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  1. For those looking for the "bullet lodged in the glass", it's sitting on the frame at the bottom of the broken pane. Looks to me like it's caught between the two panes. Broke through the first one and stopped by the second. My guess is that there's a divot in the concrete floor somewhere and it was a ricochet that went into the glass door. Even the lowly .380 ought to be able to punch through two pieces of glass. Maybe a good test for the Box-Of-Truth
  2. monkeylizard

    Super Bowl

    Bubly/Buble was the only one that came close to being funny to me, and any other year that would have been a 2nd or 3rd tier commercial. The Bud Light ones were a flop to me. We get it....you don't use corn syrup and the other guys do....we got that after the first one....stop already. I'm still not sure what the point of the GoT/Bud Light crossover was. Did they just end the Bud Light "Dilly! Dilly! Kingdom" ad campaign because the Bud Knight got killed and the kingdom got razed by GoT?? I'm confused. The usually solid Budweiser was also a flop with "hey! look at us! we use windmills!" I'm with Mac on liking the Microsoft gaming one, but it has been running for about a week now. On a similar vein I liked Google's Translate ad, but neither of them were what I'd call "entertaining" #SleeperBowl
  3. monkeylizard

    Do y’all have sales preferences

    iTrader is a rating system here on the TGO site. You leave and receive feedback from other TGO members based on your buying, selling, giving, and trading here in the classifieds. It's not a separate e-store. You can see current iTrader ratings beneath the profile pictures of every member on every thread in the classifieds section. It's a gray, green, or red rectangle named "Trader Feedback".
  4. monkeylizard

    Working the Ammo Deals

    I always use them to buy Amazon gift cards that I load to my Amazon account.
  5. monkeylizard

    Range Fire

    Wasn't the build up of unburned powder over the years in the wall padding a contributing factor in the Guns & Leather range fire a few years ago?
  6. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    You can chain up to 4 of the Nomad 7s. One is good for charging small handheld devices like phones, headlamps, etc. It only outputs 1A so it won't charge larger items like tablets. Or if it will, it would take a loooong time. I don't know what effect chaining them has on the output. Check with GoalZero's site for details if that interests you. They also have larger models. I'd probably use mine to keep my battery packs topped up and then use the battery packs to charge the devices. I have an Anker PowerCore 10000 (10000mAh) that does 2.4v output. That's enough to charge an iPad and the new iPhones, but not as quickly as the new Apple fast chargers. I get about 5 1/2 full charges of an iPhone 6 out of it. An iPhone X would get about 4 full charges.
  7. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    I have a Goal Zero Nomad 7 that I picked up dirt cheap at an REI Garage Sale a few years ago when their garage sale events still had good stuff and didn't have a bajillion people lined up at 4am. I like it but almost never use it any more. With the advent of the small power bricks I can keep my phone charged from one of those even on a long camping trip. Now the Nomad 7 is sitting in the "I'll probably never use it but I'm glad I have it for a long emergency" category. Kind of like long-term storage food.
  8. monkeylizard

    Working the Ammo Deals

    Bah! Humbug!
  9. monkeylizard

    Working the Ammo Deals

    I think I got you all beat. . . Back before Black Friday when Academy was selling 22LR Federal that worked out to around 2.5c/rd after rebate, I ordered 4 cases from their site. I only got 4 because I was able to get 1 case of .45ACP in store and the rebate was only good for 5 cases. . . Imagine my surprise when two FedEx boxes were delivered with 4 cases of 22LR in each box. Packing slips show two shipment #s on the same order #. I double-checked PayPal, only charged once. Now I'm an honest guy so I called Academy. The CSR couldn't figure out what happened and didn't show a double shipment. He said hang on a minute, then about 5 minutes later came back and said "Christmas came early. Enjoy." WOOHOO!
  10. monkeylizard

    Any sightings of big cats in Cheatham County?

    We do, and I'm one of them. At this point, nobody is denying cougars/mountain lions/puma are in Tennessee. That's not the same as a black one. So far, no evidence exists at all of a black cougar anywhere....ever. There are black jaguars and leopards, but those are not in the USA outside of zoos and Russian mobster's collections. As stated above, TWRA denies a resident population of cougars. They're known to travel a long way so confirmed sightings in TN are not evidence of resident populations so TWRA may be correct....or maybe not.
  11. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    I'm sorry to say it doesn't get much better.
  12. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    I haven't tried that brand, but it's on my Christmas "Wish List" for Santa this year. I've used hand-crank devices and they generally work fine. A minute of cranking will get you X minutes of use. More for low-power items like a radio or LED, less for high power items like charging a phone.
  13. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    Check out something like this: https://www.amazon.com/ThorFire-Rechargeable-Collapsible-Flashlight-Emergency/dp/B00NIL1DFO/ref=sr_1_4?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1543845015&sr=1-4&keywords=thorfire No need to store batteries. Add in a small portable solar charger and you'll only need the crank as a backup to your backup but it's there if you need it. That said, in case of a massive EMP, nobody knows for sure if any of these LED lights will survive. Being able to supply power to a fried LED won't do much. The only sure way of having light after an EMP is a fuel-burning light source like ye olde kerosene lantern or a torch.
  14. monkeylizard

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    One Second After = A+ One Year After = B- The Final Day = Why did I read that?
  15. monkeylizard

    free Free - 19" widescreen monitor (Nashville)

    It's yours. We'll work out how to get it to you. I'll send you a PM.

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