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  1. Outback Steak House

    Well, yeah. I meant there's no middle ground for posting to allow CC, but not OC. Since their locations are posted, they're no go for both, not just OC.
  2. Outback Steak House

    TCA does not allow that. A property is good to go for carry or it isn't. There' no middle ground in the TCA.
  3. Remington Files For Bankruptcy

    Yep. It has been coming for a few months now:
  4. Bump Stocks

    The Clinton-era AWB grandfathered in all existing firearms. It was legal to own, buy and sell them. There was a specific list of banned new ones and all other new non-listed ones had to meet the ban requirements. If a semi-auto rifle or handgun had a detachable magazine, it could have no more than 1 of a variety of "assault" features. Semi-auto shotguns had a different criteria. Check out Section 2.1 of this Wiki page for details on those features. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Assault_Weapons_Ban Because a pre-ban one could have all the "features" it wanted, they sold at a premium during the ban period. You still see folks labeling one "pre-ban" in some sales ads, but that means nothing right now and never will again. No new law is ever going to set the grandfather date at 1994. Inventive people found ways to work around it, like the thumb hole stocks. It gave the function of a pistol grip without actually having a pistol grip. This allowed one other feature to be added and not run afoul of the AWB. I'd expect a bump-fire ban to not have a grandfather clause. They'll either be legal without a tax stamp, or they won't. There will be no work-around/grandfather.
  5. Vintage Gun Photos

    Some still stand and come up for sale from time to time. Here's an article on the fort array near Kent where someone with more money than sense planned to redevelop them into a luxury casino hotel resort. This was 3 years ago and I haven't heard a peep about it since then. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3100633/WW2-forts-built-protect-Kent-coast-Nazi-attack-turned-luxury-resort-complete-executive-apartments-helipad-spa-sea.html
  6. i searched and found....

    If it has some fake ruby eyes, then I guess that's OK too.
  7. i searched and found....

    Other than those two, I'm 99.995% certain that TCA is silent on all other blades, so yeah, a sword cane would be good to go. I think it shows incredibly poor taste if it doesn't have a cobra or a dragon as a handle, but that's just one man's opinion. Sorry for the multi posts, I couldn't get multiple quotes on a single post without it nesting one quote inside the other...
  8. i searched and found....

    Plus you get some extra felony points if you use a switchblade during the commission of certain crimes
  9. i searched and found....

    Certain specific (who knows why) types of knives are bad juju on school grounds ( TCA 39-17-1303 ( b ) )
  10. Thinking of Bugging Out to Public Land?

    In a serious SHTF with mass population migrations, survival rate won't be anywhere near 50%. But it's still an issue. A specific amount of land can only support so many people and if agriculture is the plan, that takes time to plant, grow, harvest, and store. SHTF in late fall, or winter, and kiss that plan goodbye.
  11. School me on AR-15s UPDATE: I got one!

    ...brass catcher, flashlight with switch, laser with switch, 45 degree irons, flip up sites, a new grip, a new stock, GoPro mount, a rail mount for a Glock, and believe it or not.....a battle axe
  12. i searched and found....

    Yep. You can legally walk down the street with a broadsword if you want.
  13. I'm afraid David or Mac might roll out the Ban Hammer if anyone ever reposts Kentucky Conan.

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