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  1. A good read. I still get a kick out of references to old ballistic performance info based on penetration of pine boards.
  2. Free bump for someone asking such a fair price. If I lived any closer to Knoxville I'd be all over that .40 S&W ammo.
  3. @tercel89 - I agree with you about the LCR on both counts - neat but overpriced for what they are. The other turnoff about those is that at least some of them have an internal lock hiding under the grip.
  4. I'm not thrilled about revolver prices. But Smiths, Colts, and Rugers have always (I think) been more expensive than the alternatives, and I think of them as a kind of durable goods in a different category than polymer guns. Budget wheelguns are still out there - if you're willing to look at Taurus, Charter Arms, Rock Island, etc.
  5. @gregintenn - Done. I'm now an annual member of TFA.
  6. As others have said, important to remember that the reasonableness of your actions will be judged by people who aren't scared, who didn't just wake up to the sound of a stranger in the home, and who don't have loved ones in the next room. @ Raoul - My wife and I were living in a low-end apartment 15 years ago and were both off work and asleep in the bedroom about 2 pm. She shook me awake and whispered "There's someone in the house." Maybe seven seconds later I had grabbed my 1911 from a drawer and heard heavy footsteps in the hall. Someone rattled the locked bedroom doorknob from outsi
  7. @ Eric88 - Your concern is well founded. In his book "Propaganda" Jacques Ellul points out that the problem of biased information cannot be solved by the introduction of a competing propaganda: "[T]he existence of two contradictory propagandas is no solution at all, as it in no way leads to a 'democratic' situation: the individual is not independent in the presence of two combatants between whom he must choose."
  8. I'll absolutely take a look at Tennova - thanks.
  9. I'm near Nashville. Candidly my experience in estate law is limited and nil in title work. But I definitely appreciate the thought.
  10. Thanks for the encouragement, gents. And thanks to everyone for the PMs - much appreciated. @ Raoul - I happen to know that it's worth a great deal. Thank you.
  11. Gentlemen, Longtime listener and fan, first time caller. Favor to ask. I’m in the middle of a job search. I’m a business and contracts attorney. (I know – please don’t throw a shoe at me.) I’m looking for an in-house attorney position either in the healthcare field or at a large or mid-size company. I have experience with: healthcare law, risk management, cloud-hosted services contracts, contracts for software development, contracts for other professional services, litigation management, intellectual property law, and negotiation. I can handle general business law tasks and hav
  12. @ Daniel - Sorry, didn't see your post. Thanks for that info about 1SG Skidis. As far as 1/502 having a rough tour in '05-'06... yeah. That summer of '06 was unreal. I spent a little time with those infantrymen in Mahmudiyah, Latifiya, and near the Euphrates back then. I'll echo what you said about the book Black Hearts. I'd encourage anyone interested in OIF to pick it up, although reading it left me with mixed feelings.


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