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  1. Shields on sale

    For anyone still waiting on their rebate, here's a status website with the company handling the rebates. You only need to enter your zip and last name. That's enough info for them to find your submission. Mine shows both of mine. One was filed 4/24 and I got the check some time in August IIRC. I filed another one on 7/15 and it's still in a processing status. http://www.rebateinquiryonline.com/

  3. Stop by Cracker Barrel when the SHTF

    No. You can't make hooch with a peeler. JAB, don't hold it against him. That kind of thinking is to be expected from someone who doesn't appreciate a nice tweed hunting jacket to keep him warm AND stylish when zombies are afoot.
  4. @Ronald_55, did you ever figure out what works for you? To me, it depends a lot on what I'm carrying. For small single-stacks, I REALLY like Remora holsters with the extra mag pouch, but without the reinforced top. They work great for my Kahr PM9, Shield 9, Shield .45, and Glock G43. I can honestly forget about the PM9 when carried at the 4'oclock spot and have to squirm in my seat sometimes to remember if I have it or not. The others are just a bit larger and I can almost forget I have them when in a Remora. the extra mag pouch creates more surface area against my body to keep the whole thing from shifting. I have some w/o the mag pouch and they will move around a bit during the day. I have a Remora for my Glock G26 and while it's functional, I just don't like it. I never forget it's there. It works, but a double-stack just doesn't work well in an IWB setup for me. I had a Minotaur IWB for an XDsc .40, but got rid of it and the gun. The XD was too much weight for my tastes, but the holster worked well. If I ever decide to go back to IWB with a double stack, I'd look at that or the Crossbreed Supertucks. On the rare occasion I carry a double stack G26 or G19, I go OWB with a kydex Safariland or leather Bianchi Model 82, both with a retention system. I do that maybe a few times a year in the winter. I'm kind of a skinnier guy (but not as skinny as I used to be...working on that tactical gut) so I need a jacket to manage OWB and have any chance of concealing it. I keep thinking about one of those pocket Kydex ones from Stellar Rigs that Oh Shoot posted earlier in this thread. Snugging the extra mag under the grip like that keeps the whole thing a lot more compact than Remora's solution with the mag pouch added to the "front" of the holster. I have a Desantis Nemesis for my Ruger LCP. I like it for that gun but I never carry it. My Kahr in a Remora holster is just so stinking concealable that I've never felt the need to switch to the LCP, so it just sits around doing nothing. I tried an ankle holster once or twice and hated it. It was more obvious than an obvious thing that is not hidden. I chalk that up to my build. Bigger guys can pull them off w/o any issues.
  5. That vest says "Don't shoot! JAZZ HANDS!!!"
  6. @Johnny Rotten, great vids, but get that girl some brighter shoes. I don't think the astronauts can see them.
  7. Need help with a question

    I've been wondering about that. Seems like a big money production to shove into a side distribution channel. If that's the case, I'll probably be missing it. Not going to sit and watch TV on my phone, iPad, or PC when I have a monster TV next to it. I never have been able to get my Comcast OnDemand working with my TiVos, so there's that.
  8. Need help with a question

    Then keep your eyes open for the new "Star Trek: Discovery" that starts September 24th at 7pm on CBS (Channel 05)
  9. Need help with a question

    KahrMan's right. Channel 06 is where you'll find it. WZTV is the local FOX-TV affiliate and they air "The Orville" on Sunday nights. Like KahrMan said, it's on 06 and 1006 for the Nashville area Comcast. The difference between the two is that 06 is standard definition and 1006 is high definition. You can add High Definition to your Digital Starter if you want. I think it's about $8 or $10/month. You won't get any more channels, but you'll get almost all of them in both standard and high definition. For FOX, you'd get both 06 and 1006. They're showing the same exact thing, but if you have an HD TV, it's a huge difference in picture quality. As for FX on channel 70, that's not FOX. FX is a different network. It's owned by 21st Century Fox, but it's a different channel than FOX with different shows.
  10. Comast/Xfinity taking a major hit

    Keep in mind that you only need to record the stuff coming in on your antenna. Any "cable" shows you'd getting on the streaming services so no need to DVR them. The OTA TiVo works great for antenna recording. I'm not able to cut the cord because my TV signal sucks for most broadcast stations. Even with a good 2-bay real antenna mounted in the attic. The only way for me to get a strong signal for all stations is a 4-bay (or one of the really big directionals) mounted externally and I'm not going to put that much ugly on the front of my house.
  11. Comast/Xfinity taking a major hit

    Your math broke because Amazon Prime is an annual rate of $99. Or $8.25/month. Total monthly fees for Murgatroy would be about $98.25. Just a shade over half of what he was paying before.
  12. Picked up one of my grails

    I picked up a couple of .30 cal cans of some Greek leftovers at the Anniston CMP. Glad I did because they seem to be out of it now.
  13. Picked up one of my grails

    Not to be confused with the 1891/30 Mosin which doubles as a pike.

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