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  1. Have stopped at a few over the years and watched for a few minutes,never shot in one. What is needed to win so many holes in bulleseye? win at the time or wait for daily total? what are the basics?
  2. Have no other caliber,but would still use this. Most of the group use AR .223 72 gr and a few .308 Cal It is all about shot placement and quick follow up if needed. A proper placed shot with a .223 will kill a hog as fast as a 300 Mag.
  3. And I will be sighting in both weights in future.just wondering what to expect.
  4. One more question on this. At 75 yds 72 Gr VS 55 Gr Higher lower? It will be for a NC Hog Hunt 100 yds max Not bullseye match but still important.
  5. Not critical.Sighted in .223 55gr 16" BBL 1/7 and next is 5.56/55gr and wondering how close group should be Something to gauge group by..
  6. Wondering how much point of impact changes at say 75 yards with the same 55 gr bullet. AR 16: BBL Anyone ever compared the two?
  7. Think its bad here,was in Knoxville Saturday and seen RK Show Ads at Expo Center,went real early and glad did as line got huge quick. Talked to locals in line and they said no ammo in Kville since March as it is big area for guns and shooting. Got in and lot of Glocks& AR's at decent prices but ammo nother story. Good selection and priced as if 10ct gold prices like I have never seen before but Men,Ladies&Teens lined up whipping out cash in long lines waiting a turn. Dude standing inside front door with a dock cart loaded with AK&9mm ammo,seen him coming back in with a fresh load
  8. Nice a llittle smaller than the one Hoss Cartwright beat to death with his fists on last nights show behind a bush.
  9. Yes comes with one mounted and a shorter co witness. With both still not very high thought I would ask before mounting,
  10. Can you use a Red Dot (Sig Romeo 5) on rifle or do you have to use a riser.
  11. Will

    GLOCK P80!!!

    Two hundred thousand orders behind in US alone,why would they squeeze this one in now?
  12. Waterway, Steel Shot required? Article says good eating,they were getting a lot of them in Stones River when PP Dam was letting out water and Stripers and Paddlefish were running. First time seeing them on stringers,had to ask what they were. People I talked to said they were keeping them,good eating.
  13. Try contacting schuldershots.com their specialty id Intratec Parts ,if anyone would have it.
  14. I have never used Alum or Steel Case and never would. Any of the good name brands should be fine in borh ball and hp and if any jams or suck after 200 rd break in would be a trip back to Glock,don't think you will have any. Clean after every use and lightly oil rails and wipe it all out,plenty will stay behind.
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