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  1. Las Vegas Shooting

    This story is only temporary as the Liberal Media has yet again set the bar for the next copycat. Their are waiting on the next one to break 59 dead,we got to see the update from Orlando everyday and now a new record and play it out all day long. They like to see bombs in Ryder trucks and jets crashing into buildings but nothing excites them as much as demonizing firearms and there owners.
  2. Black Walnuts

    My dad had a thick board with three holes drilled in it,pick the best one and hit walnut through with any kind of hammer. Got most of shell off then wash with garden hose in a week to get dried rest off. Secure them good as tree rats will pull out screens or chew through wood walls to get at them. Wear rubber gloves or you will have black stained hands for weeks.
  3. Nylon 66 twilight zone?

    I have not priced them in years but about five years ago seen the lever action version was bringing a huge premium and the bolt model even more.
  4. Nylon 66 twilight zone?

    First rifle i bought just out of HS $60.00 new and hardware store let me pay monthly. Would handle hi-speed and standard ammo and never had a jam. Gun was dead on and would shoot dime size group at 25 yards. Got many tree rats with head shots and a few crows at 100 yards,and better when I had cash to scope it. a few years back I traded it for a Ruger 10-22 big mistake,would outshoot Ruger all day. Ruger is now a lot better with factory drop in trigger.
  5. Got there about 9:30 lot full but plenty of walking room inside. Lots of guns being walked in long guns and handguns,most good price. Guns on tables were only 30 percent over retail instead of usual 50 percent,because of gun prices now. Good price on ammo from the large Dickson dealer,even twenty two's. Cool air which I think is new for there 80-100/ tables. Great America shows or what ever they go buy. i enjoy the small shows better than the Lebanon ones which I dislike. Sunday 9-4?
  6. Travel Through Illinois

    As per law you are to unload gun and case before exiting auto ,if taking gun out of auto. FYI in Speed Zones set cruise for and watch as it drops 55 to45 fine can be $900 and up. They have a fleet of White Vans that sit in speed zones only with a periscope that is photo radar and you will get a ticket with your car and tag in mail in a few days. I have hear a few horror stories on this. On open road ISP may only allow eight over on out of State.
  7. The Remington-Federal Low Recoil (Police Loads) that you can now buy anywhere have almost no felt recoil, same with their slugs. Tested some and 00 Buck will go through 1 gal water jug then halfway into a very old thick phonebook.
  8. Travel Through Illinois

    I leave a copy of law in my car as i go through IL. ,it might save you a lot of time as an "uninformed officer" puts you in cuffs as he checks it out.
  9. Are you completely happy with your pistol choice?

    Your saying that people buy other makes of guns now that Glocks are on the market??
  10. Glock M Series 17/19 FYI

    Posting some info on New Glock Gen5 after talking to a Glock Factory Rep Today,not trying to turn this into a I hate/Love Glock thread. Was told the new features will include a match grade bbl&trigger and longer recoil spring to cut down recover time.They will also have flared magwell and no finger groves. He said they are going to let FBI and Indy IN get the bugs out before sale to public,said some Indy PD are able to hit steel plates at 100 yds every shot. Kidded him that Glock equipped most every PD in Nation with .40 and now will have them going to 9mm ** Marketing Genius** Price is to be same as Gen4 And Glock has lawsuit on Army Trials on Sig as they did not have to go through testing. I may get a 19 and have always liked Sig 229 and Beretta 92FS
  11. Just drove over the Dam and seen shore lined with fishermen on East Side. They are letting water out and Stones is full over steps instead of knee deep trickle. Was there about fifteen minutes and seen quite a few pulled in Hybrids 5to 12 lbs Stripers 4-5 lbs and one guy pulled in his limit of two Paddlefish and left.
  12. For clubs to join CMP lists many. Glock GSSF is one and you can shoot in their matches. I joined one in GA for $15 dollars ,do not even know where it was. Net search will help.
  13. For the most part looks correct. Finish may be original. Colts were serial numbered to slide from about 1938 To early 1943 ,not WWI era. Grips seem to be original. Mag should be unmarked two tone. To give a price on these they have to be stripped all the way down. A couple things that may make them near worthless is any alteration that can not be corrected,cracked frame/slide. Oversize bushing put in one of the grip holes from original being stripped and two dozen other things. Barrel should be correct and not much of a problem if dark,pitted or shot out as this was al corrosive ammo back then. You are in luck TN Military Collectors is in Cool Springs at The Marriott this Fri& Sat. Five bucks to get in,ask for Scott Gahimer ? Gehimer/ Table he love to take them down and tell you all about them. I am pretty sure all 1911 WWI slides had front sight milled into them unlike WWII which were replaceable. If Scott is not there several other experts will be. Cool Gun Site.com will have photos of correct bbl,and small parts. Ballpark $ If Boogerd $300 if mostly correct with no alterations $1200 All correct $1600-$1900 Get it looked at.Good Luck Yours was made in 1918 on the last big run when most of them were made so it is most common gun.
  14. Went today (Sunday) from about 11to 1 - one word - Lame
  15. Yes,got in line at 3PM and did not realize it was a mile long as you could not see because it was wrapped around a couple streets.When we did all see at 5PM we were not even close only a couple people left. At 6:30 we were still a block away and trying to figure out the math with the RNC Ticket Giveaway. So if 10 thousand already in and another 7-8 thousand still in line did they just give tickets to anyone asking instead of a cut off? We could see a few extra to make up for empty protester seats but no cutoff? Never got near it but got to meet a lot of great like minded people so kind of made up for it. Seen a large amount of Pro Trump Hispanics there,and on leaving a small handful of protesters. Got home cold and tired and watched Nashville CH 2 News and true to form headlines Two Thousand Protesters and a couple hundred waiting in line with tickets. Local Fake News.

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