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  1. I agree with the OP about the 5- and 6-shot Rugers. I think at one time they made a 7-shot version of the GP100 that had problems, but if you need more than 6 rounds of .357, that's what speedloaders are for.
  2. The Tennessee Court of Appeals recently issued a decision finding it unconstitutional for a subsidized public housing entity, as landlord, to prohibit tenants from possessing firearms: https://www.tncourts.gov/sites/default/files/m2021-00329_-_unsigned_opinion.pdf The Court's decision was based partly on the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bruen.
  3. Just a quick note to thank Matt, Jay, Ellis, and all the ROs and volunteers who put on last night's amazing white light 5k match! The stages were fun and challenging, and the opportunity to test skills and equipment in a nighttime setting was invaluable. Carrying a fallen soldier's dog tags was an honor and was a physical reminder of the match's purpose while out there on the course. I enjoyed seeing several folks from last year, and the camaraderie made for a good time for all. Excellent work, gentlemen! Fellow TGOers, if you haven't been to a Legion event yet, you're missing out.
  4. @ Matt in TN - Thanks for your feedback. It's a Streamlight Pro Tac Rail Mount 2. I haven't measured at night with a known distance, but with new batteries the manufacturer claims 297m of throw and 90 min. running time on "high" setting - hopefully that will light up the distant targets enough. I'm heading out this afternoon to look for low power 2x or 3x fixed magnification optics. I've never used optics much, so this match will be a fun chance to learn. Thanks also for sharing about MSG Yost.
  5. It's been that way for quite a while now. (It wasn't safe on a Boston street on March 5, 1770, for example, and it wasn't safe on Lexington green in the spring of 1775.) That's why when they wrote down a note to posterity about the right to carry arms, the Founders didn't describe it as merely a right carry in places where bad things often happen, or have previously happened, or are statistically likely to happen... Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium.
  6. I'm registered for the white light 5k. PT: When we were 100 days out from this year's match, I set a list of target run times (3 miles, no load) and dates by which to hit them. My ultimate goal is to do 3 miles under full load in 29 minutes by match day. Anyway, here's the aspirations vs. ugly truth of how I stack up so far: Target date/Time - Actual date/time 5/31 - 32:00 6/1 - 26:45 6/10 - 31:30 6/11 - 28:22 6/20 - 31:00 6/23 - 26:09 6/30 - 30:00 7/1 - 25:27 7/10 - 29:30 7/7 - 25:52 7/20 - 29:00 7/27 - 24:45 7/31 - 28:30 7/29 - 24:06 Marksmanship: I committed to at least one range visit with rifle and sidearm every 4 weeks. Still need to buy an optic and practice low light shooting - not up to snuff on that. Any recommendations for an optic to use in white light nighttime shooting out to 50 or 75 yards? Comms: I committed to learning how to use my hand scanner effectively so I can quickly plug in the target frequency on event day and monitor. On track so far. Land nav.: I need to recheck my pace count with full load and add ranger beads to my kit. Also need to buy a good terrain map of Dead Zero. That's me for now. Looking forward to this year's match!
  7. Julie London. "Cry Me a River." Madeleine Peyroux. "Between the Bars." Hugh Laurie. "The Weed Smoker's Dream."
  8. @ the OP - Both are good choices, but to me the 5-shot .357 is preferable. The flexibility to use .38, .38 SPL, and .357 Magnum ammo has value. Also seems like a .357 gun, used reasonably, should hold up longer. (Stronger top strap, forcing cone, etc.)
  9. @ Chuck - Agreed on all counts. Tragic. Reminds me of what happened at Harry Beckwith's gun shop in Florida in 1990. Wish the situation in Georgia had played out more along those lines.
  10. My family and I are fine and had no damage but we're still without power in our part of Hendersonville. We're staying with my in-laws in Cottontown (who do have electricity) and grateful to them.
  11. I'll take the bait. For the marksmanship component of the score, do I understand correctly that we're scored by how long it takes to fully neutralize all targets? (Sorry to get in the weeds, but want to ascertain whether there's a penalty for using more rounds than minimally necessary.) Excited to come enjoy a great match this weekend.
  12. Missing my buddy SPC Anthony Owens tonight. KIA in February 1, 2006 in OIF. Sometimes things hit you when you least expect it. It is not free, gentlemen.
  13. As a guy who has had a couple bad days, I'd suggest any "bad day" kit should focus on stuff for a long walk. 1 - for feet: Comfortable shoes, several pair of socks, moleskin, duct tape, foot powder, extra shoelaces. 2 - hydration: containers w/ at least 3 quarts of water, filter or iodine for more. 3 - clothing: season-appropriate outfit for long walk outdoors, hat, sunblock, and bug spray. 4 - medicine: stuff to treat pain, diarrhea, fatigue, and itching, also a minimal first aid kit and chap stick. 5 - general: TP. Flashlight. Radio. Rope or cord. Multi tool. Map of your area. Compass. Protractor. Money. Some food. An inexpensive general issue assault pack or backpack will normally hold this stuff.
  14. The more you value things outside your control, the less control you have. - Epictetus


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