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  1. MG 42 https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/58/570/mg-42-fully-automatic-class-iii-machine-gun-gustloff-werke-suhl
  2. free

    PM inbound on #3
  3. My wife (a teacher) had a kid one year named Diamante....yep....named after the Mitsubishi.... Some teachers my wife worked with swear they had a kid in a summer camp named Vaginal Delight. It was a few days after I heard this story that I realized the poor kid's initials would be V.D.
  4. It's my understanding that the current law allows the Secretary of the Army to make the transfer. There is no Secretary of the Army right now, so technically nobody is allowed to make the transfer even if El Presidente tells the Sec Def to get it done. That may be a misunderstanding. I can't seem to find the text of this year's amendment, so I don't know who is being directed to make the transfer.
  5. It has been about 25 years since I ceased to be a dependent, and I still can't go into a store like Wal-Mart or Target without instinctively wanting to pull out my wallet and show my ID to someone at the front door. Stupid AAFES . . . . I also can't go to a movie without hearing that announcer voice in my head saying "Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your AAFES feature presentation."
  6. Rep. Mike Rogers' amendment was included in the House version of the NDAA which passed today. If the Senate passes it (and they probably will) then I think the Army has to release the surplus 1911s to the CMP. http://www.personaldefenseworld.com/2017/07/cmp-1911-pistols/
  7. Maybe you could try container gardening? A 5-gallon bucket will support a tomato plant. Maybe you can do a few of those on a deck or patio just for the satisfaction of growing something and getting a little fresh produce.
  8. Tomato plants are producing like crazy and for the first time ever I'm having some good success with pepper plants. Okra is about 2 feet tall and I saw one pod on it. It got to about 8" long before I noticed it so it's worthless, but it's there. Slugs killed my beans.
  9. The best part is that the boxes look the same, so I just don't keep them together. she still thinks I only got one new gun.
  10. I couldn't decide between 9mm and .45 so I got both.
  11. There was a good deal on the Ring doorbell, but it sold out toot sweet.
  12. The law simply says she's OK to leave it secured out of sight in the car. The school district's employment policy will probably say not allowed at all, but that can vary by district. Getting caught violating that employment policy (if it exists for that school district) is not breaking a law, but it will almost certainly result in immediate termination of employment. Kind of like getting caught sleeping with the boss' wife. Not illegal, but bad for a career.

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