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  1. 1080 Full Hd. 2" screen Wide angle. Loop recording. Good shape on box with everything that it came with. Used a couple times works great,going with a permanent mount unit. About half price of a new one. High Ratings. $25
  2. One hundred rounds/two fifty round boxes. $50. Have six boxes total. This is LE grade ammo. Price firm. No trades wanted. Pick up Airport area.
  3. Like New in box. Used once,works great and lights up my wooded hillside like daytime. Pick up Nashville Airport Area . 500 lumens. Full and compact railed guns. $75
  4. 100 Rounds Magtech 180 Gr. FMJ 20 Rounds of Barnes Vortex Tac-XP 155 Gr. Hollow Point. Barnes runs $45 alone at ammo store. $60 All three boxes
  5. It is an active Police investigation and I don't think it would be appropriate for me to comment on it or throw in my two cents worth at this time. The details will be in a CPD report when finished. I did not look until I heard the shot and do not know full details. Bad as it was the outcome could have been much worse.
  6. Austria-Glock UK- DNA Fingerprinting Autos- Ever hear of Japan? And on down the list.
  7. Older Gent caught a .22 revolver round in upper leg right in front of me. A couple soldiers tied it off and FD took him off to hospital. Went through and impacted floor. Some idiot had to pull the trigger on an unloaded gun.
  8. For the last twenty five years All /Most Pistols are a copy of a Glock with a minor change so they wont be sued. As the patent ran out on the Glock Gen3 everybody and their brother is now making one. PSA and other make them now and all parts interchange. The catch is Glock makes most of their small parts and tests them daily for fit and breakage so a small part malfunction is rare with Glock factory parts as most Guns go to Mil/LE and have to be totally reliable. I asked about Glock MOS at the Glockstore and they said they are on backorder because Police/Mil are now going to MOS so they tried to steer me to other makers in stock. I had a Glock rep tell me that he sold good products but why are Americans not able to invent a great firearm anymore,along with medicine,autos and on down the list.
  9. New in Box. I got this and went with another model,only out of box for photo. Most people over 40 find Green better than Red. Should save you $50-60 dollars over tax/shipping. Dot can be Dot-Circle or Circle Dot. Solar with battery backup. 2MOA Dot 32 MOA Circle. Great Reviews $299 Price Firm. No Trades Wanted.
  10. The only good one in TN is RK Knoxville. I only get to it once a year when I can stay with family.
  11. He was able to stay off the RX and still maintained his two hollow legs for many years until Diabetes slowed him down. We lost him last year to a sudden illness. As he would tell everybody the Demon Rum cut his life somewhat short.
  12. I hear the same thing from TGO members in Memphis. Its only a three hour drive over here and you can stop at the new Buc-ees in Crossville along with the other thousand people trying to get in at the same time.
  13. Stopped in to meet some old buddies as this show is not good,small not much there. Was walking out when loud BOOOM and smoke over in corner. Checked and no holes in me. Asked a vendor WTH was that and he said a customer bought a flare gun and decided to load it and try it out. No one hurt but I bet the Dollar General Store near by had a rush on underwear.


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