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  1. That's the baby poop green, for sure.
  2. Yeah I know. It was just a joke about how every 4 years we hear the same "OMG!!!! That dirtbag in the Oval Office won't leave when MY guy (or girl) gets elected!!!! Buy guns and ammo! THE REVOLUTION IS COMING!". Prices spike and supply plummets. That's always followed by either the incumbent winning or an orderly transition of power then over the next two years supply returns to normal and prices fall back again. Then it's time to ramp up the rhetoric again.
  3. I said buying and selling stock in the gun/ammo companies.
  4. Just like in 2016 . . . and 2012 . . . and 2008 . . . and 2004 . . . I'm beginning to think that a good cyclical approach is to buy stock in gun/ammo companies at the midterms, and sell it on the Presidential years.
  5. ^^ I wish I could Like that post twice. It's also why most officers now carry less-than-lethal* weapons such as pepper spray, tasers, and batons. If they can't justify using lethal force, that's what those other tools on the Batbelt are for. *Yeah, I know in certain cases those can be lethal too, but you get the point.
  6. 3rds, actually. I was 2nd, and apparently firsties claimed it. Great deal for someone.
  7. Had plenty last year. I put the feeder up about a month ago, and had nothing for several weeks. I took and down, cleaned it, and put it away with plans to put it out again in mid June. Today Mrs. 'lizard saw a blue one in my vegetable garden so I refilled the feeder and put it out. Hopefully they'll find it and start hitting it. Maybe they're just a little later than usual moving back North.
  8. I had the same problem on my AR pistol build, The buffer tube extended too far in and the upper caught on it. No castle nut on this build so, what to do? I couldn't figure it out until finally I pulled a buffer tube off a rifle and found that the threaded portion of both were exactly the same length. Hmmm....maybe it's not the buffer tube. Maybe it's the end plate. BINGO! The end plate for my pistol build was significantly thinner than the one on my rifle. I replaced the end plate with a better one and everything mated up perfectly.
  9. Nashville Public Library wins the Internet for today. Well played, indeed. https://youtu.be/rnk4qeu9WZY
  10. It's also missing the gravy.
  11. I suspect that once we get through this latest round of panic buying, we'll see a drop off in prices. Hopefully by Thanksgiving we'll get some great Black Friday deals. Still, $0.175/rd works out to just $8.75/box. That's pretty cheap, and about as good as I can recall seeing in the past 10 years aside from some extra good BF/close-out deals.
  12. I watched. Nobody noticed. Nobody even looked his way except the clerk who gave him the cursory head nod and "did you find everything you needed?" then continued with his mind-numbing job of scanning and bagging. It's possible he noticed and didn't care, but I don't think so.
  13. I for one like that our permits work for CC or OC. It should be a personal choice and I don't begrudge anyone for making a different choice than me. I don't think it's "stupid" to OC. It would be "stupid" to OC and expect to never be hassled about it, but if someone has decided that the hassle is worth it to them, by all means go for it. (Note, this is about OC/CC normal firearms, not a jackass making a political statement thinking it will "help the cause" but only serves to paint us all with the nut-job brush strokes). First, always remember that a person's physical limitations mean OC works better for them. If the choice is OC or no-carry, I'd take OC all day every day. I suppose from a tactical perspective it makes for a faster draw if you don't have to get a shirt/jacket out of the way. That very slight advantage can be mitigated with training/practice. It of course comes at the possible disadvantage of being targeted first. I say "possible" because I suspect that a perp won't usually notice. I've watched a guy OC in a CVS with a full old-west leather gun belt complete with the extra boolits in the loops and a .44 hog leg revolver. I'm convinced nobody noticed it but me. Add in the adrenaline and tunnel vision that has to come with committing an armed robbery and in my non-professional and purely anecdotal opinion, they're probably too focused on the cash register and clerk to notice details like an OC'd gun. But that's only my opinion and it could be wrong and the OCer could be targeted first. I guess that's the long way of saying that I don't think CC or OC makes much difference at all if things go bad but I'm not a professional gunslinger and didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night so I may be wrong. In the end, OC comes with no real davantage but has the disadvantage of possibly being hassled by management/scared customer/police so I don't see the point. From a strategic perspective, OC can sort of make sense if you bend some logic just right. In theory, it's used to change the way others view firearm possession specifically, and ownership generally. The more often people see a thing which is scary to them, the less scary it becomes. That's likely a true statement in general, but in this case I don't think there are enough people OC'ing to make a difference in the way non-gun owners see firearms. That infrequently seen scary thing remains an infrequently seen scary thing. In some specific cases, OC can be used as a deterrent. That's why banks and other high-value places have visibly armed guards. After the 2010 flood I intentionally OC'd at my home for months afterward. We had dozens upon dozens of volunteers and contractors in and out of the house doing cleanup and repairs. If any of them had plans for an easy target, I wanted them to know they needed to keep looking. Honestly, I was a new gun owner at the time and most of it was driven by what was ultimately an unwarranted fear of looters, having seen it on TV following most major disasters. We had very little looting/theft around here after the flood and a I did my leg work checking out contractors as best I could. In the end, we had great people doing great work.

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