gun violence is a higher than average possibility, or is at least perceived that way.
  13. Church security

    It's private property because it's not owned by the public (i.e. the government) but it is open to the public unlike a private residence. It's basically the same as a store or restaurant. If your church meets in a school, then that's a different kettle of fish and you're pretty much in a no-carry zone with very few exceptions. You're correct about long guns. An HCP does not give us the lawful ability to carry long guns. I can't say that I know what the laws are (if any) about the proprietor/owner or the employees of a business having a long gun. Whatever those are, they would probably equally apply to a church. But ownership gets sticky with a church. In many denominations, the local church doesn't actually own the church property. It's normally the district/diocese that actually owns the property and may also be considered the operator of the church, depending on how the church and district/diocese are incorporated. Then you'd have to figure out who might be considered the owner's legal agents. Obviously the pastor and any paid staff would be, but what about unpaid lay persons like deacons, ushers, Sunday School teachers and church council members? A church's legal structure really is an odd duck to me.
  14. New amc theatre in cool springs

    If you want to go, get a Movie Pass. It's like Netflix for theaters. $9.95/month and you can go to almost as many as you like. The limits are 1 per day and can't see the same one twice. It's awesome. Plus you still get to rack up the rewards points at your theater, so it's not long before you're getting free snacks to go with your "free" movie.
  15. This. I watched a guy walk around in a CVS for about 10 minutes with a full cowboy holster setup. The only thing he was missing was a bandolier and he would have looked like he just walked out of central casting. I know none of the other customers noticed and either the clerk didn't either, or didn't care.

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