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  1. Couple of great options.Thanks
  2. Redd that will do,a lot of shows will not allow live ammo in belt. Thanks
  3. I do not reload so looking for some ideas for this project. I need 25 .45 Long Colts for display in Cowboy belt.after talking to some Cowboy shooters they say Nickel ammo ,new or cleaned with no primer. Brass will tarnish on leather. Round nose lead,250 grain or so.. How would I crimp with no reloader? Tried David and several vendors at gun shows,no luck. Thanks Will
  4. I think it may be two new calibers for Glock. One which most everybody here will buy and one which will be so so. Like Forrest Gump that is all I have to say about that.
  5. Is it a mix? one brand? Brass? weight? Thanks Will
  6. Hang onto them 40-50 years and collector value will be a dime!! Over the past 25 years I have seen a handful of people cited at gun shows and the fine was Brutal I asked on dealer and he said $250.00 for the first box and $40 per box for the rest. Most were out of State and did not check law,some were locals that rented a table once a year and has ammo with their stuff. Seen on dealer in Franklin that had over 100 grand confiscated to guys with ten boxes. Ammo was taken and you had to appear in court. TWRA would come in a group plainclothes then return in uniform.
  7. Will

    Ruger Wrangler

    Seen one Sat.@ Academy Mt Juliet Silver one. $199-$20 off sale on any item over one hundred. Clerk said he had them or a week now.
  8. Got a PSA lower I need put together. My Gunsmith is way busy and quite expensive,or is it something that should go to a Gunsmith? Thanks Will
  9. I have one I would sell it. It is the their Top End Model Police Magnum 18" Slug Sights , Speed Feed Stock in VG Condition. PM for any details.
  10. Your not going to get correct answer here. I have been asked this same question by a couple people I have worked with and found a legal mess in this case. I have sent them to John Harris,Nashville Firearms Attorney. The questions l had run into are Can an ex felon ever purchase or possess a gun in Tn with expungement or pardon? Can they be in home or auto if someone else has a firearm. The info on Felon is probably stuck in the pipeline and is this person going to be charged with trying to purchase a firearm. I have lost touch with folks I refered to attorney and do not know if the pursued it. All I can say is contact a attorney that deals in this matter. I have bee told Florida just started allowing it on a case by case basis. Good Luck and let us know outcome.
  11. Rode them a lot,but would not try fishing off one. You can get the little two person boat with oars or a peddle boat at low cost. I have never caught a carp because catfish always take the bottom bait first. The Mississppi River has always been carp haven with lots of commercial fishing. The Asian Carp are now invaded the Cumberland River,I see a lot of them caught at Preist Dam when they discharge water. The folks kept them saying great to eat? Some of the finest fish I ever had was smoked carp at fish markets on Missippi River.
  12. Don' bother. It is Goodmans last show and put on by Goodmans as per his website which is now down,unless you are looking for gutter guards,Amish cheese or plastic knife sharpeners. It will be the same show as the last ten. I have never been to a C&E show hope they can revive Lebanon this fall.
  13. It will be interesting to to see what they release at Shot Show,they always hold their best for this.

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