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  1. Law as it should be. The "living document" school of thought is nonsense. If you write "bread" on your grocery list and then go to the store, does that now magically mean "cheese" instead? The executive regulation phenomenon is just an extension of the same flawed logic. Like rights, words matter.
  2. Gun sane, thanks for posting. I feel for the victims. Good reminder about the importance of varying your routines and being vigilant even at home.
  3. Like Garufa, I've got it bad. I had been happy with Rugers for a decade. Then, I handled a 3" KC over at the Armory in Nashville.
  4. The Ruger Mark guns are neat, but to me their design makes disassembly unreasonably difficult. If I were buying a .22 just for fun, I might go with a Ruger Charger.
  5. Appreciate all the responses. Felines, I reached out to Mr. Dyer today. That was a good lead - many thanks.
  6. I appreciate that and might end up going that route if I can't find someone willing to work on it. Unfortunately I've just never worked on one, and I'm willing to pay a mechanic some bucks to get up and running quickly.
  7. It's a '98 75 hp Force.
  8. Does anybody have a good marine mechanic around Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, etc.? I'm having trouble with a 75 hp outboard and power trim on a little boat and need to call in the big guns. Thanks for any recommendations.
  9. Like Skyhunter, "happy Memorial Day" doesn't sit well with me. I tend to wish people "a peaceful Memorial Day" - usually in parting, not as a greeting.
  10. Given the ballistics, I can understand the value of the XM250 as compared to a 249. It's harder for me to understand moving regular infantry units from a 6.5 lbs M4 over to the 10 lbs XM7 - and even more so an Air Assault unit like the 101st. Like with a macinegun, a fire team or designated marksman is one thing, but the whole unit? Light infantry actually has an important role, and when you're on a patrol, extra weight is the enemy.
  11. Hope there's good weather for the next few weeks. I'm about to be in the doghouse!
  12. Hey Smith, very cool K6! I don't know if you remember my little Ruger .357 from our days at the store, but I still carry it more often than anything else. Congrats on the stellar new revolver that'll always get the job done.
  13. This. And fortunately, we just might have a majority of them who are willing to do that job. The Bruen decision begs the question - at the time of the founding, was any whole class of guns widely outlawed because you could fire them quickly?


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