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  1. I have done it putting slide back on. Call Glock in Smyran Ga ask for an Armorer and a Master Armorer will walk you through it.
  2. TWRA leases out small farms all over TN,about a week out they list them on their site by counties under Dove section. Have hunted them and normally few people there. Some are open 2-3 weekends. Talk to your local Warden,sometimes they can give you some names.
  3. New one on me,never heard of anyone eating them. As kids we would sit on a railroad bridge and shoot them with .22 rifles swimming underneath. Always there 3' to 5' in length. Old myth about them attacking humans proven untrue on a utube vid. As far as eating on the Spring Striper run the people were keeping lots of asian carp out of the cumberland,said fantastic eating.
  4. Glad you have good luck with them. After an hour I got a UPS Supervisor to send regs to me C&R To C&R only. main counter said to type 1 only. FedX counter said no C&R type one only and Memphis Supervisor told me same thing. FedX Regs show collector shipping available. Half a day wasted and I know FFL to FFL will ship for a fourth the price. I will never try again. The only reason I got involved was the person lived in a N E State that required it registered unless C&R and I was trying to help him out.
  5. Very helpful,checked PSA and Anderson site last week and they are all out of stock. Thank You
  6. I am out of loop on todays prices. Lookin for opinions. I don't think the Brace's will be the new Bumpstocks soon,but. All PSA standard lower-M4 upper 10.5 '' SB3 Brace over $100 iron sights Magpul mag like new in box. Thanks for info
  7. Thanks for UPS details. Example of price UPS C&R to C&R 1lb package $80 + FFL toFFL 2day Mail 20 dealer+20 USPS so$40 same package. USPS C&R Fedex,DHL no way. C&R is good for FTF out of State but that is it.
  8. Yes the key word is between. I do not hav a C&R,trying to ship to one.
  9. Had C&R years ago never shipped anything. Had a very old Colt .25 for sale with free FFL toFFL shipping on my part. Had a guy wanting to pay full freight to CT because they have to be registered,said OK will work with you. Research No C&R through USPS ,No C&R through Fedex,UPS C&R to C&R only if Station Mgr approves and rates start at $90 per pound plus ins. C&R looks to be only good for out of State buyers FTF or a place like Century Arms shipping direct to you.
  10. Any name brand 00 in low recoil only.
  11. Knew Buford and had many of his classes since 1990,he was one of a kind. Had buddies ask me if it would be a good HCP Class for them and wife and I would say yes,he can be crude but you will learn more than any trainers combined. He had been there and done that. Seen him a couple weeks after he shot a hole in his finger,but not off as somebody here said. It was a striker fired gun which he hated but not a Glock. Someone brought it in loaded and it malfunctioned during a class demo. Talked to him a few months ago and he had APPS up for sale and wanting to retire.
  12. That is why the Savage Over/Under ,410.22/ was a big hit back in the day with the old school tree rat hunters.
  13. You always want to be extra careful when hunting with a .22 rifle. If your hunting near a town do not use one. If your out in the middle of a woods still still remember some one else may be near. Straight up shot is going to stick in a limb or drop to earth. A tree is normally 2 to 4 foot wide if you miss the target. Fifty years of hunts with dozens of buddies,no problems. As always you are responsible for that bullet and if your not cautious and comfortable do not hunt with one. I would venture to say 90 percent of hunting accidents are caused by shotguns.
  14. Hunted with shotguns for years and tried for head shots only,but would shoot them up at times and hated it. A buddy got me into .22 rifle hunting and never used anything else,in fact if it was anything but a clean headshot he would refuse to help skin it. Two things needed Decent rifle with good trigger,need to be able to hit walnut size target at 20 yards. Ruger makes a drop in light trigger for the 10/22 perfect set up. Ammo Standard Vel .22 LR solid ,no hollow points. Very quiet and if your off a little destroys less meat. Lot of Youtube vids how to clean by stepping on with no hais stuck on. You may have a few a year get away that you could have peppered,but normally sit still and you almost always get a shot. And a good cheap 1" scope is the way to go.
  15. Now that you got them sold ,I will throw in my two cents worth. I looked into buying one of these first week they had them and with shipping&dealer charge you can only be breaking even. Nice of you not to gouge in these times.

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