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  1. IANAL, but I suspect that if the lease includes any mention of the parking lot (like access to it, maintenance duties of the land owner, or how many spaces can be used by employees or customers) then it could be argued that the parking lot is included in the lease and therefore is part of the business premises. That's a big "maybe" though. But the problem isn't just the parking lot. Even if they can legally move their loaded firearms from their vehicles to the building, you said the staff walks dogs out back behind the facility. If the lease doesn't include usage of that area then the "place of business" exemption probably wouldn't apply, especially if the DA was a jerk scoring political points.
  2. That's a good plan, IMO but you left out the critical final step: Call 911 as soon as possible, even if that's after you leave the situation. You want to be the first person reporting the incident and you do NOT want the other person filing a report that you brandished a firearm at them and then drove off.
  3. Is SB Tactical the marketing name of the SIG Brace? In other words, is one from SB Tactical the same as one from SIG?
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/police-8-yearold-accidentally-shoots-mother-at-college-baseball-game-045915020.html
  5. Here's a Big Agnes 3-person for $157.48. You can't beat that with a hiking stick. No gear loft included, but I never use mine for anything but maybe throwing my headlamp in it so I can find it easily if I have to get up at night. https://www.steepandcheap.com/big-agnes-van-camp-sl3-tent-3-person-3-season
  6. Call an independent agent to shop some rates for you. You don't have to go to their office. They can do it over the phone and email you quotes. Then you'll know if AllState is anywhere close to the others and then you can make an informed decision.
  7. Keep an eye on www.steepandcheap.com for some killer deals.
  8. If by some miracle it falls through, I'll walk down to your house and pick it up.
  9. Bump, cuz I bought my first feeder today. It's red glass so I should be good without adding the food coloring which I hear is bad for them. When should I put it out in Nashville? About another month? What's your sugar water recipe? How much sugar to how much a water? Does anything else get added besides sugar and water?
  10. Mine arrived Thursday. Submitted on 12/3.
  11. Mine was done on 12/3 and still shows 'Processing'
  12. For those looking for the "bullet lodged in the glass", it's sitting on the frame at the bottom of the broken pane. Looks to me like it's caught between the two panes. Broke through the first one and stopped by the second. My guess is that there's a divot in the concrete floor somewhere and it was a ricochet that went into the glass door. Even the lowly .380 ought to be able to punch through two pieces of glass. Maybe a good test for the Box-Of-Truth
  13. Bubly/Buble was the only one that came close to being funny to me, and any other year that would have been a 2nd or 3rd tier commercial. The Bud Light ones were a flop to me. We get it....you don't use corn syrup and the other guys do....we got that after the first one....stop already. I'm still not sure what the point of the GoT/Bud Light crossover was. Did they just end the Bud Light "Dilly! Dilly! Kingdom" ad campaign because the Bud Knight got killed and the kingdom got razed by GoT?? I'm confused. The usually solid Budweiser was also a flop with "hey! look at us! we use windmills!" I'm with Mac on liking the Microsoft gaming one, but it has been running for about a week now. On a similar vein I liked Google's Translate ad, but neither of them were what I'd call "entertaining" #SleeperBowl
  14. iTrader is a rating system here on the TGO site. You leave and receive feedback from other TGO members based on your buying, selling, giving, and trading here in the classifieds. It's not a separate e-store. You can see current iTrader ratings beneath the profile pictures of every member on every thread in the classifieds section. It's a gray, green, or red rectangle named "Trader Feedback".
  15. I always use them to buy Amazon gift cards that I load to my Amazon account.

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