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  1. Got the SBE 3 last year and only get to use once for clay shooting. maybe 3 boxes through it. It looks and feels brand new, only sell it because the Length of Pull is too long for a small frame people like me. It shoots smooth, the comfortech stock technology makes the recoil minimum, and easy to take down to clean. $1360 ( don't low ball please as I paid $1850 for it). Only trade is a compact Benelli M2 or other mid-high end shot gun for women's frame with shorter length of pull such as Beretta A400 compact so that both my wife and I can handle it with shorter LOP.
  2. Thanks guys for your interest in my previous ads. This one is the 4th and last of my "guns I really never shoot" sales project. Up for sale is a WASR AK rifle that I bought new about ten years ago, and since then its mostly sat under the couch.The WASRs sometimes get a bad name because quality can be spotty, but this is a good one. Its a nice shooter, groups about as well as my Polytech (which isn't for sale) and is rock solid reliable. The sights are actually on straight and it has a pretty decent Tapco trigger. I have added Magpul furniture, including the very nice Zhukov S stock which both folds and is length adjustable, along with Magpul front handguard and foregrip, along with the really nice Hogue pistol grip ( with the secret agent secret compartment to stash your KGB transmitter to aid in plannnik beeg truble for Moose and Squirrel) The gun does have the scope mount attachment on the side. I am selling this as a package, which includes: WASR AK with Magpul furniture and AK sling, You will see in the pics that the sights have Glow paint on them - scratches right off if you don't like it. I have also put a recoil pad on it, kind of a custom job, but again, it works pretty good and if you don't like it just pull it off. Qty 1- Combloc steel mag Qty 2 -Tapco mags (which came with the gun and fit the magwell nice and tight) Qty 4 -Magpul Pmags (3 still in the wrapper.) Qty 1 - 10 Tapco 10 rd mag - which is really handy for a hunting scenario. Qty 1 - East German AK cleaning kit (the cleaning rod is in the rifle) Qty 1 - UTG Detachable mount, which works great, just as long as you don't expect it to retain a close zero if you take it on and off (kinda common in my experience with those things regardless of price) Qty 1 - AK mag pouch with oiler. (Polish army I think) Qty 1 - Original Owners manual Qty 1 - Original box Qty 1 - 640 rd 762 x 39 Spam Can still sealed with opener And last but not least - 100 rds of boxed Wolf Ammo to zero your rifle with so you can stash your Spam Can unopened if you want. (not shown in pics) All of this for $800 - firm - face to face in Wilson County or nearby with TN HCP or TN DL and willing to sign BOS stating legal to purchase. Alternatively will ship for $850 (USPS MO) plus actual shipping costs my FFL to yours.
  3. Anyone have one of these that they never built? I wish I’d got one years ago.
  4. Glock 48 (two tone) with Ameri-glo H3 Sights. Has Talon rubber grips on it. factory box, 4 mags, Vedder IWB holster, Winchester 100 rd box of FMJ. (Ammo in mags not included) ONLY looking for following: Gen 5 Glock 26, Glock 43 (with some extras) or Gen 5 19 MOS. Looking to Sell for $540 or trade for something above. Middle TN. Best communication via text 615-207-6617
  5. CLOSED- Family is borrowing it. Location is East Nashville. I drive down to Franklin on some weekends to see my folks. Must be TN resident. Not really looking for trades, but would take a Glock 9mm gen 4/5 or an Eotech XPS/EXPS +/- cash. No desire for rifles. Not looking to drive really far on these either. GWACS/Palmetto 16” AR-15. Upper is unfired and was bought new. GWACS FDE lower has been fired. These lowers aren’t sexy, but they are lightweight and strong. Freedom upper, threaded w/A2 FH. MLOK handguard. Palmetto BCG. KE charging handle GWACS lightweight polymer lower KE USGI trigger. IWC QD socket installed in stock on right side. Ambi safety. No sights. $475
  6. Ruger Mark III Magazine. Used very little, if at all. $15 shipped or $10 if picked up in Lebanon. Text 6one5-four89-7510 if interested.
  7. Next one out of the safe is my stainless 686 plus, 7 shot, 357 mag with a 2 1/2" barrel. Not much of a backstory on this one. I bought it new back in the mid 90s and its been pretty much a safe queen ever since. I shot it just enough to know that I prefer the GP100s, and even with the compact grips its still kinda tough to conceal, so without much reason to carry or shoot it, well, its just sat around in its box for 24 years. I have shot it again recently, just enough to remind myself that I still prefer the GPs, and decided that its time for it to finally find a new home. For the Smith guys here, it is a 686-4. Product code 104192, which is the older pre internal lock model. It comes with both the original Hogue grips, the Pachmayr Compact Professional grips, the original box and manual, and a 7 shot speed loader. I hesitate to call it Like New because it is 24 years old, and it has been shot some, but probably no more than 200 rds over the years, and the finish looks great. The box does show a little wear though. The price is $700, face to face in Wilson County or nearby, and must have TN HCP or TN DL, and sign BOS stating legal to buy. Alternatively will ship my FFL to yours for $735 (USPS MO) plus actual shipping costs.
  8. Another rifle I bought on a whim. I am still consolidating my calibers down to just a couple. Comes with a Osprey 3-9x40 scope and two boxes of ammo. $300
  9. Want to buy Glock 43 or 43x. Prefer Black /Black Middle Tennessee area. Will drive to meet if not too far. Thanks.
  10. Next one out of the safe is a Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag. Here is the backstory on it. I bought this gun new about 15 years ago when I decided I wanted to get into handgun hunting, so it started life with a 7.5 inch barrel. I found that squared off trigger guard uncomfortable to shoot, so added that Pachmayr grip which does a nice job both of filling that gap as well as cushioning the backstrap. I also like peep sights, so added a One Ragged Hole rear peep, (which does really work, btw). But after only a season or 2 I lost interest in handgun hunting (like my rifles too much) so decided I would turn it into a hiking gun for an out west trip by having the barrel shortened. Took it to a gunsmith for cut and recrown (receipt show below), then removed the warning and reblued the barrel myself, which looks ok but not great. The gun still shoots nice groups, and makes for a great woods companion in bear country, but I just don't shoot it anymore (never shot it much anyway), as I prefer a Glock 32 for all my outdoor carry. Well anyway, here is a very nice 44 magnum woods carry or hunting gun package for sale. Comes with the Pachmary grip, the original wood grips, the original box and manual, both the One Ragged Hole peep and the original sight, AND the nice Ruger holster shown in the pic. All this for $400, face to face in Wilson county or nearby with TN HCP or TN DL and sign BOS stating legal to buy. Alternatively will ship my FFL to yours for $435 (USPS MO) plus actual shipping.
  11. EDIT: SOLD Up for sale or trade is my Super 14 .44 magnum barrel, blue finish. It’s in great shape with normal frame marks from opening/closing the action and shoots great. Shultz Precison cut the barrel down to 8.5” and crowned it as well as threading it 5/8-24 for muzzle brakes and suppressors. Included with it is the thread protector and a wood G2 style forend (it doesn’t extend out to the threads, stops just before it). Asking $300 (I have over $100 in the cut/crown/threading) or will consider trading for a Super 14 barrel in .22 hornet, .22 magnum, .223....may consider other low recoiling calibers but only looking for super 14 length barrels. I would consider other custom barrels/calibers like 17 Hornady hornet or 5.7 (Or other low recoilers) and will add cash on my end to even up a trade but again only looking for barrels that are longer and take the super 14 forend (I have a custom laminate matching grip set for the frame this barrel is going on).
  12. SOLD For sale is a complete package of a 6.5 Grendel AR carbine with custom features. Spike's Tactical Lower, Custom RRA 16" barrel, Magpul telescoping stock, titanium nitride coated bolt carrier, custom Timney trigger, custom charging handle, Hawke Tactical Sidewinder Illuminated 4-16 X 50 scope with aluminum caps and sun shade. This is a really killer deal. This is a re-post of the original ad. Some have requested a "build list" which I do not have. I do know that I bought the best accessories that were available and it is a quality firearm. It is finished in a DuraKote desert pattern. The scope alone is worth over $500. Then add the scope mounts, tactical rings, Timney Trigger, and all the other goodies. The selling price is a freeking steal. Sorry, no trades. Must sell $750.00 Firm SHEEP.webp Rt. close rcvr.webp Right side 2.webp Right side.webp Left side.webp
  13. Like new. Beautiful. Classic. There are many like it but this one is mine. (Can be yours) $500.00 in Nolensville
  15. These mags are new gen 4 Located in Nashville area and would like to sell locally. $190 for the ten Glock 20 mags & $190 for the ten Glock 19 mags.
  16. Have decided now is as good as time as any to sell a few of the guns I have accumulated over the years - starting with those I rarely if ever shoot. Will try to post an ad here - the mechanics of this forum are new to me so please be patient if I mess up with the pictures or protocols. First up is my HK P7 M8 in 9mm. I bought this gun "new" back in the early 90s and its sat in my safe pretty much the entire time. The reason I say "new" is that its one of the West German police trade ins that were refurbished by HK to like new and put on the market in a new box As such it doesn't garner the full premium many P7s do nowadays, but its still a genuine HK P7 in nice shape and still rare as hens teeth. It comes with the original box with matching serial numbers, original brush and scraper, original manual, and the 2 original mags. The box is flawless. The manual has some oil stains on it from setting on top of the gun in the case. The gun itself has a slight mark near the muzzle on one side where it sat on the hard plastic divider in the box for 20 years, plus it has a slight discoloring in the bluing on the rear of the slide, which is typical for these WG trade ins as they reblued them in kind of a funky plum color. If you are unfamiliar with the P7 its a really cool gun. It utilizes a squeeze cocker type action, along with a delayed gas blowback, and a fixed barrel. All of this combines to make the gun extremely accurate and soft shooting, although being an all steel handgun its a little heavy compared to something like a Glock. The price is $1600 face to face within reasonable driving distance to Wilson County, and must have TN HCP and do the bill of sale thing. Alternatively the price is $1635 (USPS money order) plus actual shipping costs to ship from my FFL to yours. Now, hopefully I can figure out the picture posting thing....
  17. CZ Scorpion EVO3 9mm pistol with brace in excellent condition with factory box, manual and 20 round magazine. $850 Must be a TN resident with HCP or an established TGO member. Bill of Sale required also.
  18. 3 Chinese T-53 Mosins for sale. These are made from same tooling that made the russian M44 mosin. Good triggers. Bluing is in good condition. Bores are clear. Lots of cosmoline protection. I am original owner of all three, and have purchase records to show. No longer imported. $250 for each rifle FIRM. Also offered is spam can of r7.62x54r, 440 rounds, military surplus in sealed can. $150 per can of ammo, FIRM. PM me if interested in tngunowners.com. Located in Murfreesboro, TN. I will only sell the buyers that have a TN concealed carry permit. Thank you!
  19. Bringing a few out from the safe. First up is a Beautiful Sig p226 Stainless Elite in 9mm. $900 in Nolensville.
  20. *** Taking this off of the market for now. Will list again after the COVID-19 pandemic passes *** I built this handgun for myself this past summer to be an all-business fighting pistol. Took it to the range once and it has maybe 100 rounds through it. Certainly no more. Great gun and really hits the sweet spot between Glock-enough that it uses industry-standard components and accessories (except holsters) and customized blaster with the tweaks most people pay a lot of extra money for after they buy a G19. Things like stippling for more traction on the grip, and undercutting the trigger guard for higher purchase on the grip. The P80 also has a slightly different grip angle that is closer to the 1911 angle that most folks prefer, a pronounced beaver-tail for recoil mitigation and to keep the shooter from being bit by the slide, a relieved magazine-release area so that it's easier to activate it without adjusting your grip, built-in "Accelerator Pedal" ledges on the side of the frame for pressing against with your support thumb for more recoil mitigation, and industry-standard 1913 Picatinny accessory rail. The big difference with this frame and a traditional P80 frame is that it is serialized and was completed by P80 rather than being milled at home. This means tolerances were cut according to their spec rather than mine using a drill press or mill. When I assembled the gun, I didn't skimp. Here's what you are looking at: Polymer 80 FDE G19/23 sized serialized frame ($120) Brownells black Nitride finish stainless steel slide with front cocking serrations ($180) Glock OEM slide internal parts kit ($100) Glock OEM frame internal parts kit ($70) Agency Arms fluted black Nitride stainless steel match grade barrel ($200) Agency Arms gray flat trigger and Agency connector ($140) Dawson Precision "Charger" Sights with red fiber optic front sight and black rear sight ($65) Total assembled price: $875 Will include two 15-round Glock 19 magazines ($40 value) and a Squared Away Customs right-hand Kydex IWB holster ($90 value) as well. Total value for the whole package: $1,005 Face to face, daylight transaction in a public place in Spring Hill / Franklin, TN area (Southern Williamson County) Cash only. Not interested in any trades. Must show me your TN carry permit just to prove you're allowed to own a handgun *** Taking this off of the market for now. Will list again after the COVID-19 pandemic passes ***
  21. Brand New, Springfield Hellcat Osp, got for Christmas, arrives today Sig Sauer Romeo Zero RMRc micro red dot, and a Crossbreed Revolution Hellcat RMR holster, with clips for IWB, Jhooks for IWB, and belt loops for OWB. Powder River Precision Hellcat Trigger Kit, brand new, not installed. This weapon has less than 100rounds, RMR has never been fired, custom holster arrived today as well. Attached are a few pics from Christmas, look up Romeo Zero 6moa for pics of that. Cash $900 Trade $1000 (Price based on $549 for Hellcat OSP, $200 for Romeo.Zero, $105 Powder River Trigger Kit, $100 for custom holster, not including tax, shipping, NICS)
  22. Topic says it all. Comes with all stock accessories and one magazine. Holster wear shown in images. Slight undercut of the trigger guard for ergonomics. F2F only. Must have valid TN CCW permit Meet in Nashville, Madison, Goodletsville, Hendersonville.

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