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  1. monkeylizard

    Small gun safe for vehicle.

    I'm not saying they aren't fine. I'm saying a combo works better for me. Do what works best for you.
  2. monkeylizard

    Small gun safe for vehicle.

    I have one similar to RED333's. It's a gunVault NanoVault NV300. I went with that one to get the combination lock. I also have one with a key lock, but found I can't open the lock box easily with my keys in the ignition if I have to do it while driving. The combo is quick. It's probably not as secure as the rigid mounted V-Line Obiwan is using, but it would work against any smash-n-grab attack. As long as the perps don't have bolt cutters or an extended period of time to pry it open, I think it will work fine. https://www.gunvault.com/product/nanovault-300/
  3. monkeylizard

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    If you don't like US brands being owned by foreign companies, then you're really going to hate what's coming next. China is dictating what gets built and will control the design direction for the next 20 years or more. It's all about the money and the Chinese market bought 28.2 million new cars in 2017 vs our 17.2 million. Plus that market is growing and ours is shrinking. If I was running a car company, I know which customers I'd be designing my products for. Plus the Chinese government is requiring a WHOLE lot of electric-only vehicles in the coming years and that's going to make its way here. Like it or not.
  4. monkeylizard

    Question about selling at a gun show:

    ^^^^ This. I'd bother to at least have both parties show a TN drivers license, but even that's not an actual requirement.
  5. monkeylizard

    Officer entering wrong apartment, killing occupant

    I don't think it was about her key opening his apartment. A report I read stated she was fumbling with the lock (because her key wouldn't open the lock) and he opened the door from the inside. That's when she shot him.
  6. monkeylizard

    Vintage Gun Photos

    It certainly was for Jesse who was killed at age 34.
  7. monkeylizard

    Vintage Gun Photos

    On this day in 1847, Jesse James was born. The outlaw, not the giant douche nozzle on TV.
  8. monkeylizard

    Vintage Gun Photos

    I'm glad the Wermacht took the time to get proper license plates for their vehicles. They'd have looked pretty stupid invading Poland with the Polizei hot on their heels.
  9. monkeylizard

    Dick's feels the pain

    No, but if enough people who buy guns also buy other sporting goods and say "screw 'em" and take their sporting goods business elsewhere, then that hurts them in the general sporting goods market. Enough of that and they'll hurt pretty bad. They're also losing market share to the down side to Academy and to the up side to specialty stores like REI, Edwin Watts, etc. They're in that middle that always gets squeezed when times get tough. If they can't make a ton of money in this booming economy though . . .
  10. monkeylizard

    Dick's feels the pain

    https://www.wsj.com/articles/dicks-says-under-armour-new-gun-sales-policy-dragged-on-results-1535565173 They're trying to pin it mostly on slipping Under Armor sales and say that hunting was a low-margin business and they're going to reclaim that space for higher-margin items like baseball equipment. I think they're missing the point. I never once bought anything gun-related at Dick's. It was too expensive and there was never anyone around to get a box of said overpriced ammo out of the cage. But my wife and I used to buy some clothes there. After their gun-dump we stopped. Their anti-gun position didn't just remove low-margin hunting sales, it removed customers who buy other high-margin things too.
  11. monkeylizard

    No unauthorized weapons allowed

    Government buildings also have to be posted. They're not automatic no-go locations. The exception to that is a room with a judicial proceeding. That's normally a courtroom, but can literally be anywhere, even non-governmental buildings. It's not unheard of for a judge to hold a proceeding in a hospital room, for instance. Even if said hospital isn't posted, that specific hospital room would be off-limits in this example. As for the OP, yes you were legal in the letter of the law. That's not a statutorily compliant posting (the sign doesn't meet the requirements of the written law). But nobody really knows what that means in the real world because it has not been tested in a court. An officer could arrest you, a DA could charge you, and a judge could say "what part of the sign was unclear to you?" As I said, nobody really knows. I'd like to think that any one of those people would have some sense about them, ending any issues, but if half of what I've read about our legal system is true then I don't have a lot of faith in common sense prevailing.
  12. monkeylizard

    Shipping a handgun within the state?

    QuakerSmaker, you're incorrect. OhShoot rightly pointed out in post#5 that it's a violation of FedEx and UPS Terms of Service to ship a handgun from person to person so you can't use them if you declare the handgun to them. If you use them and don't declare the handgun, it's a federal violation. The letter of the law says that a common carrier can handle the shipment but the reality is that none of them will handle the shipment. ETA: cross-post with The Man Himself.
  13. monkeylizard


    Word on the street is that there's one more above Hot XX, but you have to be a regular who has been proven able to handle Hot XX or the ladies won't cook it for you.
  14. monkeylizard

    If you like Futurama . . .

    Check out Matt Groening's new project on Netflix called Disenchanted. I watched episode 1 last night. Pretty funny with the usual hidden jokes written on signs and in background scenes.
  15. monkeylizard

    Signage requirements

    It doesn't say "all entrances". It says " all entrances primarily used by persons entering the property " etc. A backdoor for employees or truck delivery bay for example, might not be posted, but that doesn't mean it's OK to circumvent the valid postings on the regular entrances by entering through those areas. They're entrances, but not entrances primarily used.

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