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  1. It is legal. First few years of permit it was not legal to enter any place that sold or served.
  2. Look over the previous week report and get an idea of what your looking for. Me best bang for buck is SA or H&R Field Grade. If wants are a SA or Win WWII you may find with Win being pricey. Get there early and ask for help at counter to plck one out for starters. Get plenty of ammo and clips/enblocs. Go weekday if possible. your close,much better than doing mail order. Post photo if you get one,da aint makin no mo.
  3. Will

    AR15 for dummies?

    Also front sight tool up/down $7@Academy. Good Quality off brand rear on Amazon about $25
  4. Some of my best finds and deals have been at 150 table or under shows.
  5. Armed Security can be uniform or plainclothes. Church Security is another story,no Armed Security Card required,you are there on your own using your handgun permit to protect you and your family.. Church Security Team,you need only HCP and you have to take a special class to cover you and church,put on by trainer. Like any civilian/police you can be charged or sued for certain mishaps,
  6. HCP-Protect you and family. Armed Guard- Protect who your hired to protect. You must be working hourly for a licenced,bonded &insured company.
  7. Yes only while working. TN HCP is seperate,do not work armed security with HCP it is a Felony.
  8. In TN Has to be gun you qualify with or exact make ,model,&caliber. State has list of of calibers allowed to use 45,10 -40 9-38 few others. You can qualify with as many type of guns as wanted and pay trainer fee for each including shotgun. No rifles allowed. Go to State of TN Armed Guard for full rundown. You can email them for any questions.
  9. Will

    Glock 43 question

    You will get several different answers,from Gen 1to Gen5 They do not stamp it on the slide. I think it will all come down to internals. The only correct answer you will get is call Customer Service in Smyrna GA and ask them.
  10. Buddy drives from Nashville to Columbia for DMV,be in line before it opens.
  11. Once again their marketing plan,wait a few months then offer 15 rounders,then threaded barrel. Why give anything away when you can sell it in the future.
  12. For me this is a great gun. In the Dark Ages when I had only a S&W 19 I couldnt wait until I could afford a S&W 18 and have the .22 version too shoot cheap,big win for Me. If this did not trip ya trigger the new Shot Show release will do less.
  13. Redd that will do,a lot of shows will not allow live ammo in belt. Thanks
  14. I do not reload so looking for some ideas for this project. I need 25 .45 Long Colts for display in Cowboy belt.after talking to some Cowboy shooters they say Nickel ammo ,new or cleaned with no primer. Brass will tarnish on leather. Round nose lead,250 grain or so.. How would I crimp with no reloader? Tried David and several vendors at gun shows,no luck. Thanks Will

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