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  1. Don' bother. It is Goodmans last show and put on by Goodmans as per his website which is now down,unless you are looking for gutter guards,Amish cheese or plastic knife sharpeners. It will be the same show as the last ten. I have never been to a C&E show hope they can revive Lebanon this fall.
  2. Will

    The New Glock 48 - Single Stack 10rd Glock 19-ish

    It will be interesting to to see what they release at Shot Show,they always hold their best for this.
  3. Will

    RK Gun Show Franklin, TN

    If you call gas and door entertainment budget,your out nothing. It not an bad drive. if your gun is something desirable (not a Tarsus,Kahr or such) you can normally sell it on floor for 80/90 Percent of retail value,compared to 40 percent on trade to dealer ,just like an automobile. With all the dealers and non dealers avoiding the Goodman Shows for two years this could be a big one. RK usually packs in a crowd and with tables @ $39 Dollars compared to Double at most shows it may be a good show.
  4. Will

    area-nashville Gooodman Shows

    Should be,C&E out of VA. Goodman Site shows Lebanon show in Jan as their last ever.
  5. No longer,sold out. Update on C@E Show Site&Goodman Site.
  6. Will

    Fugitive in Montgomery County

    Spent 5 or 6 nights with almost no sleep because of massive manhunt in my backyard. Jailbreak in Cheatham Co and LE observed the girlfriend of one of the escapees carrying food into wooded hills across street from my house, from her house nearby. All day and night was every agency in TN involved, All night copters with FLIR and big trucks with bright lights, dogs and everything else. I was glad to see them there. They later stole a truck from nearby Highway Department and made it to Mexico's ,if 6 or 7 can hang in area for a week one would be much easier.
  7. This is the only real Gunshow in Middle TN anymore.
  8. Will

    My old body armor from 1995

    For maximum effectiveness you must use the optional kevlar square that slides in pocket over your heart. This is a trauma plate that helps impact on chest as .32 and up can cause out of whack heartbeat leading to death.
  9. Will

    My old body armor from 1995

    Buddy brought some out to the ranch to try out it was five year turn in and he had it in closet another five years also IIA. He put a few rounds of 9mm and I put four .357 Silvertips into it. Nines were ball ,Mags were HP vest stopped them all in layer one and two,Silvertips mushroomed. He had .30 M1 Carbine and said it should stop this as it is a pistol round,I said Nada at 1900 FPS and it sailed through both sides. I have pick up a used vest on advise from some metro officers and keep one panel under my car seat and one under passenger seat,with instructions of officers that in case of gunfire, hold up to window and go like hell. I see a firm in Atlanta sell a panel for childrens school backpacks. My next purchase.
  10. Will

    Ruger LCP

    PSA Armory has them on sale now $169,great little gun in my experience.
  11. Will

    Ruger LCP

    Check Ruger website or call them ,early ones were all recalled.
  12. Will

    Mossberg Shockwave in 20 gauge!!

    Freind just got one in .410 I don't want one but have to shoot it just once.
  13. This is a forum, everybody is welcome to their opinion. Next time you have a deadly snake on your property which could bite a family member or pet call TWRA to come remove it and hope they can come when it it still there. With me having the stream, pasture and woods in yard this could be 3-4 calls a day at times. Use your best judgment and I will use mine.
  14. So do you think a Game Warden would allow a Rattler or Copperhead to live under his porch, garage? Unless you know them well they have to give the standard response. I let all non posionious live near me as they eat mice, lizards and such and help keep the unwanted snakes away. In the wild I do not bother them but do not want them as neighbors.
  15. Do not depend on it to make a Rattler or Copperhead safe to go near it. Several years ago a couple contractors I was working with in Cheatam County had a Rattler slither by and rested under a small pine. They were afraid to work so I got a 20ga with #6 and shot it in the head at ten yards. The neighbor driving by seen it a six footer on road and asked for it to eat and make a belt. Although dead it managed to strike and sink its fangs into his jeans twice, lucky he held it by the tail and it was upside down striking an did not get skin. I was told the only thing to do is cut off head, but mouth will open and close on you for a few hours.

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